CelebFamilyfun #4 – Gillian Anderson And Son, Part II

NOTE: The following is a work of fiction. This in no way reflects reality. Any names or actions are totally works from the author’s mind (as totally fucked-up as it is). If you enjoy please send any comments and/or suggestions to gillianmom35@hotmail.com. I love fan mail. And I’m always looking for paying writing assignments.

CelebFamilyFun #4

“Gillian Anderson and Son, Part II”

By P. Axler


Gillian walked hand-in-hand with her young son up the plush carpeted steps of their remote mansion. She took glances back to see his still face still covered in a mask of anticipation and confusion. She
winked at him, his face blushes a deep red.

Only a few moments ago, Gillian and her son had engaged in a wild poolside session of incestuous oral sex for the first time. Their huge amounts of evidence still lay where it had splattered on the hot concrete deck. Gillians and her son’s intense sexual fluids were being baked off in the sun.

Taking advantage of her son’s embarrassment, she stole a glance down between his legs. Swinging from his groin was the biggest and most unbelievable cock she had ever seen or even imagined. The things shaft was almost as thick as his leg, only in its semi-hard “hanging” state. It made slapping noises against his legs with each step up he took. The shaft was topped with an equally large head, thick and smooth. And lastly, but surly not least, hanging under the base of his shaft was swinging the biggest pair or testicles ever! They would put a bull to shame; they hung heavy inside his sac. Always stretching it to the limit, swaying slightly from side to side.

She entered her huge bedroom, son in hand and opened the glass doors on two outside walls. The sounds of the ocean and seabirds filled the air. Gillian turns to see her perfect son standing by the door, looking a little frightened. She sighed; smiling reassuringly at him, and he returned it in kind. She then began walking to him, making a show of herself and her wonderful porn star body. Swaying her wide birthing hips back and forth, hands rubbing them. Her tight, muscled tummy flexing and relaxing. Her saline-filled JJJ tits moved to and fro with each step near her son.

Her sons face grimaced for a second as his softening cock jerked, and started thickening and hardening. Gillian stopped, the warm flesh of her vaginal mound resting against her sons rising cock. Mother and sons sexual organs were now coming in contact for the first time since birth. Gillian tilted her son’s head up with a long finger under his chin. Looking down into his greens eyes, she leaned down gently pressing her lips against his. Her thick lips joined with his building a sexual heat, her son’s lips took Gillian’s huge bottom lip, sucking on it alone. Gillian groaned with pleasure.

Gillian’s sons took his mother by her narrow waist and guided her towards her huge bed. Gillian liked this new “forceful” action by him.

“Mmmmm…. yes, son” Gillian purred. “I know you want mommy.”

Gillian lay down with her son over her, still deep into their intense kiss. Tongues begin playing with each other, licking each other’s lips and tongue kissing. Gillian’s son’s cock rests heavily on Gillian’s tight tummy, his cock head between her huge breasts. His huge ball sac hung between her legs, up against her pussy. They hung so low his testicles were actually resting on the bed.

Breathing with anticipation her son kissing his mother’s cheek whispers into Gillian’s ear. “Yes, mother. I want you so bad. I want to do with you all those things I watched on those movies you play all the time here. I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long, even before you had your tits made so big. You’re the most beautiful woman in the world, I’ve always thought so.”

Gillian smiled, blushing somewhat. “Oh….” Gillian placed her hand on her son’s cheek. “Thank you, son. That’s so sweet, I want you too. I want you to fuck your mother like in those movies.”

Gillian’s son’s face lit up with a smile. He rose up onto his knees, backing up on the bed. Between Gillian’s bent legs her son grasps his engorged cock in both hands to hold it up, and then placed his fat cock head against his mothers already femcum soaked pussy opening. The sheets under his mother’s cunt were already dark with her wetness soaking into them.

Gillian looked down watching her son’s muscled body start rubbing his cock into her slit. She moaned and smiled at her son, he looked up at her and smiled back. She reached down and opened her legs wider with her hands. Her son’s huge, burning hot cock rubbing into her pussy was already building up an orgasm. Her clit was swelling to its inhuman size. More fluid was poring from deep inside her womb, and then it happened. Her teeth gritting, her stomach muscled tightened, closing off her vagina. Her urethra pushed out and released a huge flood of her vaginal femcum up into the air with her screaming orgasm.

The deluge splattered onto her breasts and down to her tummy. Another orgasm hit, sending another stream shooting high into the air before her sons amazed eyes. The femcum splashed into her sons face and shoulders, more on his rock hard cock. Gasping his mouth hung open, his mother’s excitement dripping from his chin. Looking down he saw his mom’s pussy still closed, her hips rolling, and a small fountain of her clear sex fluid still jetting up from her fading orgasm.

“Fucking wild, mom!!!” he exclaimed.

Gillian was breathing heavy, body covered in her own orgasm. Biting her bottom lip she looked at her son, and gasped out, “Uh…oh…. fuck, son! Oh, it’s been so long since I came like that.”

Her son laughed, “That’s so hot, mom! You’re a squirter!”

Gillian laughed too, “Uh…I guess so. Been so long. Shit! Don’t stop son! Fuck me!”

Her pussy had relaxed now, and her son started rubbing into her pussy. The sheets were soaked now, and her vagina was still leaking some. Pools were forming around their knees and where their bodies dug into the bed.

Without warning Gillian’s son lurched fast, shoving his cock head and a large amount of his shaft deep into his mother. His head hit the back of Gillian’s womb, stretching it some. Gillian screamed, her nails digging into the bed sheets. Her femcum gathered around her clinched fist.

Gillian’s son pulled back some, not realizing just how big he really was, and what little space his mom had inside to take it all. “Oh, mom! I’m sorry!”

Gillian, through gritting teeth screamed, “No!!! Don’t stop…fuck me son!”

Her son grinned and started to thrust deep into his mother’s body again.

To Be Continued…

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