Celeb Zoo – Part 10: The Wild Show

This work is entirely fictional and does not in any way represent the activities of the persons described in it.


Pixie Lott was alone on a warm summer’s night. She was strolling slowly through a well lit zoo taking in the sights of the animals. Some were in cages and some were left in the open air, but most were sleeping in any case. The ones that were awake spotted the blonde starlet quickly as she moved through the enclosures. But they didn’t make a noise, the only sound was of her high heels clicking on the gravel path beneath her feet. She looked up and found something that caught her interest. She let her beige knee length rain coat fall to the floor and she opened the door to the cage.

Three hours ago

“Ahhh, FUUCCCCCKKKKK!!!” screamed Pixie. She was lying reclined in her living room chair with a vibrator between her legs watching a dirty film. Not just any dirty film, but a film of Victoria Beckham fucking a horse with Nicola Roberts. As Pixie was using her vibrator to drive her pussy to orgasm, Posh and Nicola were reaching an amazing climax. Nicola had the huge horses dick in her cunt, thrusting back and forth. At the same time, she had Posh lying on a table with her legs spread wide apart, eating out her pussy. It was incredible to see and Pixie wondered how Nicola was able to manage to stand in her stripper heels whilst taking a pounding whilst clearly giving Victoria amazing oral sex. They’d earlier managed to get another horse to jizz all over their fantastic bodies. Each of them was soaked in sperm and loved it.

“Mmm, keep going! Yeah, fuck yeaahhhhh!!!” Victoria screamed. She grabbed her large cum covered tits as they shook with the force of Nicola’s tongue licking. She went silent as she orgasmed, barely able to breathe. Nicola too climaxed as the horse shot it’s hot load into her pussy, it was of such a volume she couldn’t contain it. She initially managed to drive her tongue into Posh further but now she was so overcome with pleasure she couldn’t move at all. Her orgasm lasted for a long time and if i wasn’t for the huge rod inside her she would have collapsed.

Victoria slowly got up and she settled down. “Mmmm, that was fucking intense, you sure know how to make me come.” She helped Nicola off the horse and they began to kiss. Pixie pushed pause at this moment having also recovered from her self induced orgasm.  She pushed her breasts back into her vest top and slid her pants back over her pussy lips. Her vibrator was put down the side of her seat, where it always was in case of situations like this. She wanted the feeling that Posh and Nicola had, but she thought she was too far to call one of her new found lovers up. Realising this, she decided it was her turn to make a dirty movie and give to the girls. After all, she’d seen this one with Posh and Nicola, one with Posh, Cheryl Cole and a dog and one with Sarah Harding and a pig. They all seemed to be doing it and she loved the thought of the others getting off on her incredible body being shagged. With that idea in mind, she headed to her bedroom for her sexiest lingerie.


Pixie entered the enclosure and shut the door. It was a cool night but the excitement kept her warm. There was some movement from the branches and plants in front of her. These animals were awake. She went over to a large flat rock which was a few paces inside the enclosure. She placed a digital camcorder on a 3 foot high man-made shelf which had remnants of fruit on it. She kept it pointing up while she stood in front of it. She had her long blonde wavy hair resting down over her shoulders on to her breasts. She’d done her eye-liner dark to highlight her beautiful eyes.  On top, she had a brown wrap around top which came over her shoulders and slung down low almost completely under her big breasts. It provided them with support, pushed her globes together and showed off her brown lacy bra that was partially hidden underneath. Her top and bra were low enough just to show the top of her pink areolas. The brown top stopped just below her breasts showing of her flat stomach. She was wearing a short skirt which started as the same material and same brown colour as her bra. It soon turned into a more solid silk material which was a beige colour and turned into a richer brown. It then turned beige and into the lacy material again just a few inches below her bum. It was completed with a gold chain which hung loosely around her hips. Below she completed the look with clear 6 inch stripper heels. The earthy brown colours gave her the appearance of a sort modern cavewoman and the heels made her feel sexy. She wanted to give the girls an impression of fantasy.

After she’d showed her covered tits and ass to the camcorder and did a few turns she moved behind the camcorder and pointed it out at the flat rock down below. She then reappeared in front of it by lying down on top of the rock. Even stretched out she could fit inside the camera’s picture so the girls would not miss anything. She looked up the camera and smiled. She then began to run her hands up and down her torso, lightly touching her round jugs and her flat abs. She bit her lip as she did so, holding the camera’s gaze as she did so. She began to move her long sexy legs as she enjoyed her own touch more and more, letting out small moans occasionally for the camera. Eventually she could resist no longer and groped her right breast with her hand. It almost bulged out of the bra at the force but she loved the feeling. A good juicy handful. She cupped the left next showing them off and reaching her tongue down to lick them. Pixie thought to herself she’d never felt so sexy before. “Mmm,” she moaned for the camera, letting it know how good they were. Her left hand moved down her stomach next, and plunged underneath her short skirt to her pussy. She began to rub herself slowly, arching her back at her touch. She was getting very wet already.

She suddenly regained her composure, not wanting to hide everything from the camera. Regaining her fix at the camera she sat up and removed her top. Despite it coming off, her tits didn’t drop and she was left with her bra. This too was removed with a sexy twirl and flung across the enclosure. She then slipped her skirt over her long legs to reveal she was wearing no panties. She gave out a small laugh before lying back down. She spread her legs slightly revealing her shaven pussy. It was already wet with her masturbation. Pixie slowly started to touch herself again but now she was completely nude. The cool rough feel of the rock added to the sensation of pleasure. Her hands rubbed her nipples and then her pussy as she spread the ecstasy round her body. She hoped that her companion in the cage had taken notice of her erotic show because she needed to be fucked.

Sure enough, something had been alerted. Unable to resist Pixie’s body, a small monkey, about 4 foot high came over slowly and settle beside Pixie’s face. The young starlet opened her eyes and smiled. The monkey had gray hair all over and appeared it was from the sub-continent. She could see the smile on it’s face as it watched her caress herself. She looked down and noticed it had a semi erect 4 inch penis. She stopped masturbating and spoke. “Here boy, I won’t hurt I promise.” The monkey moved closer and Pixie reached out slowly. She carefully grasped her hand round the small rod softly and began to jerk the animal off. It let out a loud cry as she did so but did not run away. His dick was warm and Pixie and getting longer and harder as time passed. She smiled at the camera as she did so. “Ohhhhh yeah, he’s going to be a great lover. He’s so hard.”

Suddenly, Pixie felt something jump onto her chest. She jumped slightly and stopped wanking her friend but turned to see another monkey standing on her chest. Initially she was happy with one but the thought about doing a double began to turn her on. She stopped feeling herself and carefully stroked the small shaft. The thought of having sex with the two monkeys in front of the camcorder was really hot. Pixie’s hands got faster at the thought of this and the small rods became longer and harder, reaching 10 inches quickly. She was getting wetter and wetter and she could feel her pussy tingle. The monkeys let out wild animal screams throughout clearly enjoying the handjob. This let her know it was time to change tact. She needed to be fucked.

She stopped with her handjob on the first monkey and guided down to her exposed cunt. She opened her legs wide. It was difficult to guide him with one hand so she had to stop with her other friend. Using both hands worked better and a wave of warm pleasure pulsed through her body as soon as the long rod penetrated her pussy lips. “Mmmm… yeaahhhh…” she moaned dreamily. Her monkey lover began to rock back and forth, establishing a good steady rhythm. Pixie looked at the camera again as she let the other monkey climb off her heaving chest. Grabbing hold of the shaft again she drew the monkey close to her red pink lips and closed her mouth round the stiff shaft. She began to move her head back and forth along the shaft thinking what a horny slut she was. The monkey responded with a loud shriek and fucked her mouth gently.

Pixie was in heaven. Her body was rocking to the beastial shag and she was loving the taste of cock. She became aware of more feet pattering around her quickly, probably alerted by the monkey howls from her lovers. Opening her eyes slowly, she reached over for the third monkey’s cock and began to wank it hard. By this stage she was confident of how her partners would respond. They must have been turned on by her awesome body. Using her free hand she grabbed her large bouncing mounds and squeezed them hard. It added to the pleasure given to her by the monkey dick. She knew her approaching orgasm would be huge.

The monkey’s were screaming loudly. Pixie was gobbling at the cock in her mouth as hard as she could, desperate to give the monkey a chance to come in her mouth. The camera could detect her slurping hard. She worked her tongue round the shaft quickly, forming a tight seal with her lips. She let the cock occasionally slide into her throat, driving her companion wild. Eventually, she came out of her dream state by two more monkeys jumping on her chest. She was certainly attracting a lot of attention. She didn’t know what to do. It was unfair of her to ignore them but she couldn’t do anymore surely. She didn’t want to stop what she was doing either, she was feeling incredible.

Thinking quickly, she dragged her 3rd monkey onto her chest, moving the others off. She laid the dick in between her big round tits and squeezed. The monkey thrust at them perfectly, squealing as he did so. It was clear he liked it. Pixie had to grab his paws and get him to hold her breasts in place. He did so easily and began to pick up his pace. Letting him fuck her tits like the pig with Charlotte immediately freed up her hands for the other two. She enjoyed the hands squeezing her fleshy mounds hard. It was a very sensual feeling. After re-introducing the second monkey to her mouth, Pixie took the other two monkeys by the penis and gave her fourth and firth handjobs of the evening. She was getting really good at them and all five monkeys were screaming. At the same time, she was giving 2 handjobs, she was getting titty fucked, giving an amazing blowjob and getting shagged in the pussy. No-one had ever made a video with so many lovers at once.

Of course this had a toll on Pixie and she virtually lay there as the monkeys fucked her orifices. She was finding it difficult to keep her chest still, as she kept arching her back as her muscles spasmed from the first monkey’s now powerful thrusts. This didn’t deter the monkey fucking her tits. Pixie’s fleshy jugs were very receptive to the cock and the feeling in her skin was remarkable. She lusted after his cum, wanting it all over her cleavage. “MMMmmm” she moaned though she as gagging on cock as her chest was fucked harder. “Yee… esss!”

Suddenly, a small dribble of hot salty cum entered her mouth. She swallowed it and immeaditely sucked hard on the dick desperate for more. Two or three thrusts later, Pixie was enjoying a torrent of sperm in her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could but it was a lot and it dribbled out the sides of her pretty mouth. Just as she felt a hot spank of cum land on her chest from the titty fuck, her pussy erupted in orgasm squeezing down hard on the cock sliding in and out. Pleasure began to rapidly flood through her body, causing her muscles to contract all over. She squeezed hard on the dicks in her hands and mouth increasing her joy. Sperm then flooded the inside of her pussy, the heat releasing more ecstasy. Pixie was struggling to breath with orgasm after orgasm. The dirty cum slut had jizz streaming into her mouth pussy and chest. Every drop that hit her skin caused her to violently shake in orgasm. “Fuuucckkk! YeSSSSS!! Fucking Fuckkk yeah!!!” she squealed as the cum flow settled in her mouth despite her efforts to draw more out. Likewise her monkey companion between her long sexy legs had stopped with his thrusting and had withdrawn himself

Pixie looked at her chest seeing a river of white jizz between her ample tits after her lover had jumped off. She wanted to scoop some of it onto her globes but suddenly remembered she was holding two more cocks that were ready to explode. Regaining more composure, she began to jerk the cocks driving the monkeys wild. They howled in pleasure as the others circled round the threesome. Pixie led them closer to her by their cocks and sat them next to her chest. She smiled at the camera as she wanked her partners. Cum was all over her mouth and chin as well as over her chest. She looked incredibly hot at that moment, an incredibly sexy body with semen all over it, a tasty reward for her lustful efforts. And there was more to come.

Pixie pulled hard, inducing a spurt of white goo to fall out the tip. She somehow managed to slide her hand faster, loving the feel of her palms on the hot shaft. Cum flew out of the monkey’s as the howled in pleasure. Pixie pointed the rods at her face and chest. Each shot landed like a cannonball from a cannon. It landed on her cheeks, her forehead and her hair. Her pretty blond hair became matted to her chest, becoming wet with the amount of fluid. She covered the rest of chest, ensuring her round titties got properly layered. Pixie spoke to her lovers as she did this in a sexy tone. “Good boys, show me what you’ve got. Yes, yes, keep going, fuck yes.” Her breathing was heavy and her chest was noticeably rising and falling. “Mmmm, yes. You like me giving you a handjob. You can’t resist me!” She was half speaking to the girls watching the video at this stage.

Letting them go when she was done, she laughed. Pixie could feel the cum drip down her body as she stood up, still in her heels. Her legs felt a little weak having orgasmed so much but she soon was steady. She moved over to the camera, rubbing her tits with one hand, smearing the cum into a shiny consistency. She showed off her body, flicking her heels up in the air showing her long legs off. Once Pixie put the camera down, she stared at the camera and rubbed her nipples licking her lips, almost enticing someone to fuck her. Irresistible.  “Ladies, can you do better than this?” blowing a kiss to the camera and shut it down.

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