Celeb Zoo – Part 4: Missing Playmates

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story and does not represent the sexual activities of the characters within

Posh was happy with her lot in life. She was rich, famous and had two stunningly attractive women at her beck and call. She was currently relaxing in her lounge with a purple satin dressing gown on which stopped at the top of her legs. She once again had her black strappy high heels on which made her feel ever so sexy. They were encrusted with diamonds which made her feel glamorous. Victoria’s wavy brown hair sat over her
shoulders. Blonde highlights streaked through the brunette’s hair.

She wasn’t busy and certainly wasn’t expecting anyone. That’s why she was surprised when the door bell went. She had just managed to reach her right hand into her dressing gown to gently caress her large left tit and nipple. “Damn!” she thought as she reluctantly stopped to go and answer the door. Her heels clicked towards the door as she tried to fix her dressing gown to make her look a little less ready for action. It wasn’t going to work. Nothing could hide her amazing breasts.

She slowly opened the door not wanting reveal too much. She glanced her head round the door. No one was there. She looked down to the ground. Still nothing. She stepped out a little from behind the door. Suddenly something hit her on the head. She looked to the ground and noticed a banana. She then looked up. A small black chimp. Victoria’s eyes lit up. This would make her planned session a lot more interesting. She grabbed the banana from the floor and held it up towards the chimp that was hanging from the roof of her doorway. “Come here boy! Come and get it.” The words were making her hornier.

The monkey seemed to respond. It effortlessly climbed down the wall and onto the ground. Posh took the chimps hand and gave it the banana. She then led it into the house and shut the door. She looked down at her mate and noticed an envelope on his wrist. Victoria took the envelope and opened it. She read aloud.

“Dear Victoria, enjoy yourself. You should still be able to taste us. Cheryl and Charlotte. xxx”

Posh was very wet now. How thoughtful of her girls to send her something like this. She was building quite a collection of animals but had never had a chimp before. She took the chimps hand again and led the way to the lounge she had just come from. She undid her dressing gown on the way letting it hang loose. It revealed her glorious pink bra and pants lingerie set. The bra supported her magnificent breasts and had a small red decorative bow. The pants were the of the same design, the bow placed on the centre of the waist line.

She slipped out of the dressing gown and helped the chimp onto the couch. She knew how to do this by now. She dropped onto her haunches which allowed her to partially spread her long legs. She looked for the chimps small cock and began to stroke it with her fingers. The chimp seemed to repond quickly. Previously it had been exploring the room with its eyes but now they fixed on the sexy woman infront of it. Victoria looked up it face as it’s cock grew bigger. She smiled at it as she reached her free hand into her panties and began to rub at her clitoris. “MMMmmm,” she suggested to the chimp who’d now thrown his banana across the room.

Posh stood up and allowed the chimp a brief rest bite. She removed her bra and slid her panties over her high heels. She then resumed her previous work but this time with her mouth. The chimps cock was now a good 9 inches which allowed her to slide her mouth up and down the long shaft. She was sure she could taste Cheryl and Charlotte’s juices on it. This made the rate of her sucking even faster. She was getting hotter and hotter. She loved the taste. The chimp made a lot of noises which suggested it was enjoying the experience.

Time for her to enjoy herself even more she thought as she somewhat reluctantly stopped on the meaty pole. She got onto the couch with the chimp and laid back. She helped the chimp stradle her stomach He knew what to do. Placing his now 15 inch rod between her breasts. “Cheryl trained you well” she breathed as she pressed her tits together surrounding the cock. She loved titty fucking. It was so slutty. And the feeling of cum over her tits was amazing. The chimp began to thrust vigorously causing posh to squeal in pleasure. The chimp placed its hands behind its head as it thrusted reminding Posh of some porn stars she’d seen. “OOohhh. Yes. Yes. YEESS!!! HARDER. I WANT YOUR CUM ALL OVER MY CHEST!!!” she screamed at the monkey as it continued to fuck.

The chimp moved his hands from behind his head onto the back of the couch for support. Victoria figured he must be getting close. She pressed more firmly on large melons to help him on his way. She loved the feeling of her tits. Soft but firm. Suddenly a drop of white goo slowly trickled on to Posh’s heaving chest. Posh smiled and prepared. The monkey was screaming in pleasure. The next thing she knew she felt a large load of white sperm fly over her mouth and chin. She quickly grabbed the penis and pointed it onto her chest. Large streams of cum continued to fly on to Victoria’s tits and face. “FFUUCCCKKKK” she urged as she stroked the monkeys penis faster and faster. Gradually the load and the animals excitement began to fade. Victoria let go of him as she surveyed her work. She looked into the large mirror opposite the couch. Her breasts, shoulders, neck face and hair were covered in streams of hot, sticky sperm. She smiled at the picture.

The chimp was finished. It was hyper with all the excitement and was running round the room. Posh wasn’t finished however. She spotted the banana on the floor across the room and moved over to pick it up. It was large and ripe. Only the edges were tinted with green. “Perfect.” She moved back to her comfortable couch and began to work her new dildo into her soaking wet shaven pussy. She had sat back into the couch which allowed her to spread her long shapely legs wide. She ran her free hand from her foot up to where she knew she wanted to be. Her chest. As she started to fondle her slimy wet tits, she began to work the banana faster. Posh smeared the hot cum into her round jugs. She was also enjoying the taste of the cum round her mouth.

She was fucking herself furiously with the banana now and was close to a mind blowing climax. She could barely moan. Her free titty was bouncing up and down with the force of her masturbation. Her juices beginning to flow down the banana onto her hand. Just one final deep push and she was off. Her muscles tensed and relaxed as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body. She closed her eyes and arched back to reap the full sensation that was on offer. She focused the attentions of her non dildo hand on her nipple. Tweaking and rubbing it adding to an already thrilling feeling. As her breathing and pleasure began to fade she slowly removed the banana and lay back onto the couch. A warm feeling settled on Victoria Beckham. She was satisfied but still had something left. She began to grope her own tits again, rubbing the still copious load all over her chest. “MMMMmmm” she cooed as she caressed.

Posh looked over and she could see her monkey companion in the corner. He was getting another hard on just watching her. She suggestively opened her legs revealing her pink pussy. To Posh’s delight, the chimp needed no more invitation and wandered slowly over and began to fuck once more…

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