CelebFamilyfun #1 – Gillian Anderson And Son, Part I

NOTE: The following is a work of fiction. This in no way reflects reality. Any names or actions are totally works from the author’s mind (as totally fucked-up as it is). If you enjoy please send any comments and/or suggestions to gillianmom35@hotmail.com. I love fan mail.

CelebFamilyFun #1:

“Gillian Anderson and Son”


P. Axler

It was a hot summer day just outside of Los Angeles, and Gillian Anderson loved it. She sat beside her large pool soaking in the sun. Her usual pasty skin was a deep healthy bronze, her auburn hair blazed in the sun’s rays. Her deep hued eyes shimmered with
the clear water of the pool. Licking her thick lips she sipped from a glass of whiskey on the rocks, her favorite.

It had been almost ten years since filming of The X-Files had ended for good. She was very happy about that. It had become tedious and repetitive, her character was in a loop and it was past time for it to be over. She smiled thinking about old times.

She had invested well. When she had retired to her walled mansion she had a net worth of over $12 million. She decided to quit the business for good and devote her time to her personal interests and raising her son, since her older daughter had left for college. After a year or so she never left the house, not intentionally, it just became her way of life. Her life was so recluse she started home schooling her son and neither went into the outside world. They had grown very close, depending on each other in many ways.
Gillian had changed over the years. Some, if seeing her wouldn’t recognize her. She was a little older, but had very few signs to show it. Her face was still beautiful; her thick shoulder-length hair the same heavenly shade of red, her petite body still tight and well muscled. But there had been some big changes.

With her wealth she had went in for plastic surgery. All highly top secret, and well out of the public eye. She had at first had that unsightly mole removed from her upped lip. She had always hated it, and finally made up her mind to get rid of it. Next, just for fun she had dimples put in her cheeks that showed when she smiled. Also, she had her lips thickened to show off her sexy smile. She was very happy with the surgeon’s skill, and the results. Lastly, emboldened she made a huge choice. She had her breasts enlarged. At first a C cup, then jumping to DD. Then she had herself blown up to a huge JJJ. On her small frame the heavy implants looked wholly unnatural, the skin stretching to hold up the basketball-sized breasts. But, she loved all the modifications she had made.

After years of separation from the public she had become addicted to pornography. Her inhibitions eroding, and social stigmata none existent she allowed her addiction to bloom. Every TV in the house was running hardcore porn 24 hours, sexual toys laid about the estate within easy reach, and neither her nor her son thought anything strange. Both had grown used to their lifestyle. They mostly walked nude around the estate in the hot California weather. Both having seen each other’s bodies for years, nudism was a way of life.

Gillian’s son was becoming a man, she knew. His young well build body had grown pubic hair and she noticed he watched the TV porn more then ever before. She had never seen him hard and masturbating to the XXX movies, but she had seen evidence of it at various locations. She never said anything about it, she thought it very normal, simply cleaned up the thick semen globs and let it go. Though, the sheer amounts of cum disturbed her somewhat. She felt he must have been masturbating a lot to get the large puddles of spunk. She may have to speak with him about his masturbation, if he was playing with himself that much, she feared he could hurt himself.

She extends one leg into the cool pool water, finishing her drink, her head in a buzz from the alcohol. Hearing the sliding door open she looked around to see her son, nude walking out and striding toward her. He took a drink from a coke can, and was smiling. In her slightly drunk state Gillian for the first time took notice of her son’s body. Muscles bulged from his young tanned body from the hours each week they worked out together. Her eyes then became fixed on his crotch. She gasped slightly as she noticed her boy’s manhood. The thick, semi-hard shaft bounced back and forth with each step her son took. Because of its semi-hard state she believed he must have just masturbating in the house. Tipping the seven-inch shaft was a purplish apricot-sized head. Then hanging heavily from under his cock was a sack bigger then both her fists, the pair of testicles’ bouncing around inside it was visible with his walk.

He stopped in front of her, his cock only inches from her face. Gillian didn’t look up from his cock, her eyes examining it closely. Her son didn’t seem to notice, or think much of it. Up close she could tell that he had been jacking off. A couple drops of cum were on one upper leg, but a drop was dangling by a small thread from his pee slit. The drop was thick and white, but it was a big around as her thumbnail.

Then the smell hit her, the smell she had forgotten about and hadn’t smelled in years. That familiar musk that came from men’s genitals, especially strong after intercourse. Her son was a man now, more then a man. More then any man she had ever known, even his father.

Her son was talking about something, but she ignored him. Her mind hazed over with alcohol and her growing lust, a lust she didn’t know she had. Her insides were boiling…she could feel her vagina excreting her femcum. Without even thinking Gillian launched forward, mouth open, tongue out, taking the large cum drop into her mouth, then leaning back as if nothing happened. Smiling she rolled the thick cum around inside her mouth, savoring its long forgotten taste.

Her son gasped and jumped from his mother’s quick attack. He stuttered and stared at his mom as she smiled up at him. Shocked his mouth was hanging open as his mother winked and said, “Mmmmmmm.”

“Mom…I…” was all he could say before Gillian grasped her sons cock in her left hand and started pumping it slowly.

Gillian Anderson’s son couldn’t fight, no matter how weird his mother was acting. His mom had his cock in a firm, yet gentle grip. Never had his mom shown any interest in doing with him the stuff he had seen for years on TV. But lately he had become very aroused by those movies…and his mother. Though it embarrassed him to even think about it. His mother was so attractive he couldn’t help it. She was the only woman he had ever known. He found her much more attractive then any of the women he saw on TV. And here she was, her long fingers manipulating his penis like an expert whore.

Gillian seductively looked up into her boy’s eyes as her tongue flicked out wetting his cock’s tip. He shuddered as his mom’s thick warm tongue caressed his cocks head, then gasped with pleasure as her lips wrapped around the fat purple cock head.

Gillian’s son’s hand claps and unclasped as his mother started sucking, her tongue caressing his thickening penis inside her sexy mouth. Gillian’s head bobbed back and forth as her hand stroked her boy’s growing shlong. She reached up with her free hand and cupped his ball sack, feeling just how heavy with seed his cum factories were. Feeling the weight her eyes widened as she let out a throaty moan. Her moan sent vibrations up her son’s shaft and sent tingles though his virgin body.

His body covered in sweat and mind spinning, Gillian’s son felt the rumbling inside that always warned him of one of his more outstanding orgasms’.

Now Gillian’s free hand was rubbing her own pussy very hard and fast, her left still pumping her son’s still growing penis. Amazed, Gillian couldn’t make her fingertips meet her thumb tip around her sons cock anymore due to its size. Her mouth was full of her son, each stroke making his pee slit pound into the back of her throat. Due to her sons girth and length she could get little more then his cock head into her wide straining mouth.

Her hand was covered in her own syrupy sexual fluids as she molested herself, hips jerking with her fast approaching orgasm. She heard her son moan and jerk as her own fluids sprayed from inside her womb. Her warm lubrication pattered onto the concrete poolside as she kept rubbing her clit and sucking her son’s cock.

Her son arched his back and moaned loudly, “Oh, MOM!!! It’s gonna squirt!”

Gillian removed her mouth, but kept it wide open just in front of her son’s tool. Now bringing both hands up to jack her son’s huge cock. Gillian could witness for the first time her young sons fully erect penis. In her hands was the biggest cock she had ever seen. Forget a horse, this was beyond even that. She guessed his cock was well over a foot long and as thick as her arm. She pumped it like a small cannon, glancing at his enormous gonads. They hung loose in his sack, bouncing with each pump, stretching his skin and swollen to softball sized. Her son’s balls reminded her of her own monstrous boobs, hanging and bouncing as she pleasured her son.

Then he blew his wad. He gritted his teeth as his cock jerked firing a huge thick chunk of cum into his mom’s welcoming face. She gasped as her mouth and nose was filled with her boy’s fist shot. Then it fired again, and again, and again. Each shot landing huge gobs of cum onto Gillian Anderson’s face, shoulders, arms, neck, hair, and her huge tits. Within five seconds her whole upper body had a thick layer of her son’s sweet seed. Her son kept jerking as less cum came from his cock, cum splattering on the concrete with his mom’s fluids.

Gillian giggled while wiping semen from her eyes, and looking up at her son. She swallowed hard, making a show of taking his cum into her body. She scooped more from her body, ingesting it. Then kissed her son’s cock head and stood, looking down into her son’s eyes.

She grinned and said, “Come up to my room, son.”

She took his hand and one of the sexiest and most desirable women in the world walked to her bedroom with her son.

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