Celeb Fantasy Fighting – Melinda Messenger Vs Pam Anderson

I am not the author
I am re-posting.

This story is a fantasy.  
resemblence between the characters
in it and any living beings is only

If you're not of legal age
Don't read this story.  

U.S. Vs  The U.K. Blonde Beach Battle
Melinda Messenger Vs Pam Anderson
Word Weaver

Melinda Messenger stood in front of Pam Anderson, unimpressed 
with her catfighting experience, tossing her hair right in Pam's face
disrespect, then while she was momentarily blinded, slamming her
knee into
Pam's cunt sending her back and to the sand in pain. 

As the bigger blonde
charged forward a wary Pam planted 
her own foot
into the English girls young
pussy and tossed her up and over her to
crash into the hard sand with a loud
grunt of pain. 

The Baywatch beauty was right on top of her before she could
draw a
breathe and slammed her foot down into her gut, then her chest, 
slamming Melinda backwards, hard, dazing her. 

She started to straddle her
when her foe grabbed her tits and pulled her
off her, screaming as Melinda's
nails pierced her flesh. 

They rolled around in the sand trying to position
the other for a scissors
till Melinda trapped Pam in a chest scissors,
reveling in the smaller 
blonde's cries of pain as she tore at her tormentors
feet to free herself 
from the agonizing hold as Pam’s large chest was
crushed by Melinda’s
well toned and powerfull legs.

Pam brought her right
hand up and attacked Melinda's left tit with little 
effect till she picked
up a handfull of sand and rubbed it harshly into the
breast for a minute soon
Melinda was red faced and screaming in agony
her tit rubbed raw from the
abrasive sand as Pam added a punch to 
Melinda's jaw that snapped her head
back and sent her hair flying from
the force of the blow as she crashed to
the ground. 

Taking no chances Pam grabbed her ankles and spread her legs
her heel like a freight train into Melinda’s cunt till she was
bellowing in pain. 

Then Pam flipped her around, swapped ankles as she
stepped over 
Melinda's back and facing her legs she sat down forcefully onto
the small
of Melinda's back , devestating the big blonde 's cunt with one
hand while
keeping her legs wrapped up with the other till Melinda screams

The beach is filled with apprehension as Pam and Melinda
getting ready to square off. 

Melinda Messenger put up her fists and Pamela
Anderson followed suit, 
trading hard breast and gut punches with Melinda
till she is driven back
in pain from a pair of vicious uppercuts to each of
her tits as tries to 
cover up from Pam's savage fistic assault. 

pair of unaswered blows to Pam's face and tits put her on her
ass as Melinda
traps her immediately in a standing scissors, pulling on
the Baywatch
beauty's hair and leaving clumps of it at her feet on the
sand to drift away
in the light breeze. 

She reaches down and pulls up on Pam's large left tit
digging her
nails in, then twisting it as Pam howls in pain. It takes another
seconds of savage twisting till a sobbing Pam screams her tortured
submission and Melinda releases her scissors clasping the other 
breast and
dragging poor Pam around the beach by them. 

Throwing the defeated Pam onto
the sand she grabs her ankles and
starts dragging her backwards. Pam bellows
in pain as her tits are
dragged across the sand, then she scrieks in utter
agony as the
sadistic Melinda goes over some sea shells causing dozen of
cuts to appear all over Pam's once magnifcent breasts. 

The now
utterly destroyed Pam weeps as she is attended to by the
medics, the
victorious Melinda strutting around the beach in front
of the stunned
spectators and contestants alike pumping her fist in
the air in victory.

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