Celeb-Beast – jenny McCarthy

This story is FICTION.
To my knowlegde the featured celebrity(s) have NEVER
been involved in beastiality.

This stories are not meant to suggest that the featured
celebrity(s) is actually involved in, has ever been or
would ever want to be involved in sexual relations with
animals – although, we wish they were and that the
stories were true.


Jenny McCarthy had desires, secret desires she never
told anyone about… And now, all alone, walking in
the park, these desires were all she could think
She could see people out with their partners,
playing with their children and, sexiest of all – to
her – walking their dogs. She wondered how many of the
single women walking dogs did more than just walk
them… She imagined the having sex with the animals,
he could barely contain herself – and as she walked she
slipped one hand over her exposed belly and down the
front of her cropped jean-shorts inside her panties and
onto her clit…
Then she saw him.. A magnificent animal, all
alone. She looked around for his owner, but saw no-one
– so she moved closer. The dog was huge, something
like an Irish Wolfhound she thought – although she
couldn’t be certain.
She followed ‘Wolfie’ as she called him to
herself for half an hour, making sure he was alone,
watching him as he sniffed around, piss-marked his
territory and licked up dropped food and ice-cream from
the path.
Jenny could feel the wetness in her panties
with every step she took, she wondered whether it was
showing through her jean-shorts, looking down she could
see that her rock-hard nipples were visible through her
tight short T-shirt – but that’s why she wore it!
Then it happened. She saw Wolfie crouching
down under a tree, just out of view from the path and
strain as he eased out a long, brown shit. It coiled
up on the ground in one lump until he was finished. He
turned and sniffed at it, then moved away slowly…
She couldn’t resist her perverted desires – she had to
do something truly depraved…
Jenny jogged over to the tree, her boobs
bouncing in her T-shirt, and crouched down by the fresh
dog-shit. She looked around, making sure no-one was
around, then slowly reached down and pushed her finger
into the firm stool. Feeling it warm and damp around
her finger made her feel warm and damp herself – she
raised her finger to her mouth and licked slowly at the
tip, tasting Wolfie’s shit. "Mmmmm" She thought.
She picked up a large lump and brought it to
her mouth, disgusted by what she was about to do but
unable to resist, she closed her eyes, opened her
mouth, and took the whole lump into her mouth…
Chewing slowly she almost threw up – the vile taste,
and the thought of what it was, almost making her
gag… She swallowed it down…
Opening her eyes she saw Wolfie standing
directly infront of her, looking at her with his head
on one side. She smiled and reached her arms out to
him, beckoning him closer… He came to her, slowly,
and licked her face.
Up close Jenny could see Wolfie’s long hair was wet and
matted together in places, crusty mud and shit under
his chest and belly. He also smelled real bad,
obviously a wild dog – been living in the park for
months, evading the dog wardens… But, she had made
up her mind already – and she couldn’t stand the idea
of not going through with her fantasy…
Jenny pulled up her T-shirt and offered her perfect
round tits to Wolfie. He licked them quickly, once
each, almost like he was looking for food… She spat,
a line of saliva dribbling down onto one nipple, and
Wolfie lapped it up, concentrating hard on that breast.
Heaven, she thought.
Reaching under Wolfie’s belly she touched his cock,
already partially erect, maybe he could smell he pussy
juices already…
Looking around again, still no-one in sight, glad they
we hidden by some bushes and the tree… Jenny stood
up and unzipped her jean-shorts, pulling down and
stepping out of them, another quick look around, then
she pulled her soaking panties down, she knelt down
again. Pushing her ass out, her pussy poking between
her thighs… Wolfie was wild for it… He started
licking at her wet pussy right-away…
Jenny moaned to herself, leaning forward on her hands
(careful to avoid Wolfie’s shit), as Wolfie licked long
and fast at her pussy. She felt this was the best
cunnilingus she had ever had, coupled with the fact
that he spent as much time licking her ass (which she
loved) – it was perfect.
Then, without warning, Wolfie mounted her… She felt
his wet hair on her back, his weight pushing her
forward, her arms gave way and she found herself
resting on her elbows, her forearm landing right next
to the shit, her face suspended inches from it – the
smell filling her nostils…
Meanwhile, Wolfie bucked his hard cock toward her
pussy, she felt the tip hitting her lips with every
stroke – almost getting in, but not quite – he needed
Jenny reached back between her legs and gently took
hold of the dog’s cock. It felt big, and wet, and
hot… She eased it toward her pussy and Wolfie calmed
down, allowing her to guide him home… Wolfie filled
Jenny’s cunt, the walls of her pussy stretching a
little to accommodate his cock’s size. She thought
about what she was doing and revelled in the notion of
the smelly stray dog’s cock pushing deep into her
Wolfie bucked at her pussy from behind, fast and hard.
Really fast, suprising Jenny with how ‘violent’ it
was, his front legs clamped around her waist, wet hair
on her back, bad breath on her shoulders… Her face
being pushed towards the shit on the ground. She
squealed and moaned as Wolfie pumped harder and longer
– and endlessly – into her wet hole.
He pushed harder, she felt something big against the
entrance to her pussy… She enjoyed the feeling as it
rammed against her pussy, hitting on her clit… She
felt pleasure rising in her groin. Then it went inside
her… She screamed involuntarilly, the force of the
penetration pushing her face down into the dogshit,
squishing across one side of her face.
Wolfie’s knot moved into her, bigger and fatter than
anything she had put in her pussy before – she wondered
if child-bearth was like this… Pain, pleasure… He
kept pumping, giving her the hardest, nastiest fuck of
her life.
As he pumped he growled, then suddenly he stopped for a
second and whined, Jenny felt her pussy being filled
with hot liquid – the second she realised that Wolfie
had just cum inside her – she came too… Her face
contorting with pleasure, her mouth open, her tongue
out… Just like a dog!
Wolfie started pumping again, short, quick strokes,
more cum shooting into Jenny’s cunt. She was overcome
with pleasure, so good that she found herself licking
at the dogshit infront of her, eating it like
ice-cream… Wanting anything of Wolfie that she could
get – even his shit!
It took more than ten minutes for Wolfie to pull his
cock from her pussy, the knot hurting on it’s way out,
a final squirt of hot cum shooting against her thigh…
Wolfie stumbled away, not hanging around to say
goodbye… Leaving Jenny McCarthy on her knees, her
ass exposed, his cum dripping from her swollen pussy…
She reached between her legs and touched her pussy,
opening her lips and feeling fluid gushing over her
fingers… She brought the fingers to her mouth and
tasted Wolfie’s cum. Now this WAS heaven!

Jenny returned to the park whenever possible looking
for Wolfie, sure – she tried other dogs – but none ever
came close to Wolfie for sheer size, speed and power…
She tried to track him down by tasting dogshit from
the ground, a few times she thought she recognised him
by taste… But she never did find him… This was
not a happy ending…


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