Celeb-Beast – Yasmine Bleeth

This story is a work of fiction. It is NOT true.
This text is not meant to suggest that the featured celebrity(s) is actually
involved in, or has ever been involved in, sexual relations with animals.

Sex acts like those described below are illegal in most countries around the
world and should not be attempted unless you are very, very famous!!!

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Now, on with the story…


It was a few years ago, when "Baywatch" was still in it’s prime. Yasmine
arrived home after the days shooting. Taping the show always made her so
horny, being surrounded by all those sexy guys and girls, all gagging for
sex – she could smell the sexual energy on the beach. She had spent all day
making excuses to rub up against and squeeze between the various extras,
loving it whenever any of them took the chance to grab at her ass or tits
(someone had even slipped a hand into her bikini-briefs that day – she
couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, didn’t care either).
She entered the main room of her appartment and removed her jacket,
reaching up into the back of her crop-top shirt she popped the clasp of her
bra and released her breasts (which had been crammed into a bra a size to
small all day – because she liked the look). She headed through to the
kitchen with her bra hanging loose inside her top, her tits bouncing free,
her panties already wet in anticipation…
She could already hear the sounds of Arnie’s feet on the tiled floor as she
reached for the handle to the door of the kitchen. As the door opened,
Arnie bounded out and started skipping around his mistress… Arnie was a
huge, very beautiful jet black Doberman.
As Yasmine petted Arnie, he skipped around her, smelling her tasty crotch,
sticking his nose up her leather mini-skirt and licking at her thighs and
buttocks. Yasmine reached down and took him by the collar and lead him back
into the main room where she could sit on the thick carpet.
As she crouched down on her heels, her knees splayed wide, Arnie buried his
head between her thighs and started licking at the thin silk of her panties
– his tongue working magic on her pierced clit, lapping over and over again.
As he licked her pussy, Yasmine held the fur of the dog’s head and struggled
not to collapse from the pleasure as her thighs weakened.
She took as much as his tongue as she could then allowed herself to
collapse onto her back, the back of her head resting, raised against the
sofa. Arnie stood and moved to stay between her thighs as she raised her
legs to slip of her panties (which she just threw across the room, they
landed with a slap on the glass coffee table). Yasmine spread her legs wide
giving Arnie perfect access to her shaved sex-pot. Arnie delved deep into
her pussy, his tongue slipping deep inside her with each lick, sliding in
and out. The heavenly feeling almost too much for the beaufitful brunette
woman. As he licked her she held one leg to her body, the front of her
thigh pressed against her breast, one hand holding her calf above her head,
the fingers of the other running up and down the back of her thigh as the
dog’s tongue worked her hot snatch.
It always amazed Yasmine how good Arnie was at oral sex, he got her to
orgasm within 60 seconds, heat sliding over her body as she shook, her boobs
vibrating from the pleasure. But that wasn’t enough, Yasmine needed several
orgasms before she’d be happy.
She released her leg and lowered it beside Arnie, then rubbing her belly
and boobs she encouraged him to move over her body until his forelegs were
astride her head, his semi-erect penis infront of her mouth. She licked her
lips… Then took it inside. She sucked Arnie’s long, fat dogcock deep
into her mouth, way back into her throat – deep throating the dog long and
Arnie hunched his back, arching it as he tried to force his cock all the
way into Yasmine’s mouth, trying to ‘tie’ into her face. She expertly held
Arnie by the knot, her hands giving him the sensations he enjoyed. She
sucked harder, her lips closed softly around the animal’s member, a soft
vacuum as she sucked the air from her mouth, a slurping sound with each
Yasmine sucked on Arnie’s fat purple-red cock for close to ten minutes
before she could wait no longer – she needed that big hot animal sex inside
her tight pussy. She rolled over and crawled forward so that she was
resting her upper body on the sofa. Her firm naked breasts pressing down on
the cool leather as Arnie sniffed around her butt. He licked at her ass,
between her butt-cheeks and over her asshole, his tongue sliding down
between her thighs, working her pussy again. She reached down between her
legs and pushed his face away – "Come on," she pleaded, "Fuck me Arnie…
Come on…"
It didn’t take a second for Arnie to get the idea. He quickly mounted her,
his front paws landing on the sofa (scratching the leather), his pre-cum
dripping cock whacking against her pussy lips. She guided his cock into her
pussy, carefully pushing the wet tip inbetween her outer lips… Gasping as
the hot dog flesh slid into her most private area. She bit her bottom lip
and closed her eyes, her head back as she revelled in the thrill of dogsex
penetration once again. This was the best.
Arnie began to pump his cock into the actress, hard and fast. The dog knew
what he liked, and Yasmine loved it too. She struggled to control her
breathing as the dog’s hot member rammed in and out of her tight cunt. "Oh
yeah" she moaned, "Fuck my pussy!"
She whimpered with each hard thrust, the fatness of Arnie’s Doberman cock
filling her with every stroke. At the end of each stroke she tightened her
pelvic floor muscles, gripping the dog’s cock inside her each time.
Soon, Arnie was hammering into her so hard that his cock forced itself all
the way into her – his knot stretching her pussy out almost beyond it’s
natural limit. She screamed from the pain, then moaned from the pleasure as
her pussy tightened neatly around the knot.
Arnie stopped pumping hard now, his thrusts becoming short and fast.
Yasmine squeezed his cock with her pussy muscles so well that he was soon
shooting his doggy jism deep into her pussy – that was enough to get her off
again. "Oh YES, FUCK YES!" She screamed as she climaxed, so loud that her
neighbours would hear – at least they wouldn’t know who was fucking her!
Yasmine collapsed face down on the sofa, as Arnie stood over her, still
tied into her cunt. He stood over her as if he owned her – which, in truth,
he did.
Arnie took fifteen minutes to calm down enough for his cock to slide from
Yasmine’s cunt. She eased forward and felt it pop out, hot dog spunk
dribbling down her thighs. She rolled over to face Arnie, sitting down on a
wet patch on the carpet – a wet patch of dog-cum.
"Oh I love being fucked by my doggy!" Yasmine giggled as she let the
Doberman lick her open mouth – sticking her tongue out to kiss him back.
They rolled around on the floor together, petting and playing until Arnie
was ready to go again, and again…

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