Celeb Tails #9: Tyra Banks

Gold Leader Celeb Tails #9: Tyra Banks

I checked myself in the mirror, making certain I didn’t have too much

discernible come on the front of my slacks. There wasn’t any way I could

completely hide Jennifer and Courtney’s secretions on my pants. I decided

when I left I would stop in the kitchen and “accidentally” spill some salsa

on myself. One form of embarrassment was better than another. Plus, I

don’t think Pam would have appreciated me fucking not one but two women at

the party.

Courtney straddled the toilet, letting loose a torrent of piss. Her hands still rubbing at her clit.
She was watching me while urinating, which made me uncomfortable for some reason. Then she loudly inquired, “Ever done golden showers?”

Had I not pissed half an hour ago, I probably would have liked the idea. It was different but definitely kinky. Logistically, it would have been a nightmare though. I was worried about covering up come? That activity would require a full shower. “Some other time.”

Courtney finished peeing and wiped at herself. She bent over, grabbing her discarded dress and I noticed my come still covered her back and ass. She started to pull her dress up and I cleared my throat. She looked up at me annoyed, “What?”

“You’ve got jiz all over your back.”

“So,” she told me, pulling up the dress totally. “It’ll dry.”

“Okay,” I chimed in, looking away from her. I figured I get the hell out of there then. “Thanks for the screw.”

“Thank you,” she said, washing Jennifer’s juices off her face. “Maybe next time you’ll try my pussy.”

Don’t count on it, I thought. If some chick let’s you brown-stick her the first time, before you’ve even gotten in her vagina, you know she’s one serious slut. Hell, it hadn’t even been the slightest bit uncomfortable for her. Who knew how worn in her cunt was. Guy would probably need to be hung like a zucchini to feel the walls of that pussy. “Maybe.”

The rest of the party went by without much fanfare. Sure everyone got a laugh about my mishap with the salsa, especially Jennifer. She said it happened when we first went to get drinks, thus explaining my delay for me. I’d have to personally stop by her place and thank her some time. The whole drive home Pam chatted endlessly about the great time she had and how funny and insightful Jennifer was. I agreed. She carried on though, commenting that she was happy Courtney seemed to have disappeared. She could tell Courtney had eyes for me. I laughed, telling Pam I wouldn’t fuck that pussy for a million dollars. But the ass, well, I didn’t mention Courtney’s ass.

We got home and obvious occurred. Pam was exceptionally acrobatic that night, but I must admit I felt weird with her sucking me off and she not knowing where my penis had been that evening. Oh well, we still had fantastic sex. The next morning she woke me up extremely excited.

“We’re going to New York!”

“We,” I said groggily. “Why are we going to New York?”

“Some awards thing,” she said, hustling around the room, packing stuff into a suitcase on the floor.

“Don’t they usually give you like at least a month’s notice on this stuff?”

Pam stopped moving, flipping back her hair. She looked flustered and so damn sexy my morning wood was crying for those lips to be home. “If you must know Jenny McCarthy bailed on them. Her old fart boyfriend got sick or something. So they called me. Get up, get up, get up!”

A limo whisked us off to LAX two hours later. Thank heavens for skycaps, because Pam packed enough for a three week vacation in every kind of climate. I handed the guy two twenties and he still seemed pissed off. Oh well, push luggage, I’m flying to New York with Pam Anderson, buddy.

We hustled up to the Delta counter and found ourselves in this hellishly long line. Pam groaned looking around for some way to use her celebrity for help in moving up. I recommended she show her tits to a guy near the front of the line. I got hit. He would have let us cut!

My attention was distracted though by a sweet round ass in a short yellow sundress. The girl had smooth, silky black skin that disappeared under the dress but the view leading up and the way the skirt rested on her haunches told me this girl had one fine booty. Of course her legs from behind were pretty damn nice too and that’s no easy feat. That’s the area where legs can look their worst, but like Pam, this girl had long, muscular, but kinda small thighs. Her calves were quite muscled and looked pretty nice in the heels she had on. I felt my dick give a surge and wondered if Pam would be up for trying to join the Mile High Club.

Pam tugged at my arm, and I glanced at her. She looked pekid and faint.

“You okay?”

“I don’t deal with stress. My stomach goes nuts,” she said, looking ill rather suddenly. “What if we miss this plane?”

“We take another?”

She smiled faintly at me. Then we heard a voice call out, “Pam!”

The two of us turned to see a thin feminine arm waving near the front of the

line. I followed the chocolate colored arm down to a yellow sundress. Just

my luck, she knows Pam! Then I saw her face. It was Tyra Banks. Houston

we have touchdown! Pam rushed off, leaving me to take our two bags. I

followed her to Tyra where the two embraced. Tyra was quite excited to see

her, “What are you doing here? In line too?”

“Uh, I have to pick up two tickets to New York for some awards show thing.

Totally last minute.”

“The one on CBS? I got the call this morning too! Vanessa Williams flaked on them yesterday.”

Pam pointed to me suddenly, “I’m sorry, this is my friend Jeff. Jeff this is Tyra.”

I took Tyra’s hand, kissing it lightly and bowing a bit, “It is a sincere pleasure. Ms. Banks.”

She laughed, waving her hand at me as if to shoosh me away. “Get outa here with that.”

We got our tickets, Pam requesting that we get seats near Tyra. The ticketing lady did her best, placing us directly across from Tyra. We boarded the plane, surprised to see that we were the only three in first class. We settled into our seats, the two women chatting up a storm but as the plane began to taxi, Pam insisted taking the window seat to look out as we lifted off. The stewardesses gave each of us complimentary glasses of champagne as soon as we were airborne and that was just the start of the royal treatment. The drinks flowed freely for the next two hours and Pam was passed out by the halfway point of the flight. Tyra continued to speak with me though, discussing our love of movies and her prior acting work. She was pretty sweet actually.

“Oh, I just remembered!” she said, jumping up and going for her bag. She dug about, withdrawing a PowerBook. She twirled it, modeling the 300 MHz machine. “You know what this has? DVD! You wanna watch a movie?”

“Sure,” I told her rising up and slipping into the seat beside her. She handed me her bag as she booted up the speedy machine.

“Pick a movie,” she said enthusiastically. She pulled a blanket over herself and I was bummed about that, being deprived of those sexy caramel colored thighs. Oh well. “I rented a bunch of them before I left.”

That she had. A Jim Carrey flick passed by unwanted by me. She bypassed Chow Yun Fat’s blood fest of last year. I got to Meryl Streep’s tear jerker cancer movie and Tyra insisted we watch it. I figured what the hell. I set the bag down and she inserted the disc. We split her ear phones and sat back to watch the movie. Half an hour into it, I was rummaging in the bag again. She protested, “Hey this is good. Sort of. . .”

“What’s this?” I said, pulling out a movie with a sexy black woman on the cover. Then the face hit me. My old roommate was a porn freak of the highest order. It was African-American pornstar Heather Hunter. I glanced at the cover and then at an embarrassed Tyra.

“It might have been a slow couple of days,” she said, looking away from me.

“You a Heather Hunter fan?”

“Big time!” she said, excited. “You know her work?”

“Not really. My old roommate had a poster of her in his room. I’ve never seen any of her movies. Care to?” I asked mischievously.

“Here? Are you nuts?”

“Come on, it’ll be exciting. The stewardess just came by and I told her not to bug us while we watched the movie,” I lied. “She won’t be back here for an hour at least. Let’s watch it.”

“I can see the tabloids now, ‚Sex Addict Tyra Watches Porn in First Class.'”

I ejected the Meryl Streep movie and slid in the Heather Hunter movie. Five minutes into it I understood why my roommate might have found that sexy beauty such a turn on. I also began to wish I had a blanket too. My erection was pointing up making a severe tent-pole in my jeans. Tyra noticed me fidgeting and she whispered to me, “Want some of the blanket?”

“Sure,” I said, and we pushed the middle divider up and she scooted over, leaving the PowerBook on the tray table facing us. The blanket covered us and then Tyra’s hand fell on my hard-on. I unconsciously twitched. She looked up at me and smiled. Her hand started to move away, but I caught it, pressing it back against my erection. She continued rubbing me through my jeans and my dick kept growing until I felt a wet spot growing from my pre-come.

Tyra’s other hand went under the blanket and she unsnapped my jeans. Her lithe hands pulled my one eyed monster from my boxers. On the screen Heather had her mouth wrapped around some guy’s giant log while a pretty little blonde munched on her box. Tyra’s cool, smooth hand slipped up and down my shaft. I looked to my right, seeing Pam was facing the opposite direction, fast asleep.

My right hand crossed my body and settled on one of Tyra’s tits. Oh, it was soft! I’d heard she insisted they were real but feeling was believing. How could such a small woman have such big tits? Who cares! Tyra’s other hand unbuttoned her top letting me pull out her braless breast. Her flesh was hot, her nipple rigid as my cock in her hand. I tweaked her nipple, eyes fixed on the screen as Heather rode the guy’s redwood while the little blonde got her pussy eaten while standing over Heather. What a talent. Though not as talented as the supermodel jacking me off in First Class.

Deciding I’d push it further, I leaned down taking Tyra’s nipple into my mouth. Tyra cupped my head, holding it close, while her other hand continued slowly working me off. I heard her gasp as my teeth clamped lightly on her nipple. I thought of Pam but figured this was too amazing to pass up. If she gave me the boot at this point, I’d be proud to know it was because she caught me sucking Tyra Banks’ tit on an airplane. My tongue traveled all over her hard black nipple. My hand pushed between her thighs and Tyra leaned the seat back, releasing my dick. I sucked her tit, while my index finger slowly wormed its way around her wet underwear and into her bald pussy. It had to have been bald because I didn’t feel a single pube.

My finger pushed harder, my mouth sucked more deeply and Tyra shoved the blanket into her mouth, crying out as silently as she could. Her body tensed and I felt those magnificent thighs quiver as she pushed her ass off the seat, thrusting her pussy toward my hand. I let her breast fall from my mouth, whispering to her, “Roll onto your side.”

She did, knowing what I was after, she pushed her ass out. I pushed her little yellow dress up and pulled her underwear aside. She let out another muffled groan as my cock slipped up her wet pussy hole. I grasped her warm thigh and began thrusting into her, trying not to grunt too loudly. I was gonna come fast with this excitement. Trying to go slowly, I leaned my head down, kissing her shoulder and neck. Tyra’s lips were open in a smile of shear pleasure, eyes closed. She twisted, lifting her arm so I could suck her tit more as I fucked her. Her cunt was tight at the opening but deeper inside it seemed to open some almost like fighting your way into a balloon through the hole and wiggling your finger around inside. It was hot and wet, but I didn’t seem to be touching much, which was great because otherwise I probably would have came instantly.

Feeling bold, I pulled out of her and sat back on my own seat, pushing the blanket away. Tyra twisted, mouthing my cock and her pussy juice without hesitation. I ran my hands over her face and through her hair as she gave me a quick blow job. Sensing it was going to push me over, especially when I looked over to Pam who was still asleep but who had turned to face us.

I pulled Tyra’s face off my dick and she had an idea instantly. She closed the PowerBook and dropped it on her seat as she rose up and straddled my legs. She backed down on me, holding her underwear aside with me guiding my dick back up her hole. She slowly slid down the length until her ass rested against my abdomen. I bucked up into her, my hand coming under her arm to lift her only exposed tit. Tyra really began riding me, holding onto the seat in front of us, while bouncing up and down on my dick. We were both fighting to stay quiet but she was getting loud with her moans and she began whispering, “Give me that dick. Uh, that dick. Uh! Uh! Uh! UH!”

Beside us we heard Pam move and we froze, both of us twisting our heads to see what was happening. Pam had merely shifted positions again. Tyra chuckled and I fought back a laugh at the thought. We began moving again and I slipped my thumb into my mouth slobbering on it. I gave Tyra a nudge forward as she rode me. I flipped up her dress and pulled down her underwear, pressing my thumb against her asshole. Tyra almost cried out but stopped at the beginning of her reaction. I pressed harder and my thumb wedged up her anus some. She exhaled slowly, not moving much. Moving my thumb some, I began thrusting up into her and she reacted, her body tightening as another orgasm passed through her body. I felt her pussy walls suddenly convulse around my dick like a net suddenly ensnaring my moving dick. Boom! My come flowed like crazy, spurt after spurt blasting into her.

When it was over, Tyra climbed off me, pushing her tit back into her dress. She straightened her sundress and picked up her PowerBook before sitting down again. She leaned over placing my slick deflated cock back in my pants. As if nothing had just happened, Tyra opened her computer again and ejected the DVD, putting the disc back in its case and pulling out the Jim Carrey movie.

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