Celeb Zoo – Part 2: Shelter From The Storm

This is a fictional story and does not reflect on the sexual activities of the persons within.

This story follows on from my last where Victoria Beckham gets a taste for hot lesbian sex with sexy pop singers and also the desire to share them with animals.

Victoria Beckham was horny. She was enjoying dinner opposite Cheryl Cole at a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles. Posh was thinking about the time she’d spent with Charlotte Church recently, where she had a steamy sex session after an awards evening. She was hoping for exactly
the same from Cheryl. During that session, she and Charlotte had passionate sex with a couple of dogs and Posh was desperate to have that same feeling. Everything was set up at the exclusive cabin she had rented outside the city, including the 2 dogs. All she had to do was lower Cheryl’s inhibitions. It was going to interesting to see if Cheryl would go for it, but she was a fun loving girl and was worth the try. Plus she is a very hot woman.

Cheryl was looking particularly hot tonight. She was wearing a black dress that was not too different from the one she wore for the “Love Machine” video. Because of the high class nature of the restaurant, she decided black would be the better option, rather than the bright green version from the video. Her brunette hair was held up with chopsticks which showed off her shoulders and the strap that held the dress up. The slit in the dress ran almost all the way from her neck to her belly button which gave Posh an excellent view of Cheryl’s rather large cleavage. The skirt part stopped just above her knees, which was enough to show she had outstanding legs. Posh was hoping that these would soon be around her. To finish her outfit off, she had on a pair of strappy black high heels which Posh liked the look of very much. She certainly had good fashion taste.

“Did you enjoy that?” Victoria asked after Cheryl had finished the last of her chocolate mousse.

“Mmmm, it was delicious. I don’t think I could manage another bite” replied Cheryl with an appreciative smile on her face. “You want to go back to yours and get some more wine?”

Those were the words Posh wanted to hear. “Certainly!” she responded as she got up from the table. Posh had rented a cabin in country for a couple of reasons. She had told David that she wanted a girls night and a cabin seemed like a nice way to get some quality time alone. It was also well away from any press or other annoying things that came with celebrity life, unlike their city home. She offered Cheryl the chance to join her, allowing her to forget about her cheating husband and take a break from her recent promotional efforts in the States.

Posh was wearing a pink dress with long sleeves and a high neck line. The dress stopped just below her knees which was enough to show she was wearing black stockings with black pointy high heels shoes. Although not the most revealing dress, it was quite tight and the thick black belt round her waist gave her a nice curvy look. She wanted to give nothing away and surprise Cheryl once she had returned to the cabin.

Upon leaving the restaurant, Victoria showed Cheryl to her convertible Mercedes. “Nice.” Cheryl complimented the ride. Posh was driving so she had refrained from drinking too much. It was a bit of a drive to the cabin but it was scenic. Posh had been hoping for clear skies to see the stars and set a romantic mood but it was overcast currently. “Ah well, you can’t have everything,” she thought.

The two had been on the road a while and were laughing, joking and enjoying the fresh air with hood down. They were now in a pretty stretch of single track road which was surrounded by trees. Suddenly, the laughter was interrupted by a loud bang from beneath the bonnet. The car came to a slow standstill. “What was that?” asked Cheryl as smoke could be seen coming from the bonnet.

“I don’t know” replied an angry Posh. This was a set back but she was determined to get to the cabin so she popped the hood and exited the car. “Have you brought your phone?” she asked as she inspected the smoking engine. “I don’t think it’s going further tonight.”

“No I left it in the cabin. I didn’t want to be disturbed at the dinner. “Why? Have you not got yours?” almost pleading with Victoria.

“No. I did the same,” said a now clearly exasperated Victoria. This was ruining her plans for the night. She looked at Cheryl with a resigned look on her face. “We’ll just have to wait until someone passes. We’re in the middle of nowhere.”

With an almost ironic sense of timing, the clouds started to spit rain on the two stranded girls. This lasted a few seconds and then it started to downpour. “Oh, this isn’t good,” cried Victoria as she quickly sat in the car. The problem must have caused the electrics to fail but the hood wouldn’t come up. “Fuck. This isn’t working at all.” She now looked up at Cheryl who was soaking wet with the rain. She looked amazing. Her dress was now clinging to her body and if it hadn’t been black it would have almost been see through. Posh could see the shape of Cheryl’s perfectly round wet breasts and was feeling hot just looking at them.

“Look! Over there,” exclaimed Cheryl. “Some light.” It was difficult to see through the trees but there definitely a light not too far away. “We should go and see if they have a phone and get out of this downpour. I’m cold and wet”

“Okay,” said Victoria, excited that she may be able to salvage something from the night other than the lustful stares she was giving Cheryl at the moment. The two girls set off through the trees in the direction of the light. It was dark in the forest but the rain hadn’t got to the forest floor yet preserving the girls’ dresses and with the trees offering some shelter from the rain. Posh was following Cheryl with a grin on her face. She was so hot in her wet black dress.

Eventually the girls made it to the clearing where the building was. They exited the trees back into the downpour. Cheryl was first to get up close. She was disappointed with what she saw. “It’s not a house or anything. It’s just some building,” she said angrily, kicking out at a twig.

“I don’t know what it is,” said Victoria a bit more calmly. “Let’s go in and find out. It’s clearly got electricity.”

The pair wandered round to see a huge open entrance with no door. The whole building was maybe slightly smaller than an average house and only had a couple of small windows in the top half. The girls could now see that I was a floored barn of some sort because of all the hay stacked inside. Most of it was made of old wood and an old ladder led to the top floor of the barn. On the right hand side though there was a metal pen which was maybe 3 foot high. As the girls wandered in they could see that inside the pen was a couple of big fat pigs resting quietly.

“There doesn’t appear to be a phone here at all,” said Cheryl breaking the silence.

“No but at least it’s dry and warm,” replied Victoria. “We could wait here until the rain stops and head back to the car after.”

“That sounds like a plan,” replied Cheryl before putting her high heels on the first step of the ladder. Victoria wondered about the wisdom of climbing a ladder in heels but all she really cared about was following Cheryl up the ladder. She looked up as soon as Cheryl got high enough to see she was wearing a black thong. As soon as Cheryl had finished climbing, Victoria climbed the ladder in her high heels and joined Cheryl upstairs. Cheryl flung herself onto a pile of hay and relaxed.

Victoria couldn’t stand it anymore. The 25 year old Girls Aloud singer was too irresistible. Cheryl was lying, breasts heaving, sprawled out on a nice soft mattress of hay. The fact her hair had become a bit messy only added to her sexiness. She decided she would try the same approach as had worked with Charlotte Church. She moved in behind a couple of bales of hay. She had some sexy lingerie waiting at home for Cheryl but as it was, her lacy black and purple bra was extremely hot she thought. She also left on her stockings which didn’t completely cover her legs, stopping a few inches below her black and purple pants. She looked down at her body. All she could see was her wet heaving 32D breasts. “Fucking hot,” she whispered to herself.

Now or never. It was the perfect setting but she had no clues from Cheryl like she had had from Charlotte. She confidently stepped out from behind the bales and stood with one arm resting against the bales. Her wet wavy brunette hair sticking to her heaving chest.

Cheryl craned her neck to look at Victoria. She was dumbstruck for a second, taking in those magnificent legs which seemed to go on forever. She then looked at her big round titties and then her friends face. “What are you doing Victoria?” she blurted out after a second.

Victoria knew she had her. Cheryl’s face gave it away. “Just relax. You’ll enjoy this,” she said as she started to walk over confidently in her heels. She unhooked her bra and slipped it off in front of Cheryl. All Cheryl could do was stare, almost trance like, at those magnificent boobs. There was not the slightest hint of drop in the breasts after Victoria removed the bra. Victoria ran her hands up her side to give them a squeeze. “MMMMmm,” she moaned as she closed her eyes briefly, imagining Cheryl doing it. She reached down into her panties with one of her hands and give her clit a quick rub. The next thing she knew Cheryl was peeling her panties down exposing Posh’s wet shaven pussy. Cheryl then pulled Victoria down on top of her.

“He he,” giggled Cheryl as she began to fondle Victoria’s tits. The feel of them was so good. Firm, and also fun to squeeze. She moved her head down to cleavage and buried it in it, using her mouth to suck at the fleshy mounds.

Victoria was already working Cheryl’s dress. Untying the knot at the back, she moved back to expose Cheryl’s naked chest. As the dress slowly peeled from her skin, Victoria got a great view of the singer’s sexy cleavage. Her breasts were big and round just like Posh’s and just as fleshy. Victoria then peeled the dress down past Cheryl’s thong. Cheryl kicked it completely off. Victoria then smiled at the young singer as she reached for Cheryl’s thong. Slowly she pulled it down to reveal a neatly shaven thin strip of black hair. She looked back at Cheryl, smiled, and fell down on top of her to kiss her. Arms roaming, Victoria eventually settled on Cheryl’s tits, finding them responding to her repeated squeezes and rubs. Cheryl just had her hands round Posh’s back, pulling her in close so she could feel her body against hers.

Posh moved her hands down to Cheryl’s wet pussy. At first, she started to rub her clit to which Cheryl responded with increased passion in their kiss. But after that, Posh slid a finger into Cheryl’s pussy. “Ohhh, that feels good,” writhed Cheryl as she broke the kiss. Posh responded with a cheeky smile and an increase in the pace of her vaginal stimulation. She then moved down, kissing Cheryl’s neck, right breast and then flat stomach. She then looked at Cheryl’s face to see the smile before sticking her tongue into Cheryl’s pussy. “Fuuuuuccckkk!!! I want you to eat out my pussy. Lick me dry” she screamed. Victoria responded by picking up the pace. “MMmmmmppphh. MMMmm, yes, yes YES.” Cheryl was putting her hips into it now. “You’re so hot. I want you to make me cum.” Now in realms of ecstasy she’d never felt before. Cheryl moved her hands up to her breasts and began to fondle and squeeze them aggressively. “I’m going to CUUUUMMMMM” she screamed as she felt an intense orgasm rip through her body. Her hips bucked against Victoria’s face which was now being covered in juice. “Oh yeah. That was amazing,” she smiled at Posh as she calmed down.

Posh’s face was covered in Cheryl’s juices. She reached down for Victoria and brought her up for a kiss. “MMmmm, I taste good,” she said after they’d finished.

“I know,” winked Victoria.

The two rolled over so Cheryl was now on top. She let her hair down from the bun that was held with chopsticks. “Let me show you what I can do,” she said as wriggled her hair free from her face. She immediately went for Victoria’s big juicy tits with her mouth. Victoria arched her back with pleasure which made them appear bigger. Cheryl licked at the nipples with her tongue while furiously rubbing Posh’s clit.

“MMMmmm, I love when my tits are appreciated,” moaned Victoria. Cheryl then plunged a finger into Victoria’s pussy. “Uuuuhhhh” she moaned feeling Cheryl drive it in for a second time. A second finger then slipped in causing Posh to almost explode with pleasure. “Uuhhh fuck,” she breathed, trying to grab at the hay with her hands. Cheryl was non-stop with her hands and mouth, working pussy and tits. Cheryl then drove a third finger into Victoria’s pussy knowing she was about to climax. “FFFUUUCCCCKKKK!!” she screamed as she started to orgasm. Cheryl moved her head to lick out some of Posh’s pussy juices which allowed Victoria to start rubbing her tits with her hay filled hands. The sensation of the prickly dry hay was only adding to her powerful orgasm. “MMMMmmm, oh yes!” she said as her hip gyrations slowed.

Cheryl appeared from between Posh’s legs satisfied with her work. “You taste good too,” she exclaimed resting her body beside Posh on the hay.

“Yeah” laughed Posh. “I think I know where we could enjoy some hot salty cum as well,” thinking of the pigs downstairs.

“Really? Where? It’s still wet outside,” replied an excited but confused Cheryl.

“Give me five minutes” Posh said as she got up She made her way to the ladder and descended still in her stockings and heels. She moved over to the pigs’ pen and clambered over the gate in the muddy home. The pigs had been woken by the screaming from the girls hot lesbian sex but didn’t look disgruntled. “Come here boys,” she said as she knelt down in the mud. The pigs responded kindly. In truth there wasn’t anywhere else for them to go.

Victoria looked under the first fat pig and reached for his cock. It wasn’t aroused yet but Victoria was able to get a couple of fingers round the slim shaft. With one under her spell she turned her attentions to his friend. Like the other this was small but Victoria started was able to grasp it and start wanking both off her skilled hands. The pigs didn’t appear to know what was going on but Posh loved the feeling of having two dicks in her hands. The mud was another thing she loved the feeling of. She was now dirty and was getting wet at the thought of it. She couldn’t wait to get some mud on her body.

By now, her fast work had both pigs at a hard 10 inches in length and a pretty big girth. She couldn’t wait for the feeling of one of them inside her.

“Victoria??” came a shout from upstairs. “What’s going on?”

“You can come down now,” she shouted at Cheryl whilst getting up and out of the pen, leaving the pigs in an excited state. Cheryl descended ,again in her high heels, which gave Posh an excellent view of Cheryl’s pussy lips again. “Fuck. I just love watching you on the ladder,” she quipped as Cheryl reached the bottom.

“Well, what’s the plan then?” she quizzed Posh.

Posh stood back to reveal the two excited pigs. By now, the pigs cocks were visible at about 12 inches in length. Cheryl’s eyes lit up. “Fuck. They are huge,” she exclaimed as climbed over the fence. “Oh mud,” she gasped slightly taken back.

“What’s the matter? Afraid of getting…. Dirrrttyy” Posh asked in a naughty tone. She was pleased to see Cheryl respond to the challenge by kneeling down by one of the pigs. Posh joined her side in the pen and ushered over the other pig giving him a quick rub to ensure his hardness. Cheryl watched as Posh slid under the pig and guided his shaft into her pussy. “MMMmmmm” she moaned as the horny pig began to fuck her. The feeling of mud under her ass and back was turning her on.

Cheryl was quick to join her friend. The cock felt great sliding in and out of her pussy. “Oooohhh fuck” she moaned as she looked round at Posh, whose titties were moving up and down at a great rate as the pig powerfully fucked her. Cheryl was close to orgasm, her pig athletically fucking her at a great speed. She grinded her hips against his shaft to get as much pleasure as possible out of it. Reaching back with outstretched arms, she grabbed some mud with both hands and brought it to her bouncing titties. She began to rub it in she fondled her amazing mounds. The sensation of the cool mud and the excitement in her pussy caused a powerful orgasm to rip into her body. “FFFFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!!” she screamed. This was the most intense orgasm she’d ever had. “Ohh yes!!” she moaned but was surprised as she felt another orgasm take hold of her body. “FFFUUUUCCCKKKK!!! This is so good”

Victoria hearing this decided she wanted to climax with her friend. She was able to wrap her long luscious legs round the big pig far enough to pull herself up his cock. “YYYYEEAAAASSSSS” she screamed as she felt all her pussy muscles squeeze his cock. The pig squealed in excitement and this only drove Posh’s orgasm higher. The pig continued to fuck the hot star after she let go with her legs, sliding back into the mud. “OOOHHHH FUUUCCCKKK!” she screamed at Cheryl as she orgasmed again. Victoria’s beautiful orgasm face caused Cheryl to orgasm again at the sight and thought of the pleasure she was feeling.

Pig cock was now the only thing on the two stars mind. They lusted for the pigs to cum inside them. And it was close. Sweaty, dirty, wet. The two girls set about pleasuring the two pigs as best they could with their pussies. Screaming and moaning, the stars drove the pigs cock inside them. The pigs were squealing. Posh and Cheryl could feel the cocks twitching inside them. They were practically going to burst. Suddenly, Cheryl could feel hot cum pulsing into her wet pussy. The feeling caused her to orgasm for the fourth or fifth time with the pig. She was loved fucking this pig. “FFFFUUUCCCCKKKK” she screamed again, reaching down to remove the throbbing cock and bring it to her mouth to suck off the last of the cum. “MMMMMmm” she licked.

“SSHHHHiiiittt” Victoria orgasmed. “Fuck me hard” she screamed as she felt the cock unleash its load into her pussy. She too wanted to taste the pig’s juices so she grabbed hold of his penis and brought the cock to her chest. She was quite happy for him to shoot the rest of his load all over his big chest and face. She jerked his cock of with her hand as she pointed the shaft at her heaving titties and face. The pig had quite a load left and Posh was covered in strands of hot white cum by the time she sucked off his last drop.

Posh got up to see Cheryl had already done so. Cheryl gave the pig a playful slap on the back to get him to move. She laughed as he ran into the corner. “He’s the second best lover I’ve ever had. What a fuck that was!” She then realised she still had something left to do. Posh was rubbing cum into her round tits as a way of hinting to Cheryl what she should be doing.

As the girls lowered down into the mud again, Posh asked a now engrossed Cheryl why she went for lesbian sex with. “Easy,” replied Cheryl. “Done it before, love it. And your so fucking hot.” She then continued to lick the tasty pigs sum from Victoria’s cleavage.

“Really. Who with?” mused Victoria, already formulating.

Cheryl looked up. “You have seen my band, right?”


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