Celeb Tails #7: Markie Post, Victoria Principal, Pam Grier and Bebe Neuwirth

Gold Leader Celeb Tails #7: Markie Post, Victoria Principal, Pam Grier, Bebe Neuwirth

“Oooooh, that feels marvelous,” Fran groaned. “You are, uh, so, uh, amazing!”

I laughed. I wonder how many women just aren’t screwed the right way. What

is the right way? Figuring out what she likes and giving it to her. And I

had figured it out with Fran quickly. She wasn’t a try anything girl like

Pam or a down and dirty, let’s get sloppy fuck like Markie, she was a woman who liked to keep it simple with things that were barely out of the norm, for instance eating her out while her friend was talking to her.

“I, uh, think, I, uh, am, uh, gonna, uh. . . gonna. . . .UH!” grumbled the Nanny as she rode my dick. My knuckle was rubbing her little nub slowly as she rode me and as I had discovered during the evening, she really liked that. I kept my other hand on her ass, guiding her slowly, my lips kissing her shoulders. Her long nails dug into my back, her chest thrusting against my turned face. I felt her lower body tighten, “Oh! No! Uh! Uh! Uh!

UH! UH!!!”

Fran stopped moving on me, but I didn’t let up, rocking my dick up into her stationary pussy. My fingers rubbed at her clit and my other hand squeezed her sweet ass. She kept crying out, her body now only moving because of me. She swayed on her knees and I felt a gush of liquid, hopefully vaginal secretions, surround and pass my thrusting dick.

Normally, I would have tried to make love to her in another position or have

my lover suck me off, but I decided to let my come fly too. Why? Fran had

let me do her in other positions, but we seemed to gravitate back to female

superior ones quickly and she would not suck my dick for anything. I

figured titty-fucking was out of the question, the two breasts not much for

screwing and she wouldn’t like a face full of jism. My cock rippled, sending my fourth orgasm of the past day into her.

The two of us stopped moving as it ended. She leaned on me, her thin frame

breathing shallowly. I felt my softening cock start to slip out of her

pussy, but she settled more on my abdomen, following my dick down. I

kissed at her neck, pushing aside that glorious black mane. Fran pulled

back and smiled at me.

“You are such the tiger,” she told me in her nasally voice. “I wish we could make love again, but I need to get to a lunch date.”

“I could join you,” I offered.

She let out her trademark laugh, “I don’t think the reporter would look kindly on a young stud coming with me. Who am I going to say you are, my nephew?”

“Sure,” I told her, rubbing her amazing legs.

“Oh, don’t touch me there again. Look at this! We couldn’t make it through lunch without me wanting to boink you in the bathroom. Oh!”

“Once more?”

“No, I’ve gotta go,” she told me and climbed off the bed. I watched her sexy ass wiggle as she walked toward the bathroom. For a woman in her forties she was incredible. She looked back at me as I stroked my cock. “You’re a little sex machine.”

She started to close the bathroom door and I yelled out, “Hey what are you doing?”

“I was gonna go pee. A lady needs privacy,” she told me before closing the door. I stroked myself and thought how funny that is, after ten hours of almost constant sex (five hours of sleeping!), she closes the door to urinate. I hopped off the bed and entered the bathroom. I heard the last of her drops hit the water. She looked at me shocked, “What are you doing in here?”

“I thought I might help,” I told her falling to my knees in front of her.

“With? Oh, I just. . .oh! That’s so kinky. Um. Uh. Um. Yes, right there. . . I’m not gonna make that meeting.”

The next morning the telephone rang. I sat up slowly, looking around. I

was at Pam’s, which was a shock, but then I remembered the activities with

her the evening before. Pam had left for work, so it was all me. I

answered, expecting it to be her, “Yeah, babe?”

“Uh, Jeff?”

It was Markie. She wanted to know if I was busy during the day Thursday. I

told her no and gave her directions to pick me up. She said she had a big

surprise for me. I asked if this involved another friend and she laughed.

She said a good friend was coming in from out of town.

Markie picked me up at around noon in her Explorer. She had on a simple

pair of slacks and a nice silk blouse that somewhat minimized her chest. I

gave her a peck on the cheek and we took off. She told me Fran called and

thanked her profusely. I laughed, though secretly enjoyed hearing it.

Markie wouldn’t tell me where we were going. I was dying with excitement.

If it was half as good as the last surprise, I was the luckiest guy alive.

Oh wait, I already was.

Finally I found out. When we got there. The Beverly Hilton was our final destination. The valet took the truck and we made our way through the lobby, going directly to the elevators. We got off on the top floor and Markie rang the bell at a room which was obviously a suite. Who would answer it? What starlet would appear? Would she be young or old?

How about a guy. Some dude in his thirties with closely cropped hair and severe features answered the door. He looked like he was or had been a model. The model nodded at us and Markie said to him, “We’re expected.”

He opened the door wider and we stepped into a suite straight out of all Hollywood movies. The place was posh to the max. Upon entering one walked into a tiny foyer. Beyond that were three choices. One could go left and enter a hall with a kitchenette off it, or go right and down a hall with presumably bedrooms or straight into a large open room with two couches, a grand piano, fireplace, easy chair, wet bar and everything else imaginable one gets when paying four grand a night to stay at the top of a world famous Beverly Hills landmark.

All that except for the stunning petite woman in the miniskirt on the couch. Her hair was down and the black luxurious mass was tussled some, offsetting nicely with her smooth pale skin and bright red lipstick. Of course what really caught my eye was the top of her stocking, the garter holding it and the smooth, firm thighs trapped inside. I knew those legs immediately, Bebe Neuwirth. Unlike the Lilith Crane character she played on “Cheers”, recent movies had highlighted this woman was one sexy, sexy chick.

She rose immediately, crossing the room to give Markie a hug and kiss. She looked at me and in that deep, fuck-me-now-voice, said, “This must be Jeff. You are one handsome devil.”

I took her hand, kissing it, “You are ravishing in person.”

Bebe laughed, “He wastes no time. Don’t worry, honey, I’m sure you’re gonna get laid.”

The doorbell rang and the himbo returned to the front door. In walked a woman I would have never expected to see with these two. I’d seen her early movies and a few years back Quentin Tarantino had tried to resurrect her career, with some success, but for some reason her flicks of the seventies, affectionately called, blaxpoitation would always be her calling card. She strutted into the room, her smooth, coffee colored skin making her appear younger than the years she had to have been carrying. And that wasn’t all she was carrying, her smart suit, doing little to hide those two big breasts bouncing around under the material.

She descended the stairs and Markie and Bebe each took turns giving Pam Grier a hug and kiss hello. Markie introduced me and I took her long delicate fingers, kissing her hand. She snickered, talking out of the side of her mouth, “That was awfully sweet.”

With that her other hand she grabbed my crotch, giving me a tug. The other women roared in laughter. Pam looked me in the eye, “I don’t give a fuck how sweet you are. I just want to know how good you are slinging this.”

What in the hell had Markie brought me to? Pam let go of my crotch and turned back, holding out her hand to a young black man who had entered after her. He set a few suitcases down and she introduced him to me as Nate. Bebe realized I had yet to meet her himbo, because she quickly introduced me to Sean. Everyone else seemed to know each other.

“You want a drink?” Sean asked me. I nodded and followed him to the wet bar.

“Is this what I think it is?” I inquired of him.

“Huh?” He looked at me puzzled.

“All the women. All of us. Is this some kind of . . .you know?”

“We all get together sometimes and fuck. It’s cool.”

“This is some kind of swinging thing then?

“What do you mean,” he asked, lost. Brainiac he was not.

“Do we switch off or is it-” I was cut off by Markie taking my arm.

“Now we don’t want to give away all the secrets,” she told Sean. She led me out of the room and down a hall. We entered one of the suite’s bedrooms. Markie shut the door behind us and then gave me a long slow kiss. When she pulled away, smiling at me. “Curious?”


“What do you want to know?”

“Am I going to screw both of them?”

“Do you want to, nasty boy?”

My half hard dick was a testament to that. I almost laughed. “Yeah.”

“How badly?”

“Pretty badly,” I told her getting confused like Sean.

Markie walked away from me and looked around the room. “Well, it’s simple.

You do as I say and you’ll get to fuck those women.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Take off your clothes,” she told me and then tossed something on the bed.

“And put on this blindfold.”

“What are you going to do to me?”

Markie walked up to me, her lips brushing mine. I could feel her chest pressed against me. Her hand rubbed at my dick, “You either say yes now, or we leave. I really wanna get fucked by those guys out there. Don’t you want to see that? But if you say no, then we go home and screw. Your choice.”

“Give me a minute to get off these clothes.”

“There’s my nasty boy,” she said, kissing me and then leaving. I dropped my clothes and stood in the room naked. What would happen to me? I didn’t know, but I figured it couldn’t be that bad. After all, they were all stars. I pulled on the blindfold and sat on the bed. Markie called into the room, “Done?”

“Yeah,” I croaked, suddenly afraid.

The door opened but I didn’t hear anything. Hands wearing surgical gloves took my shoulders and guided me to my feet. I was led to the middle of the room and I stood still. Hands caressed my body, one stroking my chest, another on my back, one ruffling my hair, a fourth jerking my growing cock, and a fifth rubbing my ass. I was getting hard and I could hear breathing around me but I couldn’t figure out who was who. Were only the women touching me? I couldn’t say for certain.

Lips fell on my dick and I jerked. This wasn’t Markie. I could spot her head anywhere. I started to reach for the suckers head but someone slapped my ass. I got the hint. More lips kissed my chest. Teeth clamped on my nipples. I groaned.

Who ever was sucking my dick was picking up speed. She or rather whomever was blowing me was excellent. Hands gently rubbed my balls, reminding me of Pam. I felt lips kissing my backside. My ass cheeks were parted and hot breath blew along my ass. The hairs on my body stood on end. A tongue brushed my asshole. The cocksucker clamped tighter, going backward slowly on me and then launching back to my body.

A tongue danced over the tip of my dick. I felt my self give a little surge as the tongue invaded my butt hole. I let out a cry, “Oh shit!”

This was insane! Sure, Pam had done similar things to each part individually, but even she couldn’t get her mouth in two places at once. Suddenly two tongues ran up and down my dick. A warm set of lips wrapped around my balls and a new mouth began sucking my dick, tongue rubbing the underside of my cock. The tongue in my ass pressed harder. I felt it wedge up me. My dick ached it was getting so hard.

The tongue in my ass disappeared and I sensed a cool, wet, gloved finger pressing into my ass. “Ugh!”

The finger began moving with the cocksucker. The one set of lips on my

balls faded away and I felt lips kissing my ear. The blow job stopped and I

was guided to my knees. A hand began jerking me off and two fingers

started to wedge their way up my ass. The fingers moved with cocksucker and I knew I was going to come soon. The lips would pull up my dick as the fingers slid in and as the fingers slid back, the lips would come down. My mouth was suddenly opened by a pair of gloved hands and a finger slid in my mouth. I sucked at it, while getting dual pleasure.

At that moment, I didn’t care who was doing this to me, I was loving it.

The fingers and blow job stopped though and hands pressed me down onto all

fours. I could sense what was probably happening, but I was so caught up I

didn’t fight it. A new set of lips fell on my over-hard cock and I exhaled,

afraid I would spoog. I knew the orgasm was coming soon.

Then I felt it. Cool and lubed a hard shaft pressed against my asshole. I

tried not to tense up, figuring this was probably the initiation they were

wanting. I’d corn-holed so many women in even the past month, I figured I

had it coming. As the pressure increased I felt hands pressing my cheeks

apart. I grunted as I felt the intrusion continue.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” I grunted as the invader began moving back and forth in shallow strokes inside me. It felt like my ass would split open. My cock was so hard, I wouldn’t have been surprised if my dick literally exploded. I realized at that moment, whatever was in me was cold and plastic. At least it wasn’t a real cock, I thought to myself, grinding my teeth as the fucking continued.

Five grueling minutes later I felt cool plastic balls against my ass cheeks. The dildo was completely up my ass. I could have sworn I had a giant logger on it’s way out of my ass, except for the hard-on, which was almost numb at this point, even with a set of lips milking its tip. My unknown fucker, took my hips and began really banging into me and I heard myself letting out groans and grunts with each thrust.

My unknown ass-fucker leaned over me on the last stroke and I felt breasts on my back. Big breasts. They were heavy on my back and I knew it had to have been either Pam Grier or Markie naked, fucking me in the ass with a strap-on. I suddenly pictured Pam, her big body leaning over mine, those gorgeous mocha colored boobs slapping my back. Then I saw Markie the same way, her face twisted in excitement as she nailed me. I came right there. It was a long hard come. So hard I felt like my balls were being emptied into whomever’s mouth I had sucking the tip of my dick.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!” I screamed, my dick seeming to completely turn inside out as all the come surged out of me. I collapsed forward, ass still up, which ever big breasted beauty still slowly fucking my ass. The lips around my dick slipped away but I didn’t care. I was so spent, I could lie there forever. The fucking stopped and the plastic phallus pulled out of me.

I fell forward, exhausted. My dick was sore as hell but the pain coming

from my ass was even more shocking. I knew it would hurt, the girl’s I’d

de-virginized in the ass had certainly complained. Heck some who were used

to it had problems the next day. Maybe I should have been mad, but I didn’t

care. It had certainly been a sexual experience I’d remember forever. I

just wanted to know who had been doing the fucking. I fell asleep for

probably the first time in my life right after sex. What can I say, I’d always been the one who did the fucking. Getting it was another thing.

“How are you doing, nasty boy?” Markie asked me, softly petting my shoulder. She pulled off the blindfold. I grumbled and rolled onto my side. She was fully clothed but her make-up was certainly screwed up. She stroked my chest. “You need to use the bathroom?”

“No,” I told her recalling how some women often rushed to take a dump after anal sex.

“Do you want to come out and see everybody? Come on, get up and get dressed.”

“Why bother? Everybody’s seen all my bits and pieces.”

“How do you know everybody did? Get dressed.”

She watched me pull on my clothes. When I finished she patted the bed and I

tentatively sat down beside her. Yikes! She kissed me and told me, “You

did excellent. Now you have to understand we did this for a reason. We’re famous and if we allow people to come in here and join our fun, we can’t risk they’ll tell the world.”

“So if you screw my butt, I’ll be ashamed and not tell anyone?”

Markie shrugged and handed me a Polaroid. It was me from the side, a dildo in my ass, a mop of black hair near my dick. My face was contorted in pain and pleasure. I was speechless. “We took more and we have video. I’m sorry.”

“What the fu-”

“We have to insure you’ll keep this to yourself. If you expose any of us, we’ll discredit you with this. I’m sorry, but it’s the only way you can be with all of us.”

“I understand,” I told her pissed but really seeing the logic.

Markie stood up and took my hand, “You’re in for quite an afternoon, nasty boy.”

I followed her to the living room where the crew was all sitting. Only one more person had arrived since I had gone to the bedroom for my initiation. She was drop dead beautiful. I’d seen her on television while growing up and it wasn’t until my teen years that I realized how hot she was. With the spread of the internet, I finally got to see what she looked like without clothes on. It was worth the wait. And now here sat Victoria Principal wearing a white skirt and light semi-transparent blouse.

“Jeff, this is Victoria,” Markie told me and I took Victoria’s hand, kissing it.

“A pleasure to meet you,” I told her.

“We’ve already met,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. Bebe and Pam laughed. I suddenly realized Pam could have been the one who had fucked me too. Bebe was the only one I could rule out, as her breasts were too small to have slapped my back that way. Still the picture had shown a dark head of hair near my dick, meaning any one of them except for Markie had been giving me head.

I settled onto the couch. For the first time in weeks I felt a little uncomfortable – not for that reason alone! I was surrounded by four amazing stars and for once they seemed to have a leg up on me. How creepy. I was used to the situation being reversed. Pam was practically begging me for sex at night. Fran, Nicole, Denise, Rebecca and Anna were all calling me for more. Maybe not Anna. She was still bitter about the incident in the trailer and then me shacking up with Pam. Oh well. No big loss. Well, a big loss but still.

Bebe rose up, trying to get everyone’s attention, “People. Now that we have brought Jeff into the fold, let’s decide how we want the day to progress.”

“Let’s do drawings,” Markie said eagerly. I looked over confused.

“I’d really rather that commands game,” Pam said, “It’s good for new people especially.”

“I agree,” Victoria added. Bebe looked to the guys. Sean agreed. Nate said he’d rather drawing. Bebe looked at me?

“I don’t know what they are?”

“There’s that game too,” Nate said. Everyone agreed.

“Make a decision, Jeffrey,” Bebe told me.

“What are they?” But nobody answered me. “The commands game I said sheepishly.”

Bebe nodded, “Okay, I agree too. So let’s see who goes first, unless anyone has a suggestion?”

“Let’s have Victoria, she’s the honored guest,” Markie said. Bebe liked the idea and pointed to Victoria. Then they went to work moving furniture. They left an easy chair in the middle of the room with the two couches forming a wide vee.

“The floor is yours Vicki,” Bebe told the pretty ex-Dallas star.

Vicki looked over the group and then she stopped on Sean, “Let’s see you stroke that meat, Sean.”

What did she say? I almost screamed that but didn’t. Sean stood up, he was on the sofa across for me, and opened his jeans. He went to the easy chair and stood in front of it. Was this really happening? Bebe flipped a small hourglass over, one that counted off probably five minutes. What was that for. Then my eyes were drawn back to a sight I hadn’t seen in a long time. Sean had a rather small prick, about five inches, and he began rubbing himself in front of us. He looked around the room, finally deciding to whack off while looking at Pam who watched him as we all did.

“Time,” Bebe called and Sean sat down. He glanced around the room.

He smiled at Pam leeringly, “I wanna suck on your tits.”

“Little white boys, love these,” she said, getting up. She dropped her coat and slowly undid her blouse. All three of us guys were watching her closely. Her blouse came off and I got hard instantly. Markie’s tits were big but this woman had absolutely amazing breasts. She unhooked her bra and let it fall, her planet sized boobs falling down. At her age, the sag was not a shock. She crossed to in front of Sean and he eagerly leaned forward, wrapping his lips around those black nipples. Pam groaned, running her hands through his hair.

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Gold Leader Celeb Tails : Markie Post, Victoria Principal, Pam Grier, Bebe Neuwirth Part 2/2 (MMMFFFF, anal, strap-on, bi)


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Markie leaned in close to me, “The last time we saw each other, Sean almost came when he touched Pam’s tits.”

Sean’s dick certainly gave a surge. He wasn’t even touching it as he licked at her tits, but it was jerking around. Pam moved in slow circles, telling him, “That feels so damn good, baby. You love big mama’s boobs. Yeah.”

“Time,” Bebe yelled and they broke apart. Topless, Pam returned to her seat, looking at me and smiling. I tugged at my dick unconsciously.

“Markie, let’s see you suck on Nate’s third leg. Come on, baby.”

Markie got up and walked to the easy chair where Nate sat, legs open, leaning back. He already had a huge tent pole going. She knelt in front of him and she opened his jeans, pulling out his coal black cock. He wasn’t hung like some mutant, but he had a good sized penis. I almost came as her hand grabbed his dick, her hand off-setting with his skin. She jerked him and her tongue danced over the tip. I about shot my load. Markie Post was giving head to a guy not five feet from me. Her lips stretched to accommodate the dick in her mouth, her eyes wide open. As her head bounced on his dick, she rubbed at her own tits. Nate just groaned, “Shit, you suck it good. Suck it good.”

“Time,” Bebe called out. Markie reluctantly left Nate’s waving, twitching dick. He rose too, returning to his seat. But she laughed telling him it was his turn.

Markie dropped her pants and her underwear. I gulped looking around. Everyone was watching them, Pam rubbing her tits, Bebe’s legs crossed, obviously moving together. Sean just jacked off in front of everyone. Nate settled on his knees in front of Markie who pulled up her legs and parted them to either side of the chair. Her hairy, very wet pussy was clear for all to see. Nate’s tongue slipped out, dabbing at her cunt.

“Lick that sweet pussy. Lick it, big boy. Love my wet twat. Yeah, right there. Um, you stick your tongue in there,” she egged him on. Seein’ this made me realize the pain in my ass was well worth the show and the possibilities. Markie kept going, not letting anyone miss what was happening, “Touch my clit. That part. There! There! Ugh! Ugh! Yes, you little cunt-sucker. Stick a finger in my hole. Faster, faster!”

“Time!” Bebe called and Nate slowly pulled away from Markie’s pussy. Nate stood up, hard-on pointing out unconsciously.

He pointed at me, “Jeff, why don’t you . . .eat Vicki’s asshole.”

I got up unsteadily and walked to the easy chair. Victoria got up and joined me. Was this going to happen for real? I realized she was a tad smaller than me and probably thicker than she looked on TV or in magazines. She smiled at me, “I guess it’s only fair.”

Victoria’s white skirt fell and I stood back, watching as she pushed down her underwear over those shapely hips. This was quite a woman. She bent over completely, looking back at me around those pearly white moons. Her ass and thighs had some poundage around them, but hell this was Victoria Principal! She kneeled on the easy chair, facing away from us, shoving her rear out. Her hairy pussy stared back at me. I gulped and leaned in, touching her ass. I felt my dick spit a bit of come.

My hands parted those cheeks and her starfish came into view. She had a sparse amount of hair near her butt. Wow. My mouth fell on her cheeks, kissing them and then falling to where I was supposed to be. I felt Victoria tense up as I licked her bunghole. She was tasty, better than Markie or Pam, something sweat about her smell. She must have applied lotion or something to her ass because it smelled like a Victoria’s Secret scent my old girlfriend used.

My tongue pressed in a bit and she let out a little whimper. I licked up

and down and pressed again. Vicki pushed against my invading mouth. My

hand slid down, finger trailing her pussy lips. She let out a gasp and I

shove my tongue in harder. I began to move in a circle.

“Time!” Damn! I backed away from Vicki and smiled at me, thanking me. I

turned and heard Bebe mention the wet spot on the front of my pants. My

hard-on screamed for relief. I smiled at Bebe and told her I wanted a blow job.

Bebe crossed the room to me and fell to her knees. I had just rimmed Victoria Principal and now Bebe Neuwirth was going down on me? I love life! Her thin fingers expertly unzipped my pants and fished out my hard cock.

She smiled up at me with those red lips and then she licked up the side of

my dick. Her mouth came back and twirled around it, stopping to milk my

head. She took a few slow depth strokes until my prick was swallowed to the

hilt. Her mouth hollowed and filled with air briefly and then she yanked

back fast. Slowly she slid back down my dick and then reared back. She was

one of the cocksuckers from the room. Bebe grabbed my thighs and began

giving me an incredible blow. I glanced up to see everyone watching. I

groaned and emptied my cock in Bebe’s mouth, telling her, “I’m coming!


Bebe pulled away from me, my dick flopping down. Come circled her lips and a bit was on her chin. She smiled, saying, “Yummy.”

She turned around and pointed to Nate, “Let’s get those thick fingers where I want them.”

Bebe climbed onto the chair and spread her legs, showing off her thong and smooth legs. Nate kissed up her thighs and licked his fingers. Bebe held the underwear aside, giving Nate access to her smooth, hairless pussy. His first finger slid up her pussy and she began to moan, rubbing her tits through her shirt. He added a second finger and she began to buck against his hand.

“Time!” Markie yelled.

“Fuck!” Bebe complained as Nate pulled away from her. She took his fingers and sucked them. He looked around the room and picked Markie and then pointed to Bebe.

“Markie, let’s see you stick your tongue in her.”

Markie got up slowly. I thought she had told me she didn’t do lesbian stuff. Not only that but were they really going to do lesbian things. Would that mean I’d have to…

Bebe spread her legs again and Markie kneeled down. Her head leaned in and she lathered her tongue up Bebe, who groaned and began moving. Markie looked like she sure knew what she was doing and Bebe was loving it. Five minutes flew by and Markie pointed to Nate and Victoria.

“Let’s see some fucking,” she admonished them. I sat up, excited to be a party to this. Nate sprawled on the ground, cock pointing straight up. Victoria, already not wearing pants or underwear, approached him and squatted over his dick. Her hand wrapped round his thick cock and she lowered onto it. She let out a groan as he slipped up her canal. Nate reached up, grasping her tits as she bounced slowly up and down on his cock.

“Oh, man, these some nice titties. Oh yeah. Your pussy so tight, baby,” he told her, increasing his tempo and the roughness of his breast massaging increasing. Victoria had her hands on his lower abdomen, riding Nate’s pole and crying out.

“Time!” Bebe called and Victoria let out groan and climbed off him. His dick was covered in juices and he stroked at it looking around the room. He pointed to Markie and then his cock. She, lacking pants approached him. He got her on her back and lifted her thighs up.

“Oh yeah, baby,” he told her. “I’ve been longing to fuck this big pussy for two months. This big hairy, UGH! Yeah! Yeah! You’re so good. I love this fucking cunt.”

Markie wasn’t about to be outdone, “Give me that cock. In and out. In and out. Look at your sexy cock. Uh! Look at that black cock! Your cock is – UGH! – is -UGH – is, so fucking -UGH – big. Sexy dick. Fuck my pussy!”

“Yeah, bitch. So good. So good. Wet hole. Like that fucking! So good!”

“Time!’ Bebe screamed but they kept going. “Time!”

Nate slowed and pulled out of Markie his dick and crotch covered with all her pussy juice. Markie immediately pointed to Sean, who dropped into Nate’s place, sliding his smaller cock into her.

“Gimme that dick,” she told him, shoving her pussy up to meet him. “Right in there. There. There! Ugh! Move it faster. Faster!”

Sean placed her thighs over his and began thumping her as fast as he probably could. He was staring down at her, pelvis moving like a flash. Their bodies were slurping and smacking together. Her thighs jiggled wildly as he jack-hammered into her. Markie’s tits sloshed back and forth with his strokes. He was like a machine and she was screaming for more. I glanced to my left and Pam had her hand buried in her pussy. Bebe was straddling the couch arm, masturbating with it. Pam had Nate’s hand in her pants, her eyes glazed over.

“T-t-time!” Bebe managed to call out and Sean stopped moving. He flipped off Markie, who didn’t budge, her legs still wide open. Sean pointed at Pam, who was up in no time. She hadn’t had any action in so long. Her tits swung wildly as she approached him, dropping her pants. Good golly she had some body still. Her ass was probably the widest there, but she still looked so fabulous because everything was in a freakishly large proportion. Unlike Anna, Pam was all real and that made her ten times sexier.

Pam straddled Sean’s dripping dick. Her bush was pretty hairy, but nowhere near Markie’s. She grabbed the model’s dick and placed it at the edge of her pussy, her mouth twisting in pleasure as she allowed her weight to draw her down on his dick. She was moving slowly, in total opposition to the frantic fucking he had just been giving Markie. His hands went to those sagging, fleshy tits, tweaking them. He grinned wildly as he fucked up to her.

“Give me that dick, baby. Yeah. Love my tits. Suck on my tits, boy,” she told him and he obliged, leaning up to suckle them. Of course, Pam pushed him back and leaned forward, using both hands to guide a tit to his mouth. He greedily took it into his mouth, shoving as much in as he could. “I can feel that twitch. Come in me, baby!”

“Ahhhhhhh!” he cried through a mouthful of Pam Grier’s tit. From the position I was sitting in, I could see his balls convulsing as her ass slid up and down, that white cock disappearing and re-appearing from within her sexy pussy.

“Time,” Bebe told them and Pam climbed off her lover. She kissed him gently on the head and turned around.

“Come on over here new boy,” she said, leaning back and parting her legs.

“Let’s see you suck your friend’s come out of my pussy.”

Gross? Maybe but I was horny as all get out and willing to do anything. I

practically ran to her and dove in. I love the way come looks on an African

American woman’s pussy. The dark lips, pink inner flesh and the pearly

appearance of the come. I licked at her carpet and then trailed down to her

pussy. She groaned as I parted those lips with my fingers, dabbing at

Sean’s come. I trailed around the outer edge, lapping up Sean’s come. I

moved in driving my tongue into that glorious hole. Pam let me know how

she liked it, “Oh my, this boy was born to eat pussy. Oh yeah. Suck on mama’s coochie.”

I licked up her pussy, finding her clit. I nuzzled it and Pam went nuts, grabbing her boobs. She pulled at those huge nipples and I could feel her about to go bonkers.


I got up, disappointed. She was too. I still wasn’t ready to do any

fucking, so I thought I’d try for something fun to watch at least. I

directed Victoria to Pam’s cunt. She smiled at me and went to Pam, dropping

between her legs.

Pam lifted her thighs wide and I felt my dick rise instantly as soon as I

saw Victoria’s mouth fall on Pam’s already leaking cunt. Victoria’s tongue

slithered up and down Pam’s vagina. The big woman began to shake and Victoria’s fingers pressed into her hole. Pam let out a scream and began to hump Victoria’s face, “Suck my pussy! Suck it! I’m coming.”

Victoria kept it up, her middle finger driving in and out of Pam’s canal.

Victoria’s milky white finger shot in and out of Pam’s gorgeous black pussy. I stroked at my erection, my eyes traveling from Victoria’s oral ministrations to her pussy and then to Pam’s jiggling tits. I wanted to sink my cock in one of them so badly.


Victoria pulled away from Pam, come all over her sweet, angelic face. She twisted around, and told Bebe she’d like some of the same. Bebe didn’t pause, taking her turn sucking at Victoria’s nicely cropped pussy. The whole time I massaged my prick and looked around seeing everyone was ensconced in some serious masturbation.

When Bebe finished she called to Nate. Bebe stood and dropped her blouse and bra. She turned around, bending over the easy chair. She told him to give her some serious dicking. Nate still hadn’t come from the first time and he mounted Bebe with gusto, sliding his slick black prick up her smooth hairless pussy. Of everyone, Bebe had the sweetest ass and legs. The whole time he fucked her, he slapped at her buck white ass, “Yeah, sweet pussy. Good. So good. Like that sweet pussy.”

Bebe didn’t answer, just shoving her rear back into him. Their bodies slapped together and he leaned over her, his hands grasping her surprisingly good sized tits. She was super small in comparison to the group but no smaller Rebecca. Nate began to groan and pulled out of her. He spanked his cock at her ass, come blasting out and all over her rearend and thighs.


“Pam, slap on that strap-on, you’re gonna fuck this hot piece of ass,” he said. Pam grabbed a strap-on from the bag and attached it, positioning a smaller dildo inside herself. What a sight! Pam Grier walked across the room, fake dick bouncing around in front of her body. She took position where Nate had just been and slid that long fake dick up Bebe. Pam grabbed Bebe’s come covered thighs and began fucking her with long, slow strokes. Bebe groaned, twisting around to grab Pam’s tit.

The stroking began to increase in tempo and I could see both of them were getting off. Bebe’s hair and tits swung wildly as the bigger woman fucked her hard from behind. Pam leaned over her, kissing Bebe’s back, her big tits sitting on Bebe’s lower spine. I was gonna come if I continued jerking off.


Pam pulled out of an exhausted Bebe and looked around the room calling Markie to her. Markie got on the ground and parted her legs. Pam knelt between them, guiding her fake cock into Markie’s sloppy pussy. Markie’s eyes rolled and she reached up, grabbing Pam’s big tits as the seventies movie star began fucking her with long, fast strokes. Who would have ever guessed I’d see Pam Grier fucking Markie Post with a strap-on as Victoria Principal and Bebe Neuwirth masturbated nearby.

“Give me that big cock. Gimme it. Gimme it! Oh, gimme! Fuck me with your cock! Your boobs look so hot. They’re so big. You like it when I squeeze them? Huh? Huh? Yeah,” Markie cried out. “Faster, faster, faster, faster, FASTER! Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, UGH! UGH! YES!!!!”

Markie began flailing about, letting go of Pam’s tits, as the gorgeous mocha star fucked the hell out of her. Tits, soft thighs and hair seemed to be going everywhere, Pam’s sneer drawn back as she too felt the dildo in her cunt bringing her off.

“Yeah!” she screamed in her deep voice.


Pam withdrew the fake dick and climbed to her feet over the heavy breathing Markie. Eventually the “Night Court” star recovered from her severe strap-on fucking. She rolled to her knees, and smiled at Sean. “Sean, why don’t you give Jeff a little head?”

What? I didn’t want to come and certainly not in some guy’s mouth. I

wanted to fuck one of these chicks! After everything, I’d seen, trade off

was fair play. I guess. I got up and settled on the chair, with Sean

kneeling in front of me. He didn’t pause. He stroked my stiff dick and I

felt real uncomfortable. All four women had their hands rubbing their

pussies. Sean’s mouth fell on my dick and I tensed. This was horrible!

But actually it began to feel good. Lips are lips. And he knew what he was doing. It wasn’t of the quality Bebe had given me and then I realized as his tongue played along the bottom of my dick he had sucked me off in the bedroom too. For some reason this began to relax me and the fact that they’d already seen him suck my dick. His hand tickled my balls and I could feel the pressure building. I was getting close.


Sean’s head popped off my dick and he jumped to his feet, thrusting his cock at me, “Your turn.”

I looked his cock in the piss-hole, unbelieving. Licking my lips, I leaned in and took his rigid shaft into my mouth. Sean groaned, his hands grabbing the back of my head. He began forcing his, thankfully, smaller dick into my mouth. I could taste the cunts of the women he had been in. As this erection slid deeper into my mouth, I could feel his heartbeat. I grabbed his thighs and began slowly pulling back, stopping at the tip, which I kept in my mouth, tongue rocking around it. I remembered all the things I liked and kept this up, listening to his approval.

I descended on his dick again and suddenly thought of Anna yelling at me months ago that by wanting to fuck her ass I was a fag. Here I was sucking a guy’s cock! Could that dipshit have been right? No way, I was giving him head, but it wasn’t what I really wanted to be doing. His groans and moving hips were egging me on though. I was good at pleasuring people, but if given the choice, I’d rather some pussy. My head bobbed faster and he began to thrust into my face, reminding me of when I fucked women’s faces.


Sean’s dick popped out of my mouth and I glanced around, everyone looking on, waiting for my next move. “Victoria, why don’t you slide down on this.”

She was up in seconds. At some point she had dropped her blouse and her

amazing tits with their huge nipples were clearly out. She walked to me and

I told her to turn around and squat on my dick. She glanced back between

her legs and took my dick, guiding it into her pussy. This was awesome! I

felt her ass strike my abdomen and she began pumping up and down on my dick.

I reached under her arms, grabbing her tits. My pelvis rocked up, meeting her rises and drops.

Victoria leaned back, her mouth kissing mine, as she rode me. My hand dove between her thighs, finding her clit. Victoria cried out, her pussy contracting around me. I looked over her body, seeing that Bebe was on the other couch, Markie leaning over her fucking her with a strap-on. Bebe’s thighs were wrapped around the bigger blonde’s body, hands caressing the Markie’s tits. On the other couch Pam had Sean’s dick in her mouth while Nate was behind her, fingering her pussy and ass.

I was going to come quite soon with Victoria riding me but I wanted to fuck at least one more woman before I came again. I decided nobody else was going to call it, so I whispered to Victoria, “I wanna fuck Pam now?”

“I got a better idea,” she told me.

Victoria pulled off me and we walked to the three of them on the couch. Victoria leaned over, whispering to Pam. Victoria grabbed a strap-on and pulled it on. I snapped it into place and Victoria got on the floor. Pam disentangled from Sean and Nate and settled down on the Victoria’s shaft, her wet pussy sucking up that big cock easily. She bent over, her tits resting on Victoria’s as they kissed deeply. Pam bucked up and down on the fake dick, the bright white phallus sliding in and out of that sweet black pussy. She looked back at me, “You wanna fuck me?”

“Oh yeah,” I told her, stroking myself by her face. She grabbed my cock and sucked it for a minute as she slowly rode on Victoria’s fake dick. Pam let my dick go, saliva all over it. I stood there for a second.

“I got a nice hole just for you,” Pam said, leaning forward, her tits resting on Victoria’s face. A double penetration! I squatted behind Pam, guiding my dick to her waiting asshole. Nate had loosened it up quite a bit, so I was able to push it slowly in about an inch. Pam was grunting as I pushed in more, “Push it in, boy. Give big mama that dick. Push it up my ass!”

I held her ass cheeks and pressed deeper. She groaned, unmoving on

Victoria’s phallus. I inched up more and with another shove I was most of

the way up this amazing woman’s anus. I could feel the big plastic cock on

the other side of Pam’s body. With some effort we began to find a tempo and

I knew this would only last about a minute. My balls were tightly held

against my body and tingling, so I knew another orgasm was coming soon. I

reached around Pam, rubbing her soft, sagging chest. She just grunted as I

kept up fucking her. Then she told me, “Faster.”

I began moving quicker. This was gonna be it for sure as her shitter

grabbed my cock, trying to milk it. I glanced to my left and Bebe was

riding Markie’s face as she worked a dildo in and out of Markie’s pussy. I

looked to the right and Nate was face down on the couch with Sean fucking

him in the ass too. I couldn’t believe that. I glanced back over Pam’s shoulder and Victoria smiled up at me, “Give it to her good like how she fucked you.”

Pam was the one who did me earlier! I began thumping her faster and faster, Pam groaning and not saying anything intelligible. The seventies sex queen just shoved her wide ass back at me, her deep voice commanding me, “Come! Come! Come!”

And I did so hard I thought I’d pass out again. My cock felt like it was in a red hot vice as her butt tightened and squeezed every drop from my dick. As the last of my seven surges passed I pulled back and my dick slid free of her asshole. I staggered back and collapsed on the easy chair, Pam resting on Victoria, strap-on cock still in her pussy. On the other couch Sean and Nate were still fucking, Nate on his back taking Sean’s dick up his poop chute while stroking his own cock. Bebe was still riding Markie’s face, her body covered in sweat as she gyrated on the blonde, a dildo hanging lewdly from Markie’s cunt.

What a day this had been.

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