Celeb Zoo – Part 12: Cheryl’s Maid Service

This work is entirely fictional and does not in any way represent the activities of the persons described in it.

There was an excitement around Holly Willoughby’s countryside retreat as she entertained her guests. This was because tonight was different. A true superstar had been added to their group and everyone was waiting to get a taste of her. It was a very warm English summer’s night so they’d chosen to have a party outdoors. They sat not too far from a stable as a warm glow from the soft lighting filled the night air.

Holly Willoughby wandered about in a fine pink negligee with floral designs down the side and in the cup. It was pretty much see through apart from the odd floral pattern which conveniently hid her nipples. A single silk ribbon tie held the outfit closed at the chest as two further slim ribbons struggled to hold the material up. The inside of her big tits were clearly visible. A gap showed her flat stomach and then her light yellow and pink panties. She had her blonde hair done up showing her beautifully large smile and pretty face. She wore white stripper high heels with the outfit to show off her long legs. She mingled with all her guests, telling them the story of her encounter with the starlet.

Holly could afford to mingle rather than entertain. Behind her was Cheryl Cole, holding a tray of wine glasses and champagne bottles. She’d lost a bet to Holly, having foolishly bet she was a better swimmer than Holly. They’d settled that in Holly’s pool earlier and the result was she was now serving the girls food and drink at the party in a sexy French maids outfit. Not that Cheryl really minded because she looked stunning. She had her chestnut hair done up too with a little maids hat to top it off. She wore a very revealing all in one black maids outfit which had white frilly trim down the front and round the edges. It was very short and hugged her figure tightly allowing her to show her cleavage and bum when she bent over to pour. It had a couple of straps which had small black bows on them. Black stockings hung from suspenders with further small bows down to large black stripper high heels. To complete the look she wore frilly white cuffs on her wrists. She loved the attention and cat calls she got from her friends as she tottered about, acting naughty.

Cheryl was currently pouring a drink for Nadine Coyle who was lying stretched out on a sun lounger near a fire Cheryl had to keep going. Nadine was once again admiring Cheryl’s lovely round tits as poured, obviously ogling the starlet. Nadine looked stunning with her long dark hair and blonde highlights pulled back and down onto her back. She’d chosen to wear a bright pink bra which had darker see through areas in the important places. Only a slim pink line and square offered her ample breasts any sight protection. She wore a very short skirt in the same colour and design but chose a black g-string which was visible through the skirt. Her long slim legs stretched down to a chunky pair of black high heels. She accepted the top up from Cheryl gratefully then slapped her on the arse as she turned, cupping her perfect buttock as she did so. “I’ll get you for that!” quipped Cheryl.

“Holly! The maid is speaking out of turn again. She should be punished!” shouted Nadine. Cheryl was having too much of a good time.

“Oh! Is she now! I will teach her a lesson!” smirked Holly who’d been hoping for some role play. Cheryl tottered up to Holly head bowed. Holly put her finger under Cheryl’s chin and lifted her head to meet her stare. “Naughty girl! I will deal with you personally later.” She then spanked her almost bare bottom and let her get on. She knew Cheryl was loving every second of it.

“Oh maid, I need another fill up!” jested Nicola Roberts as her band mate wandered over. “Now do try to behave.” She held out her glass mockingly and Cheryl duly lent over to fill it up giving Nicola what she wanted, a view of Cheryl’s impressive cleavage. Cheryl filled the glass and turned to leave but stopped. “I’m not finished with you yet! My shoulders are cold. Warm them up for me!” Cheryl obediently went round Nicola’s back as she reclined in her sun chair. Cheryl couldn’t help but be impressed by the stars outfit. Her long red and blonde streaked hair hung loosely over her shoulders and pink straps to her negligee. This was a much more solid material than the others but no less attractive. It was a salmon pink which pushed up her pert 34B chest seductively and clinged tightly to her toned body. Cheryl had the perfect vantage point from above to admire. The negligee had a couple of frills round the chest but then stretched down to the top of her thighs not showing flesh in between. She had long white legs which finished in gold strappy high heels.

Forgetting herself for a second, Cheryl began to massage Nicola’s shoulders as sensuously as possible. She kneaded the muscles as Nicola wriggled at her expert touch. Cheryl moved from the back to the front and could feel her pussy tingle at the excitement of touching Nicola’s bare flesh. Before she knew her hands plunged into Nicola’s top, groping her tits. “Mmmmm, that’s it,” moaned Nicola beginning to writhe in sexual pleasure. Then suddenly she turned shouting, “Holly! The maid is misbehaving again!” Cheryl stopped hands in top as Holly moved round her.

“You just don’t learn do you?” laughed Holly, trying to sound serious. “Well me and Nicola are going to have to teach you some etiquette now.” With that she lightly spanked Cheryl’s tight ass again with the palm of her hand, giving another good groping to the butt cheek she struck. Cheryl reluctantly sorted Nicola’s top and got on with her duties, looking forward to whatever punishment she was going to receive. That Nicola was a devious one she thought.

Cheryl made her way to an outdoor couch where the last two people she had to serve were. These two were the last two members of her band, Girls Aloud, namely Sarah Harding and Kimberley Walsh. They were snuggling on the couch, Kimberley hugging Sarah as the entwined outstretched legs. Sarah had shiny long wavy blonde which draped over her shoulders. She had on a white silk negligee which pushed up her surgically enhanced boobs into a pleasing round shape. Her bust was certainly comfortable enough for Kimberley to rest on. The bra area was made of a lacy material, however, the rest of the outfit was solid apart from the frill at her thighs. She matched the outfit with silver strappy diamond encrusted high heels. She looked angelic, like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

Kimberley had chosen to contrast this by wearing a black outfit. Her long dyed blonde/brunette hair hung over a tight lacy dress which was see through. It hugged her figure magnificently, highlighting her medium sized boobs and hourglass hip figure. Her ass was also nicely enveloped by the dress and you could see her black panties through it. She’d chosen black stripper high heels which had platforms of inches giving her about another 7 in total. Cheryl poured them more champagne, dutifully giving them a look at her tits and ass as she moved over to Holly once more who looked like she wanted to say something. A soft breeze passed by lifting Holly’s light clothing from her stomach and revealing some more cleavage.

“Now ladies, please. Our guest has arrived and she is ready to give us a performance we’ll never forget… again if you’re lucky enough to have experienced her last time like me. Please take a chair in the barn for the show.” Cheryl moved off, but Holly grabbed her by the wrist, “You’re not going far from me.” A cheeky smile came across Cheryl’s face as the two entered the warm barn.

Five chairs were laid out in the middle of the barn which had 4 enclosures and an entrance to the house as well as the outside entrance. The chairs pointed toward the house entrance in the middle of it all. The girls took their seats but one girl had to stand. Unfortunately for Cheryl it was her. She stood behind Holly obediently and waited.

Suddenly some music started up, a very distinctive base beat. A woman emerged from the darkness of the doorway into the light of the barn. It was Britney Spears. She was recreating her infamous dance on TV with the white snake to “I’m A Slave 4 U”. Her hips vibrated to the beat of her song as the large snake coiled itself around her already sweaty body. She was wearing the exact same outfit but maybe had a slightly larger white snake. Her long wavy blonde hair hung over her shoulders and the animal. A small green almost leaf like bikini covered her big round breasts which jiggled as she moved. Her flat stomach had a small piercing in the naval. Then came her short blue-green shorts which were also very tight. A blue see through material came out the back creating a sort of half skirt but you could see all of her strong thighs from the front. Britney had on the same beige high heel boots that she had on the night of the performance.

Britney held everyone’s attention as she began to wiggle her tight ass in the direction of the audience. She bent over and slapped her own buttock, indicating what she wanted later. She moved more slowly and sensually as she got up, turning and staring at her entranced audience. The star then put her left hand on her right breast and right hand on her left, squeezing them for the audience before ripping away the material that covered them. Her boobs bounced free as she felt the cool body of her white snake caress them for the first time. The snake was unable to stop the jiggling as she bounced across the barn to her erotic song. She held the snake out with her arms displaying her glorious tits for everyone to see. She licked her lips as stared at Kimberley. Kimberley couldn’t help an almost school girl sense of giddiness at the attention she was getting. Britney smiled at her as she broke off again, really grinding her hips against the frame of the door. A few more moments and passed doing this she grabbed the top her shorts and dropped them down over her boots. Stepping over them she faced the audience and placed the snake over her cleanly shaven pussy. She held this pose as the music stopped enjoying his tongue flick of her clit.

The girls all stood up and erupted in applause for Britney’s hot strip tease. She smiled for a second and then became more animated, joining the girls with her long friend. She went over to Holly and kissed her on the cheek. “Thanks for inviting me!”

“It’s quite alright. I think we owe you a good time after that performance!” said Holly.

Kim appeared at the side of Britney and took her hand, leading her to one of the 4 compartments with a sexy look in her eye. Upon entering the enclosed space, Britney could see a pig in the corner with another blonde haired star kneeling at its side. It was Sarah and she was masturbating the pig, while still wearing her now slightly dirty white negligee. Kim took Britney’s other hand as Sarah acknowledged the arrival of the star with a smile. Kim got inbetween their line of sight and stared Britney in the eye before kissing the naked starlet. The snake slithered round the pair, pushing Britney’s naked body on to Kim’s.  As the kiss got more passionate Britney had to take her reptilian friend off and place him in a container to the side. She wanted Kim naked and couldn’t manage it with the snake squeezing them. Kim dutifully responded by lifting her black lingerie over her head and resuming the kiss once Britney returned. Her hands grabbed Britney’s round titties as the American star lustfully removed Kim’s panties and began to rub her clit. They collapsed onto the muddy floor grabbing a long wobbly pink double ended dildo from a small bale of hay. They turned to view Sarah and slid their wet pussies onto the long shaft and began thrusting their cunts toward each other. Their long legs entwined. “Mmmmpphhh” moaned Britney as she slowly pushed. Her pussy walls slowly began to twitch as she slid up and down. She touched her boobs as she fucked, loving the great feeling of them in her hands. She was getting really turned on by the Girls Aloud stars, who were both stunningly hot. They looked like angels but fucked like filthy horny devils. “Mmm, fuck… yes! You dirty little bitches will make me cum!!”

Kim gyrated her hips down the shaft too. The hard shaft was making her pussy tingle with each thrust. She reached down and continued to stimulate her clit. She could feel how wet she was. “Sarah, fuck that beast for us! Oh yes!” she breathed as she turned her attention to Britney. She was getting turned on by Britney’s tits which the star was squeezing in her hands. “Yes Britney! Grab those fucking titties! Make me cum!!!”

Sarah was very dirty now. She’d removed the white lingerie and slid under the pig whose shaft was now at least 16 inches long. Opening her legs up wide, she guided the hard dick into her waiting pussy. The pig was desperate to continue the fucking so started to thrust at Sarah. She responded by tightening her legs round his body, displaying her muddy diamond heels on top of his body. “Good boy! Show me a good fucking time. Make those sluts over there cum with us!” The three girls were getting what they wanted and as the pleasure stakes rose, so did their moaning. Each had a good rhythm established.

Meanwhile on the other side of the barn, Nicola and Holly were naked and making Cheryl pay for her disobedience. Not that it was much of a punishment. Cheryl was lying on her back legs spread wide open. A rottweiler dog was fucking her in the pussy while another was getting an amazing blowjob from the starlet. Then using her hands she wanked two further rottweilers, giving a total of four. She was well established with each of the dogs. All four had at least one foot long shafts and were thrashing at her holes. She slurped and moaned as best she could.

“I don’t know how she does it,” remarked Holly as she lay down on her back too. “She just loves being fucked in every way possible!”

“I know,” said Nicola, bending over on to all fours. “She just loves cocks. We’re too nice to her!” She still had her gold strappy high heels on. She’d just finished jerking off two further rottweilers, one for her and one for Holly, while Holly had been “punishing” Cheryl. She’d given one to Holly and was now positioning her dog’s penis by the entrance to her wet cunt. With a small push, it breached her pussy lips which caused her to groan. “Ohhhhh!” The rottweiler had jumped its front legs on to her back and was using the young woman as support. Nicola glanced over at Holly. She was putting her rottweiler’s cock into her pussy.

“Looks like someone else is a bit of a doggy cock whore! Very sexy!” Holly said as the long rod split open her tight pussy. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as the smooth hard penis penetrated her slowly. The rottweiler was ready for a good fuck and duly began to slide in and out of the blonde star quite hard. Holly cupped at both of her big jiggling breasts. She savoured their fullness yet softness. She groped at them and then pinched her nipples. “MMMmmm!” she moaned again as she held each full breast, imagining the feel of cum squirted all over them.

Cheryl was unable to see anyone else. She was too busy concentrating on her tasks set by the girls. She could feel her pussy tighten round the shaft as she rocked on to its tip. Her hands were moving up and down the two rods at a good pace, more than enough to keep her lovers excited. Cheryl’s blowjob skills were amazing. Despite all the other work, she was loving the oral pleasure she could give her dog. It tasted amazing as she forced the thick penis all the way down her throat, sometimes gasping for air when she tried too hard and too long. Her tits bounced up and down with the force of her fucking. She could feel them bounce on her chest and wished she could give a titty fuck with them. However, now was not the time and she’d save that for later on should she be allowed. She loved letting animals unload jizz all over her heaving chest and then have the girls clean her gooey globes. She could hear Holly and Nicola begin to moan on a more regular basis now and could hear a pig squeal across the barn.

Nadine had found her own quiet corner of the barn. She entered one of the enclosures and found a ram just sitting in the corner. She’d heard that rams could be very aggressive during mating seizing but thought she could win him over just as if he was a man. She slowly slipped her pink bra off her pert breasts and dropped her skirt to the ground. Her black g-string then came down and she began to rub her pussy slowly as she spoke the ram with a quiet Irish tone. “You like what you see boy? You want some of this to get with you? It’s yours. You can fuck me as hard as you want!” The ram slowly got up as Nadine slowly spread her long legs infront of her companion. She started to rub a bit faster as the animal responded to the sight of her pink pussy. Her long legs looked stunning in the black high heels. She stroked her left one with her left hand as she rubbed her box. She could feel her wetness as the animal took a step forward. “That’s it boy! An easy shag. All I want in return is your hard cock inside me.” Keeping a watchful eye on her potential mate, she slowly rolled onto all fours and presented her hot wet pussy to him. He immediately responded by taking 2 quick steps and mounting Nadine as if she was a sheep. She screamed with delight with the force that his dick entered her. He immediately and began to fuck her hard and fast. “Faster! Harder! Harder!” commanded Nadine. She felt his smooth coat and legs on her back. The wetness of the coat matched her steamy sweat. She loved it as it slid across her back. The rod grew inside her as she wiggled and writhed in pleasure. “Fuck yes that’s it!” She was struggling to breathe now with the sheer passion and lust she was having. It didn’t stop her pushing herself further down the solid long rod. “Ah! Ah! Ah! YEEEEAAAA…” she came at the same time as her lover. Hot white jizz fired her insides and she just about collapsed. Her arms felt weak but she knew she must continue to support her partner who also seemed to have expended a large amount of energy. A tired but satisfied Nadine turned to kiss her lover who responded by licking her across the face. “Fuck… that… was… beautiful…”

“YYEESSSS!!!” screamed Sarah as she pulled her tight body on the long dick. The pig was working hard to keep up with her. “FFFFUUCCCKKKK!!!” she moaned as she managed to focus on Britney and Kim across the room. The sight of the two stars gyrating onto the same dildo was immense and the erotic sounds they were generating indicated their pleasure. “MMmmm FFFFUUCCCKKK!” Sarah groaned once more. “Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes! Fuck. Fuck. Fucccccckkkkk meeee!!!” With that she her legs gave way and she could barely hug the pig’s mighty torso anymore. Jolts of pleasure rocked through her body with each thrust of his mighty pig cock. She grabbed her enhanced tits and really squeezed them. She rubbed cool mud over them, getting all dirty and naughty. This aided her orgasm and the feeling of joy in her body. Her back arched hard when her muscles contracted. She held her breath as she was unable to relax. “FFFFUUUUUU!!!” unable to finish her sentence. All the while the pig continued to shag her, causing her to orgasm multiple times more.

Britney and Kim were really fucking hard, both very close to cumming. Both had their legs spread, one completely flat on the ground, and the other bent in the air to allow the other access to their hot cunt. Kim still had her high heels on where as Britney stretched out her foot. They were practically jumping off the ground with the force they were using. “Oh Kim!” moaned Britney, grabbing at a bouncing breast as she did so. She fixed a stare on Kim, looking at her lover’s hot, sweaty body. She too was grabbing at her breasts in order to heighten her pleasure. She looked at the superstar who’d just called her name.

“MMMmm, Britney, you’re so fucking hot! Make… me… come!!” Kim thrust down hard on the dildo and Britney responded. Their legs rubbed against each other, providing little sparks of electricity between the pair. The blonde star looked on at Kim and how hard her hips were working and she could take no more. Her hands gripped at her juicy melons as her pussy radiated ecstasy round her body. Her faced screwed up in happiness as she could see Kim give the last few thrusts before she came too. She could just about feel the warm pussy juices run down the shared dildo.

“AHHHH! AHHHH! AHHHH!” Kim came to a halt. She couldn’t breathe. Her muscle spasmed and her back arched. She gripped the cool ground. She needed to feel she was still on the ground. She shuddered as Britney’s foot rubbed the inside of her thigh. Britney pushed the dildo gently into Kim’s pussy, generating more feelings of ecstasy for the helpless Girls Aloud star. Eventually she subsided, and opened her eyes to see Britney in front of her.

“That was awesome Kimberley. You know how to rock my body.” The pair kissed passionately as Sarah brought her lover over. They then looked at the pig lover as he wandered over. His dick was huge and rock hard. “He looks like he’s about to blow!” laughed Britney as she stroked the excited Kim on the arm.

Sarah settled under the lover one more time, this time sliding the cock between her round globes. She was just able to squeeze them round the shaft. Her lover certainly appreciated the fit as he began to fuck them as hard as he could. “Oh yeah, fuck these titties! I want you to come all over them!” Sarah looked back at Britney and Kim who were watching the action closely. They were holding each other close in anticipation.

“That looks like fun. He’s fucking loving it Sarah you horny bitch!” laughed Britney. “Don’t hog all the cum to yourself though!!!” Sarah smiled back as she re tightened her grip on her round melons. She could feel her nipples in between her fingers. She loved the feeling of the smooth rod sliding up and down her chest. A dribble of pre cum hit her chest. Seeing he was close, Kim and Britney moved to roll him over. Reluctantly Sarah let go of his dick and allowed him be put on his back. She got up and joined Kim and Britney who were both using their hands to stimulate the pig in the last seconds. “Well done babe! He looks like he’s got enough for 10 of us!” said Britney as she licked her lips.

Sarah laughed as moved her face closer and closer to the beast. Kim and Britney picked up the pace furiously wanking the hot penis off. Their efforts paid off with a squeal of pleasure from the pig. A large spurt of hot jizz exploded from the tip hitting Sarah on the right breast. It was shortly followed by a second and a third, both hitting her chest. “He has good aim!!!” she joked.

“MMMMpphhh,” slurped Kim as she semen flowed into her open mouth. “I….. think he…. likes… them.” She struggled to talk, as she swallowed as much as she could. Her face was already covered but what she couldn’t swallowed dropped on to her chest. Her hair was matted to her neck and shoulders.

Another long string flew though the air, landing on Britney’s eye brow. She readjusted the aim, getting some over her face and boobs. “Ohhh God yeesss!” moaned Britney. Her whole upper body was covered in sticky goo. She liked the hot sticky feeling, her skin tingling with sensual pleasure. “I think he wants Sarah to finish this!” she said as a load landed on Sarah’s blonde hair. The Girls Aloud star duly obliged as sucked on the hard rod with her lips, twirling her tongue round the tip and any semen she could find. A few blobs fell out of her mouth as the beastily produce finally began to stop. She stopped her blowjob and the girls duly rolled their lover onto his feet. Sarah sat there content. She looked at herself and then Kim and Britney. They were all covered in hot wet cum. She squeezed her now slippy round jugs and moved over to Britney. She caught the starlet by surprise as she began to kiss her full on the lips and pushed her tits onto Britney’s large rack. Their tits glided effortlessly over each others as Sarah transferred some jizz into Britney’s mouth. The star took the jizz and swallowed, giving Sarah a slightly smutty look. Kim, who had wondered what had happened, soon found out though as Sarah did the exact same to her. Kimberley swallowed and chuckled sexily.

“A little present…” smirked Sarah.

Cheryl’s pussy muscles clamped round the dick slamming her wet cunt. Shock waves resonated through her body as the rottweiler kept up it’s rate. “AARRRRHHhMMMMM, FUUUUU, YEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHH” Her back arched as she tried desperately to control her arms at least. She couldn’t though and squeezed at the dick’s in each hard causing the rottweiler’s to go wild with pleasure. Load after load landed on Cheryl’s hot body, covering her delicious tits with barely a piece of visible skin left. The tingling of the jizz added to her lust as she orgasmed again. Sweat poured from her, but she kept going, using her stripper heels to drive her throbbing pussy on to the hard thick dick. The beast managed to drive deeper into Cheryl and caused her 3rd orgasm in a minute. She shoved the remaining dick as deep down her throat as she could sensing his excitement. Suddenly the dicks in her mouth and pussy erupted causing jizz to pour in to her. “UGGHhh ugghhhh mmmm,” she moaned through her stuffed mouth. The young starlet’s muscles drove her to arch her back as hard as she could. She let go of the other two dogs as they’d finished long before she would. She now used her free hands to squeeze her own large tits, feeling the hot jizz that covered them. Her tits tingled as her orgasm continued. She squeezed them all over while gently rubbing the cum into them. She pinched her rock hard nipples as she moved her hands. Cum dribbled from the side of her mouth as she began to relax her blowjob. One final thrust caused her to orgasm again and she squealed as the dog pulled out her mouth. Her pussy walls tingled with the stimulation of hot cum and as the flow of ecstasy subsided she still had that warm feeling inside her. She rested her body on the floor and tried to catch her breath. She’d had 4 dogs at the same time and had never felt more sexual lust than she had just then. She turned her head see how Nicola and Holly were.

Nicola turned her head round to look her rottweiler in the eye. “Almost uhh… there!” Her head then looked up at the ceiling as she orgasmed hard. “OOOhhhhhh FuuuCKKKK!!!” Her sweaty face showed the immense pleasure she was feeling. A second wave of joy pulsed from her hot pussy as the rottweiler emptied his load into the tight space. She thrust her small ass towards the base of the dick hoping to improve her lovers experience too as well as further heightening hers. She enjoyed the feeling of the dog’s paws on her back and she felt really close to her companion at that stage. “Oh God yes! Fuck! Yes!” The nails added a slight pain to experience which Nicola loved. She struggled to breath as she climaxed, her eyes shutting.

The screaming set Holly off who had been watching Cheryl and Nicola getting fucked. Her large melons bounced up and down as her dog orgasmed. She thrust her hips onto the dick, riding her orgasm as hard as she could, the long rod twitching sensually inside her. She grabbed her boobs as they titgasmed, the flesh burning with erotic lust. The pair continued to push onto each other for a while, each enjoying the prolonged feeling of each other’s rhythm. After a while, they slowly wound down and Holly hugged her lover. “Mmmmm boy,” she cooed in a relaxed fashion. “Mummy needed your hard dick badly!” She ran her hands down his glossy coat and slapped his hind legs as she got up and went to join the girls as they gathered round an exhausted Cheryl.

“Jesus Cheryl! You’re covered!” gasped Britney as she looked down on the sexy brunette.

“MMmmmm! I know” said Cheryl in her soft Geordie tone. “Was fucking brilliant! Not much of a punishment. I could totally go again.”

“Speaking of which ladies, if you want to come with me I’ve got move for you,” chimed in Holly almost before Cheryl had finished her sentence. All the girls followed Holly, but couldn’t resist having a sly dig at Cheryl for the amount of cock she had consumed. Holly led them into one of the enclosures which had nothing but a small door leading to a stable through the back. Nicola was first through the door after Holly and couldn’t believe what she saw.

The stable was large and well lit. Hay was stacked round the outside and in the middle there was a circular wooden railing which was 3 metres wide in diameter. Attached to the this circle were seven horses, tied by a small length of rope. “Wow Holly, you went to all this trouble for us?”

“Sure did! One for each of us,” she proudly boasted. “Now pick a horse ladies and get going! Last to make theirs come is maid next time!” The girls laughed as they tottered over to their respective beasts, almost all still wearing their high heels. Although now trying to go fast each girl stopped to admire their horse before starting to pleasure him sexually.

Nadine ran her hands over her brown horse’s body before finding his dick. Like every other girl, she chose to start with a handjob in order to get a quick hard on. Her horse neighed and startled slightly as she awoke him from his day dream. “I’m going to make you very very happy!” she said in her sexy Irish tone. She could feel the dick grow in length and width quickly as she easily began to turn the horse on. Soon she was using her whole hand instead of her thumb and finger. She looked at the dick grow to 3 foot quickly as it became more encouraged with blood. Without even realising her lips were drawn to the tip of the penis where she began to use her mouth to add to her handjob. She was soon devouring the cock hungrily and loving it.

Britney too was just about finished with the initial handjob. She was keen to do a titty fuck on her horse so she pulled up a close by soft chair. She positioned it by the railing and let the horse up on the trough on the other side of the railing. She leant back and squeezed her ample tits round the horse’s member. It easily began to slide in the space which had previously been lubed by the pig. “Nobody can resist these,” she thought. Britney looked round to see Holly and Cheryl use their large assets in a similar fashion. Cheryl of course had loads of lube on her, in fact, when she could she took handfuls from her body and tasted her work again and again.

Nicola opted for a more direct approach, and once she’d worked the shaft of her horse with her hands and mouth she immediately leant over and presented her pussy to the horse. It was a glorious sight, with her long legs in her sexy gold high heels. The young singer used her hand to steer the horse inside her. She immediately felt warm sensual feeling radiate up her spine. She tingled as the horse began to fuck the slim woman’s figure. Despite the perceived power difference, Nicola still managed to push herself onto the rod, letting it explore further inside her. She was able to take one hand of the railing and began to rub her breasts and clit. She was determined to come quickly too.

While Kim had chosen to follow Nicola into some vaginal sex with her lover, Sarah loved the taste of cock too much to that now. There was still a long way to go. Or so she thought, Nicola suddenly let out a squeal. “Ohhh Fuck!!! Ohhh GoDDDD FUCK!” Sarah looked round and saw how much fun she was and Kim were having riding the 3 foot long poles. She was determined to win so she too had to try to fuck the horse with her tight pussy. As she positioned herself, she saw the other girls all doing likewise and admired their spirit. Suddenly all seven girls were on the end of horse dick and loving every second.

Nicola was struggling to breathe as her horse rammed her hard. Her faced showed the sexual excitement she was feeling. Kim too was well advanced as she held tightly onto the railing. Holly giant boobs were bouncing up and down with the sheer force she was being fucked with. She occasionally held one of them when she felt strong enough to let go of the railing. Britney’s rack was also showing the energy she was using. Her cum covered round titties wobbling enticingly as she rocked back and forth on the large dick. Cheryl’s cum covered body was standing up well to the hammering. Her long hair matted to her face by the goo. Her large chest occasionally dripping cum off it’s perfect surface. Cheryl’s long sexy legs stretched to her stripper heels which added to her beauty. She was still wearing her sexy tights too. She moaned gently with the sensation. She couldn’t wait for more cum to cover her fit body. Nadine too was managing to fuck her horse surprisingly well for someone so slight. She pushed back on the hot pole which rubbing her hand over her body. She tried to look round the room, occasionally having to move her long blonde hair away from her sweaty face, getting turned on by the sight of her fellow starlets getting fucked in this animal gang bang.

“Oh fuck yes!!! YEESSSS!” Nicola screamed. She orgasmed barely able to stand, the long rod was physically enabling her to do so with the help of the railing. Her muscles tensed and she squeezed down as hard as she could manage. She whimpered as her muscles then released and floods of joy over took her. She then pushed back suddenly as she felt a spurt of warm goo enter her already filled pussy. She immediately dismounted her companion and quickly took the beasts shaft into her pretty mouth. She devoured as much of it as she could, keen to taste more of the preview sample. She didn’t have to wait long, as a rush of cum flooded her mouth and throat. She jerked of the shaft as wave after wave of cum splattered across her hair, face and chest. It dripped from her eye brows as she licked her lips and cheeks, tasting as much as she could. Her red hair was matted to her face and shoulders but she didn’t care. She was happy and had become aware of Kim next her cumming too.

“FUUUCCKKK! Come you beast! Come with me!” she shouted and the beast duly obliged. Cum flowed into her tight box and soon dribbled out as it became filled with horse sperm. Kim’s body went limp with ecstasy as she moaned in joy. She rubbed her cum covered chest to increase her pleasure. She’d was very happy with her evening’s work and settled to lick the last offering of her lover’s rod. In doing so, she noticed Nicola approaching her. Kim looked up curiously as she licked the long hard shaft.

“I have an idea! Let go and ‘help’ Cheryl!!!” she giggled. Kim smiled as she took the member out of her mouth and rushed over to Cheryl. The Geordie starlet looked confused as her two band mates approached her cum covered body. “We’ve come to help you,” said Nicola as she reached out to stroke Cheryl’s cum covered face.  She then leant in for a kiss as Cheryl slowly continued to be fucked by the horse. Kim knelt below the star and began to rub her pussy as the dick moved in and out. Cheryl’s instantly felt her pleasure rise and intensely kissed Nicola hard. She felt an orgasm coming and her body began to writhe with the touch of all three of her lovers. Despite her horse fucking her, she was no longer able to give him any resistance back but she was totally unaware she was so happy. Adding to her pleasure she heard Irish excitement from close by.

Nadine was again sucking off the giant horse dick having just settled from her orgasm. She’d have loved to let the horse keep going but she couldn’t stand much longer. He was close and her expert touch with her tongue set the big beast off, unloading all his sperm on the star’s body. Next to come were Sarah and Britney, who’d been watching Nadine together. They’d become very close during this session and had managed to hold onto each other’s hands during their lover’s orgasms. They breathed heavily as their orgasms reached their peaks, feeling the excitement in their animal and human lover’s body. Cum dripped out of their pussy’s between their legs as each horse unloaded a large volume of seed into the human stars. They looked at each other and decided to follow Nicola and Kim over to Cheryl and help distract her. They only needed Holly to make her lover come before Cheryl now.

Nadine however decided she would help Holly and settled beside Holly whose big boobs enticed the Irish star. She settled beside the giant horse dick and began to stroke it with hand while pleasuring Holly’s shaven mound with the other. There was no reason she thought that Holly couldn’t have more fun. Holly orgasmed almost immediately with Nadine’s sensitive touch. She was able to push herself of to the dick as she did so, which was impressive considering the size of heels she was wearing. She certainly did love the huge cock. Once she’d settled she joined Nadine by the horse dick. Nadine had kindly been keeping the horse going by giving him a handjob. She could feel he wasn’t far away now. Holly pushed her big lips as far down the shaft as she could, encouraging the horse to come before Cheryl’s. After she did that a few times, she felt his dick twitch in her mouth. This only encouraged her to swallow more cock as she made him come with more force than she’s ever felt before. She started to swallow the salty goo but soon was finding the volume too much. Bullets of cum fired from the tip onto the blonde star’ face and bust when she could swallow no more. The hot jizz made her skin prickle with excitement. Nadine help direct the cannon shots onto the star as knelt before her companion. Each string added a layer of glaze to the busty starlet’s tits. Once it was done she wiped her mouth. “Awww I wanted more! But that was soooo good” she said in a disappointed tone. “Oh well at least I’ve not lost!”

The two stars headed over to Cheryl who was lying on the ground being pleasured by Nicola, Britney and Kimberley. Sarah was slowly stroking the horses dick but only fast enough to keep him rock hard. She had it pointed at Cheryl who was laying leg spread wide open on the ground. Nicola was expertly eating her pussy out with her tongue. She was running her tongue round all the walls, savouring the taste of rottweiler cum that had been deposited there earlier. Britney and Kimberley were licking the stars large tits, cleaning them of the cum they had on them. Holly Willoughby stood above the starlet, as she rolled and wriggled with orgasmic joy. “Looks like you’re the maid again next time!” she laughed.

“This… wasn’t… fffAAIIIIRRR!!!” moaned Cheryl as she orgasmed again. Her body rolled as she thrust her pelvis onto Nicola’s hungry tongue. She wrapped her feet round the red headed star to drive her deeper. Her beautiful black suspender tights and shoes met above the starlets cum soaked red hair as she pulled her into her deepest place. “AHHH… Fuucckkk… yes!!!” she breathed. Her breathing was fast and shallow and as her orgasm subsided Nicola broke free from the starlets hold.

“Let her have it!” commanded Holly as Sarah wanked the horse dick hard. Shortly after, more cum was heading the exhausted starlets way. She wasn’t complaining though as she was lashed with horse cum. She let it hit her on her chest before opening her mouth for Sarah to target. The blonde star duly obliged as the cum hungry girl swallowed the hot salty cum as fast as she could. Some hit her eyes and cheeks but she loved it wherever. She rubbed her breasts, mixing the two types of cum on her body. She looked at the girls around her who looked down on her lovingly. Her sticky hair made her appear even more sexy. Still some cum continued to splash on the her body but it was now saturated.

“MMmmm thanks for that,” she mused. “I don’t mind being the maid again.” Cheryl rested on the floor as the others laughed and moved back through to the house. They’d all shared in a magical experience and were now going to relax in each other’s company.

Cheryl lifted her head and felt the cum dribble down her face and chest with gravity. She had to wipe her eyes clean of the stuff to see clearly. She got up and looked at her body which the cum was running down but there was still plenty on her. She loved it. She scooped loose dribbles up with a cupped hand and slurped the mixture of dog and horse cum. “Maid! Run the hot tub! We’re going to have a bath” shouted Holly as she left.

Just then Cheryl saw Holly’s cat come wandering up to her and as it passed it rubbed itself on her leg. “Give me ten minutes!” came the disobedient reply as she lifted him up and started to stroke the small shaft.

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