Celeb Tails #12: Goldie Hawn

Gold Leader Celeb Tails #12: Goldie Hawn

I love New York. Why? Well within less than two days, I’d had sex with four different gorgeous women. Sure Pam was old hat by this time, but the two tirades with Tyra, the three-way with Stephanie and the earlier morning dalliance with Brandy sure made this seem like one hell of a town. I’d been living in LA for years and until recently I was batting about four a month not a day!

I collapsed onto the other bed, looking at the two naked, exhausted

supermodels. Tyra stared at the ceiling, hands silently tracing her curvy

body. Stephanie just had a glazed look
on her eyes, the double dildo still

in her holes. The room was rank with the smell of come and sweat. I

remembered that first time I’d fucked Markie and the room had taken on a

similar odor, but that was only from two of us.

I told them I had to go. Tyra got up and gave me her number, along with Stephanie’s, telling me to call any time I wanted a repeat. I gave her my cell phone number too, letting her know that call might be soon. Truth be told, I had no idea when the next time was I’d have an opportunity. Still as Tyra led me to the door she gave me a long kiss good bye and point blank told me if I ever got bored with Pam, I was welcome to stay with her. Tempting. Very tempting. One thing I’d done with Tyra, Pam hadn’t even hinted at yet, group sex.

I made my way back to my hotel room and slipped immediately into the shower.

No sense letting Pam smell two women all over me. After the shower I

slipped into bed with Pam who was naked, of course. She stirred, giving me

a kiss and asking me if I’d had a good evening. I said yes, that Tyra had shown me a great night. Before drifting off to sleep Pam told me she was going on “Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee” the next morning for an impromptu promotional visit for the awards show and for her own. I could join her if I wanted to.

We arrived at the show fifteen minutes before they went on the air.

Apparently Pam’s publicist or the award show’s had already gone over the

questions she was supposed to answer. A stage hand showed us to Pam’s

dressing room. Make up and hair people went to work immediately on her. I

was getting a bit bored and Pam noticed,

“Honey, why don’t you wander around some. Maybe go meet Reeg.”

I took her offer and split, not wanting to listen to her and the associate producer go over canned responses. On the way out of the room the other dressing room door opened and I caught site of a blonde head of hair. The blonde, wearing a robe, was looking down the other end of the corridor but when I emerged she turned to look at me. I stopped dead in my tracks; it was Goldie Hawn.

“Are you the boy they were sending?” she asked, obviously thinking I was part of the staff.

“Um, sure,” I said, thinking this could be a good time to see how bold I can really be. What’s the worst that could happen? Well, we won’t get into that.

“Come in here,” she said, taking my hand. I noticed her fingers were cold

and a bit bony. She led me into the room and I shut the door. Goldie

paused in front of a mirror, checking her face. For a woman in her fifties,

she was still a knockout. I glanced at her rear, covered by the robe. I

wondered if it still looked as fabulous as when she starred in “Overboard.”

How many times had I shot a load as a teenage thinking about that ass? “You see, my normal assistant, Sean, went out partying last night and the little fruit never came back.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I told her. She stopped screwing with her eyelashes to look over at me. She settled into the chair in front of the mirror and twisted around toward me.

“Somebody’s not going to have a job at the end of the day,” she mumbled. She held up her foot, the robe slipping off her leg and revealing up to about mid-thigh. She still had great gams. She shook her leg and looked at me impatiently. “You are the boy they sent for the massage, yes?

“Uh, sure. You betcha,” I told her glancing back and grabbing a folding chair. I placed it in front of her and settled down, wrapping my hands around Goldie’s foot. I rubbed it gently, placing ankle over my thigh. She watched me for a second and I saw her eyes slip to the counter where a little box sat with several oils. Massage oils, I hoped. I let go of her foot and grabbed the box, studying its contents, “What’s your pleasure?”

“The jasmine,” she said, leaning back the chair with a lever. The robe slid more up her thigh. I dabbed some on my hands and tried to remember how the last official massage I had gotten had gone. As I started up, Goldie moaned, “Um, that feels good. You have much better hands than Sean.”

“Your assistant gives you massages?”

“He’s only been working for me for a few months. Basically the studio hired him to help me during filming and for publicity. Oh, you are good,” she told me as my thumbs pressed into the bottom of her foot, separating the bones and muscles as best I could. “You ever do this for Kathie Lee?”

“No,” I told her honestly. I kept this up for a few minutes, glancing at the screen in the dressing room. The clock said the show was starting in three minutes. “When do you go on?”

“Somewhere in the middle of the show, I think,” she said with a wave of her hand, eyes closed. She was really enjoying this. “Nothing relaxes me like a good foot massage.”


“This new movie is a tough sell,” she told me. “The kids don’t go to see my movies so we have to really push to get adults into the theaters. Next to impossible. Are you doing my calf now?”

“Do you mind?”

“No. It feels fabulous,” Goldie told me as I pawed her lower leg. My dick was starting to grow in my pants, I hope it wasn’t obvious. It was only a massage, but this was Goldie Hawn, dammit. “Young kids don’t go to my movies. Kids don’t want to see old broads, they want cream puff, pin-ups like that inflated bimbo who is on the show today.”

“Pam Anderson?”

“Yeah. Anybody can buy boobs,” Goldie complained. “But that’s what the boys want to see today. Kids won’t pay to see me and Steve Martin in a movie.”

I glanced up, seeing the show had begun. Regis was blabbering away at Kathie Lee. I had to get moving, I thought. My hand traveled up more and Goldie opened her eyes. She pulled her leg away and replaced it with the other one. In so doing her robe had essentially fallen totally off her leg.

Goldie’s whole leg, from the edge of her black bikini underwear to her

colored toenails was exposed. My cock screamed to full attention, as I

swallowed in the details of her still, smooth, firm thigh. My hands worked

in the oil on her foot and Goldie just leaned back letting out sighs. I

had to get going, “I’ve already seen your new movie.”

“You have!” she said, looking up at me.

“Yes,” I lied. “It was hilarious. I’m a big Steve Martin fan. I don’t think I’ve ever missed one of your movies either. I loved ‚Overboard.'”

“I’m just so shocked,” she said, looking down at me and then her eyes fell on her exposed leg. She grabbed at the robe, starting to pull it up, “Why didn’t you say something, my old body’s probably got you wishing you were in Pam Anderson’s dressing room.”

“I don’t mind at all,” I told her, sliding my hand up past her knee. I

rubbed at her thigh and she watched me as I pushed the robe aside again.

“You have gorgeous legs.”

My other hand slithered up the underside up her calf and knee, rubbing her thigh from underneath. Goldie sat rock still, her chest rising and falling, eyes locked on my hands as they rubbed her smooth thigh. I flipped a glance at the show and Regis was still talking. Good. My hands moved up further, deeply rubbing her thigh. “How does this feel?”

“Marvelous,” she whispered. “Can you get my inner thigh more?”

Goldie opened her leg some and I scooted forward, my hands flat and sliding up and down her inner thigh. I moved further and further. I dabbed more oil on her other thigh and I now was rubbing my hands up and down her thighs, my body between her legs. I breathed in deeply as I leaned forward, hoping to catch a whiff of, yes! I could smell her even through the jasmine. I glanced up to see Goldie was staring at the ceiling, lips parted.

My fingers slid up more and more until I brushed against her underwear. She gave a little surge but did not say a word. On my next slide up I pressed in more. Goldie exhaled, still not looking down. My eyes averted to the screen and it was commercial. I returned my attention to Goldie.

My fingers this time lingered at her underwear, pressing against her mound.

Goldie let out a slight moan, telling me, “There’s a good spot.”

I kept that up, lightly brushing her pussy through her underwear, while my other hand continued rubbing her leg. My fingers slipped under the cloth barrier, tips finally feeling her pubes and then her slit. Goldie wasn’t saying anything but her hand slid across her own chest, and under her robe. She was playing with her tit while my fingers slowly tickled her pussy lips.

I bent down, kissing her golden, smooth, oily thighs. Goldie said nothing, but lifted her left leg up, settling her heel on the edge of the make up table. My kisses moved up her leg and down, switching back and forth, while my fingers manipulated her pussy. My mind shot back to the door, was it locked? It wouldn’t hurt me any but what about her? Her choice, I figured.

I closed in on her pussy, pulling her underwear aside and sucking in the sweet aroma of Goldie’s pussy. Wow! Tyra and Stephanie had been something but this woman was an icon for generations. And here I was nuzzling my nose against her pussy. Goldie didn’t say a word but her breathing became louder and she began to move her crotch against my face. As my tongue slithered around her lips, I pried into her trying to find her clit. Then I hit the nub and she exclaimed, “Um, there. There. There!”

I flicked my tongue on her clit, while my index finger traveled down, slowly wiggling up her tight trench. She was still fairly dry and I wondered if Goldie had gone through the change or something. I pulled my finger out and licked it thoroughly before sliding it back up her pussy. Goldie’s pelvis undulated against my marauding tongue and finger. Her hand clasped down on my head and she humped my face, crying out as an orgasm passed over her. Yet still, no real signs of enough fluids for good friction free fucking.

Licking my thumb, I went to work, frigging her clit, while I checked the TV. Regis was chatting with Pam, who looked fabulous in a tight blouse and slacks. Conservative for her but still stunning. My eyes slid to Goldie who was looking skyward, her robe open, both hands twisting the nipples of her small, cute little breasts. I glanced at the make up table, seeing what I wanted, Vaseline.

I grabbed the container, still manually manipulating her, while I dabbed my fingers in it and got a good dollop on them before sliding one and then two up her pussy. Goldie was going nuts, biting her lip while I finger fucked her. I undid my pants with one hand and pulled out my hard cock. Grabbing more Vaseline, I slathered it on my prick and rose up over her. Goldie still looked skyward.

“I’ve been dying to fuck you since I was thirteen,” I told her and she looked at me for a second her eyes bulging as my dick slipped up her hole.

I braced myself on either side of the chair and began working my way up

Goldie’s tight box. Damn she was still tight after all that? Goldie let go

of her breasts and clutched the chair’s arms, her hard nipples pointing up

at me. I reached down, twisting one lightly and she let out a groan. The

groans grew as my dick found a tempo in and out of her tight cunt, while I

played with her tit. Goldie reached up, her hands rubbing my chest and then

up to my face. A finger slipped into my mouth and I sucked at it, while fucking her.

Knock! Knock! Knock! We heard at the door. I stopped moving and she looked toward the door, concerned. A voice called in, “Ms. Hawn?”

“Yes,” she croaked, still breathing hard, my throbbing cock in her.

“You’re on in ten minutes.”

“Thank you,” she said and I returned to fucking her. Goldie egged me on, “Faster. Faster. I want to feel you come soon.”

I knew what would make me come fast. Would she let me? “Can I fuck you from behind?”

I pulled out of her and Goldie stood up. She dropped her robe and her underwear fell too. She leaned over the make-up table, jutting her rear back at me. She was a bit wider in the rear than she had been over a decade ago, but that was still one nice ass. I stood behind her, my cock practically exploding as I saw what I was about to do. She looked straight at the mirror as I slid up her pussy from behind. I pushed in deeper and deeper until I felt her amazing ass against my abdomen. Completely up her, I looked over her shoulder at her in the mirror. She was in heaven.

Bracing myself on either side of her, I really began pounding Goldie, our bodies making a lewd slapping sound as I fucked that super tight twat. Goldie reached up, putting her hands on the mirror and rocking her ass into me, her groans and sighs coming faster. I could feel her pussy all around me. I glanced over her shoulder seeing, her little tits jiggling with our collisions. I looked down at my dick sliding in and out of her, her ass crack visible, the flesh rippling with each smack. Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Shit!” I bellowed. That was it. I felt my dick surge and come blast out of me in one, two, three, four, five super-draining spurts. My balls seemed to tighten to my body completely emptied. She kept moving on me, my come making our slapping bodies sound even more lascivious. I pulled out of her and fell back on the chair, Goldie braced herself, breathing heavily for a few moments. She then turned to me and smiled.

“Best damn foot massage I’ve ever had.”

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