Celeb Zoo – Part 3: Birthday Cake

This is a fictional story and does not reflect on the sexual activities of the persons within.

It was Victoria Beckham’s birthday and she was excited. She had the house to herself with David away playing football across the country. Despite turning 35, she was still a glamorous woman. Her plastic surgery had helped to make her feel as young and sexy as her companion. She had invited Cheryl Cole over to celebrate with her and her friend had happily accepted the invitation. The term birthday party wasn’t quite right to describe what the two had in mind though. The plan was to continue their passionate lesbian affair in the privacy of Posh’s LA mansion.

The only disappointment for Posh was that Charlotte Church had been unable to attend due to TV show commitments. She had hoped to have both Charlotte and Cheryl for the first time on her birthday.

“I still haven’t got your present” giggled Posh at Cheryl. “I can’t wait to find out what it is.”

“Don’t worry, its coming” laughed Cheryl, both girls a little tipsy from the champagne they’d been consuming for most of the day. In anticipation of the next stage of the party, both women had dispensed with their clothes. Cheryl was wearing a black and gold bustier top with a leafy pattern on the front. Her curly brunette hair hid the straps over the shoulders but was undone by using the buttons down the midline. Cheryl had purposely left the top couple of buttons undone to show off her round tits for Victoria. The bustier stopped just above her pants, which were black and gold as well and matched the design on the vest part. Her shoes were gold in colour, with two thick straps (one around the ankle and one over toes) and the heels added a good four inches to her height. She certainly felt irresistible.

Victoria had gone for something a bit different to celebrate her birthday. Her brunette hair with blonde streaks was down and wavy. Normally one for bras that supported her tremendous cleavage, she this time opted just to show her glorious rack off in its entirety. She had got herself a rather expensive pink top, which for the most part was see-thru apart from the floral patterns that sometimes appeared. It had long sleeves that hung loosely on her wrists. The top didn’t even manage to meet in the midline and was held together by a solitary pink lace tie just below her 32D breasts. The effect was stunning. Cheryl could see Posh’s amazing tits and just as seductive, her perfectly sized nipples. The top fell away just below the tie, round to Victoria’s back which showed her perfectly flat, toned stomach. She finished off with lacy pink thong, and some thin strapped gold high heels similar to Cheryl’s.

Suddenly the door bell went and excited Cheryl leapt from her seat in the living room. “That’ll be your present” she said as she tottered off round the corner and down the hall. Posh was confused as she heard Cheryl’s heels click off into the distance. She had thought some hot birthday sex with Cheryl was enough of a present but decided to stay put and wait for the surprise.

After a couple of minutes she could hear what sounded like wheels on her marble floor outside. What ever it was must have been big, Posh reasoned as she waited. Within a minute, Cheryl appeared striding sexily followed by three large white poodles. This would have been enough for an excited Posh but they dragged behind them a huge layered white birthday cake like the one at weddings, decorated with pink and gold trimmings.

“Wow!” said Victoria. “This is great.”

“Wait, there’s more” said an excited Cheryl as she started to dance slowly round Victoria. She picked up a remote control and happy birthday started to play. Cheryl continued to move round Posh, grinding slowly down Victoria’s leg. As the end of the song approached, Cheryl grabbed Victoria’s head and pointed it at the cake. She was just in time as at that moment a figure exploded out of the top of it.

Victoria was shocked to see the curvy figure of her friend Charlotte Church standing about waste high out of cake, hands in the air. She was wearing a white silk bra which was now covered in cake icing and jam. Pretty much all of her was, her face, her hair, her stomach and her arms. She was breathing heavily, her big breasts moving up and down as a result of her time in the cake.

“Surprise!” she said sexily as she made her way out of the now ruined cake. She immediately gave Posh a long kiss and then added “Pleased to see me?”

“Yes. Of course I am. You did this Cheryl didn’t you? I’m so happy” as she smiled at the cake covered star. Her long sexy legs were also covered in red sticky jam and white icing. Her white panties and high heels likewise. Victoria could barely resist this hot look. But it also alerted the attention of the 3 poodles who were starting to lick at lovely legs and feet.

“Oh wait your turn” Charlotte said as she stepped out of the reach of their leads. “You’re for Victoria.”

“I love you girls” gushed Posh as she pulled them both in for a 3 way kiss which each of them enjoyed immensely. They particularly enjoyed the sweet taste of Charlotte’s cake covered face. “Let’s move this to the bedroom” she cheekily grinned as she took the leads of the 3 poodles who were still straining to get to the cake.

The three girls led the way to the big master bedroom, followed by the dogs. The bed was huge. It was covered with a silk red duvet and white satin sheets. Once the girls reached the bed, Victoria handed them each a dog. They separated to give each other room, each choosing a side of the bed.

Victoria got to work straight away on the poodle’s cock, using her hand to jerk off the small rod. It gradually became bigger and stiffer as Victoria quickly slid her hand up and down. Posh was licking her luscious red lips at the thought of the cock inside her. Faster and faster she jerked. The cock was now at a good 12 inches. Posh stood up. Slipped her panties off and lay back onto the bed. Her poodle half mounted the bed. She slid the rod into her wet pussy. She bit her lip as a feeling of pleasure overwhelmed her. The poodle knew what it was doing and started to pound away.

Charlotte was also working her dog hard. By now she had done away with her underwear and was allowing the poodle to lick the cake off her body, especially near her stomach and thigh area. While she was enjoying this, she was preparing the dog with an expert blowjob. Her head was bobbing up and down the 11 inch shaft with great skill. “MMMmmmphh” Charlotte moaned as the dog hit her sensitive clit with her tongue. She had an idea. Using a hand, she then took some of the cake icing and cream off her taut stomach and began to rub it into her moist pussy causing her to wriggle in pleasure. The poodle instinctively lapped at the cake, unknowingly causing Charlotte immense delight. “OOOOhhh” she purred as she arched her back. This 69 position was working well.

Cheryl was lying on her back on the last remaining side of the bed. She had removed her black and gold corset and pants and was now completely naked apart from her high heels. After a quick hand job to turn the poodle on, she slid the hard rod between her juicy tits. She then trapped the cock in between them by squeezing them together. Cheryl was delighted to see the beautiful beast respond with vigorous thrusts. She loved the sight of the beast straining to control his desire. To drive the poodle wilder she was just able to lick the tip of his penis with her tongue. “Yeah. Fuck these big titties. I love hot dog cum on my tits” she seductively commanded. She continued to look lustfully at the strong animal until she heard some moaning from Posh.

“MMmmm, oh yes, oh, I’m cumming” screamed Posh as the dog continued to work his dick in and out of her pussy. Her vest was struggling to contain her bouncing tits. “OH YESSSSSS!!” Determined to enjoy the sensation of dog cum in her pussy, she started to thrust her hips down on the beast’s shaft. She was building up to another orgasm quickly and wanted to time it with the dogs. She had her wish as the poodle’s load exploded inside her. She could feel it’s hotness gushing in her. “FUCKKKKK” was all she could say as she rode a wave of ecstasy. She leant forward to snog the beautiful animal as both their orgasms subdued.

Charlotte looked up to see Victoria wandering over to her. She still had her pink top and gold high heels on which showed her sexy legs. She could also see cum dripping down the inside of Victoria’s leg. However, this was no time to stop as she was close to getting her own reward for her sucking skills. She renewed her effort with the dogs shaft, expertly sucking a good 6 inches of the rock hard shaft. “OOOHHH YES!” she briefly paused. She had not expected a second tongue to start on her sensuous pussy. It was Victoria’s. She felt a twitch in her mouth and knew the dog was going to blow. As the first strands of cum washed into her mouth, she too orgasmed. She withdrew the cock and pointed it at her face and heaving breasts. The hot sticky goo felt great as it landed on her skin. Her orgasm was fantastic as well. The exploration of the two tongues was amazing.

“Quite the artist you have there” quipped Posh with a cheeky smile on her face.

Cheryl was enjoying the immense titty-fuck she was giving the beast. It was hammering her chest as if it knew how lucky it was. “I’m feeling so horny. Fuck my titties. No man can do the same for me. It needs to be you.” She craned her neck to receive the first blast of cum to her chin. The poodle whined in excitement. “MMMmmm” she purred as she withdrew the cock and started to wank the animal over her chest. Her large round breasts were covered in glistening cum by the time the poodle had finished. “I’m such a slut” she proudly boasted as she licked the cum from her chin. “Tastes so hot.” She dropped her panties as she joined her two companions who were kissing passionately in the centre of the soft bed. “Wait for me” she pleaded.

Posh and Charlotte obliged. As Charlotte made her way down to Posh’s dripping pussy, Posh responded by opening her long legs out wide. This gave Cheryl a chance to work on Victoria’s amazing tits. She pulled slowly at the tie that somehow had kept Posh’s juicy melons in the vest. Victoria’s breasts were now exposed to Cheryl’s will. As she began to knead them with her hands, she felt Victoria’s hands grope her own gooey globes. It felt so hot. She leant over to begin sucking. She licked the perfect pink nipples which were hard. Posh responded with her own oral actions, hungrily lapping at Cheryl’s cum soaked tits. Suddenly, she felt something drive into her pussy. “MMMooohh” she collapsed onto Victoria briefly in surprise. Victoria’s poodle was ready for some more and had mounted the starlet. It began to thrust in and out like it had done to Victoria. Gradually building up pace with it’s ever growing length. Cheryl was now over-come. “I’m in heaven” she whispered as the poodle banged her hard.

Charlotte wanted a piece of the action too. “Here boy” she shouted to one of the dogs who responded by jumping on to the crowded bed. Charlotte waved her ass about in hope that it would know what to do. It too must have been horny as it jumped at the chance to fuck her. It’s rock hard cock found it’s wet target. “Oh yeah… that’s good” she moaned as it thrust into her pussy. She was loving the taste of Posh’s pussy juices and the remaining dog cum. Her pleasure was multiplied by the dog now working on her. She worked her tongue harder in and out of Posh, adding two finger to the mix as she reached her limit.

“YEAH THAT’S THE SPOT. OH MY GOD YES!!! YES!!!” That was it. Cheryl’s sucking and Charlotte’s licking drove Posh over the edge. She had the strongest orgasm, her tits and pussy spasming like never before. The violence of her orgasm caused her to thrust her breast further into Cheryl’s mouth and likewise driving her hips onto Charlotte’s tongue and fingers, further increasing her pleasure.

Posh’s erotic sounds drove the two dogs and the girls on their rods to violently come together. The dogs both piled their cum into the young stars pussies causing them to moan loudly at their sheer ecstasy. “I love this” they both cried almost simultaneously, their faces scrunching at the sheer volume of delight coursing through their bodies.

They joined a tired but satisfied Victoria in the center of the bed. Each of them was covered in cum of some variety, from head to toe. To make it more of a mess, Charlotte had got cake everywhere but nobody cared. The taste of jam and cum was enough to keep the girls licking each others bodies for a while yet.

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