Celeb Zoo – Part 11: Britney Does Talent

This work is entirely fictional and does not in any way represent the activities of the persons described in it.

It was a busy night in Victoria Beckham’s LA mansion. Her hired assistants were busy putting the finishing touches to her already extravagant surroundings. Flowers, silk drapes, fur rugs and champagne were being lavishly placed around the abode as Posh reclined in a long black Gucci dress. It had a long plunging neck line which showed the inside portions of her large round fake breasts. She also had a shiny diamond necklace drape down from her neck, making anyone who wasn’t already mesmerised by her chest look at it very closely. Her hair was tied up in a very elegant was and her makeup was done to match. A long slit run up the dress on the right side showing her long leg almost up to the underwear line. She had on very classic black strappy high heels which went very well with the rest of her fine look.

“Time to finish!” she shouted at everyone in the room as they took 5 more seconds and began to leave. Posh looked at the large clock on the wall. It was 7.58pm and everything was ready. She relaxed as if she’d done all the work herself and waited for her guest to arrive.

Around five minutes later the door went. The last of the servants would get that before going. Shortly afterward, a blonde haired woman appeared in a sunglasses and a trench coat. Posh stood up to greet the woman who was now throwing the unnecessary items onto a nearby coat stand. Posh could see a well kept body from behind. This woman had long wavy blonde hair with a very curvy figure. The short dress showed she also had very supple, sexy legs with gold high heel shoes to match her gold sparkly dress. As she turned around it was clearly the face of Britney Spears who beamed back at the equally happy Victoria. On the front, her dress ran straight across her round boobs barely covering her nipples. The two kissed each other politely twice on each cheek in a French greeting sort of way.

“Wow, you look great,” said Posh.

“You’re looking great yourself,” smiled Britney. Britney had come over because Posh was adamant she could help her career, at least in Britain, so she opened with “So what’s this offer all about?”

“You’re going to love it,” smiled Posh. “But first please take a seat and have something to drink.” Posh beckoned Britney to a small round table with a bottle of chilled champagne on it, two glasses had already been poured. “To you…”

Britney smiled and drunk some champagne as Posh began to talk about her plan. “I have access to some of the hottest pop talent in the UK, I think some tours with you making headline appearances would boost your sales in the UK. At the same time we could add in some duets with these acts and you’d be right back… at… the… top… if you go back to pop music” Posh smiled at Britney’s eyes as she said this, trying to hook her in.

Britney knew she was huge but at the same time she wasn’t current. She made it big with pop and she wanted back there. “Who are these acts?” Britney said slyly, not wanting to give too much away. She didn’t get the answer she wanted though as Posh stalled her.

“You’ll meet them soon enough… I just want to know you’ll agree in principle.” The US starlet thought about it for a minute and agreed. What’s the worst that could happen? Posh grinned. “Excellent! Let’s celebrate in that case” said Posh, downing the rest of champagne. Britney did the same, wondering what was going on briefly before Posh pulled another bottle of champagne from the floor beside her chair, quickly filling the glasses. The two then got up and sat on Posh’s fur covered sofa. The feel of bear fur on Britney’s bare smooth legs made her feel sensuous. It was so soft and velvety, she’d never felt luscious. Posh continued as if it was nothing special.

The drink flowed over the next hour or two as the fashionistas chatted about everything from fashion, music to the press. Britney fidgeted on the bear fur as she chatted, rubbing her thighs or hands over the silky material. Posh could see her caressing the fur and decided to switch the conversation in that direction. “You seem to be enjoying this bear throw,” she commented in a half mocking tone.

Britney looked up, “It’s so smooth and comfortable. I’ve never felt it before. I could wrap myself up in it.”

“Mmm it is. I’ve got loads of rugs, throws and coats. I love the feel on my skin. You can’t get better.” Posh stroked her hand though the fur too, meeting Britney’s. The first spark of electricity flew through the air as the girls looked each other in the eye. “I’ll get some of my coats for you. You should feel the seal skin rug” Posh said, gesturing to the floor and then walked off to her room.

Britney looked at the white rug and initially leant over from the seat and ran her hand through it. It was as soft as Posh had intimated. Without knowing why, she felt her knees slowly collapse, bringing her legs into contact with the rug. She was now completely on the floor. She had put down her glass and began to spread her hands all over the rugs surface, taking in every corner. It felt so good that it wasn’t long before she lay on her bare back to increase the area of skin in contact with the rug. Completely lost in the moment, her limbs waved sensuously over the fur, taking in every last inch.

Suddenly Britney was awoken for her bliss by Posh’s voice. “You can imagine how good it is to fuck on it,” she said. Britney’s eyes opened quickly very aware that she was now squeezing her left breast in her right hand.

“Oh, eh… I’m sure it is yeah. I’ll eh have to eh look into getting one of my own,” Britney said nervously, slowly standing up and tidying her dress. The British pop starlet just smiled, ignoring what she had seen. Instead she now focused on Britney’s next response. The blonde stunner had just pulled her dress down and looked up at her companion when she noticed her standing in a brown and black mink coat. The coat was three quarter length and showed the bottom of Posh’s long legs with black strappy high heels. “Wow! That looks amazing!” said the flustered girl. “It suits you perfectly.”

“Thanks,” said Victoria, who nodded down to one she put on the couch a second earlier. “Here, try this on.” Britney moved over and picked up another mink coat. It was slightly lighter than the other but still equally as beautiful to Britney. She slowly slid one arm in to the coat and then the other, savouring the feeling of her arm running down the sleeves. She hooked the coat over her shoulders and closed the coat round the front of her body. She was now completely enclosed in the soft fur now and beamed with pride at how it looked. “You can have it if you want, I have others,” said the older woman smiling.

“Oh no, I couldn’t…”

“Take it, as a present from me. It looks much better on you than me.” With that, Britney’s protests were silenced and she continued to admire herself. “Feels good doesn’t it? Nice and warm. It brings a sense of strength to it as well I find, being wrapped in animal fur.” Britney agreed half heartedly as she was still so involved in her own coat but Posh continued. “I sometime wish I could just wear fur and nothing else all the time.” Britney definitely seemed to agree then but was stunned as Posh’s coat fell open revealing a light blue bra and zebra print panties. Britney stared at Posh’s surgically enhanced rack, marvelling at how magnificent it looked. Her flat stomach was very sexy as was her toned thighs. She tried regaining composure but struggled. She wasn’t sure what was going on. All she knew was that this incredible woman was moving to the couch and sat down, slowly crossing her legs. The electricity that was in the room earlier had returned but had a slightly more nervous charge.

Britney slowly moved to the couch, her chest noticeably heaving. Britney sat down next to her companion who remained motionless. Britney deliberately sat half turned away from Posh, not looking her in the face. She felt a pair of hands touch her shoulders through the thick coat and begin to make slow kneading motions.

“Here, let me show you how good it feels…” said Posh. “You would have got there yourself had I not walked in earlier.”

Britney could not deny that. She lost herself earlier and the torrent of sensual pleasure was heading in a sexual direction. She wanted that touch. She relaxed back into Victoria’s sexy massage and let whatever was going to happen take its course. The feeling of the fur move over her skin was intense. She longed for it all over her body. Posh moved her hands round to Britney’s front, moving to her large tits. Britney was longing to feel them against the fur, its soft caress on her nipples but she could not. She was still wearing her gold sparkly dress. It still felt nice as her sexy partner worked her chest but she now wanted her dress off. She turned round slowly and Posh looked her in the eye. Posh read what was in the young starlet’s mind. She took her by the hand, got up silently and moved up the stairs to the bedroom with the former mouseketeer trailing behind.

Just before the cavernous door, Posh stopped and looked Britney in the eye again. Posh smiled. “Now my sweet… to give you a special evening I thought I’d bring along some of the girls you’d be working with. They’re very excited about you joining them tonight.” Britney smiled back, squeezing Posh’s other hand to show her excitement. “One more thing, I know you love that coat. Well there’s loads of fur in there that is even better, so we’ll take that off when we get in.” Britney smiled and gave and excited jump before Posh moved in and kissed her. Of course it was neither girls first time kissing another girl and Posh had Britney’s coat on the floor in a matter of seconds. Her own fell on to the floor soon after. Posh couldn’t believe how good a kisser the young pop vixen was. She could tell she was turned on by the sheer lust of her kiss, the tongue particularly working expertly. After what felt like a short time but had in fact been about a minute the kiss broke and the pair turned once more to the door. Posh pushed the doors and they parted in the middle to reveal a very large pink room with lots of soft cushions and rugs scattered around. Although the room was quite well lit, some candles were used to make the overall atmosphere more romantic.

Britney’s eyes were immediately drawn to the bed though. It was a very large circular affair with a very bright pink silk cover and many silk heart shaped cushions on it. It easily accommodated the bodies heaped upon it. Posh strode in to the room taking Britney’s hand. Their heels barely made a sound on the soft carpet as they wandered over to the bed. In the middle were two women, one on all fours licking the other one out who had her legs spread wide on her back. Completing the picture, the two women had one animal at each end. Two big black hairy chimps, easily 6 foot when standing but maybe 4 foot on their hinds. Britney instantly recognised the woman on her back to be Cheryl Cole, a young woman who was going to make it big in the United States. Britney admired her long sexy legs which were in big clear stripper heels. Her big melons bounced as she was being eaten out. Britney looked hypnotized by them for a second, all jiggly, sweaty and round. Her wavy chestnut hair was stuck to her shoulders. Her eyes were shut as in between moans and giving a hand job she attempted to suck off a very horny chimpanzee. The creature’s dick was long and hard as the starlet worked her mouth round the stiff shaft was great skill. Her tongue touched the tip as it left so she could moan but as soon as she was able, her lips swallowed as much of the member as they could. The chimp was visibly fucking her throat and she seemed to love it.

Posh pulled Britney round a couple of steps so they could see Cheryl’s human lover better. “Cheryl is amazing, her hot body is too much for anything to resist,” Posh said, deciding not to bother with an introduction. “I’m sure the two of you in a video would make the perfect combination!” Britney smiled and refocused on the new woman who she struggled to identify. Part of the reason was that most of her face was buried in pussy but she still wasn’t sure with what she could see. She could only see wavy bleached blonde hair. She certainly had a fantastically fit body. Her tits were just as big and round as Cheryl’s but her legs were maybe even better. They just went on forever and were nice and shapely. She too had stripper heels on with 4 inch platforms which flexed her feet in an orgasm like position. Her tits bounced underneath her as another chimp fucked her hard in the pussy. Her hips wriggled on the long rod as she somehow managed to concentrate on eating pussy. She was obviously doing well as Cheryl’s bouncing jugs and moans indicated. “This is Pixie Lott. She’s an up and coming singer, made it big this year. We hoping you could teach her a thing or two about stardom and she’ll reward you with a few double acts. As you can see, she’s already very talented as it is, but combining you together, well I’d like to see that!”

“She is so hot,” Britney confirmed, feeling her pussy tingle at the thought of being on the end of Pixie’s tongue. “When do we start?” said Britney. Posh was pleased that the beastiality hadn’t put Britney off but she knew it wouldn’t for two reasons. The first was all the hot women that were on offer for her. The second was her response to the feel of the coat. It drove her wild and she could offer an even more stimulating experience.

“Just a second, there’s one more!” Britney had failed to notice the commotion behind her as a blonde woman lay semi reclined in a chair behind her. She had obviously set up the chair to keep an eye on the action on the bed. Her legs were open as far as the chair arms would allow which gave a large poodle the chance to lick her cunt. It was lapping hard at the juices coming from it and the young lady appreciated the effort. She was fondling her own enormous large breasts. Britney had never seen such a big natural bust before and wanted to get straight in and grab those titties. The woman’s eyes were now closed as she was close to climaxing, momentarily losing focus on the hot sex in front of her. “Britney, I’d like you to meet Holly Willoughby. She’s a TV presenter. She’ll help you get on various shows.”

Suddenly Britney felt her dress slip from her shoulders as her zip ran down her back. Posh had somehow managed to get access to it without her realising. The dress eventually fell to the floor revealing her glorious full round tits. They jiggled softly as they were freed, not dropping at all really with gravity. Her now flat sexy stomach was only covered at the very bottom by yellow lacy panties. She still had on her yellow heels. As soon as she regained her senses she strode right over to Holly and grabbed the large tits with both hands. Holly had obviously anticipated this as her hands slung up around Britney’s neck, pulling her to meet her lips. The two locked in a passionate kiss as Britney groped and played with her companion’s large rack. Suddenly Britney pulled her head back seeing Holly reach for her own pussy as she added rubbing into the mix with the licking. Her breathing became fast and deep as she struggled to catch breath. Britney continued to reach round from behind and squeeze the fleshy mounds as the TV presenter began to orgasm.

“Ohh, Ahhh, Ohhh Ohhh Fuck!!!!! Fuck!!! YESSS!!! OHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSS!!!!” she screamed so the whole room could hear. “AAAAHHHH YESSSS!!!” Holly’s body writhed in pleasure, the dog continuing to lick her out. She thrust her hips down the tongue, arching her back she drove her tits at Britney’s waiting hands. “Squeeze those tits! Fuck my pussy!” Britney was amazed at the obvious pleasure coursing through the woman’s body. And she couldn’t believe how good those tits felt. She knew she’d struggle to let them go.

As Holly as calmed down after a long orgasm, her animal companion settled his licking and Britney reluctantly let go of those sweet jugs. Holly gained enough control of her limbs to get up and she smiled at Britney. “Hey. That was pretty awesome. Thanks for that. It not everyday Britney Spears grabs your tits.”

“They are amazing tits. I wish I could play with them all day,” replied the American.

“Well…” said Holly, lying Britney on a sheep skin rug, “I think we should repay the favour.” Holly sat down beside the starlet and grabbed her poodle lover. “You ever just been fucked by raw animalism? A force of nature that has nothing but the thought of spreading it’s seed?” Britney shook her head a little and stared at Holly. “You will in a moment. It’s the best feeling you can have and I’ll take you through it,” smiled Holly. Britney began to tickle her breasts and pussy slowly in a slightly nervous fashion. She knew what was coming as Holly was preparing the poodle. Her hand was jerking the animal’s penis in a faster and faster fashion. Britney’s initial anxiety was eased by the sight of Holly Willoughby wanking off the beast. Her sexual appeal led to Britney rubbing herself a bit faster and firmer as Holly grinned at her. She was fantastic, as she stroked the rod she held Britney’s stare with ease, her body keeping the star transfixed. The hand continued to toss off the shaft in at a fast speed but Holly looked incredibly relaxed and at ease. Without visually checking, the Brit said “he’s ready now” as she spanked his hind legs and then removed Britney’s yellow panties. “Open those pretty legs!”

Britney did as Holly mentioned and rested as she waited for the shaft. Holly guided the poodle round in between the spread legs by his 10 inch rod. Britney took a deep breath as she felt his smooth bulb press against her throbbing pussy lips. It felt fantastic and she wished it would penetrate her. Holly held him there for what seemed liked ages. Suddenly sweet relief was granted. Her pussy lips parted with a surge of energy from the dog. A rush of pleasure pulsed into Britney’s body. Holly had let him go and now Britney Spears was being fucked by a dog. He needed no help now and neither did she. She thrust herself down his shaft, edging deeper inside herself. She’d never felt so good before. “Ahhh yeahh, that’s it boy! Fuck my pussy!”

A completely naked Posh appeared in front of her face with Holly by her side. Her naked tits were just as great looking but for different reasons compared with Holly’s. They looked like two beach balls just waiting to be burst. They then looked at each other and then Holly spoke, “I think Cassanova has got her now. Maybe we should entertain ourselves.”

“Or entertain everyone!” quipped Posh.

“MMmmm I like the sound of that. I’ve learnt so much about eating pussy from these animals I just got try on someone soon.”

“Well you can practice on me and then go on Britney for real!” Britney looked at them both appreciatively. Her face a picture of joy as her surgically enhanced breasts began to wobble with the force of the fucking. Holly lay down on the rug beside Britney. Britney looked at her and then saw Posh’s heels and then legs straddle Holly’s face. Holly put her hands on Posh’s thighs and pulled her hot wet pussy on to her waiting tongue. The older woman then began to moan and squeal in approval. “Oh yes! That’s it baby! Work that tongue. Fuck. Fuck!” She grabbed her big round tits as she started to rock her hips on the probing tongue. She squeezed at their fullness, easily a handful for each hand. She loved their size, they just felt so sexy and so hot.

Casanova the poodle was really fucking Britney hard now and she was loving it. She gripped the rug behind her in ecstasy and she longed for him to drive harder. Britney had never experienced such passion, she lasted after his cum, and she wanted to orgasm with him.

The loud moans from the bed were getting stronger and more frequent. Cheryl was neglecting her blowjob more often in favour of a titty fucking now. The chimp stood over her as she clasped her tits round his shaft. He rocked back and forth over her as she bounced on Pixie’s oral sex. Her Geordie tones echoed round the room “UUhhh, Ohhh, YESSSS, YESSS, Fuck Pixie, Pixie, Pixiiiieeeeeee…” This only seemed to encourage Pixie who was stimulating Cheryl’s clit with her hand as well as licking her vagina.

Pixie was also close to a huge orgasm and was determined to make Cheryl come at the same time. Her chimp was really stiff and was really driving his shaft deep into her wet pussy. Suddenly a she felt a steamy hot spurt of fluid in her pussy. It felt so fantastic on her pussy wall that it started a jolt of orgasmic pleasure ripping through her body. The hot monkey jizz flowed into her pussy filling her up. The sensation was unbelievable, she felt so hot and sexy in that one moment. She could get anyone to come. Her muscles spasmed with in waves forcing her tongue deeper in Cheryl’s box, in turn sending Cheryl into an orgasmic frenzy. Pulses of warm joy radiated through Cheryl’s tight body, forcing her to arch her back in response. She grabbed her boobs tightly as the chimps thick foot long dick slid in between her mounds. The tight squeeze caused him to yelp as he too started to come violently, this time over Cheryl’s magnificent chest. She had just enough strength to point his rod at her breasts as he continued to fire semen all over her. Her pretty face was already covered and she wanted her tits to be same although she could barely move as her orgasm continued despite Pixie clearly collapsing through her own. “Ohhh yessssss! Cover those… titTTTIIEESSS!!!! I want… your load all… over… me!!!” It was hard to speak or move through the orgasm. She just went by the feel of hot goo whacking on to her chest. She could feel the dick pulse in her hand as the semen came out.

Gradually the orgasm on both girls subsided. Pixie managed to lift her up from between Cheryls legs to see her chimp companion dismount from her body. She could see a valley of cum spread over Cheryl’s face and chest. “Mmmmm yeah, you look so hot now! I’ve always preferred you covered in jizz!” she laughed as the chimp withdrew from her pussy and wandered off.

“Hey cheeky! You’ll regret saying that!” Cheryl pulled Pixie up on top of her giving her a kiss. The two could taste the salty come on each other as Cheryl’s body rubbed over Pixie’s, transferring some of the hot jizz on to her. “MMmmmm,” moaned Cheryl again as she swallowed the cum. “You feel so good on me!”

“That was wonderful! I could fuck you and those big boys all day!” smiled Pixie. She looked up and saw Posh bouncing up and down on Holly’s body. She couldn’t quite make out Britney but saw Casanova was really excited about something. He was humping something as if his life depended on it. “Hey, how about we get over there? Join in the fun?”

“Sounds perfect.” The pair rolled over but before they could get up they realised they’d been joined by their chimp lovers once again. Curiously, the pair appeared to be masturbating over the two stars. “Looks like they’re getting off on our lesbian show!”

“Hmmm, they were very good to us. I think they deserve it,” said Pixie, contemplating taking them over. “Let’s introduce them to Britney! Come on, it’ll be fun!”

“Oh I love your thinking. But let’s get them nice and hard first.” With that the girls looked at each other and kissed again, rubbing each others tits with their hands, putting on a hot lesbian show for their companions. Looking up briefly, the chimps were definitely beginning to stroke their rods harder at the sight of the two women making out, their bodies dripping with sweat and cum. The girls rolled around encouraged by the power they had over the animals, letting their legs entwine around each others bodies and making soft moaning noises as they did so. Again the chimps were getting faster as their dicks got longer and harder. This in turn fed the girls horniness, making their embraces more passionate. “You love it when a lesbian fucks Pixie hard, don’t you boys? You want your load on our hot bodies?” commanded Cheryl as Pixie licked the cum of Cheryl’s tits with her hungry tongue. “Look at she loves these hot titties. Titties you covered in your hot soaking jizz!”  Pixie worked her tongue expertly round Cheryl’s cleavage, tasting the cum everywhere. There was so much, but she was so turned on by Cheryl’s seductive voice. She couldn’t stop. “MMMMmmpphh! OOOOhhhh! You’re so good with your tongue!” groaned Cheryl. Keeping her eyes on the aroused chimps she asked “You want our tongues on your dicks, to fuck you?”

Victoria looked over at the girls rolling around, she could see the chimps stroking their dicks. It was a very sexy image. She turned round to see Britney writhing around the floor as she was getting hammered by Casanova. She let out little squeals of happiness as the poodle fucked her. Suddenly she stopped and then let out a loud shout of “FFFUUUUCCCKKKK YEEESSSSSSSS! YEEESSSSS!!!! YEEESSSS!!!!! OHHHHH FUUUCCCKKKK YEEEESSSS!!!” Britney was having her first orgasm with an animal. She groped her own tits as she let the beast slide in and out of her gushing pussy. The dogs stamina was without equal. She thrust herself onto his long cock as her muscles twitched and rippled in orgasm. It felt so good. She loved it. As soon as her orgasm began to subside she felt another swell of flushing in her body as she began to orgasm again. The beast kept shagging her through this driving her to heights of pleasure she never realised before. “OHHHH FUUCCCKKK! KEEPPP GOOOIIINGG!” Another orgasm began as soon as one subsided. She convinced herself she could keep going at this. Suddenly a rush of hot cum filled her pussy. She grabbed her round juicy tits at the same time, pushing them together in excitement. Her face frozen in pleasure as she struggled to control her breathing. As each string of hot sperm hit her pussy, her orgasm waved through her body pushing her state of bliss higher. Her legs collapsed underneath her as she fell on the long hard rod, her yellow heels buried in the rug. She rubbed her tits round and round unable to hear Posh screaming beside her.

Posh realised her dog was coming inside the starlet. It set her off as Holly reached up and squeezed her jugs. “MMMMmmm Fuck me! Oh Fuck! AHHH! AHHH! AAAAAAHHH!! Pussy juices covered Holly’s face as she drove her tongue into the tight box. Holly groped hard at the large juicy melons as she did so, stimulating Posh’s orgasm further. “Holly! Holllyyy! HHOOOLLLYYY!” Posh turned over and rested on Holly’s body as she tasted her own juices from Holly’s mouth. “You’re amazing with that tongue of yours,” she mused.

Britney’s recovery took substantially longer. She lay motionless on the rug as her lover pulled out of her box. She could feel his spunk on her pussy lips as he did so. She was overflowing. She was totally dazed, a high no drug could ever match. She slowly opened her eyes to find all four ladies beside her. Posh and Holly were by her head chest. Pixie and Cheryl were by her head only half in vision. “Looks like you had a great time,” smiled Holly. “I told you that you would.”

“MMmmm yes,” dreamed Britney.

“Well it’s not over yet!” exclaimed Cheryl. “We’ve got another treat in store.” Britney could see Cheryl and Pixie’s glazed globes and faces and briefly wondered how they’d got that way. They turned round and pulled their two lovers round who were still wanking as they were positioned over the blonde star. Britney beamed with glee at the thought of these two mighty animals cumming all over her body.

“MMMmm, I can’t wait for this!” mused the American, turned on by the sight of two chimpanzees masturbating over her sexy body.

Cheryl and Pixie giggled and decided it would be better for them to spray the load all over Britney. They’d got the chimps this hard without touching them, they may as well enjoy the product of their efforts, not that they hadn’t enjoyed themselves already. They settled beside each chimp and took over the stroking responsibility. Each grasped their fingers and palms round the long shiny rods and began to work the jizz out of the tip. Cheryl loved the feeling of hot cock in her hand as she beat off her lover even faster than he had managed. The chimp certainly seemed to appreciate her touch anyway. Likewise Pixie’s companion screeched with pleasure when she gripped his rod. Her wrist now very used to jerking long animal cock off. She felt its smoothness and rigidity and knew he couldn’t take much more.

Posh and Holly continued their lesbian show for all the girls, kissing and fondling each others large round mounds. They kept looking to see when Britney would be covered so they could get on with some real celebrating.

Suddenly, Cheryl felt a small drip of white goo leak from the end of the monkey penis. She stroked as hard as she could knowing that it would just take a few more. Pixie too sped up at the sight of this as she really wanted to hose Britney with jizz. The increased effort paid off as suddenly a string of steaming white cum flew from the rod and hit Britney across the mouth.

“Oh my!” she joked, licking it up and swallowing it. Another string plastered her cheek then hair as Pixie directed the rod towards her mouth. “I want to… mmm… taste his cum.” Suddenly she was aware that a spurt landed on her left breast, followed by a load to the breast bone. Bullet after bullet of jizz spanked her skin as it landed across her face and chest. She swallowed what salty cum she could, savouring its taste. “Mmmmm, Fuck. This is goooood…. MMMmmmmmmm yeah.”

Cheryl began to talk dirty again in her unique Geordie accent. “You dirty little cum slut. You wanted this cum all your life. Well take this load me and Pixie fucked so hard to give you! Oh yeah!!!! Yeah!!” She really wanked hard at the cock as she spoke, firing cum all over Britney’s tits. “Oh I’ve covered your juicy titties in cum! You like that? Don’t you? You little whore.”

“MMmmmmm fuck yes you fucking hot goddess!” moaned the starlet as she swallowed the last of the cum from the dick. Pixie herself slurped the last drops from the rod as Cheryl did the same, leaving Britney soaked but immensely satisfied.

“Tastes so good!” began Pixie laughing.

“We want to taste!” screamed Holly, jumping on Britney and kissing her. Britney fed Holly some sperm as they kissed pleasing Holly’s request to taste it. Victoria was more reserved gently lowering her body onto the cum covered breasts. She rubbed her own gently across them and then began to lick Britney’s chest, devouring the salty load. Holly rubbed her own boobs after she’d finished playing with Britney’s tits, wanting her chest to look like the others.

Britney giggled as Posh’s tongue worked her breasts and nipples, “He he, that was fantastic. What do we do now?”

“We do it again!” remarked Cheryl, massaging her glorious tits. The thought of this appealed to Britney. She had so much to give back to these woman and animals for making her feel so good.

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