Celeb Zoo – Part 13: Holly’s Animal Home

This work is pure fiction and is NOT real.

Holly Willoughby stood patiently in her flat. She was waiting for a fellow presenter she admired greatly.  She wanted to learn from her guest but also teach her a few new things that would change her world. Her sexual world anyway. This would be tricky because as far as blonde Northern Irish stunner Zoe Salmon was concerned, she was just coming round to share presenting styles.

Holly had a few things that would help. First was her amazing body. She wore her blonde hair down with her lips done in erotic red lipstick. She had on a see through baby blue negligee. Underneath a darker blue bra pushed up her large juicy tits which she hoped to show off later on. The dark blue panties were in a similar lacy style. Her negligee stopped at the very top of her long legs which were slightly oiled. She wore silvery grey strappy high heels which had mini diamonds over the thin straps. In an effort not to scare off Zoe, she had put on a dark blue silk dressing robe.

Another point in her plan was her animal companions. Whether Zoe would want to have sex with them was something she needed to establish but it wouldn’t hurt to show Zoe them. If they happened to be turned on so much the better. And for this she had invited someone who knew how to do that while she entertained Zoe. Someone who could stay in the background until she was needed.

Finally alcohol would lower Zoe’s inhibitions to Holly’s finely tuned sexual advances. Holly could barely contain herself as the clock ticked 9. She lowered the lights and got some wine out. A couple of minutes later the door bell rang.

Holly moved towards the door and gave a final check of her robe. She didn’t want to give the game away. She opened the door slowly and was instantly greeted by Zoe’s smiling face. She had chosen to keep her blonde hair down and wore a tight black t-shirt. She wore fairly tight jeans which hugged her ass perfectly. Black high heeled boots finished her outfit.

“Hey, thanks for having me over. Been looking forward to it all day.” Zoe looked at Holly as she said this looking a bit surprised at her companion choice of robe as clothing.

“It’s no problem sweetie,” began Holly as she felt she needed to explain herself. “Sorry about this, just out the bath and never realised the time!” Holly laughed slightly as she let Zoe into the living room, trying to disguise her true intentions. “The other thing is a friend came by. We were catching up and things. She’s crashing upstairs tonight but shouldn’t bother us tonight.” These were lies which she hoped Zoe would buy.

They worked partially. It struck Zoe as odd that Holly would do her lipstick. And she’d also noted Holly’s brilliant high heels. It didn’t add up but she was the guest and let it go without further question. Holly poured a glass of wine and the girls started to chat. Holly started with morning tv shows and then enquired about Zoe’s thoughts on her. “I love you in it! You’re so natural. I wish I could do that.”

“Oh you can! You’d be great at my job!”

Zoe felt an instant warmth with Holly after what she’d just said. She felt a little tipsy as by now she’d had a couple of glasses but she wanted to share something with Holly. “I wish I could do something more grown up. Something fun, maybe a little sexy, you know, instead of boring tv.”

“You should do it! You’ve got the talent and if you don’t mind me saying you’ve got the look. You’d go down great on something fun!” replied Holly excitedly.

Zoe smiled again as she realised how genuinely nice Holly was. She wanted to be like Holly. She took a slow sip from her wine as Holly continued on about how good she’d be. She smiled and nodded occasionally. It might have been the wine talking but she felt really close to her bubbly companion right now. Flattery does get you anywhere.

“The only thing I’d miss is working with animals. I love doing bits with them,” interjected Zoe trying not to let Holly get too carried away. Little did she know this only made Holly happier and more excited.

“Well there’s a job for everyone. I’m sure we could find you something,” replied Holly slyly. “Did you know I keep lots of animals?” she dropped in casually.

“No I didn’t. I would love to see them though!”

“Well you can. I have some here and some in my country house, you know the usual farm animals there. Here, some pets and some exotic animals.”

“Wow! Sounds like you have a fair few!”

“I guess I have more than most. Come, I’ll show you.” Holly stood up and took the excited Zoe by the hand. She led the Northern Irish beauty through to the kitchen. Once there she stopped and turned. “This is new! Got him a couple of weeks ago and love him!”

Zoe took a sip of wine as Holly went to a large container and slowly bent over “I hope you’re not scared of snakes!” A large brown and green python emerged, draped over Holly’s arm. Zoe noticed Holly’s face light up as it moved up her arm and round her neck. “I love the feeling of his long strong body on my skin. He’s over 12 feet long and very affectionate!” Holly held her snake’s gaze as she played with him. Zoe looked on, smiling. “Do you want to try?”

Holly approached slowly. Zoe couldn’t help but notice the sexuality Holly transmitted as she did so. She looked so sexy, holding the long snake and commanding everything in the room. It was a powerful aphrodisiac. Zoe was contemplating a kiss as Holly got close.

Suddenly, as they got close, the snake slithered from Holly to Zoe, causing Zoe to jump. There was definitely electricity there! A tingle shot down her spine. A warm feeling eminated from pussy. She looked down at her chest, realising it was now covered in wine. She withdrew quickly leaving the python with Holly.

“Oh fuck! Wasn’t expecting it to feel that good!” blushed Zoe. Her t-shirt was clinging to her bra and ample chest. Holly was impressed with what she saw. She stared as Zoe thought about what to do. “Do you mind if I borrow something?” she said, virtually ripping her top off as she asked. She revealed a black lacy bra and medium sized round breasts. They glistened enticingly, now wet with wine.

Holly stared openly at the bounty in front of her. Zoe’s slim exquisite body was very appealing. Especially when wet. She snapped out of it eventually. “Sure. I’ll see what I can find. Just take my baby for a bit.” This wasn’t part of the plan but she liked what she was seeing. Time to compose herself and get back on her game. Holly handed the giant snake to Zoe who was immediately at ease with it. Zoe looked so sexy. Blonde hair, black lace bra and slender toned stomach.

Holly reluctantly left the room leaving Zoe with the animal. It started to move round her naked upper half. Zoe felt the power and strength it possessed. It’s grip felt dangerous yet protective at the same time. She again felt tingling all over. A sexual excitement as the snake coiled round her torso. Zoe bit her tongue as the scales excited her. She wondered if this is what Holly had experienced. She wanted to know.

Suddenly she heard the patter of soft feet behind her. They moved quite fast. She remembered Holly had the click of high heels. She spun round holding the snake. Whatever it was shot round her quicker than she could make it out. It was fairly big. About 4 foot tall. It was black. She heard it move from the floor on to the counter behind her. Still keeping the snake in her grasp, she turned slowly to face what ever was in the room.

A chimp sat facing her, staring at her. Zoe smiled at it. It was a bit smaller while resting and it sat with an expectant air about it. She looked it in the face and it held her gaze. “Well hello there. What’s your name?” Of course she got no answer. “What is it boy? What do you want?”

As soon as she looked down it became clear. The chimp had a huge hard on. His cock hovered in front of his belly pointing at her face. It was the largest Zoe had ever seen. It was at least 14 inches long and very thick. “Oh I see,” said Zoe. A dirty thought crossed her mind. Almost instantaneously the snake moved send pleasure through her body again. It was almost like a reward for the thought. The strong python moved over her breasts as pleasure pulsed from her tits to the rest of her. Feeling emboldened she reached a hand out. Her fingers slowly grasped the stiff cock. Zoe loved cock but this was a new love. A better love. Her fingers instantly transmitted erotic feeling to her body. She gave a tentative stroke. It felt right. She continued to jerk a few more times watching the monkey’s response. It seemed to like it.

“You mind wearing a shirt? It’s all I could find.” Zoe sprung up. Holly walked in, still in her glamourous high heels. Seeing Zoe startled was exciting for Holly. She knew exactly what Zoe was up to but played it cool. “You ok there sweetie?”

“Yeah I’m fine,” came the quick fire response.

“Oh I see you met one of my chimps. He’s very friendly. I got 2 more who are exactly the same. And wow, he certainly seems to be happy to see you!”

“It was like that when he came through,” came the slightly odd response. “I didn’t do it.”

“I’d say he probably got turned on by you wearing just your bra,” responded Holly kindly. “You are looking fucking hot!”

“You think it works like that?”

“Totally. You should see them when I’m in my underwear. They go nuts!” proclaimed Holly confidently.

“Well…” Zoe put the snake back in it’s container in a slow and seductive manner. She was sad to part with him but savoured every second his powerful body touched her soft skin. “Maybe we should see if his friends agree. Prove your point, get your tits out.” Zoe smiled wickedly.

“Ok then, you’ll see I’m right.” Holly loved the talk. She tossed the spare shirt aside. “Just so there’s no doubt…” Holly dropped her robe revealing her lingerie. Zoe was stunned with the sight of Holly’s body. Her large round tits were bulging out of her bra and negligee. Her long legs stretched from her blue panties to her sexy high heels. Holly looked like a sex goddess and Zoe knew she would deliver on her promise.

“Just to even it up,” smiled Zoe. She dropped her jeans and flicked of her boots, leaving her in a matching black bra and panties set. It was simple yet alluring. Her long blonde hair hung over her chest. She had brilliant long legs which were toned and sexy. Holly was excited by the sight. She moved over and the pair began to kiss. Zoe loved the feel of Holly’s cleavage pushed up against her. Their tongues entwined as their lips explored the others. Zoe reached round and held on to the long shaft again. She loved the feeling in her hand of erect cock. She gently slid her hand back and forth along it’s length. The chimp immediately began to thrust softly in time. Zoe smiled with pleasure at the response.

“He’s well trained” laughed Holly. “And very very excited!” Holly knelt down in front of her animal lover to closer inspect the cock. “Fuck the contest. Fuck mummy’s big round titties!” She slid her negligee over her chest and it fell by her knees. She then unclipped her bra free her magnificent breasts. Zoe had a great look at them from above as stopped her handjob. She was amazed by their size. Holly pushed them together around the hard shaft but Zoe needed to feel them. She bent over her Holly and squeezed the soft mounds hard. They felt as good as they looked. Certainly the monkey seemed to respond with vigour as his humping picked up pace. Zoe could feel the force in her hands as she held on. She could see the long black rod force it’s was through the beautiful flesh. The cock looked even longer. Holly looked up at Zoe’s eyes. “Aww God that feels amazing.” Holly moaned with pleasure. Her tits felt brilliant. As if they were controlling her pleasure.

“It looks amazing. Your tits feel amazing.” The chimp fucked as hard as it could now as Zoe was more than happy to hold on to Holly’s chest while watching the erotic tit wank. She lent in and kissed Holly occasionally. She was loving the feeling of being with a confident, fun and sexual woman and being at the whim of the carnal desires of an animal. She could feel her pussy moisten. She wanted fucked. She wanted hot salty cum.

Almost as if by command the chimp shrieked and the first string of cum shot out and hit Holly across the face. She moaned as it caught her, delighted by the feel of the hard cock sliding on her chest. “Fuck! All over these titties! You love cumming all over these big tits!”

Zoe let go of Holly’s big round boobs and grabbed the cock again and stroked it hard. For the first time she felt the power of animal cock. The chimp’s dick pulsed as she slid her hand up and down. It felt fantastic. She pointed it at Holly’s now gooey chest. “Cover them all for me. That’s it. Keep going!” Cum splattered Holly. It dripped from her chin and her funbags. She loved the strike of fresh animal cum. She just loved it.

Zoe smiled as Holly got up. The chimp had dried up and Zoe was slowly letting go of the rod she’d loved. Holly looked beautiful. Cum was pasted all over her top half, getting her hair stuck to her shoulders. “Go ahead. Taste it.” Holly gestured to her cum soaked chest. “There is loads here!” Zoe stepped forward noting her lover run away from behind her. She leaned forward and sucked at Holly’s left breast. The still hot cum exploded in her mouth. She swallowed it quickly, licking more and more off at a quicker and quicker rate.

“Oh it tastes so fine” said Zoe between mouthfuls. She moved to the right breast as Holly started push her chest into Zoe’s eager mouth. She moaned as she was licked, her glorious chest still tingling from beastly cock and jizz. Now it was being licked by a stunning model like woman. As she allowed the oral assult she reached over and unclipped her lesbian lover’s bra. Zoe allowed it to slide off as she looked up to the grinning cum covered Holly. Desperate for more she kissed Holly who responded in kind. Zoe grabbed at the facial jizz first. Then the lips. Without realising she felt her hand enter Holly’s panties and start to rub her shaven mound. It was very hot and very wet. She loved it.

Holly tore herself away leaving Zoe slightly sad. Holly took Zoe’s hand and smiled. “You’re going to want to come with me…” Holly turned and pulled Zoe along behind her. She went down some dimly lit halls. Zoe was relaxed and excited all at once. What was Holly doing to her? What would she end up doing? She followed her lover’s beautiful back and ass quietly. “This is my boudoir” announced Holly as she stopped outside a large door. “It’s got all we need.”

The bedroom door swung open slowly. Zoe peered into the bedroom as it was revealed while Holly simply held her hand. The bedroom was large with a largely red colour scheme. A huge window let the night sky bring atmosphere to the room. A solid wood four poster bed dominated the room. It was covered in deep red silk pillows and pink love hearts. Other features included a white sofa and glass table. On the bed lay a naked woman.

Victoria Beckham was waiting for the girls, her long legs spread wide apart as she rubbed her pussy with one hand. Her other hand rubbed at her huge fake tits. It appeared as if she’d oiled herself up to add to her sexiness. She massaged and cupped herself furiously. She wore platformed killer high heels which were black but nothing else. Over her stood four chimps and they were masturbating with Victoria. She turned round from her self induced daze. “I’ve been keeping them hard for you girls.”

Zoe was excited to see Posh enjoying the animal company. She certainly looked hot. It was amazing to see how horny the chimps got in response Victoria’s enhanced body. She had command over them like any man. Zoe was drawn in. She wanted the hard cock. She wandered over to the bed letting her panties slide to the ground. Victoria got up as she approached and Holly followed her to the bedside. The chimps stood erect like gladiators awaiting their command. Posh ran her hand down the pretty blondes face as she helped her on to the bed.

Nobody spoke. Just a silent understanding of what was happening. Zoe lay on her back and opened her legs. Posh was smiling at her face as Holly positioned the black animal. Holly took the long hard pole in her hand and pushed it against Zoe’s waiting pussy. The chimp pushed it’s hard cock in. As soon as Zoe felt her tight hole being breached a rush of pleasure shot over her body. She moaned as the chimp slowly thrust deep inside her. Posh gave a knowing grin. Zoe was in ecstasy. She savoured the power of the chimp as he held her body now, pulling her onto his shaft. She felt the silk sheet on her back. She shut her eyes as felt the tip of hard cock push at her mouth. She wanted it in her mouth to taste the hot salty jizz again. She started to suck at the cock and wrap her tongue round the shaft. It tasted so good.  Zoe took to task quickly and couldn’t wait to make her lovers come.

Holly and Victoria smiled at each other. “What we will do?” asked Holly rhetorically.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” Posh replied before issuing a whistle call. “He’s been waiting for you all night!” A rottweiler ran in and Holly instantly recognised him to be her first doggy lover.

“Big boy! You’re here… And so hard! You just can’t wait to fuck mummy!” The dog jumped up and started to lick her face as she hurriedly dropped her pants. She barely managed to stay standing long enough to get them on the ground before being pushed to the bed. She collapsed with her legs wide open and could feel the beast trying to enter her. As she grabbed the cock and positioned him outside her dripping wet pussy, she felt Posh clamber on to the bed at her head. “I love you so much for getting himmmmm!” Big Boy entered Holly at that moment and unlike the chimp with Zoe, started to drill Holly hard and fast. She loved the feeling of hard cock in her and thanks to Zoe was already close to orgasm.

Holly was excited to see Posh slide herself on to her mouth. Posh was soaking wet and Holly could smell her sweet taste. She stuck out her tongue and flicked Posh’s clit. Posh squirmed with the pleasure it caused. Holly continued to lap at Posh’s wet pussy savouring the taste. “Oh fuck! Oh Holly! Keep doing that! Fuck!” As Posh rocked back and forth on Holl’s tongue she rubbed her large oily tits, massaging them thoroughly. She cupped them and squeezed them enjoying how how they looked and felt. She loved riding Holly and was excited by The sight of Holly’s cum covered body getting fucked hard by a big powerful beast. It was then she caught sight of Zoe as she moaned hard. “Ah yeah.” She looked like she was loving it. Her body was hot and sweaty and rocked hard against the stiff pole being inserted in to her. They had picked up the pace. Holly pulled Victoria on to her by using her free hands and grabbing Posh’s thighs. “Yeeaahhh fuuucccking FUCK!”

One solitary remaining chimp stroked himself hard as he watched the three young woman writhe about with beastial pleasure. It was a glorious sight. Posh’s face was perfect as her big jugs bounced on her chest. Her sexy legs still wearing her glamourus high heels. Holly was clearly happy to be fucked by big boy again as her tits also bounced on her chest. She was just about able to eat out Posh but she loved doing it so much she managed to continue. Zoe had her legs wrapped around her lover now, driving herself onto the chimp cock.

Victoria was in full view of the chimp again and loved turning him on. She held her tits and squeezed them in front of him. She started to come at the same time. Holly’s tongue drove up inside her and she felt a surge of orgasmic pleasure pulse through her. Wave after wave came as she pushed herself on to her lesbian lover’s delicate face. She rubbed oil on to her round breasts bringing the feeling to her massive chest. She felt incredible. When she opened her eyes she made out her chimp was stroking himself much faster. She loved that she could do that. Posh settled and Holly reluctantly stopped licking her out. “Time to get some animal cock,” she said sexily staring at the remaining chimp. “I saw you stroking yourself watching me. You want to fuck me? You want to fuck these titties?” The high heeled star got up and found a space beside Zoe. She lay on her back and held her oily mounds together for the chimp who had straddled her chest without further asking. He slowly started to thrust his cock between the slippery narrow gap Posh had created. She looked at the animal as she wanked him off. “Oh yeah. You like these tits? I know you do  Fuck these lovely tits!”

Zoe could hear Posh tell the beast what to do. She doubled her efforts with her blowjob while gripping her long shapely legs round the hairy body fucking her pussy. She could feel his large cock begin to twitch inside her. It erupted with a large rush of hot cum shooting against her pussy walls. Feeling this set her off as she for the first time had caused an animal to orgasm. A huge release of pleasure ripped through her body and continued as hot jizz continued to flood in to her. She clamped down on the rod in her mouth and felt it begin to twitch too, although she was hardly in a position to do much else with it. She felt in capacitated by the orgasm through her body. She savoured both cocks and hoped the taste of salty cum would compensate for the settling down of her orgasm as it tailed off. Suddenly the hot salty taste filled her mouth. It filled her mouth as she began to swallow as much as she could. It was a struggle and cum began to fall from the sides of her mouth as she tried to stuff the long rod as far back as she could. She wanted this chimp to remember her like the dog did with Holly. It responded in kind by unloading loads more animal sperm into her. She savoured it and licked every last drop she could as he eventually withdrew from her. She was really satisfied by her first bestial shag and wondered what else the girls would show her. She wanted to feel other large cocks inside her and experience the power animal cock had. She wanted to use her body to turn on more animals and then use that to satisfy herself, Holly and Posh. She wanted to help those stunning woman feel the same wonderful sensations she had. And that had a lot to do with the animal cum filling her pussy and mouth. She slowly got up to watch Holly and Posh finish off.

Holly was getting pumped hard. Her tits were bouncing on her chest as the dog pushed deep and fast. She moaned as she spread her long sexy legs further apart. “Uh agh agh yes yes yeess! Fuck! Yeah fuck me you big dog! Fuck me hard!” She started orgasm at the same time as her lover. Hot jizz filled her tight pussy. Orgasm ripped through her muscles. She gripped the sheets with her hands as she shoved her cunt deep onto the long thick pole. Her back arched up in the air as she pushed her cum covered tits towards the dog. She was deleriously happy as she twitched all over. She continued to cum hard while Bad Boy emptied cum into her full pussy. She could feel it dribble down her hot thighs.

Posh looked up as Zoe and Holly looked over her. Both were glistening with cum, Holly from a tit fuck and Zoe from a blow job. She loved how they looked. She loved cum. The girls held each other as they watched as the chimp thrust at Posh’s large melons. She concentrated as she tried to create the perfect sensation for her and her animal lover  The long black rod disappearing between the soft oiled flesh while Posh pressed her tits together. Her nipples were hard and erect. “You love fucking these big tits! Yeah fuck’em hard. Cum all over me.” Suddenly the rhythm changed as a long strand of cum fired on to Posh’s face. “Oh yeah” she moaned.

“Cover that hot body!” squealed Zoe, unable to contain her joy. She grabbed the dick and pointed the firing cum at Victoria’s chest and face. Cum covered the large chest that Posh thrust at the chimp. She loved the feeling as she was struck on the skin. Soon the flow stopped leaving Posh pretty soaked on her face and tits. Zoe beat the dick against her as Posh settled down. “Wow! That was fucking sexy.”

Posh stood up as the girls settled at the end of the bed. Zoe was playfully caressing Posh’s chest as posh joined them, hoping it wasn’t an end to the sexual fun. “While we wait for these guys to recover, who wants to watch a film starring me?” asked Holly.

It was a rhetorical question as she flicked on the tv. Zoe was confused but soon her face changed to one of joy again. She saw Holly standing with a strap on, lining it up behind a women. The camera zoomed out to include the hot body and face. Zoe immediately recognised Holly to be fucking…

Thinking of winding up the series somehow, ideas, requests on the forum please if you want more

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