Celeb Tails #8: Jennifer Tilly and Courtney Love

Gold Leader Celeb Tails #8: Jennifer Tilly, Courtney Love

“I’m coming,” I called out, my mouth inches away from Victoria’s dripping,

stretched box. I continued to pump my finger in her as her head never

stopped bobbing on my dick. Her large, soft breasts with their hard nipples

bounced up and down on my lower stomach. I felt my cock ripple and a

somewhat painful orgasm followed. She kept going though and doing that

made me come harder as I reflected on whose mouth I was coming into. I

flicked my thumb at her clit, still moaning as the last drops were spurting

into her mouth. Victoria
let out a squeal, her ass shoving back toward me. My fingers became a blur, frigging her off too. I felt the cool air surround my shrinking dick when she let it fall from her mouth. She cried out again and I felt her body shiver and shake. A new flow of her juices leaked out of her body. I pulled my hands away, lapping up her come.

Victoria fell to the side, looking exhausted. We both were. Essentially we had been engaged, with several others, in a non-stop fucking, no-holds barred six hour sex-fest. A few people had left already, but from the bedroom down the hall we heard Markie telling somebody to eat her pussy. Of course, she was more graphic and vocal than that, as she always was.

Victoria turned to me and we kissed, tasting our own fresh come. She settled on top of my body, actually covering me up. She was a pretty big lady. Not Anna Nicole Smith sized, but still she was a large woman. Her finger traced over collar bone. “Did you have fun today?”

“Oodles,” I told her, still a little shocked I had Victoria Principal was sitting atop me naked. “And you?”

“It’s always fun,” she said matter-of-factly. “Are you sore from our little initiation?”

“Oh yeah,” I said, grimacing as I thought of the next time I’d take a dump. As stars with something to lose, they had blindfolded me and Pam Grier had fucked me in the ass with a dildo while someone took pictures. It was their insurance I wouldn’t blab about the orgy I had partaken in that day.

“But you’re gonna see us again?”

“Sure. Who would want to miss this?”

“Well, the last guy Markie brought freaked out when the dildo touched his bum. He was outa here in two seconds flat. We’ve been looking for another ever since. I’d say she found a great one.”

“Thanks,” I said and then kissed her amazing face. She looked to a clock on the nightstand and let out a gasp.

“Shoot! I’ve got a meeting in an hour,” she exclaimed. Victoria jumped off me, her big tits swaying like two pendulums. She stopped suddenly, looking back at me, “I’ll get your number from Markie. Maybe we can meet some time.”

I watched her creamy white ass disappear into the bathroom and heard the

shower turn on. Knowing she was pressed for time, I didn’t want to hassle

her. I slipped out of bed and made my way toward the kitchenette. As I

passed the room Markie was in, I stole a glance in, seeing Bebe riding a

strap-on Markie was wearing. Bebe’s thighs flexed and released, rising her and dropping her down on that long plastic dong. Markie’s hands wrenched at Bebe’s tits, pushing them skyward, while the former “Cheers” regular let out grunts. Seeing that made me remember, I really hadn’t had a chance to fuck her yet. Of course, would my friend be willing to rise to the occasion after all the use. I’d have to give it a shot and I entered the room.

Markie dropped me off at Pam’s house near seven and I walked in calling out for Pam. She came out of the kitchen and jumped into my arms, kissing me deeply. I hoped like hell she didn’t want to screw that night. I had gotten it up for Bebe and Markie but when I orgasmed, for the first time in my life nothing came out. I was literally shooting blanks. That’s what happens after seven orgasms in a day. I just wanted to sleep forever.

“Did you have a good day,” I asked her, following my jeans-clad co-habitator into the kitchen where she was cutting vegetables. I nestled up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist. “Well, did you?”

“Wonderful,” she said, chopping at the carrots. “You?”

“Pretty good,” I said nonchalantly.

“Who dropped you off?”

“I went out with a friend this afternoon.”

“Jeff, that’s not an answer,” she said with some edge in her voice.

I backed away from her, holding up my hands, “Whoa, I don’t like where this is going.”

She turned to look at me, pushing her blonde hair away from her famous face. She pushed out her lips in a pouty way. “I’m sorry. I got home and I started getting a little jealous because I figured you were probably off screwing some other chick.”

“And if I was?”

“I just wished it was me.”

“Well, I’m here now,” I told her falling to my knees and kissing her denim jeans. Oh well, I could at least give her a little head. Maybe we could find a fun vegetable to play with too.

“Oh, I’m the luckiest girl,” she moaned as I pulled her jeans down, nuzzling my face against her mound.

The next day I slept until Pam got home. I probably could have kept going but she roused me, jumping bed and tickling me with her long gorgeous hair. Who couldn’t wake up to that. The fact that she was naked didn’t hurt matters. I grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over, pinning her beneath me. I kissed her and she scrunched up her face, “Ew. Brush your teeth!”

“Let’s see, what’s the last thing I ate? What could make my breath smell that way? Oh that’s right, the last thing I ate was you!”

She laughed. I leaned down, kissing one of her permanently hard nipples. It was odd being around fake tits again after the day spent fucking women with real, sagging, soft, pliant boobs. My tongue traveled around her areola and Pam let out a gasp.

“No. No. No. We’ve gotta take showers and go.”

“Where? You weren’t waking me up naked for this? Tease.”

“I was on my way to the shower, but I couldn’t resist waking you. Let me up. I gotta take a shower and so do you,” she punctuated the sentence with a kiss, “I love how sexy you smell when you wake up, but other people might not.”

I let her slither out from under me and then followed her into the bathroom. “Other people? Are we going out again?”

She turned on the shower and looked back at me laughing. I shrugged. Did

I forget something? I let loose a long delayed piss and Pam sauntered up

behind me, taking control of my dick. She loved this for some reason. I

reflected on the first night we made love and she did this to me. It still

felt great. “That feels so marvelous.”

“You’re telling me,” she whispered into my ear. “I wish we had time to fuck, but I know what happens when we rub the lamp.”

“The genie comes out to play for at least an hour.”

“At least,” she said, tapping my dick as I finished peeing. She leaned down and wiped it off with a tissue and then gave my helmet a quick kiss. Pam let go of my member and hopped in the shower, leaving the door open for me to watch her as she bathed. What a stunning sight she was. I’d had fun with those women the other day, but Pam had something they didn’t. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Are you going to jerk off, the whole time I shower?” she asked me, the louffa covering her tits and then down to her shaved mound. I looked down and sure enough I was pounding the pud. I laughed and told her I didn’t realize I was doing it. I hopped in the shower with her and we bathed each other. Honest. Okay, there was some insertion but nobody came because we only did it for a few strokes before Pam put the kibosh on it.

We arrived at a beautiful beach house a few doors down in Malibu. Who the owner was, Pam couldn’t tell me, but he had to have been somebody important I told her. She laughed, telling me that in Hollywood, anyone with money was important. If you had the cash, stars and wannabes would flock to you.

As we entered the party, Pam took my hand, pulling me to herself. Her lips slipped over mine, her tongue dabbing inside my mouth. She pulled away, giving me her sexiest smile, “Tonight you’re coming home with me, under-stand?”

“You got it,” I told her, kissing her again. We parted, but she still clung to me like a wet T-shirt. Obviously, she was trying to make a statement. Was I upset? Hell, no! Being that wanted by Pam Anderson is something that will certainly go to your head. And hopefully she’ll go to your other one.

We hadn’t taken more than two steps into the house when a gaunt man with black circles under his eyes wandered into me. He was so busy un-strapping the surgical tubing from his arm that he wasn’t paying attention to much else. Not that he could have considering how high he was. I steadied him, “Whoa, there buddy. Okay?”

He nodded and was about to speak when a screechy, poor white trash voice called out, “Toney, you fucking retard! You took my balloon too, asshole.”

I looked over to see the supposedly clean Courtney Love approaching us with an extremely pissed off look on her face. She had on a short red dress. Not one of her infamous baby doll dresses, but probably something from a name designer like Versace. Her hard, fake tits seemed to be about ready to rip the top open and she was obviously not wearing any bra. She approached Toney and dug in his pockets, her eyes falling on me and then Pam, “This your new fuck-toy, Pammy?”

“Courtney, this is my friend, Jeff,” Pam said coolly. I extended my hand and Courtney just nodded as she triumphantly withdrew the heroin from her friend’s pants. She gave me an obviously lascivious once over, her hand actually rubbing at her mound. “Wanna take a ride with me?”

Pam tightened her grip on me, pulling me away, “He’s not a junkie, Courtney.”

Courtney watched us walk away, calling out, “Too bad, you would have had fun.”

An hour later we were stuck in one hellish conversation with Steven Seagal, some producer, an agent and the divine Jennifer Tilly. Seagal was boring us with his plans for a comeback film, some glop with him as a bellhop who thwarts a band of terrorists when they kidnap the First Lady. Sure, you run into so many ex-SEAL bellhops at the Beverly Hilton. It’s the most oft heard former profession.

To be honest I was paying very little attention to him though. Sitting to my left was Jennifer and she was quite different than I expected. She always plays the ditzy whore and she couldn’t have been more different. She was polite, quiet and thought out her responses. Of course with that breathy voice and those very real breasts squeezing out of her top, it was hard not to get aroused just sitting by her.

“No, you see, the bellhop got sick of being a killing machine for the system. Don’t you get it, he’s saving that which he represents,” Mr. Ponytail told us. Jennifer groaned and patted my leg.

“Why would he become a bellhop then?” I asked him.

“It’s so obvious, I’m a people person,” Steven told us with all sincerity, “He’s a people person. This will allow me to do some comedy too.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to see that,” Jennifer told him with a very light level of sarcasm in her voice.

“Yeah, I haven’t had a chance yet,” said the fat former star, “to show that side. I’m wanting them to throw in a romance too. Maybe one of you two would be interested?”

“My schedule’s full,” Jennifer told him, rising. Then again, she starred in that killer doll movie, so her choices weren’t always this golden. “I’m getting another drink. Anyone want one?”

Everyone did. I offered to help Jennifer, anxious to get away from this inane conversation. We wandered into the kitchen and searched out the required fluids for our orders. I watched her skillfully shake a martini, not ignoring the other shaking going on. “You shake a mean martini.”

She laughed, setting the shaker down. “You sure that’s what you were watching?”

“Are you implying something?”

“I’ve noticed somebody’s wandering eyes all evening,” she said dragging her thumb down her chest and through her cleavage. “It’s unfortunate you came with Pam.”

I leaned in close to her, my lips grazing hers. I slid to her cheekbone and on to her ear, whispering to her, “I’m gonna go into the bathroom down the hall. The door will be unlocked.”

I finished peeing and dropped the toilet seat when I flushed the toilet. Leaning forward checking my hair in the mirror which along the entire wall, pushed my dick back in my pants. The doorknob turned and I didn’t flinch as the door opened. Jennifer slipped in and closed the door. She came up behind me, running her hand up my back. In her syrupy voice she said, “You look gorgeous.”

I almost laughed, always thinking myself rather plain but the past few weeks were making me think otherwise. Her hand caressed my neck, her black fingernails sticking out starkly on my skin. She reached around me with her other hand, rubbing the growing bulge in my Dockers. Her mouth came in close to mine, breathing in my ear, she told me huskily, “I haven’t done it with a stranger in a john in years.”

One hand continued to rub my neck while the other opened my pants. Her lips kissed lightly at my ear and cheek. I wanted to turn my face to hers but I was too enthralled watching Jennifer Tilly withdraw my cock from my pants. Three strokes and she had me stiff as possible. She turned me, pushing me to sit on the toilet seat.

Jennifer dropped to her knees, her lips wrapping around my head. Oh my

yes. All those years thinking she would be good at this were correct. I

took this opportunity to do what every red-blooded male would do in this

situation. I cupped those tits. They were heavy and very real, reminding me of Markie’s tits. Jennifer kept her lips just around the head, tongue dabbing at it while she looked me in the eye. Jennifer stopped screwing around and swallowed me to the hilt. Her head turned into a piston flying up and down on my dick. At this rate I would come in a minute. I grabbed her head pulling her off, “I’m gonna come if you keep that up.”

“We wouldn’t want to waste it in my mouth,” she said, pushing up to kiss me deeply. While we made out, she rose completely, and I reached up her short dress, grabbing her underwear. I gave it a yank and she pulled it past those great legs and let her undies drop to the floor, still wrapped around her high heels. She stepped out of them and let out a gasp as my thumb slithered along her clam.

Jennifer stood up, riding my hand, her eyes half shut. My free hand slid up and down her excellent thighs. Like I’ve said before, I like Pam’s muscular legs, but I really prefer legs a little different. Muscular still but larger. Jennifer’s were close to perfect. I about came at the thought of slapping against those great thighs while fucking her. I pulled my hand out of her crotch, rubbing the new juice along her inner thigh.

Jennifer raised her leg up and up, resting her foot on the back of the toilet. She pulled her skirt up too, exposing a nicely trimmed black bush.

Her pussy had a strong sexual odor, that made a little dribble of come spill

from my dick. She didn’t say a word and I didn’t either as I dove in. I

cupped her ass cheeks, helping her stay up as I tongued that magnificent

cunt. Her fleshy pussy lips were bright red in stark contrast to her milky white flesh and dark black pubes. I nuzzled into her and Jennifer hissed, grinding her pussy against my face.

My thumb slipped off her ass and pushed up into her glory hole as I closed my lips around her clit. Jennifer cried out, grabbing my hair and humping my face harder. As her orgasm began to subside, I kissed away from her vagina, leaving a trail of her juice on her thigh as I kissed my way back. I turned my head, finding the back of her knee and kissing that, while massaging her leg. My lips traveled further, down her calf to her ankle.

Jennifer pulled her leg away and straddled me. I grabbed my dick, pointing it up, while she pulled her lips apart. The two of us worked in unison as she allowed her body weight to ease down on my cock. I felt myself enveloped in her warm, wet hole and Jennifer let out a sigh. She dropped more and more until her full, round ass rested on me too. I freed one of her tits out of the top of her dress, pushing the bra cup down and taking the conical big tit into my mouth. Jennifer gyrated on my dick, not going up but moving in slow circles on my cock.

I reached down, grabbing her ass, my mouth still sucking her tit as I began fucking up into her. Jennifer grunted and her powerful legs went to work, rising and lowering herself on my shaft. Jennifer’s husky breath came out strained and I could feel her heart beating faster. This was fabulous!

Then the door flew open. We stopped moving instantly, her tit falling from my mouth. Jennifer looked up at the mirror to see who entered, I over her shoulder. It was Courtney Love. She smiled mischievously at us and entered the bathroom, closing the door behind herself.

“Hey guys, don’t stop fucking ‚cause I’m here,” she said slurring her words.

“Get out, Courtney,” Jennifer said, annoyed.

“I don’t think so,” she said, placing her hand on Jennifer’s shoulder.

“I’ve always wanted to feel those pretty lips on my pussy.”

Jennifer’s head twisted around, venom in her voice, “Don’t touch me!”

Courtney back off fast at that but she didn’t leave, her hands lifting her dress. “We can always share Pammy’s little fuck-toy. You gotta otherwise, I’ll tell her what I saw.”

Jennifer got off me, my dick flopping out of her. She pulled her tit back into her dress and faced the Hole singer. She was pissed beyond belief.

Courtney smiled at her, “So, Jennifer, we gonna take turns ridin’ Pam’s

stud? I know you’re slut enough. I heard you and Gi-”

WHACK! Jennifer clobbered her with a nasty slap. Courtney fell backward against the wall holding her face. She slipped to the ground, cowering. Jennifer stared down at her. Courtney rubbed her face and then she titled her head, laughing, “I can see your sweet pussy.”

Jennifer pulled her dress up and squatted over Courtney’s face, “Why don’t you eat it you slut.”

Courtney did immediately, reaching up to grab Jennifer’s bright white ass. Her lips fell on Jennifer’s pussy. I stroked at my cock, not believing my luck. I couldn’t see much, but I could hear Courtney’s tongue and lips smacking Jennifer’s pussy. Her hands kneaded and rubbed Jennifer’s fleshy ass.

Jennifer braced herself against the wall, her legs shaking. Courtney twisted more, sliding down and tilting her head back so her mouth was completely covering Jennifer’s cunt. Jennifer began to grind on Courtney’s face and she whispered in that sexy voice, “Make me come, slut. Right there, cunt! Ugh! Ugh!”

When Jennifer’s orgasm passed she rose up again, stepping aside. She glanced at me stroking my stiff dick. Her hands pushed her dress back down over those pearly hips. She checked her make up in the mirror and smiled at me, “Call me for a real fuck some time.”

She looked down at Courtney who was rubbing her own pussy now, still on the floor. The singer had a come beard covering her face. Courtney looked at her hopefully, “You gonna suck my box now?”

“I wouldn’t touch you there for an Oscar. Thanks for the head,” she told her and left. Courtney looked away, hurt. Her eyes fell on my stiff dick.

“Want me to suck your cock?”

Sure she wasn’t Jennifer Tilly and I actually found her rather nasty, but I

had wood that needed tending. And I was here after all. “Sure.”

Courtney scrambled up and was about to grab my dick when I caught her pale arms. “Take off your dress.”

Courtney shrugged off the straps and pulled the tight material down. Her breasts stuck straight out. It was one of the worst boob jobs I’d seen in person. I’d seen them in the Larry Flynt flick but up close, they were pathetic. She was bruised everywhere too and thin. But then her mouth fell on my dick. This woman was a professional cock sucker. Good heavens! She swallowed me immediately and kept going. She travel down and then seemingly twist my dick in a circle and then back again. I reached under her, grabbing those rock hard tits. What a juxtaposition to Jennifer’s real boobs.

Courtney’s head moved like a jack-hammer on my cock and I grabbed her hair trying to slow her down. Courtney pulled that big mouth off my dick and looked up at me grinning, Jennifer’s pussy juice still visible on her smeared face. Her hand grasped my cock, jerking me off. “Wanna fuck me?”

Not really, I thought. I wanted the blow job actually, just slowed down so I could enjoy it. Courtney stood up, her barely there thatch of pubes right in my face. She rubbed her hands up her thin, pale body, one in her pussy and the other squeezing her tit. “What position you wanna ream me in?”

“Doggy,” I told her, knowing at least then I wouldn’t look at her. I stood up and she bent over the bathroom counter, jutting her ass out, her pussy lips parting and waiting. I got up behind her and thought about who I was going to screw. Logic took over and I grabbed my wallet, pulling out a lubed condom. She glanced back irritated, “Just stick it into me. What’s that for? Are you gonna fuck my ass?”

I looked at her shocked. She thought lubed condoms were only good for anal sex? She wiggled her butt, “Please just put something in me. I wanna feel a cock in me, now.”

I pulled her ass-cheeks apart and figured what the hell. She brought it up. I pressed forward and Courtney let out a groan as my dick slipped into her some. She was dry but the condom was helping. Courtney reached under herself, playing with her own pussy. I forced her to lean over more, she was practically resting on the counter with her rear in the air. I pressed deeper and she relaxed. Unlike any ass I’d ever fucked before, Courtney’s let me in without much grief. She let out a gurgle, still playing with herself.

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me! Fuck me!” she grumbled and I

complied thumping her faster and faster. Her ass was so loose it was closer

to the sweet grip of a worn in pussy. This woman must take it in the stovepipe often. She began clenching her ass and I felt the pressure increase drastically. I rose up and really began slamming into her ass, Courtney’s thin, pale body flailing and her voice just turning into one long moan. I couldn’t hold it anymore.

I yanked my dick out of her asshole and pulled the condom off. My hand flew up and down on my dick, sending long ropes of come up Courtney’s ass and back. She twisted to look at me, crying out as I came on her body, “Cover me with your jiz, baby!”

When I finished I leaned back against the wall, and Courtney stood up, smiling. My come dribbled down her back. The streams on her ass dripped to the floor. She fell to her knees and cleaned my dick off, sucking out the last drops of come. She looked up at me, all smiles, “You can fuck me any time, stud.”

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