Celeb Tails 6: Denise Richards and Nicole Eggert

Gold Leader Celeb Tails : Denise Richards,

Nicole Eggert Part 1/2 (MFFM, anal)
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Tail 1: Anna Nicole Smith
Tail 2: Pamela Anderson
Tail 3: Rebecca Gayheart
Tail 4: Denise Richards, Nicole Eggert

This story is intended for people over the age
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After my rendezvous with Rebecca, I wandered
back into the party. I surveyed the crowd and
saw Pam talking with a another fat
producer-type. They were deep in conversation,
so I decided to pass on interrupting. Heck, she
could be lining up a job. I made my way to the
bar, popping a breath mint into my mouth. I
didn’t want to kill the taste left by Rebecca’s
bits and pieces, but I feared what people might
smell on my breath. I felt a soft, familiar
hand stroke my neck. I turned slowly to see

“Are you bored?” she asked with a worried look.

“No,” I told her with all sincerity, “I’ve been
meeting people.”

“I saw you talking to Rebecca Gayheart and then
you disappeared. Did you, you know, hook up?”

“Pam, that’s a weird question.”

“Well, maybe you should for tonight.”

“What does that mean?”

She glanced back at the man she had been talking
to and waved
discreetly, “I think I’m going to have company
tonight. Nothing personal, it’s work related.”

“I gotcha,” I told her and gave her a peck on
the cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Half an hour later I spied Pam and her weeble
wobble friend depart arm in arm. I can’t say I
was too bummed, but I now felt a burning need to
find somebody else. Heck, I didn’t even have a
place to crash or a way to get there. I
returned to the bar, fetching a soda. I heard
someone saunter up beside me, “How’s the evening

I turned to the speaker and almost spit my drink
across her low cut red dress. It was Denise
Richards, the real star of the Kevin Bacon opus
“Wild Things”. She and her male friend had
walked in on Rebecca and me making love an hour
earlier. I hadn’t been too bothered by that
fact until now. Of course, it was becoming
quite normal for people to see me screwing
lately. “Fine, thanks. Yours?”

Denise smiled, her big mouth, parting, “Where’s

“No idea.”

“You ditched her already?”

“We’re not a couple or anything. We just met a
few hours ago.”

Denise took a long sip of Margarita and then
shot back, “Didn’t I see you come in with Pam

I nodded and glanced away from her. Was she
trying to make me feel bad? She took my arm,
“Why don’t you come over here with me. I’ll
introduce you to some of my friends.”

I followed her immediately. She led me to a
table where the guy I’d seen earlier with Denise
was sitting. Also at the table sat Nicole
Eggert wearing silk slacks and a tank-top, the
coat for the outfit resting over the chair. I
was introduced around and the conversation
started flowing immediately.

I’m not sure how this had all happened, but it
was quickly appearing to me that these Hollywood
women had some kind of competition going. Pam
wanted me because Anna had me and then Rebecca
let me fuck her just because I had come in with
Pam. And soon I found myself facing the
distinct possibility that Denise and Nicole
might be interested due for similar reasons.
Denise was intrigued by Rebecca and Nicole knew
I had come with Pam, a person she apparently had
some bad blood with. I faintly recalled reading
something about Pam stealing away Nicole’s then
boyfriend of many years ago, Scott Baio. Go

As the party was winding down, Denise asked all
of us if we’d care to come back to the house she
was renting in the hills. I had nothing else to
do and maybe it would be a good place to crash.
There was also the fact that BOTH of the women
had been finding ways to touch me often. So, the
four of us thanked the host and left for the
party. I rode with Nicole in Supra Turbo, as we
followed Chris’s car.

The three of them had more drinks and we talked
for quite awhile before Chris suggested we all
hop in the Jacuzzi. Let’s see, Denise Richards
and Nicole Eggert in swimsuits. That’s a tough
call. Chris offered to let me borrow one of his
suits, but he was a huge guy in the six-four,
two-twenty range, so that wouldn’t work. I
decided to just hop in wearing my boxers. Chris
was in simple shorts. Denise and Nicole
followed us soon after.

Denise dropped her robe and I could see why
“Wild Things” should have been more successful.
I know she was a swimsuit model at one time and
boy could she model one. Unlike Pam, who looked
sexy as hell in a swimsuit, Denise’s curves were
more understated, with her fake breasts nicely
matched to the rest of her body. She had pulled
her long brown hair back in a pony tail, giving
her an even more youthful appearance.

Beside her Nicole unwrapped her towel. Talk
about two sexy versions of yin and yang. As she
had appeared on “Baywatch” Nicole had a soft,
short, roundness about her. Due to her small
stature, Nicole looked almost stocky, with a
very curvy hips and full natural looking bosom.
Of course, I’d seen “Blown Away” and then her
transformation on
Hassleoff’s tit-fest, so I knew those babies
were fake. Still, the doctors had down a
tremendous job.

“Do you like Nicole’s suit,” Denise asked us.
“It’s mine. The bottom’s a little snug, but
we’re about the same up top.”

“Looks great to me. You both do,” I told them.
Nicole turned to drop her towel and I really
understood Denise’s comment about snugness. The
bikini bottom was riding way up Nicole’s ass.
Denise turned too, but her bottom was a thong,
so it was designed to show off those two pert,
round cheeks.

The two settled into the spa, Nicole nearest to
me. The drinking and talking continued until
Denise broached the topic, I knew was coming:
sex. “Do you know how I met Jeff, Nicole?”

Nicole shook her head no. Denise smiled, “He
was fucking the hell out of Rebecca Gayheart.”

“Oh,” Nicole said, slightly shocked. “Is she
your girlfriend?”

“No,” I told her, and then I realized that might
sound bad. Oh well. “We just had a fling.”

“So, tell me, were you just doing her from
behind,” Denise asked me, her foot sliding under
the water to land on my crotch, “Or in her ass?”

I felt my dick go rigid almost instantly. This
was killing me. But Nicole answered for me, “I
doubt it was in the poop chute, she told me she
thinks that’s nasty. She’s so prudish.”

“What’s prudish about that?” Denise challenged,
driving her foot into me harder.

“That’s right, you don’t do . . .” Nicole let
the sentence trail off.

“I have to!”

“Yeah like once,” Nicole announced with a laugh.
“Chris you ever have anal with her?”

Denise glared over at Chris, who answered
hesitantly, “Sure, once. But we were both
loaded. I don’t even remember it.”

“I do,” Denise declared. She looked at me a
glaze in her eyes. “Pam ever let you do the
third input?”

Everyone looked at me instantly. I turned
bright red and decided the best answer was, “A
gentleman would never tell.”

“That’s such a yes,” Denise proclaimed.

“I bet she did the first time you screwed,”
Nicole added.

We were all silent for a moment and then Denise
announced, “The wine’s empty, I’m getting more.
Nicole come with me.”

“But,” Nicole started to say and then realized
what her friend wanted. The two climbed out of
the spa and headed into the house. Chris
grinned at me.


“Dude, with the way Denise is acting, I know
she’s lookin’ for some group stuff.”

“You can’t be serious,” I said to him.

“We’ve done it before and this is how she works
it,” Chris said, reaching under the water and
tugging at his suit I presumed. “Nicole’s been
hanging out with her a lot and I was hoping this
would happen like it did with Neve.”

“The chick from that Fox show? Not the hot one,
but the other one?”

“It was awesome, man. Me and her guy got to do
her in-” he stopped in mid-sentence when the
girls returned. They settled into the spa,
refilled glasses and bottle to boot.

“Chris what were you two talking about?” Denise
asked, seeing her boyfriend’s excitement.

“Nothing,” he lied.

“Were you talking about the last time we were in
the spa?”

“Yeah,” he said sheepishly.

“You know, I’m so tipsy right now, that sounds
good to me,” she told all of us. My eyes bugged
out and Chris just smiled more. Denise glanced
my way and I looked at Nicole who appeared
confused. “Let’s see that sexy dick of yours,

“You bet,” Chris said, hopping up on the edge of
the spa. He had a tent-pole already. Denise
smiled and ran her hand up the bulge. She
grabbed his waistband and pulled it down,
freeing his thick cock. She didn’t say a word
as her big lips parted, easily taking him into
her mouth. We were across from them so we
couldn’t see much more than her head bobbing
slowly up and down his knob. He looked skyward,
groaning. Denise rocked around, standing up, and
bending over, with her ass, pointed at us.
Chris looked at his two shocked onlookers.
“Don’t be shy you two.”

I thought that was an invitation for Nicole and
me to go at it, but Ms. Eggert had other ideas.
She leaned forward and began kneading Denise’s
ass and kissing her cheeks.

My dick about exploded when I saw Nicole’s thin
lips purse and fall on Denise Richard’s wet ass.
As Nicole kissed lightly at Denise’s rump, her
hand slithered around, cupping her friend’s
thing covered pussy. Denise groaned around
Chris’s dick, and jutted her ass back, pelvis
rocked out. I wondered if she knew it was
Nicole kissing her ass and rubbing her off.
Then again, who cared.

My own hands slid under the water, finding
Nicole’s round, soft ass. I squeezed those
sweet cheeks and then hooked my thumbs in her
tight bikini bottom. She rose up for a second,
allowing me to pull her bottoms down. Her ass
was bulbous and felt wonderful. As soon as the
suit down, she settled into the water, leaning
forward, kissing the thin material over Denise’s
snatch. I pushed my hand back up between
Nicole’s legs, brushing over her wet labia.
While masturbating Nicole, I watched in
fascination as she worked on Denise.

I had seen pornos, of course, of women making
love. But to see it for real, was unbelievable.
Especially with these two amazing stars. Nicole
pulled down Denise’s thong bikini bottom and ran
her fingers up and down Denise’ slightly hairy
cunt. She wasn’t bushy by any means, but had a
thin carpet, that she obviously kept trimmed.
Nicole parted her friend’s lips and dipped her
tongue into that glorious, dripping hole. I was
still frigging Nicole, but all of my attention
was on the action in front of me.

Nicole began probing deeper and deeper with her
tongue, her fingers keeping Denise’s pussy wide
open. I unconsciously found myself yanking my
crank from my boxers and stroking it. I slowed
my hand movements, wanted to stay hard, but not
blow it too soon. My other hand kept up the
work on Nicole’s twat though and it seemed to be
bearing some fruit as she would occasionally
stop sucking Denise’s pussy and rock back on my

I reached up from my cock and unhooked Nicole’s
top. Sliding my hand down, I cupped one of her
infamous fake tits. Wow, they were actually
soft. Who ever had done the reconstruction
after the “Baywatch” balloons fiasco, was an
artist. Unlike Anna and Pam, Nicole’s tits
almost felt real. They were just too firm for a
girl with c-cups. I found her stiff nipple,
pinching it lightly. Nicole became stiff and
pulled away from Denise’s pussy, closing her
eyes. That was it. My hands went into
overdrive and I had Nicole clutching Denise’s
ass in no time, her mouth opened in ecstasy.
Denise glanced back from the blow job she was
giving to her boyfriend. “Stick something in

Nicole responded by shoving a finger in her
friend. Denise groaned around Chris’s dick. He
was in heaven, opening his eyes to see his
girlfriend getting worked by another starlet,
while he got head. I kept up masturbating
Nicole, watching her go through another shaking
orgasm. She added another finger to her friend
and dipped her head down to dab at Denise’s ass.

“Oh that feels so good,” Denise grumbled, her
head twisting to see her friend finger-banging
her and giving her a rim job.

See Part 2

Gold Leader Celeb Tails : Denise Richards,
Nicole Eggert Part 2/2 (MFFM, anal)
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This story is intended for people over the age
of 18. If you are under 18, you’re probably
more interested now in this story. Go visit the
Goo Goo Dolls homepage or something.

“I’m gonna come soon,” Chris told Denise
watching with excitement while his girlfriend
jerked him off and writhed in delight. I let go
of Nicole Eggert’s cunt and slipped forward,
beside her, my mouth falling Denise Richard’s
exposed anus. Nicole’s head dropped to her
friend’s pussy again, while I began seriously
tonguing her butt. This was probably the first
time Denise had two tongues working her because
she came and came. Her body went nuts, ass
wiggling like crazy.

“Shit yeah!” she screamed, as my tongue pressed
into her back door. I reached up roughly
grabbing one of her tits. I squeezed that
saline pouch and then ripped the material down
to really get at one of her dripping tits.
Nicole kept up her finger assault too, while her
mouth blew cool air on her friend’s exposed,
dripping slit. Denise kept groaning and moving.
She had completely stopped working on Chris,
who was tugging his own dick and watching with
complete lust.

Chris moved away, allowing Denise to grab onto
the edge of the spa. I kept up the tonguing,
while Nicole applied her third finger to the
girl’s pussy. I felt the water sway and then I
heard Nicole grunt. Her fingers disappeared. I
looked over to see that Chris had sat back in
the water behind Nicole and pulled her down on
his cock. She bounced up and down, her tits
jiggling, while Chris looked to be in heaven.
He reached under her arms, grabbing big handfuls
of her boobs.

Denise glanced back to see her boyfriend fucking
her friend. “Fuck her good, baby!”

I pulled myself back to Denise, sliding two
fingers right up her snatch. My tongue was
definitely driving in more and more and she was
loving it. She would glance back adding,
“You’re gonna make me come again.”

Behind me the movement stopped and I heard them
move. I glanced back to see Nicole on her back
on the edge of the spa, legs parted, while
Christ rammed away with his thick cock. Her
head rolled about, tits rocking while he plugged
away in her cunt.

“I’m gonna fuck you, Denise,” I told the girl,
so turned on by now that I was certain I’d come
in moments. She merely shoved her ass back
more, ready for it. I took my super hard dick
and traced up and down the girl’s pussy. She
was so ready, demanding I fuck her. I pushed
against her loosened hole and was in to the hilt
with one shove.

“That’s it!” she groaned. I began robustly
fucking the pretty
brunette, while hearing the sounds of flesh
behind me slapping
together. Nicole was crying out, while Chris
was breathing heavily. The water in the spa
sloshed about as the four of us coupled like
dogs in heat. I leaned forward, running my hand
over Denise’s hair. I grabbed her ponytail and
began really riding her. She went bonkers, her
thrusts increasing to match mine. We crashed
into each other over and over, her cunt taking
me with ease. My other hand went to her face
and I slipped a finger in her mouth. Denise
lewdly sucked it, like a small cock.

I pulled my finger out of her mouth and placed
in against her ass. Denise cried out as I
pressed in. “Relax your ass.”

She did and I slowed my fucking, pushing my
finger deeper with each thrust. Soon, I had my
finger going all the way up her butt, while my
dick did her slit. She was running through
orgasms so fast, I thought she was going to
faint. Her arms began to let out and I could
feel her falling. I pulled out of her and
guided her up onto the Jacuzzi’s side. I
grabbed her robe and tossed it down. Denise
flopped forward on it, flat out, her pelvis
jutting backward and up.

I resumed fucking her and my finger found it’s
way up her asshole in an instant. Denise had
her head turned to the side, eyes closed,
moaning. Her whole body shook with each of my
thrusts. She lifted her head, crying out, “Ugh,
ugh, ugh, ugh!”

I couldn’t hold back any longer and my dick
finally released like a gusher. I felt her
muscles contract too, especially her ass. She
almost ripped my dick off her pussy squeezed me
so tightly. After the fifth surge, I pulled
away, exhausted. She just laid there, ass and
pussy exposed to the world, unmoving. Come
seeped from her insides.

I glanced at Chris who was laying on the deck,
Nicole was sitting back in the water, head
thrown back, exhausted. They must have come
already. I just didn’t hear it. I slipped back
into the water and rose up in front of Nicole.
I reached down, lifting her up, and onto the
side. “I hope you’re not too tired for me to
eat that pussy.”

Nicole smiled and leaned back, spreading her
thick thighs. I dove in on her Spartan carpet.
The taste of chlorine was hiding that succulent
flavor I loved about chicks. She reacted rather
quickly though as my mouth found her clit.
While I worked her pussy I heard movement on the
deck. Then Nicole’s body began to move. I
glanced up to see she had Chris’s dick in her
mouth. I continued my mouth work, keeping my
eyes up to see him playing with her tits.

His dick fell from her mouth and she began to
undulate against my mouth. She grabbed my hair,
shoving me deeper into her pussy. Now I could
smell and taste the rush of new juices. “Right
there, right there,” she mumbled before getting
Chris’s cock shoved back in her mouth.

“Aren’t you gonna let me feel that thing,”
Denise asked from behind us. I pulled away from
Nicole’s pussy, replacing my mouth with
fingers. A thumb on her clit and two in the
chute sure seemed to be bringing her off. She
squirmed around, coming again. Chris hopped
back into the spa and crossed to his girlfriend.
I looked back to see Denise was on her back,
legs on her boyfriend’s shoulders while he
worked fucked her.

I rose up and stroked my dick, trying to bring
him back to life completely. Nicole reached
down, her little hands jacking me off. The two
of us watched Denise and Chris fucking. I
slipped a finger back in Nicole’s cunt, and she
reacted instantly. Chris took Denise’s leg and
flipped her on her side. She was looking
directly at us, while her boyfriend’s dick slid
in and out of her sopping pussy.

“I wanna fuck you,” Nicole told me. I sat up on
the deck and she straddled me, settling that
sweet little pussy on my dick. The two of us
fucked slowly, watching the couple across the
spa. “That looks so damn sexy.”

I didn’t answer, enjoying the feeling of this
little pixy’s already worn in cunt. My hands
massaged her tits, and then one slid to her
crotch. I found her trigger and began hitting
it. Nicole began bouncing faster and let out a
groan. She contracted around me over and over.
She then glanced over, proclaiming, “He’s doing
her ass!”

My head twisted and sure enough, Denise had one
leg extended in the air and her boyfriend had
his penis halfway up her poop chute. Her face
was twisted in a mixture of anguish and ecstasy.
Chris looked like he had never been happier.
He pushed in and pulled out and then pushed in
deeper. Soon he was in up to his balls resting
on her girlfriend’s ass cheek. He leaned over
her, her leg, crossing over his opposite
shoulder and he began moving slowly.

“Fuck her good,” Nicole egged him on, still
rocking on my dick, although I was too wrapped
up in seeing the little “Starship Troopers” babe
getting a third input. “Do her ass. Fuck it!
Fuck it! Fuck it!”

Chris added his own commentary, “Damn. . .
you’re . . . so. . .tight. Ugh! You like . . .
it here? Huh?”

“It burns,” Denise told him.

Nicole suddenly pulled off me and turned around.
She squatted over me, guiding my dick back into
her, with her back to me. From behind and in
that position, she looked like she had a wide
ass. She glanced over her shoulder at me,
telling me, “Stick your thumb up my ass.”

I licked it and did just that. Nicole breathed
out deeply, completely settled on my dick,
leaning forward some so my finger would fit up
her. From the side of us we heard faster
movements and Denise wasn’t groaning so much as
making a low sound like,

The two of us looked over to see Chris was
fucking her much faster now, his attention not
even on the woman trapped under him, but far
off, to prolong the satisfaction. He was taking
longer and longer strokes and you could see in
his face he could die at that moment and be

I couldn’t take it any longer. I told Nicole,
“Get up and bend over.”

Nicole did instantly. She leaned over onto a
lounge chair and reached back spreading her ass
cheeks. I straddled the chair, lowering down
behind her sweet rearend. She didn’t mince
words, “Stick it up my butt.”

“Yes,” Chris cried out from the side of the spa.
Chris was coming and Denise had a hand in her
own pussy, her face revealing she was going
through another major orgasm. Not wanting to
miss out, I guided my cock-head to Nicole’s
somewhat loosened back door. I pushed down and
took a few strokes in that wet pussy again. She
wasn’t happy though.

“I want a dick in my ass!”

I did as she wanted, and pressed in. Oh my, she
was tight! Pam and I usually worked up to this
quite a bit more. Even Anna hadn’t seemed this
tight and I took her anal cherry. Nicole’s
hands let go off her ass cheeks and she reached
up, grabbing the sides of the chair. I pressed
in more, holding her ass apart now.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, all the way,” she grumbled,
head twisting back to see me. Her eyes were
wide with excitement and lust. She closed them
tightly as I pressed more. She wasn’t loose
enough and too dry, I thought.

“You need more lube,” I told her, feeling like
my dick would break in her tight backdoor.

“Fuck me!” she demanded and pushed her ass up to
meet me. I felt her ass give and suddenly my
balls rested against her cunt. I took a hold of
her waist and began sliding in and out of her,
Nicole’s face
contorted, hands clenching the chair’s sides
tights. I started finding a rhythm and then she
pushed back into me. “Uh, uh, uh.”

Suddenly Denise appeared beside us. She reached
down and under Nicole’s torso, her hand finding
her friend’s pussy. “Yeah, there you go.”

“That feels so good,” Nicole screamed, as I
fucked her ass and her friend rubbed her snatch.
We were gonna get her off in no time and it
sure happened. Every muscle on Nicole’s body
tightened and her head twisted around, mouth
open in a silent scream. I felt her ass spasm
around my cock and I began pumping her harder.
“Yeah, fas. . .fas. . . faster. Faster! Fas. .

I was pumping her so hard the chair was moving
on the deck. The little blonde’s ass and body
rose to meet me. Denise’s hand was rubbing
frantically at the woman’s twat and she was
screaming for more! I couldn’t take much more
and when her next orgasm hit, that ass cinched
up on me and I blew.

“I can feel you coming,” Nicole announced as her
own orgasm rocked her small, sweaty body. As
her rear milked the last of my come, I pulled
back, feeling like I would feint. Nicole’s head
fell forward as my dick escaped her anus, her
breathing short and shallow . Come gurgled out
of her ravaged brown eye. I tried to steady
myself . Denise leaned over, tongue dabbing at
her friend’s butt. As I moved away, Denise,
moved in, pushing Nicole’s legs apart, so she
could get her head in to do some pussy and ass

I sat back down in the spa near Chris, the two
of us exhausted. I would be amazed if I could
screw again that night.

To be continued . . . with a new Celeb Tail.

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