Celeb Tails Part 14: The Return

Celeb Tails Part 14: The Return (Vivica Fox, Pam Anderson, MFFM,
oral, anal)
Date: May 9, 2000

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This is the 14th in a series of obviously fictional Celebrity Tales
(or as I call them, Celeb Tails).

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Tail 14: The Return, Vivica Fox, Pamela Anderson

This story is intended for people over the age of 18. If you are
under 18, you’re probably more interested now in this story. Go
visit the N’Sync homepage or something.

I’m not sure how this happened. Not that I was all that upset.
Sure the guilt might hit me tomorrow but at the moment I was
satisfied to let Vivica Fox continue to suck my dick. Who would
resist that? I sure as hell couldn’t.

Vivica’s thick, gorgeous lips slipped up and down on my shaft, her
mouth making those lewd slurping noises I love to hear from women
when they’re blowing me. My fingers pushed back her mop of black,
revealing that face that made sitting through "Independence Day"
worthwhile. Her large brown eyes locked on mine, lids heavy with
lust as she pistoned on my rod. Her heavy breasts rested on my leg,
hard nipples poking through her thin top and into my flesh.

"Oh yeah, Pammy," I heard whispered nearby. My eyes averted to the
tall, lanky, tattooed man standing in front of a kneeling blonde.
Tommy Lee rocked to his former wife’s ferocious handjob. Pam’s long
thin hands encircled Tommy’s famous donkey dong, jerking him so fast
I expected to see smoke rising from their flesh. Her now smaller
chest jiggled slightly still stymied by the presence of implants
(just a few cup sizes down from her infamous watermelon breasts of
the "Baywatch" years).

So how did this happen? Well I had been cruising along, monogamous
and hermit-like for over a year. I spent my days writing and my
evenings either alone or entertaining the woman I thought I would be
with forever. Of course she wasn’t looking for that kind of
commitment and she refused to part with the Latino songbird she had
been seeing before we first hooked up. After 12 months of being the
other man, I gave her an ultimatum. You know ultimatums don’t work
if one isn’t willing to follow through on the threat. She knew it
was an empty threat. She laughed at me, we made love and she left
the next morning for a publicity tour on the East Coast.

"Look at that sweet ass," Tommy whispered. Pam reached out,
slipping her hand under Vivica’s skirt and massaging the sexy
actress’ wide rear. Pam’s free hand continued working Tommy’s
schlong. Vivica let out a moan at the touch of half naked blonde
behind her. "Pammy, kiss her ass."

Pam let go of her ex-husband’s cock and leaned over. Vivica twisted
some more on the couch, giving Pam access to her ass. She pulled at
her skirt, exposing her round, black butt cheeks – her underwear
long gone from the earlier fingerbanging I had given her. All of us
watched with anticipation as Pam’s face dropped down to plant kisses
on Vivica’s ass. Vivica let out a sigh. My cock practically
exploded from the sight. I’d lived with Pam for a brief period and
we had never been involved in any group sex and I certainly never
expected to see her engaged in any lesbianism.

Vivica groaned louder, her grip on my dick tightening. From the
looks of things Pam’s kisses had dropped lower, possibly to V’s wet
cunt. Tommy stood by the couch, stroking his long dick. "Lick her
twat, honey. Yeah right fucking there."

I took Vivica’s head and pulled her back to my neglected cock. I
wasn’t wilting but I wanted those sweet lips back on my knob.
Vivica didn’t resist, her mouth easily engulfing my dick. Unlike
Tommy, my mother had not mated with a stallion to produce a man with
equipment only a horse should sport. My Nubian cocksucker was doing
a fantastic job, while from her lips escaped groans of approval from
the blonde bombshell eating her pussy from behind. I reached down,
pulling up Vivica’s ass cheek, giving Pam easier access to that
sopped pussy.

I guess you’re still wondering how I ended up in this particular
situation. Well after my sexually free-spirited diva took off for
the next few weeks I was left to ponder what she would be up to
while away. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.
Hell with the way her image and clothing had changed over the past
few years it was obvious she was on the prowl. I guess I was
feeling like getting back at her and as luck would have it I ran
into Pam at the local super market nearby the Malibu place where I
was staying. We ended up back at the house, fucking in the garage
on the hood of my
girlfriend’s Mercedes – I wonder if come can remove paint. Then
again in my girlfriend’s bed we had the kind of wild,
fuck-fest we used to enjoy.

"That’s the spot," Vivica whispered, her hand rubbing my cock
against her face. I looked down to see Pam’s head moving vigorously
behind V’s ass. Vivica cried out, her hand squeezing my tool. She
was coming, no doubt. "There! There! Right fucking there!"

Tommy pulled his ex-wife away from the actress’s pussy, his eyes
locked on Vivica’s dripping cunt. "You got her all greased up,

So how did I get into this foursome? After our marathon afternoon
of sex Pam told me about a party she would be attending the next
night with Tommy. She invited me and guaranteed I’d have a good
time. Well after two hours of sweaty, heated fucking, it’s hard to
say no to anything. Pam left and promised to call me with the
address. She did as she said and I met them at the party where we
eventually picked up Vivica. The women left for the restroom,
returned and Pam informed me we were all leaving together. We got
back to Pam’s place and Vivica wasted no time, telling Tommy ever
since seeing that bootleg video she’s wanted to get a good look at a
white cock that big. Now does it make sense? Still kinda blows me
away too.

Vivica’s eyes bugged out in surprise as Tommy’s thick dick entered
her. He eased into her, inch by inch. Her body undulated, eyes
fluttered. He began moving faster, sawing in and out of V’s pussy,
his hands kneading her thigh.

"Give it to her," Pam told Tommy, her own hand massaging her now
exposed and bald pussy. Pam, still rubbing herself off stepped
around her ex-husband and knelt between my legs. She leaned
forward, kissing Vivica’s face. Pam’s hand grasped my dick, drawing
her tongue up its length, her eyes locked on Vivica’s jostling
countenance. The blonde pushed my rod toward the gorgeous black
woman and the two licked at my cock.

"This position fucking sucks, man," Tommy complained. He pulled
away, stroking himself. "Get on your back."

Vivica rose up, struggling to get her top off. Pam helped her lose
her top, taking a second to nibble on Vivica’s bouncy, heavy bosom.
Fully naked and breathtaking in all of her curvy African beauty,
Vivica settled onto the couch, her head near my leg. Her very real
bosom sagged and parted to the sides of her body as she reclined.
She parted her thick thighs, running her blood-red fingernails over
her dripping labia. "Gimme that sweet dick, baby."

Tommy didn’t need her to even say that because as soon as her legs
were open he knelt, aiming his shaft at her eager hole. She grabbed
the thick dick nudging at her cunt and played with it for a moment,
commenting on his girth. Satisfied with his stiffness, she guided
him back into her cunt with a long sigh.

Pam had resumed sucking my dick, her eyes feasting on the vision of
her ex-husband, Tommy, slowly screwing Vivica Fox. It was a sight
too. Tommy’s long dick slipped in and out of that beauty’s cavern
faster and faster. Vivica’s hands traveled up Tommy’s tatted body,
pinching at his nipples with her long red nails. He grunted as she
twisted, his fucking slowing. Her pelvis rocked to meet his long

My dick plopped from Pam’s mouth and she continued to pump me,
rubbing her thick lips over my cock-head. She was entranced with
the sight of the white flesh disappearing into Vivica’s darkness.
"That looks so sexy, Tommy. Makes my pussy so wet. Fuck her good.
Fuck her."

Pam rose on to the couch, straddled me, squatted and guided my dick
into her wet hole. Ah, what a pussy she has. Pam’s vagina has the
tightest opening, but of course once inside there’s this weird
sensation of being somewhere voluminous. I cupped Pam’s ass,
helping her raise and lower on my dick. She was watching the
fucking beside us, breathing in gasps. Her head twisted to me; we
kissed deeply, her tongue dancing with mine. I tasted V’s pussy
juice on Pam’s face. "Suck my titties."

Her attention turned back to the thrashing near us. My mouth
clamped down on one of Pam’s "new" tits. I found them much more
enjoyable than the old hard rocks she had removed. I heard Vivica
crying out. My eye turned, Pam’s boob in my mouth. Vivica’s hand
worked at her own clit while Tommy slammed her cunt. She writhed
under him, their bodies making wet smacking sounds. Tommy let out a
roar and pulled away from her, his long dick dripping vaginal

"Damn, I’m gonna fucking come if we keep it up," Tommy complained.
Vivica rolled over, her hands caressing Pam’s ass. She slithered
up, French kissing the beautiful blonde on my cock.

Pam’s lips parted from Vivica’s and she whispered, "I want you to
eat me."

"Get off this boy’s dick and let me lick that coochie," Vivica
responded. Vivica dropped to the floor with Pam. Her mouth dipped
down to Pam’s clean shaven cunt, long tongue lapping at the star’s
twat. Pam writhed under the tongue bath. "This pussy is sweet,

Vivica’s wide ass invitingly swayed at Tommy and me. He didn’t go
for it, preferring instead to kneel beside his ex-wife’s head. She
grabbed his long dick and mouthed the first few inches. I took this
as my cue and knelt behind Vivica, pushing my hard-on into her
slippery snatch. What a sight to behold. I was doing Vivica
doggystyle while she ate Pam’s pussy and Pam sucked Tommy’s dick. I
slowly screwed Vivica, not wanting to make her pussy eating
difficult. From the way Pam was groaning, she loved this. My hands
reached under the black beauty before me, grasping her large,
swaying breasts. Oh they felt marvelous. I could feel an orgasm
building and I didn’t want to come just yet.

I pulled out of Vivica and directed Pam to twist some on her side.
Vivica continued to lap at her twat while I settled nearby, my
tongue dabbing at Pam’s ass. From previous experience I knew she
loved rimjobs. Pam didn’t let me down. Within a minute she was
screaming around Tommy’s cock, her pussy unloading juices over
Vivica’s eager face. Vivica lapped at the cream and then stared in
awe at me eating Pam’s asshole, "Suck that bitch’s ass, boy. Tongue
it good."

I felt Vivica’s hand go down my body, finally grasping my dick. She
stroked at, all the while telling me how sexy it looked for me to
eat Pam’s butt. Then I felt her warm lips surround my cock. Oh
this was great. But the lips left me and I felt Vivica’s breast on
my arm, her hot breath in my ear, "I got it all wet for you, stick
it in her, baby."

Without hesitating I rose up, holding Pam’s leg aloft. Vivica
grabbed my dick and pressed it against Pam’s bud. Pam let out a
moan, her own hand frigging her clit. I eased forward and felt my
cock slowly push into Pam’s rearend. It had been a year since I’d
been in her ass and boy did it feel good.

Pam let Tommy’s dick fall from her mouth. Her hands pounded the
ground as I pushed ever deeper into her butt. Sweat poured from her
forehead and she titled her head up watching the invasion of her ass
with a mix pain and absolute pleasure. I slid in deeper, Vivica
pushing my ass. Pam breathed erratically. Vivica’s other hand
slipped around me, fingers violently rubbing Pam’s clit. Pam
screamed out, her body shaking uncontrollably. I was in the hilt.
I could feel the come from Pam’s pussy all over my pubic hair.
continued to issue orders, "That’s it, nice and easy, fuck this
white girl’s ass. Fuck it good."

My tempo picked up and Pam’s thrashing continued, her screams of
pleasure growing so loud it was taking away from all the other
sounds in the room. I sensed movement and looked up to see Tommy
stroking his cock near us. He was watching with a mix of lust and I
could tell some jealousy. He stepped over to Vivica, waving his
cock at her. "Care for a little of that?"

Vivica practically leapt at the chance. She got on all fours beside
us, arching her ample rear up at Tommy. He dropped behind her,
tongue dashing into her black hole. She groaned, pounding the
floor. "Yeah, baby, tongue Mama’s ass."

I slowed my fucking, but Pam kept groaning, her fingers now rubbing
her sopping cunt. She was having orgasm after orgasm. I pulled
almost all the way out, my cock strained, her anus open and waiting
for my complete re-entry. "Keep fucking me, Jeff. It feels

I looked over to see Tommy’s eyes locked on us. I remembered her
telling me once she didn’t like anal with Tommy because his dick was
too big. I began to pick up my speed and Pam’s light, little body
shook violently under me. Her breasts jiggled, she bit her lower
lip, crying out.

Tommy could take no more. He stood over Vivica, straddling her rear
end. She put her face on the floor, boobs resting on the carpet,
hands holding her ass cheeks apart. Tommy grasped her waist with
one hand and pointed his dick straight down with the other. With a
grunt he forced his way into her ass. Vivica screamed out. He kept
sinking lower and she kept screaming. She released her ass cheeks,
one hand going under her legs for her clit and the other to support
herself on the ground. Tommy’s massive white cock disappeared into
Vivica’s wide, caramel butt. Her held fast to both sides of her
waist and began pounding Vivica’s asshole. The gorgeous actress
moaned and shook under him, her hand frigging her clit so fast her
fingers became a blur.

On my side Pam’s writhing was becoming too much. Her thin body
rocked to meet my thrusts. Her eyes locked on mine. She gritted
her teeth, one hand playing with her cunt, the other rubbing my
chest. "Come in me, come on me. Just come, dammit!"

I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt my balls tighten. My dick
pulsated. Her hot ass squeezed me as another orgasm rocked her
body. I felt the come shoot through my dick. Without thinking I
yanked out of her ass, come spurting across Pam’s pussy and stomach.
She saw my dick from free and immediately grabbed for it. Like she
had done so many times, she leaned forward, pulling my dick toward
her face while jacking me off. Come blasted from my pipe,
plastering her face and open mouth. Her fingers squeezed my balls,
coaxing more and more come from me. Finally slow globs poured from
my dick, landing on her outstretched tongue. I about collapsed from
the effort.

Pam released my dick and sank backward, nearly passing out. The
sexy blonde sat before me, legs akimbo, gaping, wet pussy and
asshole on display, come sliding off her face and down her taunt
body. If I had been able to I would have begun fucking her again.

Beside us Tommy cried out too. His dick pulled up from Vivica’s
stretched ass. Like a firehose, come poured from his long dong,
covering the black star’s ass and back with his pearly jism. She
didn’t even look back as he continued to pour his semen on her
upraised ass. She was lost in a world of absolute ecstasy.

Tommy finally stopped coming and he dropped backward onto the sofa.
He looked exhausted. Vivica’s legs moved and she settled onto the
floor in a heap. The room reeked of our sex. It was good to be

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