Celeb Tails 1: Anna Nicole Smith

Celeb-Tales: Anna Nicole Smith

by Gold Leader

I had been in LA for a few years working lame jobs until I got hooked up with an
agent. Actually, the agent wasn’t all that great either, but through him I got
to attend parties. Not “A” list parties but “B” movie parties — the kind of
movies with the words desire, passion or bedroom in the title. I was at one of
these parties, sizing up the multitude of bimbos we represent, deciding which
silicone starlet to take home that night when I spotted an actress — I use this
term loosely — who had recently taken the plunge into the
soft core “B”
industry. She had made real movies, but problems with alcohol and drugs led to
her being blackballed. I heard she was now straight, but the full tumbler of
brandy in her hand said otherwise. The two guys she was talking to, didn’t seem
to mind that she was a bit sloshed, especially with the way she was moving
around, threatening to break open her halter top dress with her giant breasts.
I moved in closer and immediately joined the conversation. Up close, it was
obvious this platinum blonde was a very big girl, almost of Amazon quality. I’m
only about 5-9, and with her heels on she towered over me. The night wore on and
the drinks kept flowing. By 1 a.m. she asked me if I’d like drive her home. She
gave me the keys to her Corvette. I shouldn’t have been surprised, white trash
seems to love American made cars. The former Playmate of the Year and I hopped
into her bright red convertible and sped off for her place. As soon as we
entered her apartment, a modestly decorated place, she immediately informed me,
"I gotta pee."
She entered the bathroom adjacent to the living room, not bothering to close the
door. I glanced over seeing her reflection in the mirror. She hauled up her
skirt, revealing the hourglass hips that helped make her a star for a time. I
looked away before she pulled down her underwear, giving her some dignity. I
could stilled clearly hear her peeing though. From inside the bathroom she
called out, "Pour me something to drink and get yourself whatever you want."
I made her a Scotch on the rocks and got a soda for myself. She emerged from the
bathroom smiling. She thanked me for the drink and immediately slammed back half
of it. I followed her into the living room. She pulled at her dress and moved
her arms in circles. "I can’t wait to take off this dress and get in bed."
I didn’t say anything, waiting to see if she would push this to the point of
making it obvious what she was after. It’s not often one is faced with a
playmate who wants you as much as you want her. She swallowed the rest of her
drink and I took it from her, offering to get her another. I poured her more
Scotch and turned around to see she had definitely taken the initiative.
"So do you want to fuck me, or are we going to sit around drinking all night?"
she asked me.
Upon finishing her sentence, she reached behind her neck and undid the clasp on
her dress. The red halter top dress fell off her massive breasts and with one
mighty shake of her hips, and a push from her hands it fell to the floor. There
stood Anna Nicole Smith in the middle of her living room wearing only a red
thong and high heels.
"I didn’t want to assume anything," I told her.
She walked directly over to me, her chest swaying in the most mesmerizing
fashion. She pressed her face close to mine. I could feel her breasts pressing
against me. Her hand traveled down my shirt and over my crotch. She gently
squeezed my stiffening dick.
"Well, I assume this is for me," she said to me as her hand began to roughly
massage my penis.
She hadn’t even kissed me yet, when she dropped to her knees and opened my
pants. Her hands fished in my pants and withdrew my dick. Anna leaned over and
dragged her lips along my length. Her hand stroked me softly, while her tongue
darted out dabbing at my pisshole. I was stiff in no time.
Anna slipped my cock between her lips, lewdly slurping it into her mouth like a
pornstar. The big blonde was one hell of a cock sucking machine. I reached down,
holding her face and I began to rock to and fro, using her mouth like a cunt.
Anna groaned and held onto my thighs. She was loving it!
I stopped fucking her face and released her. She immediately unbuttoned my pants
and pulled them down. She pulled away from my hard tool for just a moment while
she yanked my boxers down. Without much of a pause, Anna immediately swallowed
my dick again. I’m not exactly hung, but I’m not used to women swallowing me
without any effort. Anna’s hands traveled up and down my legs. One hand
eventually settled on my scrotum, rubbing my balls. Her other hand massaged my
ass. I could feel the pressure building on my orgasm.
"I’m going to come," I told her.
Anna pulled away from me and her hand wrapped around my dick. She began jacking
me off hard. I groaned and she beat my dick harder. Jism blasted from my dick,
the first spurt landing on her face. She laughed and continued jerking my
erection. More of my come spurted onto her face and all over her chest. She
continued wanking me until I couldn’t come anymore. The last of my jism oozed
out and she leaned forward, slurping my flaccid dick into her mouth for one more
I knelt down, French kissing her. Anna giggled and the two of us found our way
completely onto the carpet. I kissed my way down her neck and lapped up my own
semen. Anna massaged her cunt, while watching me kiss her breasts. And what
amazing breasts she had. Yes, they were fake, but for some reason on a girl that
big it seemed all right. I sucked on her breasts until Anna pushed me toward her
pussy. Her underwear was off in a flash and I tossed the sopping wet garment
aside. She had a nice shaved patch and I ran my tongue up and down the blonde
carpet over her pussy.
Anna didn’t hesitate to tell me what she wanted, "Lick my pussy!"
I immediately obliged, pushing my tongue into her sopping box. Anna’s thighs
tightened as my mouth fell on her. I glanced up to see her massaging her own
breasts. I pushed her legs skyward and she immediately parted them as much as
possible. My mouth fell back on her slit and moments later I had one finger
sliding in and out of her hole.
Anna’s clit made its first appearance and it was huge. Her clit had to have been
at least two inches long. I found myself sucking it and fingering her like
crazy. Anna moaned and groaned, her body writhing on the carpet. I kept this up
for ten minutes, adding another finger and increasing my attention on her
clitoris. By the time I finished Anna had orgasmed at least five times. Her
whole body was covered in sweat and a look of pure lust was on her face.
I sat up and stroked my penis. She didn’t hesitate to spin around onto all fours
and take me back into her mouth. She was a tremendous cock sucker. I leaned
forward, pushing my fingers back into her pussy while she gave me head. As soon
as my erection returned, Anna pushed me onto my back and straddled me.
The big woman slowly slid down on my saliva covered cock, grunting as she did
so. I reached up grabbing handfuls of the two things that made her famous. She
hit the base of my dick and began to pump up and down on me, each stroke down
shoving her clit into my lower abdomen. She leaned forward, hands supporting
herself on either side of me, while I sucked on her giant jiggling tits. One of
my hands snaked down, and I thumbed her clit. Anna shook violently, her cunt
contracting on my dick. I wouldn’t last long if her pussy kept that up. She was
in Nirvana though, her breath coming in short grunts of air when she landed at
the bottom of each stroke.
"Lean back or I’m gonna come again," I warned her and she listened. She leaned
back, her pussy stretching around my dick. She still pumped but slower. Sweat
poured off her body. I reached down, rubbing her clit again and watching her
body tense up and explode with another orgasm. This woman was on fire.
I reached under her thick thighs and she leaned back more, allowing us to switch
positions with her on her back, legs draped over my thighs. I rocked into her,
watching, mesmerized while her tits slid up and down with my strokes. She
reached between her legs, fingering herself again. The cunt slammed down on me
once more and I about blew my wad. I had to give myself a breather.
I pulled out and hefted her legs up, propping them on my shoulders. Her legs
were so heavy! Anna rotated her pelvis and guided me back into her stretch cunt.
From this position I was getting good penetration but she wasn’t too tight for
me. After about two minutes I needed to get them off my shoulders.
I pushed her legs to the sides, and she kept them pulled back and in a vee.
Leaning in, I took a nipple in my mouth and gently clamped down. Anna shrieked
and began thrusting hard against me. Her hands clawed at my shoulders and I
began driving into her faster and faster. Sweat from my head fell on her chest.
I felt her hand slide down to her clit again. She groaned and her back arched,
squeezing down on me again. I stopped moving for an instant, watching her go
through one more orgasm. I stayed in her, hard but unmoving.
"Can we change positions? My back’s gettin’ rug burns," she told me.
I agreed, my knees taking a beating from the rug too. We uncoupled and she stood
up. She leaned over the couch and flipped on the TV. I stepped up behind her, my
hands traveling up her sweet ass. I remembered seeing pictures of that shapely
ass before and jerking off thinking about doing this big woman from behind. She
changed channels to Spice and on the screen was a girl getting done by a second
girl with a strap-on. I took my cock and began pushing it up Anna’ s pussy from
behind. She parted her legs more and bent over the couch, face on the screen.
I was up her in seconds. As we fucked, I hunched over her big body, my hands
going around her to grab those breasts. What guy hadn’t dreamed of fucking this
chick from behind while playing with these mothers? Anna met my thrusts but her
face was glued to the TV.
I whispered in her ear, "You ever have a girl fuck you?"
"You ever think about it," I asked, moving my cock in circles in her.
"Uh, uh, uh, kinda."
"Did you want to fuck Victoria?" I asked, regarding Victoria Silvestedt the
playmate she posed naked with. "Huh? Did you imagine her fucking you like this
with a dildo?"
I reared back and began really slamming into her from behind. Her ass jiggled
with each stroke and I could see the reflection in a mirror of her tits swinging
wildly. Anna’s eyes were half closed, her mouth open. She was grunting with each
new penetration by me.
“Harder!” she demanded.
I couldn’t say no to that. Soon I was fucking her with everything I had. The
couch began to rock up, we were moving so violently. Her head began to thrash
around. “Ugh, ugh, ugh. Yes! Yes!”
I couldn’t hold back any more and come surged from me. I continued sliding in
and out of her as her pussy milked me dry. Finally, I could come no more. I fell
over her hot back, my hands travelling around to grasp her tits. Anna moved her
ass still, trying to get more out of my dick. On the TV screen Jill Kelly
finally came and Jeanna Fine fell next to her, the fake cock sticking straight
up. I felt my penis slip from her dripping snatch. I rose up and Anna slowly
stood too. She turned to me and we kissed. She took my hand and led me to the
bedroom, where we slept until daybreak.
I awoke the next morning and she wasn’t there. I heard the shower running, so I
decided to get myself something from the kitchen. I grabbed a glass of juice and
returned to find her standing in the bedroom wearing a white robe. She was
brushing out her shoulder length blonde hair. I came up behind her and wrapped
my arms around her waist, pressing my body against hers. My penis stirred as I
realized it was pressing between her ass cheeks.
“Aren’t you a horny dog?”
“Funny I was just thinking about the way dogs do things.”
Anna laughed. My hands slid up, pushing under the robe to cup her breasts.
Slowly I rubbed my hard on up and down her ass. She looked back at me confused,
“Do dogs do this?”
I thought or rather hoped she was kidding but I realized otherwise, “No, I was
referring to doggystyle.”
Anna suddenly pulled away from me, very upset. “I don’t do it like that. Only
homos get dicks in their butts.”
“Whoa,” I said, taking her hands. I guided her to sit on the bed. “Calm down.”
“I don’t know what all we did last night or what ideas you got, but I don’t let
nobody put his thing there.”
Man, I liked her better drunk. Even more maddening, before I hadn’t even thought
of doing her in the rear, but at that moment that’s all I could think about.
“When I said doggystyle, I wasn’t referring to anal sex. I just meant I wanted
to do you from behind.”
She eyed me suspiciously. I leaned in and began kissing her. She kissed back
hesitantly at first and as my hand grasped one of her exposed tits, she began to
loosen up. Anna fell backward and I leaned over her, sucking her breasts. My
hand traveled between her thighs and I rubbed her pussy gently. Without saying a
word I slipped off the bed and parted her legs. My mouth descended on her cunt
and minutes later her clit was sticking out, waiting to be sucked.
Anna slid back further on the bed and lifted her legs high and wide. I attacked
her huge clit again, sucking it like a small cock. Anna was loving it. I rocked
her pelvis and slid my tongue down further, dipping in her trench. After tongue
fucking her for a minute, I pushed a finger into her gash, the moisture
spreading. My tongue flicked lower, dabbing at her asshole. I couldn’t help
“Oh, that feels weird,” she told me.
I took this to mean she enjoyed it and began alternating between her clit, ass
and pussy. By the fifth time I drove my tongue in her ass, Anna let out a yelp
and orgasmed.
“Get onto all fours,” I told her and she did, glancing back over her shoulder at
my stiff meat.
“Don’t you want me to suck you?”
“I just wanna fuck you,” I told her, slipping my cock into her well worn pussy.
Anna rocked her body back and forth and we found a smooth tempo. I slowed for a
moment and Anna reached up, grabbing the bed’s headboard. With her hands on the
head board she was pretty much doing all the work and I held her waist, watching
her slide up and down my dick.
I decided to go for broke and licked my thumb. As she rose up, I pushed my thumb
against her asshole. Anne slid down, pushing my thumb up her own ass. She let
out a yelp and her head twisted back to look at me. “That’s so nasty.”
I pulled it out and she let out a groan to complain. Grabbing both of her arms,
I held them behind her back and really began shoving my dick to her. Her giant
breasts flopped around and her head thrashed, threatening to his my face. I
shoved her face first into the bed and really began fucking her hard. Anna just
kept pushing her rear up to meet my dick. I slid my thumb back in her ass and I
felt Anna orgasm.
“So nasty,” she mumbled into the covers as I fucked her.
I kept up the assault until I could take it no more. I felt my orgasm surging
up. I yanked my dick free and jacked off all over her wide ass. Anna giggled and
squirmed, loving my come spraying on her. When it was over, I licked my spoo off
her rear and proceeded to eat her and give her another rim job. Needless to say,
we didn’t leave the bedroom for another three hours.
I had been staying at Anna Nicole’s place for about a week and to be honest I
was getting bored. She was pretty good in bed, and it was fun holding onto that
bountiful bust when we screwed, but she wasn’t very adventurous. To top it off,
the girl was dumb as a box of rocks. And she has some weird phobias. I had stuck
my finger in her ass once while we made love and afterward, even though she came
like a banshee, she suggested maybe I was gay. She told me quite flatly if that
ever happened again, I’d be out. Not that that would have been so bad
considering I was only around for the so-so sex, but still I was hoping to use
her to meet more people.
Finally, she told me her agent had gotten her a guest shot on Pam Anderson’s
“VIP”. Now there was a woman I felt could get my juices flowing. I only hoped
her divorce had toned her down. I had to drop some big hints to get Anna to
invite me to the set, but she thought I just wanted to be around her.
The first day of shooting was done in Malibu and Anna was given her own trailer.
I perused the days shots and discovered to my chagrin, my Amazonian fuck toy was
not in any scenes with Pamela. In fact, she wasn’t in one of the scenes to be
filmed that day. After watching ten minutes of Anna’s dreadful acting with some
body builder-type, I retired to her trailer. I dozed off while watching an
episode of “Silver Spoons” and had a wonderful dream about Erin Gray.
I woke up to hear slurping sounds. I couldn’t mistake the origin of that sound,
as Anna was a very noisy cock sucker. The only problem was, my dick was trapped
in my boxers. I heard a male voice say, “Oh, you give great head. Yeah, that’s
it, take it all down your throat. Oh shit yeah.”
I couldn’t believe she was blowing a guy with me in the trailer. Oh well, I had
planned on fucking Pam eventually. I listened to this guy give – pardon the pun
– a blow by blow, feeling my own dick rise up. Unable to listen any longer, I
got out of bed and pulled back the curtain.
The himbo from the scene she had been working on was sitting on the couch. His
pants were open and Anna was kneeling on the ground, one hand holding the base
of his huge dong while her mouth sucked on the remaining five inches. He was
pretty thick too, making even her big mouth stretch to accommodate his cock. He
stopped talking the moment I opened the curtain, but Anna, that little slut,
kept his dick in her mouth and turned to face me, still sucking him.
“Oh shit, you got a boyfriend,” he exclaimed, pushing her off his dick. Long
strands of saliva still connected her lips to his throbbing organ. She looked
pissed off.
“Why’d you push me off. I thought you was likin’ my head.” The guy pointed
toward me and Anna put her hands on her hips, defiantly. “Him? He doesn’t care
about me.”
“Why do you say that?” I inquired, I asked, unable to hide my displeasure.
“You didn’t even watch us shoot today.”
“But why are you sucking this guy off here?”
“I thought I’d get you back by bringing this donkey stud back and fuckin’ him
good. Right here. You don’t like it, you can leave.”
“No Anna,” I said to her, “Why didn’t you bring him back to the bedroom.”
“Cuz you was sleepin’ there stupid.”
“I would have gladly woken up to watch this,” I told her exposing my semi-hard
dick. I began petting my penis and the two of them looked on shocked.
“You mean, you wanna see me and this guy do it?”
“Yep,” I told her, standing inches from her face.
Anne turned back to the guy’s dick and pushed it into her mouth once more. I
dropped by boxers and sat up on the edge of the built-in couch, stroking my cock
while Anna Nicole Smith gave another guy head. After five minutes, he looked
like he was going to shoot a gallon of come from his softball size balls.
Anna pulled away from him and stood up. She turned away and pulled her small,
tight yellow dress up. He reached out immediately, yanking her thong down. With
one hand he yanked his own nine inch crank while he licked at her pussy. Anna
bent at the waist and looked between the guy sucking her pussy and me. “Stick
you tongue deep in my cunny, Tad.”
Tad, obviously his name, obliged, driving his tongue deep into her. She looked
at me stroking my dick, and licked her lips. Her eyes seemed to be glazing over
as his oral ministrations continued. Anna placed one foot back on the couch,
spreading herself for him more. It worked because she immediately went off,
“That’s it, that’s it. Oh, yeah.”
Her free hand dove to her clit, rubbing it furiously. Her thick thighs and ass
jiggled from how hard she was working herself. She began panting and thrusting
her ass into his face. Tad, pulled away and slapped her ass. Anna exclaimed in
delight. She pulled her leg down and bent way over. “Spank me.”
Tad went to work, slapping her ass so hard it left hand prints and sucking her
pussy after each loud whack. The girl was an undulating, quivering mess of
orgasms. I could smell her pussy from five feet away. The juices flowing from it
were running down her legs.
Finally, she pushed him back and back onto his cock. He held it and she slid
down the entire shaft, her lips curling as that thick beast slid all the way up
her. Leaning back on him, he reached around and pulled her dress’ top down,
exposing those breasts. His hands kneaded them while she wiggled on his cock.
I stepped around between them and reached down. Licking my fingers, I grabbed
her clit and began squeezing it. Anna screamed in pleasure, rocking so hard the
trailer moved. She roared through another orgasm and I saw tad’s face contort as
her pussy sucked on his dick. Her hand shot out, grabbing my cock. She pulled me
forward and I watched her take me into her mouth. While she bucked on one guy’s
monster dick, Anna Nicole gave me head and I played with her tits.
I finally pulled away from her blow job and Anna looked upset. She climbed off
Tad’s dick and kneeled on the couch, swallowing his tool and waving her ass for
me. I immediately took the invitation, pushing my tool into the pussy it had
called home for the past week. She was extremely stretched by Tad. I’m not
small, but this guy was huge and he was making her cunt sloppy. I tried my best,
bucking against her, but it was not terribly pleasurable. At least playing with
her clit kept her going.
Finally, I dabbed my thumb in her pussy and pushed it against her ass. Anna
seemed to loosen up and my thumb slipped in. I kept that up for a few minutes
and then added another finger, while continuing to play with her clit. Anna was
moaning around his dick and come was practically flowing from her pussy.
Tad saw what I was up to and he egged me on while he played with her big tits,
“Stick you dick in there, man.”
I decided what the hell. I pulled my fingers out and gently pressed the head of
my cock against Anna’s loosened asshole. She didn’t offer resistance and in fact
seemed to push her big ass toward me more. I took the invite and pushed more.
Soon I felt my pubes running against her ass. Tad let out a groan and I knew he
was coming. I stayed still and let Anna do the moving her head bobbing faster on
his cock. Apparently it became too much for her because she spit out his tool
but kept running her lips along the side of it. Tad roared and come gushed onto
the side of Anna’s face.
As his orgasm subsided, I began rocking in her ass. Anna’s eyes were closed and
she was grunting and pushing her powerful lower torso against my thrusts. I took
a hold of her cheeks and really began moving faster. She groaned and increased
her matching thrusts. I looked down to watch my dick spearing into Anna Nicole
Smith’s bunghole. I never expected to fuck her here and certainly not with
another guy.
Anna’s speech came out garbled and I felt her body tightening and shaking. She
was having one hell of an orgasm. I kept it up, knowing my come was on the way
too. The trailer was actually rocking again from our motions and I felt her
fingers diddling her clit. Sweat poured off our bodies. I couldn’t believe I had
held out coming for so long. Doing Anna’s virgin ass was so exciting. A knock at
the door vaguely caught my attention but I kept pounding her.
“Fuck her ass! Fuck her, fuck her!” Tad chanted.
And Anna just moaned under me. She screamed into Tad’s dick and her ass nearly
squeezed my dick off. I shot my load into her bowels. As I finished my orgasm
the knock at the door came again and then it opened. I’m not sure who was more
shocked me, Anna or Pam Anderson. The look on her face told me she liked what
she walked in on though.

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