CelebMILF: Demi Moore

CelebMILF 1: Demi Moore

By: The Observer

Alan sat in the cafe sipping his coffee. It was one of

those dull saturday mornings, nothing to do until

later this evening. He idly dpun his straw, stirring

his ice cold espresso. According to his friend, lots

of celebrities pass by here. “Yeah its true.”Said

Jake, one of Alan’s college budies. “Wynonna Rider was

here about two days ago. Oh, and Liv Tyler…”Jake’s

words fell on def ears. He regreted following Jake to

this dump. It was a waste of time.

Then, just as he was about to loose all hope, a tall

brunette stepped in wearing
one of those dark

bussiness suits with the matching hat. “I’ll have a

triple shot espresso please.” She said with a hint of

the south in her voice. It was Demi Moore. Also known

as Ashton Kutcher’s chick, and Bruce Willis’ ex.

“Jackpot!” Allan whispered excitedly. He knew that the

star was in a bad mood.

“Hey,” He said as he walked over with a peice of Oreo

cheese cake in one hand. “Mind if I join you?” “Yeah,

sure.” . Demi answered placing a cigarette on her

lips. “Here, allow me.” Allan said as he pulled out

his lighter and lit the star’s cig for her. “I’m Alan

by the way.” He said as he reached out to shake her

well-manicured hand. “Thanks.” Demi exclaimed.”I’m

Demi by the way.” She replied. “Yeah, I’ve seen you on

the tube. You look hotter in person though.” “Really,

welll i get that alot.” She said jokingly as they both

laughed. “I wish my boyfriend was more like you, a

gentleman.” She smoked her cigarrette.”Really?” Allan

asked pretending to sound intrigued. “How come?”

“Well,” Demi began. “He and his paks from that show of

his on MTV came over and they haven’t stopped partying

since. I mean, I like partying and all, but there’s

only so much I could do.” “Uhuh, I get you, iget

you.”Alan nodded his head with assurance.

Jake walked over and told him that they had to go.

“Listen, Demi I have to go. It was nice talking to you

though.” “Yeah, same here. I’d like to continue this

conversation.” She said as she handed him a card.

“Meet me here tonight at eight. Is that okay with

you?” “Yeah sure. Eight’s fine.”

“What’d I tell you?”Jake said as he started the car.

“Yeah, yeah. Hey, you were right this time.” Alan said

still clutching the calling card in his hand.

“Sorry pal, people on the list only. ” A big burly

bouncer said. “Oh don’t worry Jorge, he’s with me.”

Said Demi as they entered the elite night club. The

Pearl Lounge was one of those new clubs in Beverly

Hills where only the rich and famous are allowed


They reached one of the clubs many V.I.P. rooms. They

took a seat on the couchess and began talking.

“Yeah, I know!” Demi blurtted out laughing. They had

been in the room for some time now. Both of them were

buzzing from all the alcohol they had drank. Alan

checked his watch and saw that it was pass 2 a.m. He

leened over and went in for a kiss. “Mmm…” Demi

moaned signaling that it was clear. That he could turn

her into his little slut. They both stood. He rubbed

her covered cunt and smothered her tits. He continued

the foreplay liplocked with the star. Demi reached for

his crotch and rubbed it. She pushed him on the couch.

She began to shake her hips as she stripped making

Alan reminisce about her past movie, Striptease. She

continued to gyrate as she slowly took of her clothes.

Slowly, one by one, their clothes fell to the ground.

And then they were both naked. Demi crouched lower and

lower as she continued to gyrate. She walked over to

Alan and grabbed his fully erect cock. She gave him a

hand job and engulfed his cock in an insatnt. Her head

bobbed up and down. “Yeah baby…” Alan moaned as he

saw his cock appear and dissapear. Demi let her hand

go and used only her mouth to suck cock. Demi then

spat out Alan’s cum and licked the long, sturdy shaft.

“Oh…you slutty MILF.” he gasped. “This is only the

begining…” She said. She then Lay on the couch as

Alan licked Demi’s wet cunt. “Oh- Uhoh…” Demi

moaned. She enjoyed this alot. Alan noticing this

began to insert a finger, then two then finally three

fingers were inside the wet cunt of Ms. Moore.

A couple of hours of foreplay later they were fucking

like dogs. Alan had inserted himself into the

celebrities pussy slowly as she enjoyed the sensation

of the cock creeping in her gaping pussy inch by inch.

“Oh yeah….” Demi maoned with plaessure. Alan pumped

Demi’s cunt as she asked for more. “Yeah…give it to

me…” She moaned erotically. They fucked for hours

with Alan humping her like the slut she is. “Oh

god…yes….mmmm…” Demi screamed in pleassure as

she and Alan were about to come at the same time. “Oh

god!!!” Said Demi as she felt Alan’s man milk in her

moist vagina. “Mmmm…that was so fucking awesome…”

Demi said. “That was nothing. Get on all fours you

dirty slut…”Alan voiced. With a smile on her face

she complied and soon they were fucking again. This

time, the star’s ass was getting peirced. “Oh! Hell

yes!!!”She screamed. She had never done this before.

Who wouldve thought that she’d enjoy it this much.

“Yesss…Oh yes!!!” She felt a hand come down on her

virgin ass.

“Mmmm…a perfect end to a perfect night…”She

moaned, this time kneeling. “You said it…” Said Alan

stroking his huge paeice of meat. She rubbed Alan’s

ball so hard that it force him to blow his load all

over the stars face. “Oh yeah, thats so good…” Said

Demi swallowing the man’s warm load.

“Ya know,” Demi told Alan as he put on his pants. “We

should do this again sometime..” “Yeah, I’ll give you

a call…” Said Alan as he left the know abandonned



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