Celeb: Jennifer Lopez

Celeb: Jennifer Lopez (FSnakes, rape, beast, torture, unreal)
by SteinbckPW (steinbckpw@aol.com)

Jennifer Lopez found herself trapped in a
cage that held her so tightly that she scarsely
had room to breath, let alone move. She was
blindfolded and gaged. Every cavity in her body
was stuffed with something phallic. Only her
nose was free to breath. Despite her confounds,
she struggled with all her might. But something
happened that made her freeze in place. She
heard a voice. A voice that sounded inside her.

“hello Jennifer, you may be wondering
where you are… that is of no matter. All you
have to know is that you are helpless. You and
all my other slaves. I have taken you to fulfill
my sexual desires. But there is only one catch.
No matter, what I do to you, no matter what hell
you experience, You will always stay alive.
There is a certain magic permiating throughout
your body that I control… As long as I want you
to, you will stay alive.”

Jennifer’s mind filled with horror.
But before she could do or think anything she
suddenly found herself alone… Alone, surrounded
by jungle. Her heart pounded in her heaving
chest and she wondered what could be going on.
Jennifer felt something run along her feet and
looked down. Looked down in horror to see snakes
all about her. Dozens of them slithering and
hissing. Suddenly they started to slither all
around her. Up her legs and all over her body.
She fell in an attempt to escape and only found
her self worse off. For the snakes were wrapping
themselves around her and tightening.

Her head was hazy from all that was
happening. But she was suddenly brought back to
reality when she felt the head of one of the
snakes entering her vagina. It had a hard time
in doing it. Jennifer felt as if the snake must
have been 4 inches around. Another snake bit her
and she felt herself instantly getting wet
against her will. The snake entering her then
had an easier time.

Jennifer was agonized. The insides of
her tunnel were being torn apart and raped
against her will… First one inch of the beast
entered her, then another and another. After
what seemed like hours, she felt more filled
than she imagined posible. He legs thrashed in
their reptilian bondage as she felt the tail of
the snake disapear inside of her. And to her
shear horror her body betrayed her, as a moan
escaped her lips. Amongst the screams and
wimpers she moaned in some sadistic pleasure.

But then her sounds were muffled as a
snake approached her mouth and began to enter
it. It ran down her tongue and then rammed its
way into her throat. She gagged in disgust and
felt the need the throwup. Her mammoth breast
jutted out as her back arched in mixed pain and
pleasure. Then she felt the thing in her
womanhood escaping. It’s scales tearing her as
they backed out. Then she felt all the snakes
dissapear. Only the lone snake that stuffed her
throat and esophagus remained.

Then she saw it. Looming from a huge
branch above her. A huge snake, a foot in
diameter and easily 20 feel long. It slithered
down the tree and wrapped itself around
Jennifer’s ample body. Crushing her tits into
her chest and causing her eyes to bulge from the
lack of ogygen. Then she felt something very
strange. It seemed as though a smaller snake
were coming out of the bohemath as, what must
have been his penis entered her. She screamed
out whatever air was left as the snake that
invaded her throat scrambled for escape. The
penish pounded her brutally. It then pounded its
way into her cervix and past, impossibly into
her midsection. It pushed ever so slowly through
her bowels and into her stomach. Jennifer looked
up and saw the snakes mouth coming down on her.
She could no longer breath as the snake devoured
her head completely. If that werent enough she
felt the rock hard member protrude up her throat
and through her lips.

The snake then unraveled itself from
her and released her from its mouth. There she
was, COMPLETELY impaled on this beasts 6 foot
long Cock. The snake then pulled out slowly,
only to ram himselt in again, slamming Jennifer
into the ground brutally. This continued for an
hour as the snake took so much pleasure in
causing pain and seeing this woman’s huge
breasts swing back and forth as she was skewered
on his cock.

Then, like a garden hose the snake
came to a crashing orgasm. Spraying Jennifer
Lopez with so much jizz that it filled her
completely and drenched her entire body. Later,
Jennifer lay ther gasping for air and unable to
move from the hard encasement of dried up snake
cum that covered her.

Jennifer then awoke, as if from a dream.
She tried to move and found herself chained to a
wall. The only thing she could do was listen to
the haunting laugh of her captor.

This is the first story of what will probably be
many. If you have any celebs you want to see in
any position (excluding pedophile and incest)
tell me and I will see what I can do. Comments,
compliments, and suggestions are welcome, but

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