Celeb Tails 10: Brandy

Gold Leader Celeb Tails 10: Brandy

This story is intended for people over the age of 18. If you are
under 18, you’re probably more interested now in this story. Go visit
the Goo Goo Dolls homepage or something.

Pam stirred half an hour before we landed. She stretched and that’s
what caught my eye. Her languid movements always seemed to draw my
attention. I glanced away from Tyra’s computer screen, giving Pam a
weak smile. What can I say, I did feel a bit guilty about what I had
done. But how many guys would have passed up the opportunity to fuck
Tyra Banks on an airplane
while your live-in lover sleeps in the row
across from you? That’s right, nobody. Or bigots, but they are still
in that category of nobody.

Pam winked at me and I had a feeling I knew what she wanted. She was
very much a morning sex kinda woman. Although this was evening, she
had been sleeping for several hours, so her body was screaming, "I
just woke up, I need some satisfaction."

"Good sleep?"

"Hmm, I had an excellent dream," she told me with a twinkle in her
eye. I switched to the seat beside her giving her a kiss. She traced
her finger across my face, "In the dream we were on an airplane like
this one and we were making love. Anybody could have walked in on us.
It was so sexy. I can’t wait until we get to the hotel."

I froze, suddenly afraid she had seen me fucking Tyra. But the sound
in her voice and the look on her face told me otherwise. Our
activities had somehow invaded her dreams. Who would have thought
that would have been the result.

"You awake, sleepy-head," Tyra called out to Pam, who leaned around
me to answer the supermodel.

"Yes. I hope my carry-on baggage didn’t bother you too much while I
was snoozing," she said, poking me.

Tyra laughed. "No. He got a little out of hand but I put him in his

The three of us took a limo from the airport to our hotel. The ride
was weird for me. Sure I’d been in a somewhat similar situation with
Jennifer Tilly and Pam the other night, but this was different to me
somehow. Maybe it was the fact that Pam started making rather overt
suggestions to Tyra about what she and I were going to do as soon as
we got to the hotel. Tyra had the guts to even say, "Maybe you can
send him over to my room when you’re done."

Pam giggled, saying, "I’ll call you when we finish. But it may not
be ‘til morning."

Tyra shot back, "Why not cut out the phone calls and I’ll just come
up to your room with you two."

What! This would be a dream come true. Unfortunately the two of
them just laughed until Pam pointed to me saying, "Did you think she
was serious?"

A guy can hope, can’t he?

We checked in and the bellhops took our multitude of bags to the
elevator. The doors were about to shut when another bellhop called
out for us to hold the elevator. We did and he rushed in a cart
filled with luggage. Behind him strolled teen singing sensation
Brandy. I’d always thought she had an odd sort of appearance. One of
my friend’s called her ET with tits and that name might have applied.

She had her long braided black hair pulled back in a tight bun,
revealing her slim neck. Her eyes were huge! The only other thing
bigger than her eyes? You know. And in the tight sweater she was
wearing, Brandy’s two biggest assets were totally on display. Her
sizable rear was encased in a pair of white jeans. She smiled at us
but neither she nor Pam exchanged pleasantries. Did they know each

We rode up in silence until Brandy turned around and said, "I’m
sorry, I’m a HUGE "Baywatch" fan and I used to love you on that show."

Pam blushed, "Thank you."

"I’m sure you get that a lot, so I won’t bother you," Brandy said,
turning back around.

"I really like your music too," Pam said to her, tapping her
shoulder. Brandy whipped back around, her huge mouth becoming a
gaping smile.

"You know who I am?!"

"Totally! I love that song from the Batman movie."

They chatted the rest of the ride up, with me interjecting sarcastic
comments. What can I say, I didn’t like "Baywatch" and "Moesha" isn’t
exactly the most erudite programming. As luck would have it, we were
on the same floor, only three rooms apart. We said good night and
then entered our room. I paid the bellhop or tipped him as it were
and returned to the inner portion of the room. Pam was sprawled on
the bed in bra and thong.

"Does she have nicer boobs than me?"

"What?" I said stupidly, dropping my clothes.

"Her boobs are big and firm and real."

"And?" I asked, climbing over her, kissing Pam’s rock hard thighs.

"They’re bigger than mine and they’re real," she said with a pout.



I grabbed her flipping her over. She giggled wildly, thrashing until
I planted my hand on her thighs, holding her still. I leaned down,
kissing the back of her legs. I trailed my kisses up her stems,
coming to that amazing place where the butt cheek meets the leg. I
nuzzled her rearend, "You’ve got a much better ass than Brandy."

"Um, really," she said, glancing over her shoulder as I bit her cheek
gently. "No anal tonight."

"There’re plenty of other things to do," said I, pushing my finger
into her bald slit.

Needless to say, we made love. For a long time. We were awakened
the next morning by a ringing telephone. One of the show’s lackeys
needed Pam at the studio in an hour for a rehearsal. Pam leapt out of
bed , showered, dressed and left within an hour. A world record by
her standards. I was left alone, bored. Until there came a knocking
at my door.

I pulled on a pair of boxers and went to the door. I looked through
the peephole and felt my pulse race. Standing in the hall was the
little ebony songstress in a pink tank-top and blue jeans. Her hair
was pulled back but not in a bun. I thought about pulling on a pair
of pants and then thought better of it. I pulled the door open,
exclaiming, "Good morning!"

Brandy’s huge eyes opened even wider in surprise. Her mouth fell
open for a millisecond as she looked me up and down before saying,
"Damn, I’d say."

"Come in," I said, ushering her into the room. She passed by me,
still checking out my body. Once inside she cautiously peeked at the
empty beds. The bathroom door was closed, so she probably figured Pam
was in there.

"Hey, I was wondering if you guys wanted to-" she stopped in
mid-sentence because I passed by her, letting my hand trail over her
lower back.

"Wanted to what?" I asked, plopping onto the bed, facing her.

"To, uh, to go to breakfast," she said, her eyes traveling down my
torso to my boxers. Her eyes shifted up instantly. I realized at
that angle she could probably see my Johnson. What the hell.

"Well," I said, leaning back more, my legs parting some. I could
feel my dick begin to stir. Her eyes wandered down again. "I’m not
really dressed yet for breakfast."

"I can see that," she said without hesitating, her eyes now fixing
more on my shaft as it grew harder. "What about, what about, what
about, um, um. . ."

"Pam?" I asked, moving a bit as I felt my dick give a surge and grow
more. I could feel the cool air on my cock-head now. My penis’ tip
was completely out of my boxers. Brandy strained to raise her eyes to
mine. I rubbed at my chest slowly.

"Yeah, Pam," Brandy said, nodding toward the bathroom.

"She left about an hour ago," I told her raising my leg and feeling
my dick harden to the point of know return. I’m not sure how it
happens some times but if you’re wearing something tight enough, your
cock will get hard and point straight down your leg, rather than doing
the tent pole. I was happy about that this time. "Maybe we can order
breakfast in?"

Brandy didn’t answer, her eyes completely on my hard-on. I could see
her nipples shooting out of her tank-top. I was actually getting the
girl going. Finally she answered me, "Pam’s probably gonna be back

"Not for hours," I said, sitting up. "I have the place to myself."

Brandy didn’t say a word as I stood. My hard dick began to pull my
shorts up. It was so invigorating. The cool air, Brandy’s gaze, the
tightness of my boxers. I was stiffer than I’d been the night before
fucking Tyra. Maybe because for once, I was initiating something. I
crossed the room to Brandy, less than a foot from her. My hard,
exposed penis head was even closer to her.

"I’d really like it if you’d stay," I told her. Brandy’s eyes fell
down, she licked her lips as she looked upon my stiff, slowly
twitching cock. She wanted to, I could see it. "Last night, did I
tell you what a big fan of yours I am ?"

Brandy’s eyes shot to mine. She looked frightened. "What about

"I’m a fan of hers too," I told her leaning forward, placing my hand
on the wall by her shoulder. "I’d really like to show you some fan

"I hardly . . . I hardly . . .know-," she began to say, but stopped
when I moved forward more, my cock pressing against her stomach.
"Know you."

I placed my other hand on the other side of the wall and leaned in
close to her, dragging my dick up her tummy. Brandy let out a gasp.
My mouth swooped down, breath on her lips. "What happens now?"

She didn’t respond, so I moved more, feeling pre-come slipped out of
my pisshole. I knew the come was leaving a snail trail on her pink
tank-top. The little singer was breathing heavier now. My lips
brushed one of her cheeks. She closed her eyes and I kissed her lid.
I cupped her head and kissed her lips. Brandy was pliant at first but
soon began to kiss back in earnest. My hand moved off her face and
cupped her breast. She was braless. Of course. My thumb rubbed at
her eraser tipped nipple. Brandy sighed deeply, kissing me harder.
Pulling away from her hungry kisses, I dropped my attention to her
neck kissing it.

Brandy’s hands dug into her jeans, pulling out the tucked in
tank-top. My mouth moved away from her skin for an instant while she
pulled the material over her head. I glanced at her heaving, brown
mammaries with their black nipples, "Oh my, those are gorgeous."

My mouth immediately went for one, while the other was mauled by a
free hand. Brandy leaned against the wall, groaning. I tugged at her
nipples with my teeth, getting them as hard as possible. Dropping to
my knees, I glanced up her body, seeing her peering down at me between
those beautiful melons. Planting kisses on her soft tummy, I undid
her jeans and pulled them off her curvy hips. My face pressed against
her Jockey underwear, hands grabbing her wide ass, nose drinking in
her pungent odor.

I had her underwear down in no time and my lips tickling her nicely
trimmed bush. Brandy reacted instantly arching her back and crying
out as my tongue pressed into her slit. This girl didn’t get
cunnilingus often, that was for sure. I attacked Brandy’s cunt with
gusto, working my nose and tongue into her more and more. I found her
hot button and she began crying out and then crying as her whole body
convulsed. She leaned over my head, her breasts resting on the top of
my noggin as she told me, "Please stop. I’ll die!"

I paid heed to her request, letting my mouth fall from her hot,
dripping box. I stood and took her hand leading her to the same bed
I’d fucked Pam on the evening before. She got on it, scooting
backward, her big tits flopping around some but nearly as much as one
would expect for their size. I dropped my boxers and climbed on the
bed, my dick pointing the way. Her hand wrapped around my cock,
pumping it slowly. She wasn’t shy about that finally!

I leaned in trying to kiss her and she pulled her head away. I was
baffled, "What’s wrong?"

"You wanna kiss me after you did that?" she said with shock. I
laughed and nodded. "But . . .my old boyfriend wouldn’t. . ."

"I’m not he," I said, kissing her and pressing her down. She kissed
back, laughing with lustful glee, her hand finding my crank again.
Her hands felt great, but I was looking for something else, so I moved
up her body and she kissed at my torso, her lips wrapping around my
nipple and then down my six pack. Brandy found herself face to cock
with my hard-on. I stroked it and she looked up at me, pleadingly.
"You don’t give head, do you?"

"Sorry," she said, ashamed.

"No big deal," I told her, moving back down to make out with her. My
fingers found a home in her pussy and I frigged her while her expert
hands worked my cock. She probably had as much experience jerking
dicks as I did playing with my own. She even rubbed under my balls as
I knelt between her spread thighs. Brandy took my dick and finally
guided it to her waiting pussy. Man was she tight. I pressed in and
her eyes bugged out. She let out a squeal and I paused. "You’re not
a virgin are you?"

"No," she said breathlessly, rocking her pelvis toward me and taking
more into her super tight twat. "Just been . . . .awhile."

I pressed forward and her eyes closed. I couldn’t tell if she was in
pain or ecstasy. She let out another squeal and I continued pressing
in. Five minutes later I finally felt my pubes rubbing her enflamed
lips. I looked down at her, face flush, perspiration covering our
bodies. "You okay?"

"Yeah," she said with a groan. "Feels good."

I began rocking more and Brandy’s legs closed around my body,
scissoring over my ass. Her rocking became faster and I was taking
longer strokes in no time. Of course, with all this pressure, I would
come in no time. I glanced down, watching my cock slide in and out of
the teen pop sensation’s black cunt. The juxtaposition between us was
so sexy. My eyes traveled up to her swaying and rocking tits. I had
to get a breather or I’d come any second.

I unsheathed myself from Brandy’s tight hole and sat back on my
knees. She took this as some sort of cue because she flipped over
immediately onto her hands and knees. I found myself staring at
Brandy’s wide ass as she backed down on to my cock. Bracing myself on
the bed, I began to fuck up into her as she rocked down on my dick.
Her cunt was loosening up quickly. I could hear our bodies slapping
together and on the dormant television I could see her straining and
bouncing on me, her tits jiggling. One of my hands grabbed at her
pony tail, pulling it. She let out a gurgle and began moving fast,
fully riding me now. I felt her pussy contract and I stopped moving,
knowing it would send me over already.

"I wanna suck your tits while I screw you," I told her, hoping the
short breather would give me strength to carry on a bit more.

"Oh yeah," Brandy said excited. She pulled off my dick. I sat
against the headboard and she straddled me. She grasped my dick and
eased it back up her glory hole, eyes fluttering. Both of my hands
manhandled those great tits, pushing and tugging and tweaking them as
she rode my cock. I pulled one to my lips, sucking it while she
bucked on my cock. Brandy grabbed the headboard and began seriously
fucking my dick. I let her tit fall from my mouth and grasped around
her waist, helping her raise and lower herself as I slammed my cock
upward into her fabulously tight pussy. One of my hands went between
our bodies, thumb finding her clit. Brandy exclaimed in pleasure,
shrieking as her pussy contracted. Her tits rocked in mesmerizing
circles and I let loose filling her pussy.

As the orgasm passed, she slowed and leaned on my shoulder, our bodies
covered in sweat. She kissed my ear, her hand gently stroking my
hair. "I’m so glad I came to ask you to breakfast."

"You mean us?"

Brandy leaned back, my semi-hard cock still in her pussy. She kissed

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