Celeb Tails 6: Fran Drescher

Gold Leader Celeb Tails : Fran Drescher Part 1/1 (MF)

I climbed off the sagging, soaked bed and looked down at Markie,
fast asleep. She was on her side, her well used pussy and ass still
leaking fluids, mine and hers. My dick gave a little surge, wanting
to rise for one more ride. Just a few days ago I was shocked at how
many times I’d had sex in a twenty-four hour period, yet I’d gotten
off three times with this woman in two hours. I loved being young.

To those poor guys who fall asleep after the first orgasm, eat your
hearts out.

I still couldn’t believe my luck. What had happened to my life? A
month earlier I was working as a gopher for an agent who represented
only silicone injected bad "B" movie actresses. Since that time I
had briefly shacked up with Anna Nicole Smith before finding my way
to Pam Anderson, whom I’d been living with for close to three weeks.
Even within that time I’d gotten my fair share of new celebrity
pussy, taking on a gaggle of Hollywood’s young beauties and an hour
earlier I had just gotten done fucking one of my all-time teenage
fantasy women. Hell, of the batch, Markie was probably the best so

Sure Markie was getting up there in years, but damn if she didn’t
know how to make someone have a good time. She didn’t have Pam’s
perfect ass or Anna’s awesome cocksucking ability, but she was game
for anything so far. Boy did she like to talk dirty. Damn!

I leaned down and kissed her cheek. She mumbled and snuggled into
the sheets we had soaked with our sweat and come. Odds were good
she’d want to sleep a bit more to get back her energy. The whole
room was rank, which wasn’t unusual for a motel anyway. I headed
for the shower.

When I finished showering I emerged from the bathroom, towel around
my waist. Markie was waiting for me, fingers in her quim, a porno
channel blasting away with some gorgeous black woman, Heather Hunter
I think, getting eaten out by a sexy little blonde who had a guy
plugging her from behind.

"Took a long enough shower," Markie said, still buggering herself.

"Sorry," I said, watching with utter fascination as she unabashedly
played with herself in front of me. I’d had girlfriends who would
have never dreamed of doing such a thing. I’d known her less than
six hours. I felt my dick slide up and poke through my towel.
"Want something besides your fingers?"

"You just took a shower."

"I can take another," I told her, eagerly climbing onto the bed.

Three hours later I dropped Markie off at the studio so she could
get her car. I piloted Pam’s Jag home, stopping along the way to
get take out. As she had told me earlier, she was out. I ate and
crashed, sleeping so soundly I never heard her get in bed with me.

I woke up the next afternoon, still drained. I wandered to the
kitchen and found a note from Pam. She was out to lunch with a
friend and then she was spending time with her kids tonight. Could
I make myself scarce while they were around. Apparently the boys
disliked guys other than Tommy being around their mom. What a

I wasn’t too disappointed, as I had tentative plans with Markie. I
searched for her number in my cell phone and called her with Pam’s
landline. I’m unemployed, give me a break! Markie picked up on
the third ring, "Yes?"

"Hey, it’s Jeff."

"Hello, nasty boy," she said in sultry way.

"How are you feelin’?"

"My body’s not used to that kind of thing," she told me, "But my
friend said I’m glowing. She thinks the studio interview went well.
What could I say? I wasn’t going to tell her I made love to a
young stud all afternoon."

"Is she the one you want me to meet?"

"Listen to you, you horny thing. No she’s not. Listen, I think you
should come over here and then we’ll go to the dinner party."

"What time is the party?"

Markie paused and then answered, "Eight-thirty, so get here around

"How far away is the party? Are we going to Vegas?"

"No, you need to get here early because I need something. Before I
get ready."

As Markie directed, I arrived at close to six – LA traffic playing
hell with exact time tables. She greeted me wearing a robe, and we
took a nice hour long bath together. Markie let me try all three
inputs in her large tub for two, telling me she wanted to have me at
least once more before her friend got the chance. After that, I
didn’t care if her friend was bucktoothed, balding and had a
hunchback. Heck, I would always recall the water sloshing around as
Markie rode my dick screaming at me to fuck her in unmentionable

We dressed, me in five minutes and naturally her in an hour. She
emerged from her preparations wearing a sexy black dress that did
everything to draw eyes to her cleavage and away from what she
thought was a belly. I thought her sexy as hell everywhere, but you
can’t convince some people. We took her Explorer to the party,
Markie telling me she wanted to know for sure she could get home
that night.

The party was in a magnificent home. Whoever lived there was big in
the industry, no doubt. We climbed the stairs to the front door and
Markie pushed it open, not even bothering to knock or ring the bell.
I followed her. To our right in this mansion we heard laughter and
the two of us walked toward it. We entered a beautiful living room
where about ten people talked.

It was typical Hollywood. Older and fat balding men had stunning
playmate quality women on their arms. Two attractive women in about
their late thirties to early forties were accompanied by himbos.
Actually, it dawned on me, I too was a himbo. But I had come with
Markie Post, not some television or movie bigwig. People don’t jerk
off about Sherry Lansing, they think about Pam Anderson. Eat your
hearts out boys.

Markie introduced me to one of the women, whose name I forgot
immediately. I wasn’t after a series after all. They chatted it up
and then I heard a nasally New York voice behind us. Markie spun
around, embracing a woman with tons of long black hair. When they
pulled apart I about dropped my drink. This was a legitimate star.

"Oh, who is this gorgeous thing," Fran Drescher said, holding out
one of her slender hands. She was wearing a tight black turtleneck,
that showed off her stunning, thin physique and a floral print
miniskirt that did even more to show off what I like best about
women, her legs. I know, I’ve talked quite a bit about Markie’s
chest, but she’s an adolescent fantasy come true. As I matured, I
found that legs were the keys to Nirvana.

I took Fran’s hand and kissed it, giving her my most charming smile.
Her eyes twinkled back at me. "It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms.
Drescher. I am Jeff."

"You keep looking at me that way and we’ll have to send everybody
home," she droned, letting out one of her trademark laughs. "And
it’s Fran, darling. Ms. Drescher if you’re nasty."

Markie laughed and leaned over whispering to Fran. The Nanny’s
eyebrow shot up and she really eyed me then. Then Markie said a
little louder, "Jeff and I met at the studio cafeteria yesterday."

"All I ever picked up there was the flu," she cackled to her friend.
Fran reached out, running her hand over my chest, "I must say,
Markie, you do find some amazing things."

"I didn’t find him," Markie countered. "Pam Anderson found him."

Fran put her hands on her hips and glanced from Markie’s chest to
me, "So, I guess a flat broad like little ole me doesn’t stand a

"I’m a leg man," I told her. "And from what I see you’ve got some
of the nicest legs around."

"Would you listen to this one," Fran said laughing and grabbing my
arm, "He could charm the panties off a nun. You definitely need to
sit by me at dinner. You do know that I’ve been without a man for
long, long time, darling."

Fran, Markie and I talked for quite awhile until a guest spilled a
drink and Fran went into action. She returned and dabbed at the
stain on her rug. I knelt beside her, helping out. I followed her
back into the kitchen, admiring her tight, swaying butt as she
walked in front of me. She glanced back over her shoulder, "What are
you lookin’ at there?"

She stopped at the sink, squeezing a towel in it. I stepped up
behind her, pressing my body against hers. I leaned around her,
squeezing my towel too. "Do you mind?"

"I love it. Markie is one lucky lady."

"Markie didn’t bring me to show me off," I told her dropping the
towel in the sink.

"What did she bring you for, to clean my carpets?" Fran laughed.
My hands slid down her hips to the bottom of her miniskirt.

"Maybe to clean a certain carpet," I whispered in her ear, kissing
it slightly.

"Oh my. We keep this up and we’re both going to need hosing off."

I didn’t answer her as I glided to my knees behind her. I was face
to face with Fran Drescher’s ass! What was happening to me? I was
getting bolder and bolder all the time. "What are you doing down
there? The floor is clean."

I pushed my hand up her skirt, tracing the inside of her thighs. I
felt the lip of her thigh high stockings. Fran became stiff
realizing what I was doing. "I don’t think this is proper for a
hostess. Except at the Playboy Mansion."

My fingers reached the point I was after and I delicately brushed
them over her underwear. In her Jewish American Princess way she
let out a small, "Ooooooooh. You are talented."

I pushed her skirt up, and Fran did not say a word. My hand cupped
one of her firm ass cheeks. For a woman in her forties, she had a
rear like a twenty year old. "We haven’t even scratched the surface
of my talents."

My lips fell on the portion of her ass exposed, while my fingers
pressed up into her pussy. Fran parted her legs some and leaned a
bit over the counter. I pushed her underwear aside more, my lips
kissing all of her ass cheek. I could faintly smell her excitement.
My fingers pressed up harder into her cunt and she breathed out,
"Do you want dessert before the main course?"

"You know what I want to eat," I told her moving her underwear away
from her pussy. She had a nice forest of bush, and I could see the
moisture clinging to the hairs like dew on blades of grass. Lapping
along her slit, I made my way all the way back to her butt cheeks.
I grabbed the underwear and pulled it down. Fran didn’t step out of
them but did push her ass out more.

"This is so wrong. What if someone comes in?"

"Don’t let them come around the corner," I told her before diving in
on her pussy. I sucked her for a good five minutes and then slid a
finger up her trench. Fran was breathing heavier but she never lost
her cool until my breath blew over her ass. "Ooooooooh, you kinky
stud. Do that to me again."

I followed her instructions and her firm thighs tightened and I felt
her pelvis give a lurch. My fingers wiggled in her and she let out
a groan, and I knew she had had a small orgasm. Taking the cue, I
blew on her ass again and then pressed my tongue against it. Just
then the door from the living room swung open.

I heard a man’s voice, "Fran. There you are."

"Hi," she croaked, as my tongue pressed up deeper.

"Are you okay?

"Sure," she said, fluffing her hair. I pulled away from her ass,
but my fingers were still up her cunt.

"You look flushed," he said.

"It’s the excitement of, uh, of, uh, of the party," she managed to
get out. "I never know what to expect."

"It looks like you got that stain out," he told her. "I think
Stanley’s little playmate bimbo is pretty sloshed."

"Yeah," she whispered, my hand still working her, while my lips
kissed the back of her thighs. "You never know what kind of, uh, of
person will, uh, come to my parties."

"That’s for sure. Markie Post brought a boy half her age!"

"Oohhh, but he’s darling," she managed to get out as I felt her
pussy quiver again.

"Well, you’re coming back out soon?"

"Yeah. Dinner will be out, uh, soon."

I heard the door swing shut and she twisted down to look at me,
"What the hell was that all about?"

"You got off," I countered.

"Well, yeah but we coulda been caught," She pushed her skirt down
and then pulled up her panties, moving away from me. "I don’t think
that old fart wanted to see you snooping around my privates.

"I think he would have liked it. Is that it?"

"For now. Or will Markie be taking you back?"

I rose up, patting her ass, "I’m yours for as long as you want me."

"Don’t make an offer like that," she shot back as I started for the
door. "I might want to keep you, gorgeous."

Dinner passed without much incident. Well, except for her constant
groping. Which I didn’t mind at all. There’s something quite
exhilarating about Fran Drescher pulling your cock from your pants
to jack you off while people have a polite dinner conversation.
Heck the only person who could have seen was Markie and she spotted
whispering in my ear that I shouldn’t come on my pants. I almost
did, but I removed Fran’s hand, saving myself from an embarrassing

The party moved back to the living room for dessert. Throughout
dessert I would casually whisper to Fran how much I wanted to make
love to her. She would pat my leg and laugh before whispering back
it would only be a matter of time. The evening wore on and couples
seemed to be leaving, although I couldn’t recall everybody taking
off. Markie was the last to leave and we led her to the door.

"So you don’t mind if your toy stays the night?" Fran asked her
friend hugging her good-bye,

"Trust me, you’ll thank me for this forever," Markie said back. She
gave me a hug and kiss good-bye. We watched her trot down the
stairs to her car. As soon as the engine started Fran slammed the
door and I spun her into it, kissing her deeply.

We kissed for a few seconds, while she pulled my shirt from my
pants. Her hands tried to open the buttons, but I didn’t let her get
anywhere, dropping to my knees again. I kissed my way up her knee
and then one of those amazing legs. She pulled her skirt up,
showing me her wet underwear. I nuzzled into her snatch and Fran
moaned. I grabbed her underwear and yanked it down, exposing her
neatly trimmed black pubes.

Fran threw a leg over my shoulder as I sucked at her box. All of
the flirting had kept her pretty darn wet. My tongue found her
clit, tickling it and driving the Nanny nuts. I felt her legs
shaking as another orgasm rocked her body. I slid up her body
kissing her chest through her turtleneck shirt. Our lips found each
other and we kissed, Fran laughing. "This is so amazing. Like a
birthday present."

I pulled my hard-on out of my pants and pressed it up into her.
Fran let out a groan and she reared back. I grabbed her thigh,
lifting it up as I fucked her. I wanted better leverage though. I
lifted her other leg, and she let out another groan, "You stud!"

I carried her, still impaled on my dick to the living room. I could
have tried the stairs, but I’d had a bad experience with that
maneuver once. Once was enough.

I placed her on the sofa, where her friends had been an hour earlier
and Fran looked on me with excitement. Holding her legs back, I
began sliding in and out of her cunny. I glanced down, looking at
the lewd scene. My glistening shaft slid in and out of her wet,
hairy pussy. Her thighs jiggled slightly with each downward stroke.
Fran reached out, rubbing her clit. Her pelvis began moving in time
with my strokes and she had a far off look in her eyes. I stopped
fucking her, keeping myself in to the hilt.

I began unbuttoning my shirt when she reached up, fingers wet with
juice, and did it for me. Her hands slid over my chest as she
parted my shirt. I let it fall behind me as her long red
fingernails found my nipples. She pinched them and I cried out,
moving my dick in circles as if churning butter. Her pussy slurped
as I moved around.

"That’s amazing," she told me in her nasally voice. I pulled out of
her, my dick dripping with juices. I held it toward her face and
she shook her head, "I don’t think so buster. I don’t do that."

"Fair enough," I told her, stepping back and dropping my pants. She
stood up and dropped her skirt and then pulled her shirt over her
head. She turned around, reaching for her bra strap.

"Honey, could you get that?" she asked. I did so and she let it
fall. I stepped up behind her, my hard-on pressing against Fran’s
bare ass. My hands slipped up her thin ribcage, cupping her small
tits. I squeezed them, my thumbs pinching her nipples. Fran rocked
back into me, her hand grabbing my head and pulling it to her lips.
We kissed deeply, our bodies rocking in the middle of the living

Fran turned around and pushed me back to an easy chair. She still
had on her thigh high stockings and high heels and I stroked at my
dick, looking at those legs. She looked on me, surprised, her hands
brushing over her body. "Do you find me sexy?"

"I’m gonna come looking at you," I told her and she let out a laugh.
She kneeled on the chair, Fran’s pussy hovering over my dick. She
got in close to me, allowing our lips to meet. We kissed deeply, as
my hands kneaded her ass cheeks. Fran reached down, grasping my
throbbing cock. She slid down on my tool, her smile growing, long
black hair flowing over her back.

"There it is," I told her, shoving up to meet her. Fran’s eyes
bugged out as my abdomen met her crotch. I began thrusting up
faster and Fran bounced on me, her breasts jiggling on me. I
grabbed at those tits, pushing them up while she cried out on my
dick. I reached down, my thumb finding her clit. She let out
another scream, her black hair going everywhere as she thrashed on
my dick. She grabbed the back of the chair, body undulating, pussy
contracting, her orgasm going through her body.

Fran suddenly leaned back, arching her back deeply. My cock was
stretched in her cunt as she still rocked her pelvis on me. Fran
took my hand, and leaned back more, her hair brushing the ground.
Her stomach muscles tightened and rippled as she rode me more. I
rubbed at her lower stomach and then found her trigger again. Fran
whipped left and right while still riding me, crying out, "Yeah!
Yeah! Yeah!"

I pulled her back up to me, trying to get her to slow down so I
wouldn’t come. Her mouth mashed into mine, her long black hair
falling over me completely. She still moved her pelvis. I rose up
some and settled her to the floor. I pushed Fran’s leg’s skyward
and took her ankles. Fran licked her fingers and began frigging
herself as I fucked her long and hard. My balls slapped at her
upturned ass, my penis driving all the way to her pussy. Fran
screamed out again, her throat muscles
tightening along with all her body.

I pulled out of her and flipped her over. Fran was lying flat out,
ass lifted up and toward me. I straddled her thighs and guided my
dick back into her pussy. Fran grunted, tightening her ass cheeks
and her pussy. I rocked on her, sliding our bodies on the rug. We
were just fucking fast and furious now. Sweat poured off my body
and I reached up, grasping the back of her arms, fucking her faster.

I felt come boil up in my body, my balls clutching my body. I
finally released it, come blasting hard and long into her. I
continued fucking Fran until my orgasm stopped completely. I
withdrew my dick, and kissed her thin, back. I pushed her luxurious
hair aside, dragging kisses up to her neck. She twisted, kissing me
and I slipped down beside her. We made out with me spooning her, my
hands playing with her tits.

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