Celeb Tails 2: Pamela Anderson [Parts 1-2]

Gold Leader Celeb Tails : Pamela Anderson Part 1/2 (MF, oral,
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Tales (or as I call them, Celeb Tails). I have no idea how
many more I will write. If I grow bored with them, I’ll stop,
but I have no idea when I’ll move onto another topic.

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Tail 1: Anna Nicole Smith
Tail 2: Pamela Anderson
Tail 3: Rebecca Gayheart
Tail 4: Denise Richards, Nicole Eggert

This story is intended for people over the age of 18. If you
are under 18, you’re probably more interested now in this
story. Go visit the Goo

Goo Dolls homepage or something.

I’m not sure this was the best or the worst way to
meet someone for the
first time. I guess if I had been meeting my
mother-in-law-to-be, I would have been extremely embarrassed,
but considering it was only Pamela Anderson, I can’t say I
felt I made a bad impression. In fact, from the look on her
face, she seemed quite intrigued by what she saw. Oh, what did
she see? Well there was Tad, a muscle bound non-actor doing a
small guest shot on Pam’s show "VIP" and there was washed up
pin-up girl, turned slosh Anna Nicole Smith and there was
yours truly. Of course the predicament was a bit more than
three of us having a piece

of pie together. Pam had walked into Anna’s trailer and found
Anna, face covered in Tad’s come, nose deep in Tad’s crotch,
while I was just finishing up my orgasm in Anna’s asshole.

The three of us looked at the door like deer in
headlights. And there
stood Pam looking like her two fake tits were going to tear
the seams from summer dress. Other people would have covered
their mouth in shock, but Pam had probably walked in on
something close to this at least. Come on, she had been
married to a Motley Crue member and had dated Scott Baio.
Well, maybe she hadn’t seen it with Scott, but certainly Brett
Michaels and Tommy Lee had shown her such debauchery.

"Is it a bad time?" she asked in her sweet, girlish
voice. She didn’t
exactly wait for an answer because she entered the trailer and
the three

of us stood there like idiots. I reacted first, probably
because she was the closest to me. I pulled myself from
Anna’s wide ass with a pop and offered my hand to Pam, "Jeff."

Pam looked at my hand and politely shook her head.
"Thanks, but I
think we can shake after you’ve washed up."

Anna unsteadily rose to her feet and realized either
how freaking big
this chick was or how tiny Pam really was. The only thing
they seemed to have in common was lots of silicone. Of
course, Anna looked a little

more disheveled covered in sweat and dripping come from her
face and ass. She didn’t quite look Pam in the eye, "Hi,

"Anna, you seem to have made yourself some friends
rather fast."

Anna wiped at the jism on her face. She grabbed my
boxers from the
floor and really dried her face off. She looked so
embarrassed. "I’m so. . . I just have never had someone walk
in. . .while, you know?"

"I’ve got a video on the internet," Pam reminded her.
Pam’s eye fell
on Tad’s dong and I actually saw her lick her lips. If you’ve
seen her video, this chick can swallow a Louisville slugger.
"Although, mine was

only with one person."

Tad practically jumped up, "I’m Tad, Miss Anderson."

"He’s an actor on the show," Anna added. She looked
around discombobulated.

Pam looked at me, "And you’re a lighting guy?"

"No," Anna said, passing me to get into the
refrigerator, "He’s just a
guy I’m fucking. We met a week ago."

She pulled out a beer and looked to everybody else.
Pam and I declined
but Tad took one. Pam sat down at the trailer’s kitchen table
and crossed her legs, showing off those tight thighs that had
looked so good

every week in a red one-piece swimsuit. "I was coming by to
take you to

dinner tonight, but it looks like you may be in for the

Anna stopped drinking immediately at the mention of
food. If there was
one thing that woman liked more than booze, it was food.
"Where do you want to go?"

After dinner, Pam led the four of us back to her very nice
house. We’d had a good time after all and I discovered she
wasn’t a fool after all. She wasn’t a rocket scientist, but
the girl could hold her own in a conversation. Plus, about
halfway through dinner she began rubbing my leg. By the end
of the evening she was slowly stroking my hard-on through my
jeans and I had returned the favor, rubbing her thigh. Anna
had behaved in a typical Anna way – she got blitzed. So did
Tad. When we got back to the house she turned on some music
and started dancing.

"I’ll get some snacks," Pam told us and disappeared
into the kitchen.
I watched Anna dance and she asked for someone to join her.
Tad hopped up and the two began grinding together. I knew
where that was heading and to be honest, I’d been there and
done that enough. What I wanted was in the kitchen.

I opened the door and Pam was leaning against the
counter pouring chips
into a bowl. She glanced over her shoulder at me and smiled,
her long blonde hair whipping around. "Hey? Are they still

I came up behind her, standing right over her
shoulder. "Let’s hope
for not too much longer."

I placed my hands on either side of the counter and
pressed myself
against her amazing upturned ass. I know people dig Pamela
Anderson for

her chest, but I tell you that woman has the finest ass and
pair of legs

around. I can only think of one other woman who is set up

Pam stopped messing with the snacks and cooed. "It’s
been awhile since
I’ve felt that."

"I doubt that," I told her pushing harder and letting
her feel my
stiffened cock in my pants. She pushed back.

"Hey! I haven’t gotten laid in two months. I’m not
some bimbo, you

"No offense intended," I told her backing off. I
placed my hands on
her waist and pressed against her again. "Let’s forget the
snacks and find something else to eat."

She looked back at me, lust in her eyes, "They’ll be
passed out within
an hour."

Pam handed me the bowl of chips and dip. She reached
into the liquor
cabinet and withdrew two full bottles of Scotch. She was
right, they’d be out cold in an hour if she had her way.

We stepped into the living room to discover maybe the
bottles of Scotch
were unnecessary. Anna was down to her bra and panties, while
Tad’s pants were pooled at his ankles. The big blonde’s mouth
was firmly wrapped around his huge cock and she was slowly
drawing back and forth on it. Pam let out a gasp when she saw
this. Tad just stood in the middle of the room, Will Smith
pounding on the stereo, while Anna Nicole

Smith gave him a hummer. His eyes were glazed over and he was
undulating slightly into her mouth. She, of course, was
making her trademark pornstar slurping noises.

Pam and I returned to the kitchen where we left the
food and booze.
She took my hand guiding me toward her bedroom When I asked
why we weren’t going back there she said, "I’m not big on
group sex. You end up all sticky and you don’t know who’s
doing what to you. It hasn’t been fun in the past."

Who would argue? I followed Pamela into her bedroom.
Where were her
kids, I wondered briefly and then thought it didn’t matter
because they weren’t there. Once in her room she glided
toward the stereo turning on a Luther Vandross CD. I glanced
around the tastefully decorated room, noting her four poster
king size bed. She turned to me and we began kissing. Her
lips were as soft and succulent as I had expected. Her thin
hands traveled over my body, stopping to undo my pants.

"Wait," I told her, gently pushing her away. "I gotta

She laughed and pointed me toward the master bath. I
stepped in and
went to undo my pants, discovering along the way that she had
done that for me. I pulled out my dick and was just starting
to pee, when I felt a presence behind me. "Care if I help?"

Pam’s chin rested on my shoulder and I could smell her
perfume clearly. Her delicate hands came around me from both
sides, taking my dick in her hands. I had never had a woman
hold me while I peed. I was

getting stiff as the urination wore on. "I love the feeling
of thingsrunning through a dick. Piss, come, it doesn’t

"You’ve done this before?" I said, as the urine
stopped flowing. She
pressed her hard tits into my back. Her hands shook my dick,
the last drops falling it out.

"Tommy loved it when I’d do this."

"Lucky, man," I said honestly.

"He liked it more when I did this," she told me as she
slithered down.
Pam turned me by the cock. She grabbed a piece of toilet
paper and wiped my cockhead and then looked into my eyes as
her tongue traveled over my pisshole. She put just the head
into her mouth and began rolling it around her lips and
tongue. Wow! Sure, I’d seen Pam Anderson sucking Tommy’s big
dick, but having her do it for me was so incredible. She
pulled my cock out of her mouth and held it up. Her mouth
slid down the underside of my erection, until she reach my
boxers. Gently her manicured fingers pulled my jeans and
boxers down. I stepped out of them. She pushed my dick up and
licked at my balls. Finally she took one into her mouth.

Pam was squatting and she scooted around me, kissing
my thigh as her
hand grasped my cock and jacked me off. Her kisses kept
circling me until she was planting them on my ass cheeks. She
dragged her tongue up each cheek. "Lean against the wall."

"What are you doing?" I asked her, curious but turned
on. I’d never
had a girl’s face directly on my ass. She slapped my butt
with her one free hand, because the other was still stroking
my shaft.

"Do it. Trust me," she said with authority. Leaning
against the wall,
I felt Pam’s tongue dab at my asshole. Her hand released my
dick and cupped my balls, while her other hand pried at my
ass, opening my cheeks. She jammed her tongue against me
again and I unintentionally grunted. She let go of my balls
and used both hands to open my ass. I’d never had my ass eaten
before and I was finding it exciting and quite stimulating.

"Push your ass out. Think about how you want a girl
to stand when
you’re sucking her pussy from behind," she told me. And I
opened my legs more and shoved my ass out. "Yeah, that’s it."

Oh my! Her tongue began pushing more and more. Soon
I let my ass
relaxed and Pam Anderson’s tongue slid into it. She pushed
her lips around my starfish and began fucking me with her
tongue. I exclaimed without realizing it, "Shit! Oh, damn!"

Pam pulled her mouth away and I felt something press
against me butthole. Her pinky finger? She reached under me
and stroked my cock. My dick was so hard it felt like it would
break. "Unclench your ass."

"Sorry. This is a little new," I told her, relaxing
again. I felt
Pam’s pinky slip up my butt. She moved it slowly at first and
then faster. Soon she was pushing in while pulling away on my
dick. When she’d pull back, her finger would slip out. Her
lips brushed my ass and

I felt her blowing on it. This was too much! "I’m going to

Pam yanked her finger out of my ass and stuck her head
between my
legs. With her back to bathroom wall, she pulled my dick
into her mouth and clamped down. I blew my wad when I saw
those lips on my cock again. My orgasm was so crazy. I had
had a huge one earlier with Anna,

but this was draining. My ass and balls tingled as my cock
pumped more and more come into her mouth. I felt my balls
quiver, as though squeezing out ever drop of semen.

When it was over, Pam let go of my penis and I
backward. She
was smiling with glee, a bit of jism on her chin. Her dress
was around her waist and she hand a hand on her soaked white
panties. She was still slowly rubbing herself.

"My turn," I told her. She smiled and held out her
hands. I lifted
her up and followed her back to her bedroom. She went to
unbutton her dress but I stopped her. I sat down on the bed
facing her. We kissed lightly and I licked my come from her
chin. I grasped the first button on her dress, it was
strained by her solid breasts. I was fumbling with

the button and Pam watched amused.

"Nervous?" she asked. I looked down to see my hands
shaking. I guess
was. I’m about to fuck Pam Anderson. I still couldn’t get
the buttons to work. Pam laughed softly and told me, "Just
rip it open."

I grabbed the thin material and tore it open. Oh, my!
She wasn’t
wearing a bra and when I roughly pulled the dress open, Pam’s
firm, fake

tits jiggled sexily. My mouth fell on one nipple and then the
other. Pam clutched at my hair, egging me on to suck her
breasts. While I did that, my hand traveled down her flat
tummy to her musky cunt. I could clearly smell her sex and it
was getting me hard again. My hands caressed Pam’s thighs,
feeling the curve of her ass and where it met her

legs. She was amazing.

Still suckling her tit, my I flipped my hand over and
rubbed her

pussy. Pam exhaled and opened her legs some. She settled on
my hand, rubbing with my movement. I gently bit her nipple
and she cried out, "I’m com. . . coming. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"

I moved my hand harder and pulled her nipple away
some. She was going
nuts. I could feel her thighs shaking. Her chest was rising
and falling and I felt her hair cascading on my head. She was
coming all right and I was making it happen! Pam suddenly
pushed me back on the bed and climbed atop me. Her mouth
mashed against mine, while her pelvis still rocked on my hand.
I captured her lower lip, sucking on it. Pam’s legs
tightened and relaxed around my hand. She cried out again,
getting off once more!

As her orgasm ebbed, I rolled her over and descended,
trailing kisses
over her chest and stomach. I reached her underwear and
rubbed my face against the damp, now transparent material. I
turned my head, layering her thigh with kisses. She smelled
like heaven. I pushed her thigh up,

kissing the back of it and then the sides. My tongue traveled
down her hamstring to the back of her knee. Pam watched me,
fingers tweaking her

own nipples. She was so radiant. I kept moving along her
calf and came

to her foot. She opened her mouth to say something but closed
it and rolled her eyes as my lips wrapped around her pedicured
big toe. I’m not normally a toe sucker, but this woman could
get me to do anything.

I sucked it in and then allowed it to slip out. I
reached out with my
knuckle and began rubbing her pussy again, while sucking her
toe. She writhed on the bed, her legs trying to move, but I
had one securely. She came again, and her hands went to mine,
pushing it away from her snatch. "Stop! I’m gonna die if I
come again."

I laughed and pushed both of her legs into the air.
Even in the this
position, her ass and legs looked spectacular. I kissed the
backs of her thighs and finally pressed my face into her damp
cunt. I pulled the

underwear aside to discover that famous shaved pussy. Her
lips were dripping and engorged beyond belief. My tongue slid
in with ease and she loved it. I spent ten minutes eating her
pussy before I pulled off her underwear.

With her underwear off, my mouth meandered to her ass.
Pam’s eye lit
up as I dabbed at her butthole. I did my best to duplicate
what she had

done to me. I pushed and pushed and Pam relaxed fast,
allowing my tongue access like I wouldn’t have expected.
Unlike Anna, Pam was exactly what I was looking for sexually.
My tongue banged deeper and deeper into her rear, while my
fingers rubbed her clit. Pam began to orgasm again, this time
grabbing my hair and shoving me toward her cunt. I lapped at
the vaginal secretions flowing from her hairless cunt.

I smiled up at her after the orgasm. She looked
worried and then a
smile spread across her face as my pinky began to worm its way
up her butt. I used my index finger in her pussy hole and my
thumb began stroking her clit. I kept her thigh open while
doing this, blowing cool

air on her clit. Pam shrieked and her ass lifted off the bed.
"Yes, yes! Yes! YES! YES! Oh, YEAH!"

See part 2

Gold Leader Celeb Tails : Pamela Anderson Part 2/2 (MF, oral,
anal) Gold_Leader_Celeb@yahoo.com
Tell me what you think. Reader response and input, always
provokes new and better stories.

This story is intended for people over the age of 18. If you
are under 18, you’re probably more interested now in this
story. Go visit the Goo

Goo Dolls homepage or something.

I withdrew my fingers from Pam Anderson’s secret
spots. Her juices and
sweat had left a huge pool at the base of her ass. Reaching
up to her mouth, I held out my index finger and she sucked it
lasciviously. Reluctantly she began to let it slide from her
pouty lips. She reached down, grasping my half-hard dick.
She tugged me up to her mouth and I straddled her chest,
leaning forward to let her get my cock back in her mouth.

I held her head up, while her lips and tongue played
on my organ. The
surgery on her lips was money well spent from my point of
view. Pam had

no problem taking my average-sized erection to the hilt. She
was, as we

all knew, very familiar with guys equipped more like rhinos
than humans. Her long, delicate fingers gently juggled my
balls during the blow job.

Once completely hard, I pulled my cock from her mouth
and leaned down
to slobber on her hard tits. She knew what I was up to
immediately, "Roll over."

I dropped onto my back and Pam sucked me down again.
Her head bounced
over my dick with ease. She pulled up and looked me in the
eye as a huge ball of spit fell on the head of my cock.
Pushing my legs apart, Pam settled on her knees between them
and leaned forward. Her hands grasped each of those store
bought tits, wrapping them around my tool. Wow! Rocking up
and down, Pam used her small body and those two d-cups to make
me stiffen even more. When she’d slip down, her mouth would
wrap around my head, her tongue twisting it slightly.

Suddenly she shot up and squatted over me. Her thin
hand wrapped
around my cock and she pointed it at her self. I felt her
smooth, hairless cunt rubbing on my head. She reached out
with the other hand, opening her pussy, while I held her from
under her ass. Pam’s sweet wet

hole welcomed my dick and she smiled crookedly, sliding down
on my dick. Pam reached forward, resting her hands on my
chest. I released her ass and grabbed handfuls of her tits.
Pam’s blonde hair fell on me,

tickling my stomach. She began to literally bounce on my
dick, calling,

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

I squeezed her tits harder and began to slide up to
meet her thrusts
it. This worked well for about twenty strokes until my dick
popped out of her. She put me back in but the same maddening
thing kept
happening. Now I knew why only porn guys get girls to jump up
and down on their flag poles, they’re the only guys with flag
poles for dicks.

Pam twisted around and looked back at me. She settled
back, opening
her pussy for me, "Put it in," she demanded in a husky, Barb
Wire voice.

I guided my dick back into her waiting hole. Pam slid
back and fell
onto my chest. This was nice. Reaching around her body, I
could play with her clit and tits, while we rocked. She
opened her legs wide, allowing my fingers to get to her nub.
Pam’s head twisted, kissing me. We fucked like this for about
five minutes. It felt good, but I want to

do some serious deep dicking.

"Can I get on top?"

She didn’t answer but climbed off me, falling on the
opposite side of
the bed with her thighs lewdly open. I knelt between them and
found a home in seconds. Oh yeah. Our mouths met as my
pelvis crashed into hers. Her strong thighs wrapped around my
waist and her legs crossed over my back. I began to pound her
and Pam tilted her head back, exposing her neck. Showering
her neck with kisses, I could feel her hard tits digging into
my chest. Sensing explosion was coming, I pulled

up to my knees. She still had her legs wrapped around me. I
reached under her, lifting her by her ass. Pam pushed her
back off the bed with

her elbows. She rocked her pelvis against my pumping rod.
Her tits jiggled slightly, her hair everywhere.

I placed her back down and a grabbed one of her
thighs, twisting her slightly. I pushed Pam’s leg into the
air over my opposite shoulder and
straddled the other leg. She reached down, pushing my cock
back into her cunt. I began pounding her once more. Still
holding her calf with one hand, I licked my free fingers and
pushed my index finger in her ass

again. Pam’s eyes widened in surprise. Her pussy was making
loud squishing sounds but the moment I wedge my finger in her
ass, her hole seemed to tighten on me.

"Fuck! Oh yes! Yes!" she screamed. And I knew I was
hitting pay
dirt. This woman was a fucking machine. Her head bounced
more than her

tits as I slammed into her again and again, causing her hold
body to shake. Pam began making a long low moan that due to
my persistent pistoning made her sound like,

Her pussy clamped up again and she let out a scream.
I didn’t want to
hold back any longer and released my goo, filling her pussy.
I kept moving after my orgasm subsided, Pam’s hand frigging
her own clit. She had another orgasm, even with my dick soft.
I pulled out of both her holes and collapsed next to her.

We lay there for several minutes. The room reeked of
come and sweat.
Her chest was still rising and falling. I leaned over,
kissing her smooth back. She arched her back as I licked at
the sweat. "You’re insatiable."

"Only with someone this sexy.," I told her. She
rolled over and kissed
me. We watched each other for a few minutes before she spoke

"Are you staying the night?"

"I imagine so," I told her.


She got off the bed and turned off the lights. I was still
mesmerized by the silhouette of her magnificent form as she
climbed back into bed. We fell asleep spooning.

I awoke the next morning to find her asleep on her side. I
kissed her soft neck and ear. She mumbled but nuzzled deeper
into the pillows.

"Don’t you have to be at work today?"

"I work Wednesday through Friday," she grumbled. I began
kissing my way

down her spine. She moved and I felt Goosebumps on her back.
I kept moving though. There it was again. That ass. Her
cheeks were perfect halves. I kissed her ass cheeks and
gently bit down on them. I dragged

my tongue down her butt crack, licking up all her sweat and
even some of

the come she had gotten on her backside. Pam lifted her thigh
into the air , allowing my access to her butt and pussy. "Are
you always this horny?"

"Yes," I told her. My mouth fell on her pussy. Five minutes
later her legs were shaking and she was sopping wet again.
Pam rolled onto her tummy and I settled between her sweet
thighs. I kissed every inch of the backs of her thighs.
Reaching her ass, took extra time, nibbling those cheeks. I
parted her ass cheeks and dabbed my tongue at her smooth
starfish. I felt Pam’s body tense and she gasped. My tongue
pushed harder and my hand traveled down to rub her pussy.
Soon my tongue was pushing in completely. I had my mouth open
on her backside, tongue up her butt and she was starting to
moan again.
Slowly I pulled my index finger from her snatch and placed it
at her ass. Pam adjusted herself, pulling her legs forward
and angling her pelvis up. This way I could finger both holes
and I did. Then I rose up behind her and began rubbing my
tool on her clit, my finger still up her ass. Pam began
quaking and flipped her head around, "Just fuck me already!"

"You asked for it," I told her, sliding my erection back up
her pussy. She let out a low ugh and I pulled my finger from
her ass. I grasped her tiny waist and began driving into her.
Pam had her face mashed into

the pillows. I leaned forward, draping my body over hers.
Her arms were splayed out and I covered them too. With my
face right by hers, I kissed at her ear, while my dick drove
in and out of her receptive pussy.

Finally I pulled out and leaned back. I stroked my dick and
then aimed it at her third input. I pressed against her anus
and Pam said
nothing. I pushed further and the head of my dick wedge up
her ass. She grunted as I pushed deeper. I stopped, enjoying
the sensation. She

was tight. Not as tight as Anna had been, but this position
was probably helping some. She looked back over her shoulder,
her face contorted. "It’s not all in me."

I pressed more, my dick slipping in until I felt my balls
against her pussy. I glanced down at my dick, completely up
Pam Anderson’s ass. My

hands traveled up her back and I saw her head was turned. She
was gritting her teeth and unmoving. "Do you want me to pull
out?" "You got it in there, now fuck my ass," she told me,
practically hissing. I began moving slowly in, caring more
about how she felt than when I had down Anna. My tempo began
to increase and Pam was loosening up. I grabbed her the sides
of her ass and thighs and really began to move on her. Pam’s
hand slide down and I paused, allowing her to begin frigging
her own clit. We began fucking again and she was soon pushing
back and pulling away from me.

Her ass clamped down on me so hard suddenly that I thought it
would be crushed or ripped off. She shrieked and her body
went nuts under me convulsing. I kept moving as much as
possible and her orgasm seemed to last a minute before I
couldn’t hold back any longer and came and came. When it was
over, I fell to the side, dick popping free. We lay there
breathless. I massaged her back and she groaned. I was
concerned I might have hurt her or something, "Something

"I said, ‘I guess I won’t be wearing a thong in that scene
tomorrow,’" she told me with a giggle. We laughed and she
rolled over, looking at me. "That’s the first time I’ve had a
real guy in there in years. Tommy was too big for that."

"I imagine," I told her, shuddering at the thought of
that man’s

freakish dick going there. "What do you mean by real guy?"

"Tommy and I would use a dildo or vibrator but not
him. He sure liked
doing me with a vibrator in my butt. He said he could feel it

"Maybe we should give it a shot."

"Tomorrow," she said and fell asleep on my chest.

I woke up an hour later and left Pam sleeping while I wandered
out to get a drink from the kitchen. Tad was on the floor,
naked and asleep. Anna wasn’t around. I glanced at the clock
and saw it was almost seven. I wondered if she had left for
her "VIP" guest shot yet. As I was drinking some juice I
heard the toilet flush and Anna emerged naked. She didn’t
seemed too fazed, considering I too was naked.

"Morning," she said with a twang.

"How are you doin’?" I asked her.

"My head’s hurtin’," she told me and then she rubbed her large

"And my butt is killing me."

"Sorry about that," I told her. "I shouldn’t have."

"Nah, I don’t think you’re the only one who put his thing
there yesterday. I think Tad did me that way last night when
I passed out. Come is all over my butt this morning. Why do
you guys like that so much. You can’t all be fags."

"It’s because we’re not supposed to."

"Oh," Anna said, her way of telling me she didn’t understand.
She looked at my naked body again and the logical turn of
events seemed to fall together for her. She looked back
toward Pam’s room. "Did you two? You know?"


"I can’t believe that. She had sex with you! After she saw
what you did to me yesterday?"

"Ain’t life grand," I said, finishing my drink. I kissed Anna
on the cheek and passed by her. "Call my cell phone the next
time you wanna have sex. I think I’m gonna be stayin’ here

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