Celeb Tails 11: Stephanie Seymour and Tyra Banks

Gold Leader Celeb Tails : Stephanie Seymour, Tyra Banks Part
1/1 (MFF, anal, dildo)
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Tales (or as I call them, Celeb Tails). I have no idea how
many more I will write. If I grow bored with them, I’ll stop,
but I have no idea
when I’ll move onto another topic.
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Tail 11: Stephanie Seymour, Tyra Banks

This story is intended for people over the age of 18. If you
are under 18, you’re probably more interested now in this
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“Mind if I shower here?” Brandy asked me as she climbed off
the bed. I didn’t answer immediately, still reeling from her
announcement that she came to the hotel room knowing all along
that Pam wasn’t here. She came for me. Brandy stopped
alongside the bed, hands on her naked, caramel flesh, her tits
sitting on her chest perfectly. She waved a hand at me, “Yo,
you mind if I shower here?”

“Uh, no. Go ahead,” I told her, watching her big, high booty
sway as she crossed the room to the bathroom. I launched off
the bed, following her, “You came here for a roll in the hay?’

I gulped at what I saw when I entered. Brandy was bent over
into the shower, pulling it on. Her ass and exposed, wet
pussy lips were staring at me. She glanced over her shoulder
at my question, her big mouth opening in a smile, “I thought
you was cute. Figured, I’d come over here and see if I could
get some action.”

“I didn’t really seduce you then?” I asked, through a bruised
ego. I sauntered up behind her, pressing my naked body
against hers. We each looked at the mirror, our forms a
stark, sexy contrast, with me lean and hard and Brandy curvy
and soft. “Shit.”

“I didn’t know for sure I was gonna do you,” she said,
reaching out to feel the shower’s temperature. “You were
irresistible though.”

That’s better! I thought I’d done a fine job. I watched her
climb into the shower and she beckoned me, holding out the
soap, “Care to help?”

I hopped in, taking the soap gladly. “Who wouldn’t want to
soap up that sexy booty?”

More than an hour later Brandy left the hotel room. I could
bore you with the details but I’ve got tales to tell. We
cleaned each other, I fucked her from behind and then we
cleaned some more. Still no head. Hopefully I could meet up
with her again and get her to use that incredible mouth on my

Brandy hadn’t been gone more than ten minutes before Pam
walked in. Timing is everything, I always say. Pam entered
looking flustered. She gave me a peck on the cheek and asked
if I’d just been lounging around all day. What could I say
but yes? Oh no, honey, I was up and fucking the hell out of
that little sweet piece of ass we met on the elevator last
night. Give me some credit.

Pam dropped her clothes and began rummaging through the
suitcases. Seeing her almost naked body, save for a thong and
high heels made my soldier salute again. I hopped off the bed
and pressed against her from behind. Pam stopped moving and
clutched the sides of the suitcase. My hands grasped her
thighs and I began rubbing my hard-on against her covered

“You’re like a goat,” she said, glancing back over her
shoulder. I told her she loved that about me and she laughed,
“Yes. But I gotta get to a promo thing they’re shooting in an

“So why are you changing?” I asked, still massaging her
covered pussy with my cock. My finger slipped inside the
material and I felt the warmth and moisture of her bare
vagina. Pam cooed, arching her back.

“No. I’ve gotta go.”

“Let me eat you out, just to calm you down,” I told her,
settling behind that perfect, heart shaped ass. Pam didn’t
say a word as I pulled her thong down and my tongue hit her
pussy. She didn’t say much until five minutes later she was
moaning she was coming, grinding her cunt against my face. I
finally stopped after the third orgasm and she turned to face
me, kissing me deeply. Her face was flush but she seemed
happy again. “Better?”

“Much. That’ll help me get through the next few hours of this
bullshit,” she complained. She finally grabbed a dress she
liked from the suitcase and slithered into it. Wow. She
filled out dresses so well. She gave me another kiss and
asked me if I’d like to sit around the studio for three or
four hours. I begged off, telling her, I was going to see the
sights some. She said I should find someone who knows the
city and then she snapped her fingers, “Tyra’s done with her
promo stuff. She’s right down the hall, I’m sure she’d show
you a good time in the city.”

I concurred, thinking maybe there was going to be some relief
for my cock other than my hand. Pam gave me Tyra’s room
number and kissed me good-bye. I watched that blonde
bombshell strut out of our room, amazed at how lucky I was.

I knocked on Tyra’s door and I heard shuffling to it. Then a
gasp. The door was flung open and Tyra, wearing a short robe,
greeted me with a hug. She pulled me into the room telling me
she didn’t think Pam was serious about me going out with her
tonight. From within the room I heard a female voice call
out, “Ty, who is it?”

“It’s Pam’s friend Jeff. The guy I told you about,” Tyra
answered, closing the door behind me. The bathroom door
opened and supermodel Stephanie Seymour clad in a matching set
of hot pink bra and panties emerged. She had a build quite
similar to Tyra’s, thin with big boobs. Of course, it was
common knowledge and quite obvious that Stephanie’s chest was
very fake. Neither girl had the kind of hips and legs I go
for immediately, but they had what came down as second on my
list, thin but muscular. Kinda like Pam’s legs. Stephanie
offered a long slender hand to me.

“I’m Stephanie,” she said as I took her hand, kissing it.

“I know. I’m Jeff. Apparently you’ve heard of me.”

Stephanie smiled and Tyra passed letting out a little chuckle.
Tyra entered the bathroom, a whole battery of cosmetics
dotting the entire counter top. Stephanie returned too,
leaning over to work on her face more. Tyra dropped her robe,
her back to me, but the mirror revealing her front-side. She
was buck naked. Stephanie didn’t flinch, but kept applying
make up. Tyra apologized, “Sorry, I still have to take a

I watched that ebony queen proceed into the shower. She
pulled the curtain shut. Mostly. It was left far enough back
that if I sneaked peaks I could catch sight of her warm,
chocolate flesh, a thigh, a buttock, a breast, an arm. I was
getting a rise and the stunning beauty standing right by me
wasn’t helping any. She seemed oblivious to me though. Until
she spoke up, “I once did it with a roadie while Axl slept in
the same bed.”

Tyra poked her head out of the shower, “Girl, you never told
me that!”

Stephanie shrugged. “It never came up before. Pretty
exciting, isn’t it, Jeff?”

“It was,” I told her, my eyes drinking in her smooth hips.
“Did he wake up?”

“Nah,” she said, turning to look at me. “How do I look?”

“Amazing,” I told her honestly. Without shoes she was almost
as tall as me, but that didn’t lessen my attraction toward
her. I could see her nipples through the mesh of her bra and
she noticed my eyes drop.

“Wanna see my tits?” she asked, cupping them. I stammered
and she reached behind her back, undoing her top and pulling
the cups down. Her hard, perfectly manufactured tits sprang
into view. She watched my reaction, smiling. Her tiny
areolas were sporting totally erect nipples. “They’re always
hard since the implants.”

“Is she showing you her tits again,” Tyra called from within
the shower.

“Not all of us are blessed with real D cups, Ty,” Stephanie
shot back. She looked at me, “Think I should go braless

“I have no idea what you’re wearing. Plus, it’s kind sexy to
see some bra in an outfit,” I told her. She nodded and
re-clasped the
brassiere. “What happened with the roadie thing?”

“That? Oh Axl kept sleeping. The guy pulled out of me when
he came and I jacked him off, pointing it toward Axl. Guy was
a long distance spurter. He even came on Axl’s face.”

“He didn’t wake up?”

“Nah, too strung out on heroin.”

The three of us headed out looking like a million dollars. I
felt like it, that’s for sure with two Supermodels escorting
me. Stephanie picked a leather outfit with a skirt and top
that didn’t close completely, allowing people too catch
glimpses of her hot pink bra. Stockings finished the
ensemble. Tyra opted for a one piece loose dress with a
plunging neck line and high cut. She decided no stockings
worked with the outfit better. They had me go back to the
room and throw on a button-down shirt and slacks. Yuck!
Still, I was doing the town with them, so I wasn’t going to

We took the limo first to dinner at some fancy Italian place I
forgot the name of the moment we left. It was nice, I guess,
but I didn’t care too much. After dinner, we driven to some
of New York’s hottest clubs. No lines for us. With a
Supermodel on each arm, you get into clubs immediately, do not
pass go and do not collect two hundred dollars. And these two
never had to buy a drink. They had more than they could have
ever consumed. Guys were popping up constantly and yet they
shrugged them off, keeping me company. The three of us danced
into the night before Tyra suggest at about 1 that we get
going. We piled into the limo me on one side, the girls on
the other, facing me. Stephanie went straight into the bar,
pouring herself another scotch.

“Don’t bother us until we get to the hotel,” Stephanie told
the driver before sliding up the privacy glass. She looked at
Tyra and giggled and then to me. “You ever ride the hobby
horse in a limo?”

“No,” I honestly told her, though it had been a re-occurring
fantasy. Stephanie dropped her empty tumbler and moved across
the space
separating us. Our lips met and I could smell and taste all
the alcohol she had consumed that evening. Her hands weren’t
shy, tearing down my zipper and searching for my quickly
hardening cock. As we kissed she yanked out my cock, her
fingers wrapping around it, stroking up and down. Her mouth
left mine, going straight to my dick.

Across the limo Tyra had her legs splayed, one hand holding
her tit while the other rubbed at that sweet pussy. She was
obviously enjoying this. And I can’t say I was about to
complain as I felt Stephanie’s mouth bottom out on my dick.
Her mouth slid all the way up and she leaned down some,
cock-head in her lips, eyes on me. I stroked her face, while
her mouth milked my cock’s tip and her fingers made an oh,
sliding up and down my shaft.

Tyra scooted forward, one hand pressing up Stephanie’s skirt.
Stephanie’s eyes bulged and she tried to speak with my dick in
her mouth, saying, Ooohh, yeahhhhhhhhh!”

I about lost my load right there. When Tyra had suggested the
threesome last night she hadn’t been kidding! Tyra used both
hands to pull down Stephanie’s underwear and then she dipped
her head down out of sight. Stephanie’s eyes closed on my
dick and she stopped moving, moaning around my cock. I leaned
forward, pulling up Stephanie’s skirt in the hopes of seeing
Tyra’s mouth on her pussy.

Tyra licked up to my hand and then parted Stephanie’s ass
cheeks. Her tongue dabbed at Stephanie’s backdoor and I felt
a jolt of come slide out of my cock. Stephanie began sucking
me again in earnest, while her friend ate her asshole and
pussy. Tyra’s head moved down again but her index finger
pressed at Stephanie’s bung hole.

“Open that ass up for me,” Tyra commanded and Stephanie pushed
her rear out, letting Tyra’s index finger into her anus. I
couldn’t take it. If I wanted to last, I had to act. I
pulled Stephanie’s head away from my dick and leaned down,
kissing her. She sucked at my tongue, her hands still jerking
me off.

“Stephanie, stop! Or I’m gonna come,” I told her. She did,
backing away from me. She twisted around and Tyra leaned
back, parting her legs.

“Come eat my pussy,” Tyra said, suddenly sounding very vocal
after our silent screw yesterday. Stephanie obliged, her
mouth going right at her friend’s dugout. I watched for a
moment, wanking myself. Tyra’s eyes were on me, hands rubbing
her own tits as Stephanie plowed her cunt. Then she gave me an
order too, “Fuck the little ho doggy-style!”

Let’s see, Tyra Banks, getting head from Stephanie Seymour,
tells you to stick your dick up Stephanie’s glory hole. What
do you do? Ramming speed, baby. I was at the entrance to
Stephanie’s bald pussy in no time. What was it with these
model chicks shaving everything but a little patch at the top
of the mound? Who care, no pubes to pick from your teeth
later. I slid my dick up and down Stephanie’s pussy lips and
she reared back, telling me, “Don’t tease. Fuck!”

You got it. One shove and I was in. Stephanie was rigid
instantly. She stopped eating Tyra and sat still. I pulled
back and sawed in again. Wow. Four different pussies in a
twenty-four hour period and they all felt different. I braced
myself on Stephanie’s thin hips and pounded into her pussy,
causing her body to bounce around against Tyra’s cunt. Tyra
just held onto that dirty-blonde mop of hair, humping her twat
against that beautiful face. Tyra cried out she was coming.
I was close, but I had to save it. I was about to pull back
out when we pulled to a complete stop. The little phone rang.
I grabbed it, my hard-on still buried in Stephanie. “Yeah!”

“We’re at the hotel,” the drive told me. I slammed the phone

The three of us pulled our clothes right and hopped out of the
hotel, trying not to hurry as we crossed through the lobby and
to the
elevator. Luckily the elevator was empty and I took advantage
of that face, pinning Stephanie against the wall and pulling
my hard-on back out. I slid it home and she groaned in
pleasure. As we fucked against the wall, Tyra’s hand slid
into Stephanie’s jacket, squeezing her tits, while she told
me, “Yeah, fuck her, Fuck her!”

The elevator jingled and I pulled out instantly, trying to
shove myself back in my pants. No easy feat when hard. Tyra
stood in front of us though, blocking in case anyone was on
the other side when the doors opened. Nothing. We exited and
hustled to the room. Tyra worked the key while Stephanie and
I made out in the hall, her hands roughly jerking me off
through my pants.

The door popped open and the three of us rushed in. Tyra and
I hastily undressed Stephanie, our hands touching her
everywhere. As soon as we finished they turned to me, Tyra’s
lips on mine, while Stephanie yanked my pants to the floor.
My boxers went next and then my shirt. I felt lips on my ass
and a tongue pressed against my asshole, one hand jerking me
off at the same time. Tyra stepped away long enough to pull
her simple dress off, those black beauties jiggling as she
finished the movement.

“Come fuck me,” she said, laying down on the bed, legs opened.
I didn’t need a second invite, leaving Stephanie on the floor
as I alighted the bed and mounted Tyra. Her incredibly tight
initial entrance felt even better today. Once inside I felt
the warm, familiar confines of her pussy. This was the first
time we had fucked naked though and I loved it. The feel of
her warm brown flesh on my own was too hot. Her tits rocked
and jiggled as I slid into her. The tops of my thighs slapped
into the backs of hers.

Stephanie climbed onto the bed, her hands caressing the two of
us. She was feeling my ass and back while another hand rubbed
at Tyra’s leg. Tyra reached out, grabbing Stephanie’s cunt.
The supermodel let out a groan, riding her friend’s hand. I
glanced over, still rocking my cock into Tyra, grabbing a
handful of Stephanie’s tit. She let out a louder scream and
began to buck wildly, Tyra increasing her pelvic and hand
ministrations too. I felt Tyra’s pussy collapse and wring my
dick again. Stephanie was obviously having an orgasm too as
she had a hold of me for dear life, while her friend’s digits
brought her off.

I yanked out of Tyra as I felt the first burst of come.
Seeing jism flying from my cock, Stephanie reached down,
grabbing my dick and jerking me off onto the ebony beauty
below. Long white streams of come splattered on Tyra’s big
tits and soft stomach. Stephanie’s hand kept milking me,
sending more of my spooge on to her friend’s stomach and lower
abdomen. When it was over, Stephanie leaned down, sucking my
dick and then she began licking up my come.

I watched Stephanie lap up my jism from her friend’s prone
form. Tyra egged her on, calling her a come loving whore.
Stephanie didn’t react negatively but kept slurping it up
until she began sucking on Tyra’s tit. I took this cue and
dropped behind Stephanie, tasting her pussy for the first
time. She rocked her pelvis up, telling everyone, “Oh, you
eat pussy great.”

I did my best, eating that supermodel’s snatch as best I
Stephanie got off again and a new burst of her juice flowed
out. Unlike some other women, she actually had sweet tasting
pussy juice. It was almost like honey. On the other side of
Stephanie I heard Tyra cry she was coming and I looked over
the model’s thigh, seeing three white fingers sliding in and
out of Tyra’s engorged pussy. The model was twisting and
squirming, Stephanie’s lips still locked on a tit, not
allowing Tyra to feel anything but pleasure.

I moved around, dropping my head to lick at Tyra’s clit, while
Stephanie finger-banged her. Stephanie pushed Tyra’s legs up
and she agreed, raising them into the air and spreading her
legs to give us great access to her holes. Stephanie’s tongue
went for Tyra’s ass hole, while her fingers worked her pussy
with my tongue getting the fringes. Tyra screamed, her whole
body shaking as we drove her over the edge with our dual
tongue action. Stephanie stopped fingering Tyra’s pussy and
slid a juicy digit up her friend’s rear. Tyra clenched her
eyes and I could see her pussy actually contracting and new
dollops of juice bubbling up as she went through one more

Stephanie withdrew her finger and got off the bed, leaving me
to dab my tongue down that dank hole where nobody is supposed
to venture. Tyra just moaned her approval. Stephanie
returned, a small vibrator buzzing in her hand. She slid the
device up her friend’s coochie and withdrew it, slapping
Tyra’s leg, “Roll over.”

Tyra did as she said, sliding a pillow under her pelvis. I
pushed my fingers into Tyra’s pussy, feeling my cock grow.
Stephanie coated the vibrator with Astroglide. On the bed sat
another two vibrators and a double dildo. The supermodel
began working it up her friend’s asshole. Tyra groaned. I
spread her ass cheeks more and the vibrator began to move in
deeper and deeper until only about an inch of still remained
visible. My fingers worked more frantically and I watched
Tyra squirm and felt her pussy squeezing and going nuts around
my hand. My fingers and the pillow were going to be soaked.

Feeling my hardness almost back, I twisted around, so that my
cock was hanging by Tyra’s face. She opened her mouth,
tonguing my dick. She would do this for a few licks until
another orgasm would pass through her. I was getting hard by
the instant but then Stephanie moved my hands out of Tyra’s
pussy. She took the double dildo and began feeding one end up
her friend’s trench. My cock was rigid instantly. The black
dong disappeared more and more into Tyra as she grumbled, “Oh,
fill me with that thing. Deeper, deeper, deeper.”

Finally most of the ten inch side was up her pussy. Stephanie
then straddled Tyra and I reached out, pointing the dildo up
to her pussy. Stephanie slid down lower and lower and lower
until she was close to touching her cunt against Tyra’s. The
vibrator in Tyra’s ass still buzzed I couldn’t believe what I
was seeing. Seeing Tyra face down with pillow under her hips,
a dildo in her cunt and a vibrator up her ass was amazing, but
seeing Stephanie fucking the other side of that dildo was even
more amazing.

Tyra and Stephanie grunted in unison as the blonde rode up and
down, forcing the dildo to move in both of them. I thought
about what I could do but the options were limited. I
couldn’t fuck Stephanie or Tyra really. Stephanie solved that
problem by pulling the dildo out of Tyra. Standing over us,
the dildo hanging from her pussy was so sexy. I leaned down,
licking up the length of the black shaft, taking up Tyra’s
come. Tyra love it, “Suck her black cock!”

I did until it was coated with saliva. Tyra got on her knees
and Stephanie dropped opposite her. I grabbed the end of the
dildo and fed it back up the ebony queen’s pussy, the vibrator
still going. Soon the two women were bumping asses, the dildo
acting as their surrogate cock. Stephanie looked at me jerking
off, “Put that in me.”

I didn’t know where at first but then picked the logical hole.
I lubed up my cock and straddled the women. I pressed down
and Stephanie stopped moving, though Tyra continued banging
herself with the dildo. My cock pressed in more and more until
finally I felt my balls on the dildo. The two women were
screaming in ecstasy. Crouched over her like that, I couldn’t
get much in the way of a good stroke going but it didn’t
matter. I was so hot from seeing them fuck with the dildo and
that fact that my cock was in Stephanie’s ass that started
coming after only ten strokes.

“In my mouth,” Stephanie commanded and I did as she asked,
pulling out of her as come dribbled from my shit stained dick.
I jumped off the bed and moved around to her face, yanking
off. Long hard streams, blasted up into Stephanie’s opened
mouth. Most of it hit her face but a portion got into her
mouth. As I finished coming, I settled back on the dresser,
leaning there, starting at the sight.

Tyra got off the dildo. She plucked the vibrator from her ass
and the turned around, twisting it’s second head up.
Stephanie braced herself as her friend slid the second cock up
her rearend. The comer covered supermodel cried in pleasure,
shoving her thin body back at the two intruding, huge black
phalluses. Her whole body was shaking and she eventually
slumped forward, the double dildo sticking out of her two

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