Celeb-Beast – Tyra Banks

All stories on this file are fiction.
These stories are not meant to suggest that any of the
featured celebrities are actually involved in, or have
ever been involved in, sexual relations with animals –
although, we wish they were and that the stories were

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Now, on with the stories…

(Fzebra, cons, oral)

They had managed to get a Zebra for the photo-shoot, it
had taken time but eventaully the zoo had given
permission, providing they didn’t take too long. The
problem was that now they were ready to shoot, the
light was right… The zebra had a huge erection –
something they couldn’t hide with the shots they
“I can get rid of it…” Stated Tyra.
The photographer looked at his assistant, then back at
Tyra… “How?”
“How do you think..?” Smirked Tyra, slowly turning to face
the animal and dropping to her knees.
The photographer picked up a camera and moved closer,
snapping a couple of shots as the black babe bent
towards the animals huge cock.
“Don’t you dare take pictures of this!” She said, but didn’t
actually do anything to stop him as she reached
forward and took a gentle grip of the zebra’s firm,
long cock.
Slowly at first, she licked at the head of the
zebra’s cock, he reacted by pushing forward toward her
mouth… She licked faster, the whole of her tongue
running across the animal’s cock-end, before opening
her mouth and allowing the donkey to push into it.
Sucking hard, she tasted the musty flavour of
the zebra’s cock deep in her mouth. It was awesome.
As she sucked she forgot about the photographer
snapping away, taking priceless shots of a supermodel
sucking a zebra’s penis, lost in a world of animal
She slipped one hand down her panties,
fingering her wet pussy, pinching her clit. She wanted
the zebra inside her, she wanted cock.
Tyra sucked hard as she slid the animal’s cock
from her mouth, sliding her head away from it. There
was a loud slurping sound as the cock came out of her
mouth. Then Tyra smiled and licked her lips as she
caught her breath…
“You better get some new film in if you want
pictures of this, because I’m not stopping…” She
giggled as she edged herself under the zebra, still
holding it’s foot long cock in her hand.
The photographer continued to snap away,
clicking close-up images as the black supermodel jerked
the zebra’s cock off toward her perfect ass, sliding
the head down the crack of her ass toward her pussy.
Tyra gasped as she squeezed the zebra’s meat
into her pussy, the huge meat stretching her cunt open.
She backed up against it, taking the cock deeper into
herself – her mouth opening wide in a silent scream of
The photographer clicked off images of the
zebra’s cock sliding into Tyra’s wet pussy, shots that
showed her flesh stretching around the animal’s dark
The zebra pumped into Tyra, taking over from
her backward movements with hard, fast thrusts into
her. She gasped and moaned… “Oh this is sooo
fucking good… Fuck me harder…”
With both hands now free, Tyra concentrated on
squeezing her tits, playing with her nipples, as the
zebra fucked her hard.
She felt the zebra’s cock pushing deeper into
her from behind, it’s belly pressing against her back.
With every thrust she was forced to stagger forward to
avoid being impaled. She could feel the zebra’s
thrusts speeding up, she recognised from previous
animal experiences that the beast was ready to blow…
As the zebra thrusted Tyra brought her thighs
tight together and applied as much pressure as she
could, giving the zebra an extra-tight sensation.
Suddenly she felt an explosion of zebra cum
splatting into her pussy, she could feel masses of hot
liquid splashing around in her body – and hear the
zebra making a long almost-groaning noise as it shot
more hot cum into her. She moaned and groaned as the
felt the zebra’s cock swelling and shooting load after
load into her cunt.
“Oh fuck yes!” She moaned, “That’s so good!” Staggering
forward she eased herself off the
zebra’s shrinking cock. Cum poured from her pussy down
her inner thighs. She placed her hand between her legs
and fingered her clit again, this time soaking her
fingers in zebra cum. She spread the cum over her
thighs, her belly, breasts and some on her face.
“See, I told you I could get rid of that
erection!” She said, smiling.
Nobody ever asked why her flesh was so shiny in
the photographs, nor why she smiled so broadly in all
the pictures.


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fucking each other as well as animals?
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