Celeb Zoo – Part 1: Posh Award

Disclaimer: This is no a true story and does not depict the sexuality of the persons involved

It had been a great night so far. Victoria Beckham had been at an awards evening in London and although she was not up for anything, she was enjoying herself. Of course, several glasses of wine had helped but for once she was at home without her husband David and her kids. At the awards evening, she was wearing one of her trademark designer dresses, which showed off what she thought were her best features. The black dress had straps but was low cut enough
to show off her more than ample cleavage. It hugged her figure down to her thighs which displayed her brilliantly long and sexy legs. These were also helped by her 4 inch strappy black high heels which she loved almost as much as her dress. Her hair was long to a bit past her shoulders and wavy with blonde streaks running through it. She was feeling gorgeous.

The night had been spent talking to many people but perhaps the most memorable was a young Welsh woman called Charlotte Church. Of course, Victoria had heard of her, being heir to the Beckhams’ crown with her husband Gavin as celebrity magazine royalty. Despite this though, they’d never actually spoken. Charlotte was living up to her reputation as a party goer and had had a few glasses of wine herself when she came over to speak to Posh. Charlotte was wearing a long red dress which itself was low cut but wasn’t quite as revealing as Victoria’s. Her hair was long and fair and stopped just above her large breasts. Victoria noticed her amazing shoes which were black high heels too.

Lively and fun to talk too, Posh hit it off instantly with Charlotte, laughing and chatting away.

“I know the feeling,” Posh said somewhat drunkenly, “You need to be able to do more than release a few hits to be famous these days, let alone earn some money.” Charlotte had her own chat show and Posh had so many things including modelling, designing clothes and making perfumes.

“You seem to be coping so well though” replied Charlotte. “You’re here enjoying yourself despite having other various commitments. I don’t know if I could manage it.”

“I’m sure you could” said Posh trying to focus on her watch. “I tell you what, it’s getting late. I was going to head to the after party but if you want to talk more we could have some more drinks back at my place if you’d like?”

“You know what? I think I’d love that” said an almost surprised Charlotte. She loved a party and was going to go to the after party as well. But she figured there was more drink available and she was currently enjoying talking with Victoria. The two tipsy women finished their drinks quickly and wobbled out to Posh’s limo.

In the limo they continued their conversation and Posh demanded that the young Welsh singer open a bottle of champagne for them both. “Come on!” she pleaded, “I’m not that drunk yet” she laughed. Charlotte was trying hard but her co-ordination was letting her down. Suddenly the cork popped off and unable to control it, champagne sprayed everywhere. Charlotte was almost starting to laugh when she looked up to see it had covered Posh’s pretty black dress.

“Oh fuck” she shouted as her face suddenly changed to a more panicky expression. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. I’ll get it dried, I… I…”

“Don’t worry about it Charlotte,” interrupted Posh. “It was only going to get worn once anyway” she grinned.

Charlotte immediately relaxed at Posh’s reassuring tone and smile. She looked up at Posh and that’s when she noticed how amazing she looked in her dress. The champagne was running down Posh’s tits and Charlotte couldn’t help but stare at them. “Wow!” she said before thinking. Confusion set in but it became lifted when she uttered after a small pause “You look beautiful tonight.” Charlotte relaxed thinking that Posh would be pleased at this general compliment.

“Thanks” smiled Posh, betraying little. She had in fact noticed Charlotte staring at her proudly displayed cleavage which was now dripping wet. “You look stunning tonight yourself.” She saw Charlotte ease back into her seat again which conveyed that Charlotte had thought she got away with it. Eager to continue the deception, Posh returned the conversation to normal.

The rest of the ride passed without incident but Charlotte couldn’t get the thoughts of Posh’s big breasts out of her head. She kept finding herself trying to catch another glimpse out of the corner of her eye but was too afraid of Posh noticing her. As the limo pulled up to a flat, Posh and Charlotte exited and headed towards a door. “Sorry about this” said Victoria as she looked for some keys. “I’m staying at a friends’ flat so the place isn’t mine, but she said for me to use it as my own. There’s plenty of space, booze, a good TV and a balcony we can use. The only thing is there are a couple of dogs but they are very friendly and don’t cause much trouble anyway.”

“Cool,” said Charlotte, still partly relieved at Posh not making too much of before. By this time, Posh had opened the door and they headed up stairs to a large well furnished flat. As promised, there was plenty of room and a balcony but Posh led Charlotte straight to the bar to grab another bottle of champagne and then down a hall. She opened the door to her bedroom and passed the bottle and a couple of glasses to Charlotte.

“Take a seat and pour us a couple of glasses. I’m going to change out of this dress” she said as she headed through a door into what appeared to be an en-suite bathroom. Charlotte sat on the chair beside the dresser and poured a couple of glasses. She looked down to see the two dogs lying sleeping in their basket. She took a big gulp of wine to get more drunk having sobered a touch after the limo incident.

“I hope you don’t mind the dogs,” shouted Victoria through the door. “They don’t cause me any trouble.”

“No, not at all. What are their names?” she shouted back.

“Max and Spike. They’re great danes. I’ll be out in a minute” came the reply. Charlotte looked back at them and smiled at them fast asleep. She then heard the door handle being used and the door pushed open as she looked up

In the doorway, stood Victoria Beckham in a very small tight silk dressing gown. Charlotte was speechless. The dressing gown stopped at the very top of her thighs which allowed her to see all of Victoria’s glorious legs. Curiously, she was still wearing her black high heels but in Charlotte’s eyes this only added to her sex appeal. The dressing gown was closed and hid most of her chest to her neck. But the tightness of the tied white silk belt added more definition to her shape. The silk gown appeared to be struggling to hold her breasts in as she breathed in and out.

“Wow!” breathed Charlotte again. This time she knew she was staring and she didn’t care. She saw a wicked smile come over Victoria’s face. Posh then pulled at the tie holding her gown closed and slid it off her shoulders and onto the floor around her heels. She was wearing a black lacy bra and panties underneath which did nothing to turn Charlotte off. The bra showed more of Victoria’s amazing big round tits.

“Bring over the champagne. I think it’s time we got even” smiled Posh. Charlotte did as instructed without uttering a word. She was barely able to breathe. When she reached Posh, she handed over the bottle unquestioningly which Victoria took a gulp from. She then gave a small giggle and raised the bottle level with Charlotte’s face. Slowly, she proceeded to turn it upside down, spilling its contents all over Charlotte’s chest and dress. “Wow,” gasped Victoria wickedly, taking in the sight of Charlotte in a soaking wet dress. “I think it’s time I got to see a bit more.” She reached forward a slid Charlotte’s red dress of her shoulders, revealing a matching red bra underneath. Her breasts were glistening from the champagne. They were not quite as big as Posh’s breasts, but they were still full and round. Victoria took her time to run her hand down Charlotte’s face and chest before sliding the dress completely off. Charlotte now stood face to face with Victoria in a matching lacy red bra and panty combination.

Victoria reached over to Charlotte’s face again to pull her in close for a kiss. Both Charlotte and Posh could feel themselves become more aroused as they locked lips for a passionate kiss. Whilst still locked in the kiss, with hands roaming up and down Charlotte’s body, Posh pushed Charlotte back on to the double bed, the sound of high heels still clicking as they did so. Charlotte was first to find Posh’s bra hook. She undid it quickly and as Posh was on top, she moved slightly back to allow the bra to be removed freeing her big melons, which only jiggled slightly on their release. Moving closer to Charlotte again, Charlotte immediately moved her mouth to start sucking on Posh’s tits. “Mmmmm” Posh moaned. “I knew you loved them. They are so fucking hot for you.”

The pair rolled over to the middle of the bed to allow Posh to take of her panties. She was shaven and very clearly wet already. Posh ran her hand down to her clit and started to rub it gasping as she did. “Oh show me it all Charlotte, show me it all!!!” She was in the process of moving off Charlotte to allow her to undress when she felt something ram into her wet pussy. “Arrgghh” she screamed. At almost the same time she felt 2 paws on her back. Then before she could move a second thrust came. “Ohhhh,” she moaned. She turned around to see Max had mounted her and was fucking her pussy.

“Bad dog!!!” shrieked Charlotte. “Go away, go, go!”

“No wait!” hurried Victoria. “This feels kind of mmmppph goooooood,” as she felt the cock enlarge inside her. Charlotte looked confused. “Just uggh imagine uuhhh the best uuhhh the best cock you’ve ever had. OOOhhhhh. This. Is. Better.” She tried to get out in between moans. “You should try after me” she hurriedly spoke.

“Even better, I’ll get Spike” she said walking over to the sleeping dog. On her way over she slipped off her panties and bra, exposing her hard nipples to the air. The thought of sharing in something like this with Posh was turning on Charlotte even more and she could feel herself getting wetter as she did so. She knelt down to the dog and reached under it, trying to find his penis. As first she was disappointed. It was tiny. She formed a ring with her thumb and index finger and started to jerk the dog off. Slowly at first, but then she soon quickened. It instantly started getting larger which woke Spike up. The dog looked startled but Charlotte kept going. Soon she stood up and led him over to the bed by the collar. Victoria was still going at it. She was vigorously grinding her pussy onto the large cock trying to get as much satisfaction from it as possible, letting out sexy screams and moans as she did so. “This feels so fucking greeeaaaaat” she said as she saw Charlotte again.

Charlotte lay down on her back beside Posh at the end of the bed. Posh was getting it doggy style but Charlotte wanted to see more. She allowed Spike to put his front two paws on the bed. She then reached down and glided his large cock into her hot, dripping pussy. The dog knew what to do. It started pounding into her. “MMMMmmm…. Oh yessss… Fuck me! Faster, faster, FASTER!” She started pushing her hips further down the cock. She was loving it. She had never felt such erotica before and she was experiencing it with her super sexy friend. She looked over to see Victoria’s scrunched up face. She reached over with one hand and started to grope at Poshs’ bouncing titties and bucking body.

“MMMmmm, this feels so gooood. I’m going to cum soon” she said in between breaths. She grabbed her free breast with one hand and started to rub the nipple. “Ohhh here it is! FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK” she screamed at Charlotte. She felt her pussy juices down the inside of her thighs. She knew that was the best sex she’d ever had as her breathing slowed. She then became aware that the dog was still pounding her. She wanted to thank the dog by letting him orgasm too. She reached back and withdrew his penis. She then rolled over on to her back and let the great dane on the bed. She was side by side with Charlotte who was getting redder as she became hotter. “I have a great idea,” she said to Charlotte who didn’t look like she heard. She then guided Max’s penis to her chest and cupped her tits around it. She was giving the dog a titty-fuck. The dog didn’t seem to notice the difference between her pussy and tits and just kept pounding away.

It was Charlotte who was closest to orgasm in the room. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuckk” she moaned as she became aware of Victoria’s titty fuck. The sight was so sexy she orgasmed without warning. “AUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!” was all she mumble as felt ecstasy in every one of her muscles. “That was the best shag I’ve had. What a good boy!” she said. “Come here” she said as she started to guide the dog’s cock to her chest. It fitted perfectly in between her mounds which she squeezed together with her hands. Her own cum acted as lube.

Both women were now titty-fucking their dogs. Charlotte wanted to prove she could keep up with Victoria’s skills.

Posh was excited to see that Max looked like he was about to cum. His thrusts had become faster and stronger and his cock was at 14 inches. As the first spurt of pre-cum came out, Posh let go of her sensitively excited breasts and began to jack the dog off. White cum flowed out all over her tits. She aimed it all over her jugs, trying to cover them as much as possible. Max whimpered as he came. To finish him off, she brought his cock to her mouth and began to lick it. Her tongue expertly working it’s way round the rock hard shaft. She felt happy as cum streamed from her mouth to her chin. “MMMMmmmmm.”

Charlotte quickly changed her attention from her titty-fuck which she was enjoying immensely to Victoria when she heard high heels and chair pull up beside the bed. She looked up to see the cum soaked Posh sit down right beside her. Posh slowly opened her legs and spoke in a sexy tone. “Enjoy the show” she said as began rubbing her hands up her legs, showing off her perfect and wet pussy. Charlotte had a great view as she looked across at Victoria as she worked her way to her big tits which were covered in lots of white sticky strands of dogs cum. She began to rub the cum into her tits with both hands taking a breast each. She circled her nipples slowly, her face showing that she was clearly enjoying her own touch. She then moved her cum covered hand to her pussy and began to rub her clit furiously. “AAHhhh” she breathed as brought her nipple to her mouth to lick some cum of her tit. “It tastes so fucking hot, you’re going to love it…”

This was too much for Charlotte who was so already beginning to climax as a result of her sensitivity to the titty-fuck. She felt her pussy tighten again as she came again. “Fuck me! Fuck those tits! Fuck! Oh my god yessss!” She tried to glance at Victoria again but became aware her companion was about to orgasm. “Oh baby, you love these titties. Fuck them! Cum all over them!” She started to jerk the dogs huge penis as white hot cum came from flowing from it. She smacked the cock onto her breasts trying to get cover them with the white goo as well as Posh. Eager to taste the produce, she also finished the dog off by expertly sucking every last drop from him. “You’re right, that does taste fucking good” she proclaimed as the dog limped out the room to join his friend.

Posh had brought herself to orgasm whilst watching Charlotte. It was only fair to orgasm twice each right? “What can we do now?” she asked an exhausted but happy Charlotte. “I’m still covered in cum, so are you and we never got finished earlier.” A smile came across Charlotte’s face as she stood up from the bed. She was greeted by Victoria with a kiss as she got the chair. Their bodies coming together caused their tits to slide and stick together in an unusual manner because of the cum. Both of them loved the sensation.

Charlotte broke of the long kiss to ask “Where was I?” as she moved down to start sucking on Victoria perfect round breast. She licked at the dog cum whilst sensually flicking the nipple with her tongue.

“OOOhhhhh fuck. I love that,” moaned Victoria as she moved toward the bed and sat on it. Charlotte moved further down and started to lick at Victoria’s pussy. She expertly explored the inside with her tongue, whilst darting in and out causing Victoria to writhe about. She just couldn’t get enough of those titties though and moved her free hands up to them. Groping, squeezing, rubbing. She loved the feeling of them in her hands, against her body, anywhere really. And with them being covered in goo made them all the more fun to grasp. “I love how you love my jugs. Fuck me. Do it. Fuck” Victoria let out in a hushed tone, trying to hold back her orgasm a bit longer. She did eventually cum, Charlotte’s expert exploration and stimulation too much. “AAHHHHhhhhhh!” Her whole body experienced an intense orgasm, as good as any tonight, as she squealed and wriggled on the bed. The next thing she noticed was Charlotte’s head appear covered in her juices.

“Enjoy that sexy?” asked Charlotte

“I love a great fuck!” replied Victoria. “But I’ll enjoy fucking you just as much” she said as she motioned Charlotte onto the bed. She positioned Charlotte above her face. It was a glorious sight. She got off on the fact that Charlotte was wearing her high heels still. Her pink pussy was shaven and as she stuck her tongue in she could feel how tight it was. She licked pussy like an expert but used one hand to stimulate Charlotte’s clit.

“Aaaarrgghhh, you know what you’re doing” moaned Charlotte. Just as she’d finished saying that Victoria changed her positioned moving up her body to lick off the cum on Charlotte’s bouncing tits which was still plentiful. Not neglecting Charlotte’s pussy though, she drove two fingers straight in. “OOHHHHhhh” squealed Charlotte as ecstasy took control of her girating body. Victoria’s fingers were working over time when she stuck a third in. This was too much coupled with the fast frigging Victoria was performing. “OHHHHHH MMMMYYYY GGGOOOOODDDDD, I,MM CUMMMMMMMMMMMMINNGGG!” she shouted a she lent down to kiss Victoria again whilst she felt the most amazing sensations taking over her body.

As the two laid down to rest on the bed, Victoria brought her fingers to her mouth and started sucking before offering to Charlotte. She hungrily accepted and smiled at Victoria as she looked in her eyes. “We should do that again! That was the best night of my life!” she breathed once she stopped sucking.

“Yeah. Mine too” replied Victoria. “I love getting prizes at award shows.”


By Donut Plains

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