CelebStory: Sharon Stone/Susan Sarandon

Sharon Stone & Susan Sarandon

"And the Oscar goes to…Susan Sarandon for Dead Man Walking." the presenter
said. Sharon sat in her seat, shocked by the result. She really had her
heart set on winning the Academy Award. Afterall, Casino was her best
performance to date, and who knows if she’d ever get another chance.
Whatever her disappointment, she graciously rose to her feet, applauding a
wonderful actress for a terrific job. She watched as Susan received her
statue and prepared to give her acceptance speech. As her speech proceeded,
Sharon found it difficult to listen. It was extremely hard for her to come
to terms with this. She looked at Susan, thinking to herself, ‘who better
to lose to than someone as beautiful and talented as Susan Sarandon?’ Susan
finished her speech, gave her final thanks, and walked backstage. It felt
terrific, beating out that type of competition and being known as the best
actress of the year. It gave her chills.
After the show was finished, the crowds began to disperse. Everyone had
somewhere to go, whether it be the press room, or a big gala event hosted by
one of the local hotels. Sharon decided to head toward the press room. She
was interested in what all the winners had to say, especially Susan. She
just happened to show up in the nick of time to catch the end of Susan’s
session. She was surprised to hear some of what was being said. She heard
Susan say how shocked she was to have won the award, and how she wished she
could share it with the other nominees. Then, one of the directors of the
press conference ushered her off to the side once her time was finished, and
brought in Kevin Spacey to talk about his victory in the Best Supporting
Actor category. Susan really didn’t have that much of an interest in what
he had to say, so she headed back behind the curtain where the director had
brought Susan.
"Congratulations." Sharon said, hugging Susan, kissing her on the cheek.
"Thank you, very much. I’m sorry that you didn’t win this." she replied.
"Really?" Sharon inquired.
"I’ve seen many of your movies, and Casino was, far and away, the best work
you’ve ever done." Susan answered.
"That’s really good to hear." she said. "But you deserved it much more than
I did."
"Are you busy right now?" Susan asked.
"No, not really, why?"
"I just thought we could talk a little more. You are a very intriguing
person and I’d like to get to know you better." she answered.
"That’d be great, but not here. It’s a little stuffy." Sharon said, fanning
"You’re right. I think the green rooms are still open in back. Why don’t
we try one of them?" Susan suggested.
They headed down the hallway toward the dressing rooms. They took the
first available room. Susan placed her statue on the counter, taking a seat
on one of the two sofas. The sofas sat adjacent to one another. Sharon
took the other one.
"So, what did you think of Emma Thompson’s performance?" Susan asked.
"I thought she was wonderful. Truly compelling. I just didn’t care much
for the movie, itself." Sharon replied.
"I don’t know. I felt just the opposite. I really enjoyed the movie. I
guess I just really like period pieces." she said.
"I must say, though, that you had this award wrapped up." Sharon said with a
""Oh yeah. You were remarkable. You played the character perfectly."
Sharon complimented.
"Well, I’m glad to hear you thought so. It was a very difficult role."
"I don’t know how you did it. It must have been extremely difficult to get
into character." she said.
"Why do you say that?" Susan asked.
"Well, it had to be tough trying not to be sexy, ya know, playing a nun."
Sharon said.
"You…you think I’m sexy?" Susan asked, somewhat shocked.
"Yeah. I mean, look at you tonight. That dress is beautiful!" she said.
"Really? Coming from someone as striking as you, that really makes me feel
good." Susan said.
"Striking, huh?"
"Of course. In fact, you should have received an Oscar for Basic Instinct
for everything you did in that film. I couldn’t have done half the things
you did."
"I’m not one for sex scenes, really. I usually don’t like to watch them.
But, if you had my role, I would have seen that movie more than once."
Sharon said, jokingly.
"Oh, and why is that?" Susan asked.
"Well, you are intelligent enough to play a writer. You are extremely sexy,
which is perfect for the role. I’m 36, and you don’t look a day over that,
and you’ve got great legs, ya know, for the interrogation scene."
"You really think I have great legs?" Susan asked.
"From what I remember, yes, but I’d really like it if you’d refresh my
memory." Sharon said.
Susan stood from her chair and started to remove her gown. "Actually, I
need to get out of this dress anyway." she said. She slipped out of the
dress, putting it on a hanger and placing it on the back of the door. She
stood before Sharon wearing nothing but a strapless bra and her panties.
"Now, why don’t you sit down and cross your legs, pretending that you were
in that questioning room." Sharon suggested. Susan did as she was told,
sitting back down in her chair, crossing her legs.
Sharon stood from the sofa, reaching behind her to unzip her own dress, all
the while looking at Susan and her crossed legs. She pulled her dress off,
standing in her black panties, no bra.
"They look great, but there’s one thing not right." she said.
"And what might that be?" Susan asked with a smile. Sharon knelt in front
of her, uncrossing her legs.
"I was going commando, remember?" she said, tugging Susan’s panties off.
"Oh yeah." she replied. Sharon rubbed Susan’s thighs, staring into her
lovely eyes.
"Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, don’t you have a few parties to
attend?" Sharon asked.
"They can wait. I just want to stay off my feet for a little while." she
"I think I can help with that." Sharon said, inching her lips closer to
Susan’s crotch. Susan could feel the warm breath against her as Sharon
exhaled softly on her vagina. Suddenly, she felt Sharon’s tongue touch her
clit. It was a soothing feeling that set her body at ease.
"Mmmm…yeah…" she groaned.
Sharon stroked Susan’s pussy, her hands continuing to caress the legs she
loved so much. Her tongue vibrated against her hole. Susan couldn’t help
but shudder. She unsnapped her bra, whipping it aside, leaving her breasts
uncovered. She immediately began to manipulate her tits, pinching her
nipples, watching Sharon’s head bob between her thighs.
"Oooh yeah…eat my pussy…ugh huh…" Susan cried. Sharon’s tongue worked her
throbbing clit back and forth. She took her mouth away and stood up. Susan
needed no instruction. She, too, rose from her chair, turning around. She
bent over the chair, raising her ass in the air. Sharon looked at her
smooth ass sitting high atop her long, sensuous legs. She slipped her
panties off, tossing them aside. She placed her hands on Susan’s wide hips,
rubbing her thighs up and down. She parted her cheeks, continuing where she
left off moments earlier. Her tongue worked equally as hard and equally as
fast, massaging Susan’s aching cunt. Susan’s juices slowly dripped from her
hole. Sharon tasted this and knew she was close.
"Oh yeah…uh…oooh…I’m coming…now…" Susan moaned. Her pussy opened, her
juices streaming onto Sharon’s face.
Susan turned around. She kissed Sharon’s cum-soaked lips, tasting herself
for the very first time. She opened her mouth, drawing Sharon’s tongue in,
teasing it with her own. Sharon cupped her hands under Susan’s soft
derriere, hugging her close. She pulled away, kissing Susan’s neck down to
the ample mounds on her chest. She took her breasts into her mouth, one at
a time, manipulating the nipples inside with her tongue. Susan pushed her
away, sitting her down in the chair.
"You tasted me, now it’s my turn to taste you." Susan said.
"Oooh, if I had an award to give you, I would." Sharon said with a smile.
Susan combed through the dark, furry patch between Sharon’s legs. "You do.
It’s right…here…" Susan replied, touching her tongue to Susan’s pink cunt
lips for the first time.
"Oh yeah…oh yeah…fuck me…fuck my pussy…" Sharon begged. Susan, as best she
could, fucked her with her tongue. Her hands wandered up to Sharon’s chest,
fondling her perky tits.
"Oh you taste so good." Susan said. She worked her over like a pro. She
obviously had made love to a woman before. Sharon realized that now.
"Let’s go to the couch. I wanna taste you again." Sharon said. Susan
lifted her head, looking at Sharon. She stood up, taking Sharon’s hand and
moving to the couch. Susan laid down on the couch, watching as Sharon
lowered her crotch down above her head. Sharon dove back into Susan’s warm
snatch. They feasted on each other, both licking and sucking and moaning
and groaning. Susan squeezed Sharon’s buttocks, flicking her tongue wildly
against Sharon’s pussy.
"Oh God…come…come in my mouth…" Susan begged. Her begging quickly turned to
a loud moan as Sharon made her come for a second time. It was that second
orgasm that sent Sharon into one of her own, dousing Susan’s awaiting face
with her sweet juices.
Sharon backed up, hovering her head over Susan’s. She kissed her lover one
more time, exhausted from their wild love making.
"And the winner is…" Sharon said.
"You. You got me to come twice. Even Tim can’t do that." Susan said.
"Thank you."
"No, thank you. That was wonderful." Susan said.
"It sure was." Sharon replied, kissing her a final time.

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