CelebMILF 2: Kelly Preston

CelebMILF 2: Kelly Preston

By: The Observer

It was another boring night as always for John. You

see, John was a reporter. A really good one at that.

But his editor didn’t care about John’s career. She

would give him low level work. Assignments best suited

for some one in the entertainment feild. John wanted

action. He wanted to be where it was. Thats how he

pictured being a reporter was. Then real life bit him

in the ass, and things were in a whole new


He was at Le Sheree, a chic French restaurant down in

Beverly Hills covering a gala for some sort of

charity. Thinking that nothing interesting was going

to come out of the night, he decided to grab another

Daiquiri and head on out of the joint.

“Vodka tonic please, no ice..” Said a pleasant

sounding female voicem to his right. “Kelly?” John

asked and sure enough he was right. Kelly Preston also

known as Mrs. John Travolta sat beside him in the open

bar. “Excuse me do I know you?” She asked looking

shocked. “I’m sorry if I startled you. Its me, John,

John Madison. From back in high school, remember?”

“John?” Kelly asked. “Long John?” John nodded his head

with a grin on his face. “Yeah. Geese, I haven’t heard

that name in years…”he said. “So how you been, I

mean duh…your famous. “He slapped his forehead

jokingly. “”I’ve been…great, really.” Kelly answered

smiling. “And you, how’s your whole football career

going? Still the star quarter back?” “Um..actually I

gave that up a long time ago. I’m a reporter now.

Yeah, I’m working for The Post.”

“Hey hon, I’ve been looking for you all over. whose

your friend?” It was John Travolta. He had arrived in

the bar looking for his very beautiful wife. “Oh, I’m

John..”He said reaching over to shake the famous

actor’s hand. “I am a big fan.” “Yeah,” John said.

“Hey Kelly, I’m gonna be over at the governor’s table

okay. You gonna be alright here?” Kelly nodded and

with that he left.

They spent the last hour or so catching up on old

times. “Yeah, remember when we won the Sugar Bowl-”

“And we teepeed the gym…”John finished Kelly’s

sentence for her. They laughed through out the night

drinking the stolen bottle of Champagne in the closed

part of the restaurant.

“Knowing that Kelly was tipsy, he decided to seize the

moment and try to snatch a kiss. He panicked, worrying

that Kelly might run. But instead, she reciprocated

John’s kiss with one of her own. “Let’s get ot of

here, what do you say?”John asked. Kelly nodded her

head with assurance and soon they were on their way to

a shady motel. They rented a room and soon the

foreplay began.

Kelly frenched John while she undid his pants. John

unzipped Kelly’s blouse. He kissed her soft,

unblemished, milky white skin and worked his lips down

from the shoulders to the backe until he made his way

to her feet. He kissed her feet which drove the star

wild. He then made his way back to the thighs and to

the unhooked bra. He licked and sucked on the nipples

through the semi permiable material. He unhooked the

bra and continued to massage the breast of Kelly.

“Ungh..” Kelly moaned. It was to much. She wanted him

so badly and it drove her over the edge. “Not yet,

baby. Not just yet.”He said as he slowly removed her

panties slowly. “Your wet, you slut…” He rubbed her

wet pussy and drove even wilder. She grabbed the

sheets as she felt his toungue grope her pussy.

“You ready baby…here I come…” John said. He then

entered her pussy with such force that it caused Kelly

to buck her hips. They humped like there was no

tomorrow. John pumping his tool in and out of the

star’s snatch rapidly. “Oh god!…” Kelly moaned. They

continued like wild animals, going on for minutes at

first. And then the minutes grew into hours and they

still fucked passionately. “I’m cumming!!”Kelly

screamed. She rode John like a buck humping his cock.

She stadled his cock on top while sitting on top of

him. She loved how it felt, having a huge ten incher

in her burning snatch. “It’s better than that stupid

excuse for a cock John had” She thought to herself as

she rocked back and forth. She had never had this much

fun. Her husband had never done this to her.

After they fucked like rabid dogs, Kelly licked his

cock, rubbing the long sturdy shaft against her

toungue. She then inserted the ten inch shaft in her

mouth and began blowing John like there was no

tomorrow. “Argh…I’m comming!” John moaned. He then

blew his load all over Kelly’s face. “Mmm…that taste

good….” She said licking. “My god, you are one

slutty mommy..” John said spreading his come all over

her face.

After they had both finished cleaning up, they spent

the rest of the night cuddling in the bed. Then John

remembered about his story. He took out his notepad

and jotted down some stuff. It read “MY NIGHT WITH



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