Celeb Zoo – Part 5: Watching The Late Comers

This is a fictional story and does not reflect on the sexual activities of the persons within.

One of the benefits of being a celebrity was the parties you could go on and tonight that benefit was being exploited. There was a huge party thrown by a wealthy businessman in his countryside mansion to celebrate the success of a charity concert he had just organized. It was late into the evening and the party was just getting started. Alcohol was flowing in various forms and the guests were starting to mingle. There was nowhere you could go without running into a famous face.

Nicola Roberts, one member of Girls Aloud, was tentatively enjoying the spectacle although she was a bit nervous overall. Having earlier performed at the concert, she was up for having a good night but was quite shy and found herself quite daunted by all the star power surrounding her. She had drunk quite a few glasses of champagne in order to ease her nerves and was now pleasantly tipsy. She stood around the edge of the grand ballroom, surveying all around her. Nicola had seen loads of people like Elton John, Victoria Beckham, Katherine Jenkins, Blue, Rachel Stevens, Natasha Bedingfield, Sugababes and many more but was too intimidated to speak to them. She did however notice she was focusing in on the women more, finding them more interesting to look at. She put it down to the drink but there was something different tonight.

Nicola continued to stand and stare vacantly, her finger running seductively round the top of her newest glass of champagne. She was wearing her light blue dress, the one from the “love machine” video. Nicola felt very sexy in it. It had diamond shoulder straps swung across the neck from which plunged the blue dress into a v-shape at her cleavage, showing the top of her round breasts. The skirt stopped half way up her thighs, displaying her gloriously toned legs which finished with gold strappy 5inch high heel shoes. She had her hair darkened slightly, giving a less vibrant red colour, maybe a burnt red/brown colour. She wore blue eye liner and pink lipstick to complete the look. As was already said, she felt very sexy.

Nicola was awoken by the familiar Geordie accent of Cheryl Cole. “Hey Nicola! Enjoying yourself? You seem a bit lost.”

Nicola spun round after a split second surprise and answered with a smile “I’m fine. Just looking for some company.” She then caught a glimpse of Cheryl Cole, who was very well dressed. She was wearing her green dress from the Love Machine video. It had an amazing neck line, dropping all the way to her belly button, showing her big round tits. Nicola couldn’t help but gaze at them in all their glory. Just as stimulating though were Cheryl long legs. The sparkly diamond high heels, very enticing to girls who liked shoes as Nicola did, only added to the high class look. Nicola only managed to look at Cheryl’s face after the singer spoke to her again.

“Oh good! There’s Victoria. I need to speak with her,” uttered Cheryl and quickly raised her glass over to Victoria’s direction. Posh was in conversation with someone in a white dress but caught Cheryl’s small gesture. A big smile came over Victoria’s face as she realise who it was. She then started making what Nicola thought were very seductive steps over to the two girls. The steps accentuated her hips and long legs but these were hidden from view by a long green and blue skirt. Only her feet and golden 5 inch high heels were visible. Nicola was awestruck though by the top of the dress or lack of it in this case. Only two lines of blue fabric shot up from a knot in the dress located at the belly button. The two pieces of fabric stopped just after Posh’s tits, giving a very definite V shape to the top half. Nicola was astounded. She could quite clearly see inside of Posh’s big cleavage and that it was totally unsupported. To Nicola, it was magnificent. It was quite rude of her to stare but she didn’t want to look up but it was nice to see those jugs bounce softly. She eventually followed the strands of brown and blonde dyed hair to meet Posh’s face.

“Wow! That’s a nice necklace,” Nicola said, hoping to cover her tracks by alluding to the green locket that hung from a thick gold chain around the singer’s neck.

Victoria smiled politely and responded kindly, engaging Nicola in conversation for a brief moment. This eased Nicola’s anxiety as she started to feel comfortable in Posh’s presence. However, conversation was short and Cheryl made jumped in to make apologies for her and Victoria.

“Nic, me and Victoria are going to find something to eat. We’ll be back in a while,” she said as the two giggled like school girls at each other. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t!” she said as she turned around, placing her arm at Victoria’s completely naked back. The pair walked off, clearly laughing with each other. Nicola wondered what about. She hoped it wasn’t her. She hoped they hadn’t noticed her leering at them. What if they had? Cheryl saw her stare at her and at Posh. They are probably thinking she’s some sort of lesbian. She pondered, looking at her champagne glass. This alcohol had her acting strangely. Nicola felt uneasy again and downed it despite her misgivings.

It was then she realised she wasn’t alone. “Easy tiger!” came another familiar voice. It was Sarah Harding, another from Girls Aloud. It was Sarah in the white dress talking to Posh and Nicola hadn’t noticed her while she was ogling Victoria. It was hard to see how she’d missed her because she was just as stunning in her white Love Machine dress. Her wavy long blond hair rested on the neck straps of the dress which plunged down her midline to her flat toned stomach. The area of skin was small but very alluring, giving a slight glimpse of Sarah’s cleavage. Her back was completely naked. Sarah’s pins were also very shapely, her white dress showing them proudly stopping very high up her thighs. Her white high heels made her very glamorous and gave her a curious look of an innocent sex bomb. Nicola found herself staring again but this time was different. She’d seen Sarah several times before obviously, but this time she felt turned on and attracted to Sarah. She wanted to feel her naked body on hers. She wanted to explore things with her.

Sarah continued after her opening. “You don’t seem your normal self. You seem a bit distant or something. It’s hard to say.” Nicola smiled at Sarah and offered the excuse she was just a little tired. This seemed to briefly satisfy Sarah but she then grabbed Nicola by the hand and pulled her towards the door. On the way, she grabbed two bottles of champagne from a table as she guided Nicola through the crowd of people. Nicola couldn’t help feel a little embarrassed at the situation but was satisfied with her view of Sarah’s back. A lot of skin was on display and there wasn’t much imagination needed to envisage the covered area. Nicola felt a warm feeling a she followed her sexy band member to a bench just outside the big hall.

It was a beautiful night. It was warm outside and the sun was setting just over the countryside hills. There were a few trees scattered, some hedges and fields but nothing much else to spoil the view. Nicola sat down close to Sarah as she opened the bottles. “This should make you feel better,” she said rather elatedly. “Cheers!” she laughed next, taking a huge gulp from the bottle as Nicola did the same thing. “Now Nicola, tell me what’s bothering you,” looking deeply at her dark haired companion.

Nicola felt a little uneasy at the question but responded honestly. Sarah was a great friend and she thought she wouldn’t make fun of her at all. “Well… you see… I’ve just been noticing how good looking some of the women in here are tonight. More than normal. It feels weird.” She looked up at Sarah to see her burst out laughing.

“Nic! Honey!!!” she started, trying to hold back the laughter. “It’s perfectly normal. I’ve noticed it myself that there are some really hot women in there tonight. Just put it down to the alcohol and having a good time.” Nicola was immediately eased by this statement and smiled back at Sarah, helping herself to the great tasting champagne again. “You know who one of the hottest women in there is?” spoke Sarah. Nicola shook her head, laughing drunkenly. Sarah leaned in close and whispered softly “You,” into her ear. Nicola’s heart melted and suddenly everything was very serious.

She looked at Sarah and calmly responded “You’re looking very naughty yourself.” Both girls then looked each other in the eyes for what seemed like an age. Their soft lips only a few inches apart. They then both burst out laughing. Nicola was in the mood for fun now and she had the perfect companion, a fun, bubbly and very sexy companion. Nicola’s mood lifted, and Sarah enjoying herself, the girls continued to drink on the bench, totally alone from the party. They struck up great conversation, laughing and joking on the way. Most of the topics were sexual, talking about legs and high heels and low cut dresses. Nicola, felt great electricity as Sarah brushed her leg with her hand and leg, sending small jolts up her thighs. In return, she was encouraged by the small strokes of Sarah’s arm and back she was allowed to have. Indeed, Sarah seemed to enjoy those small advances by rubbing her foot along Nicola’s leg.

The girls were getting really close, the touching became more frequent and the laughing didn’t seem to stop. Nicola’s attraction to her band mate was growing. She was wanting to kiss her there and then. She was sure Sarah would kiss her back. Just as she decided she was going to, Sarah got up pulling Nicola up by both hands. “Let’s go explore!!” she said drunkenly. “I want to have more fun!” Nicola was a bit annoyed by the unfortunate timing but the good times were continuing and she wanted to be a part of them with Sarah. They set off down the path under what was now a star lit sky. It was beautiful. The girls having finished their champagne ran off in the direction of the barns in the distance. Their boobs bounced happily as their heels clicked along the ground.

Sarah had realised that Nicola was going to kiss her. She was playing a game though. She didn’t just want a kiss, she wanted to shag her band mate. She was wet with the thought and constant touch of Nicola’s soft skin. She wanted it to be wild and she wanted it to be spontaneous for Nicola. She hoped she Nicola wasn’t too put off by her game but she wanted Nicola to be gagging for her. She had one more thing to do though. She needed to make sure the barn she had seen earlier was ready for them. There couldn’t be anyone there. She stopped outside two large buildings and Sarah took hold of Nicola’s two hands, putting their ample chests very close together. The attraction was unbearable. “Wait here for a minute,” she said, letting Nicola’s hands go, trying to portray the right amount of sexiness to keep her there but also not giving away too much so she’d know what was going on. Sarah then turned and made off for the smaller of the two buildings. Nicola enjoyed the view of Sarah’s tight ass but wondered to herself exactly what was going on. Sarah’s plan had worked perfectly.

As Sarah disappeared through the door, Nicola decided she could at least move closer to the barn and slowly strolled over to the buildings, feeling very sexy as she did so. It was only because it was so quiet out there but she suddenly picked up on a noise. She couldn’t tell where from or what it was but it happened quickly again. Nicola strained to pick up the track but the there was now a constant moaning from the other barn. Nicola was curious so she wandered over closer to the door. Just before the door, the noises became much louder and faster, the moaning clearly coming from a woman. Nicola’s eyes almost neglected by the concentration on her hearing suddenly picked up a green and blue dress lying at the entrance.

Nicola paused for a moment. “Posh’s dress,” she muttered under her breath. Suddenly she was very excited. Not wanting to give herself away, she poked her head slowly round the door. Her eyes widened at the sight in front her. Posh was completely naked, apart from her high heels, riding a girls face! She was on her knees, her butt almost level with her heels as gyrated on the licking tongue. Her big breasts were bouncing up and down, her face was scrunched up in pure pleasure. She moaned as she was getting eaten out by the girl. “FUUCCCCKKK, I’M CUMMING!!” she screamed as she suddenly stopped moving, the pleasure too much. Nicola’s right hand moved instinctively to her breast, cupping the left one before pinching her nipple through her dress. She was entranced.

Posh collapsed forward but still didn’t move enough to reveal her lovers identity. It was then Nicola realised this anonymous girl had her sexy legs flung wide apart and she was getting fucked thoroughly by a pig. How could she not have noticed? She was attracted to Victoria’s fine body was the answer but this girl had very sexy legs and diamond high heels of her own. Nicola had never seen anything so erotic before. Hot sweaty passionate lesbian sex and dirty animal fucking. She began working her breast more quickly but felt the need to bring her hand down to her hot pussy and begin to rub it. She slowly pressed her clit with her fingers as she continued to watch the show.

“MMmmm that was amazing,” Posh said as she began to get up, her long legs stretching above the girls face. Nicola then realized. It was her band mate Cheryl who’d caused this sexy woman to climax! She accidently pushed her fingers into her pussy at the sight of her band mate getting fucked raw by the pig, but Cheryl was loving it. Cheryl’s face matched Posh’s in the pleasure stakes, her eyes closed firmly in ecstasy. Her big jugs were bouncing up and down as the pig thrust strongly at her. She was also driving her hips at the long shaft as hard as she could. They were covered in what Nicola thought to be cum. It was a white glistening liquid that added much to the singer’s slutty look. Nicola wanted so much to be on top of Cheryl, licking the pig cum off the bouncing globes. She loved the idea of a pig exploding all over her band mate’s impressive chest. She rubbed her pussy in a more controlled fashion now as she imagined this, having almost given herself away earlier by orgasming when she slipped in her fingers through her dress. She remained as quiet as she could.

She continued to watch on silently as Posh made her next move. While Cheryl continued to fuck the pig, Posh lay under another of the impressive beasts and searched for it’s cock. It was hard already, probably at the basic erotic sounds of the two girls. She then pushed her breasts together as she slid the pig cock down the channel they formed. “Ohh,” moaned Nicola as she looked at Posh’s assests. They were so glorious. She wanted to play with them too. She needed too. The pig began to titty fuck the singer and she was clearly delighted by it. “Fuck my titties! I want your hot steamy jizz all over them. Oh yes! Fuck them.” Nicola groaned again, she was sure the pig would comply with the request and quickly. She could barely stand as she watched the two glamorous ladies get dirty with the beasts. “Mmmm, mmm,” she moaned.

“Enjoying yourself?” Nicola spun round quickly to see Sarah smiling at her, her hand still working her moist hot pussy. Nicola wore a surprised look on her face. She was embarrassed to be caught masturbating. She struggled for words but then managed some.

“Look… In there.” Nicola barely got the words out but Sarah brushed passed her and quickly surveyed the scene. She too was turned on by the raw animal sex but she had some fun in mind of her own and she wasn’t going to be put off. She turned round to Nicola and said “That’s very hot but I think we can do better.” She then pushed Nicola against the barn door and kissed her hard. Her hands pulled the small of Nicola’s back towards her so they were as close as possible. Nicola, after an initial moment of shock, started to kiss back with the same passion. She grabbed the starlet’s body and squeezed hard on her firm butt. The pair may have made a noise on the barn door but they didn’t care, they continued hard until Sarah enticed Nicola to follow her to the other barn. They could barely keep their hands off each other as they moved to the barn, hands moving up short skirts and fondling barely covered breasts.

They worked their way into the barn through to the back barely noticing the surroundings. Thankfully Sarah had prepared some hay that she collapsed them both on to. It was here that they began to remove each other’s dresses. They were easily removed to leave each girl topless but each was wearing delicate white lacy underpants. They looked at each other’s finely shaped bodies, taking in all the curves. Both girls had medium sized round boobs, with Sarah’s maybe slightly bigger. The girls quickly started their embrace again, Sarah rolling on top of Nicola. She had an easy job finding Nicola’s pussy. It was already soaking and Nicola began to gyrate violently when Sarah began to rub it slowly. Nicola quickly slid down them down over her high heels and spread her legs out wide, leaving Sarah cradled inbetween them, furiously rubbing away as she tried to kiss the breathless Nicola.

Nicola was in heaven, her pussy was so excited she was sure she wouldn’t take long to orgasm. It was being stimulated by an incredibly hot, sexy woman who she couldn’t resist. “Ah! Ah! AHHHHH!” she moaned, unable to continue kissing her prize. Sarah then changed tact, moving down to eat out her bucking companion. The arching of her back pushed out her breasts, making them irresistible to Sarah, grabbing and squeezing them hard. She began to roll her tongue round Nicola’s dripping pussy lips and then suddenly drove it in. “OHHHh fuuuck Saraaaaah!” she screamed in new realms of joy. “Oh oh oh ahhh! Dont… stop!” Sarah kept going. She loved the taste of her pussy and found herself speeding up her oral exploration. She licked round all the walls, enjoying Nicola’s primitive groans. Her hands worked furiously on her tits, grabbing the fleshy mounds with varying degrees of firmness to apply different sensations. She was falling in love with the glorious tits and soft skin.

Nicola squeezed her long legs against Sarah’s head forcing her to go faster. “Mmmm, Sarah! Sarah! SaRRAAAH!” Nicola was screaming her band mate’s name loudly. She was happier than she’d ever been before and it was all because of this stunning sex pot. She looked down and the busy head of long blonde hair. Happiness. She screamed out one more time before she felt her pussy begin to twitch. Electricity flowed through her body as pleasure. It was an amazing sensation. Wave after wave shot up from her pussy, all over her body, particularly to her fondled breasts. “AHHH! AHHH!! I’M CUMMMMIIINNNGGG. FUUUCCCCKKKK. SAAARRRRAAHHHH” She continued to moan for several moments after. Sarah continued to eat Nicola out as well as kneading her tits, enjoying the flood of tasty pussy juice.

Sarah relented a while after Nicola had come down. She was still enjoying the oral sex, but Sarah had something else planned. Now that Nicola was relaxed, she was sure she’d go for her naughty ideas. Sarah got up slowly and looked down at the sexy young Nicola. She liked what she saw. “I’ve got a treat for you now,” said Sarah as she moved round a corner. Nicola was intrigued but felt like she should continue to excite her pussy by masturbating while Sarah was away. She closed her eyes and remembered what Sarah had been doing to her. She heard the clicking of Sarah’s heels return but decided to continue as she was. “You’re going to love this!” was all she heard before she felt a long hard rod slide in between her hands. It felt great and she opened her eyes to see Sarah leaning over her and a collie dog. A dog! Her expression suddenly changed once she realised but Sarah was quick to calm her down. “Just relax. He won’t hurt you.”

The dog started to pump it’s long hard cock into the singer’s wet pussy. Nicola was surprised to find herself moaning again as she began to feel how great this could be. “MMmmm!” She started to drive her pussy onto the shaft to increase the pleasure stretching her long beautiful legs out high and wide to allow the dog to fuck harder. She opened her closed eyes slowly as she somehow became aware of a naked Sarah letting a dog mount her from behind. She was a wild one. Her magnificent tits jiggled at as another collie began to find his rhythm. Nicola wondered what she’d done so right to be in such a hot situation. “Ohhh fuucckkk!” she moaned as Sarah watched over her friend. Nicola wrapped her legs round her companion as she urged his cock into her. Her breasts were bouncing on her chest as she tried to grope them. She was getting so wet. “Fuck me! Fuck me you beast! I want your fucking cum inside me!”

A smile came over Sarah’s face as she saw Nicola being shagged. The joy in her face let her know she’d do it again. It was also turning Sarah on. Her sweet and innocent friend enjoying a steamy sex session like this. “That’s it sweetie. Keep uuuhh going!” said Sarah has her dog started to hit the spot faster and harder. Nicola was away with it so she didn’t respond. Her face just showed her satisfaction.

“Uhhh, oohh, cum with me! Cum with me!” moaned Nicola at her lover as she wrapped her long pins and high heels around the body of the dog. She pulled herself around the beast’s dick, trying hard to squeeze her pussy onto the rod. Her tits were bouncing on her chest with the force she was using. “Mmmm oh oh aahhhh!!!” she moaned. This was it. She knew she was going to cum for the first time with an animal and with Sarah watching it all. But with that she felt the first string of hot gooey cum flow into her pussy. It felt fantastic and her pussy started to radiate a warm pleasure through her body. “GOOOOooood boooyyyy! Goooodd booooooy!! FUUCCCKKKK!!!” She bit her lip and enjoyed the rest of the ride. The hot cum inside her felt amazing. Her muscles spasmed in desire.

Her orgasm settled slowly, filling her with happiness. She looked over to see Sarah’s face moaning with pleasure. Nicola smiled at the sight as she helped her lover out of her dripping pussy with her hand. She got up and let her beast run off. She moved over to Sarah and knelt down infront of her, stroking her hair as she settled infront of her. “That was amazing,” she beamed as Sarah opened her eyes. The two locked in a passionate kiss for as long as Sarah could without moaning. Nicola decided to help her friend as she had her helped earlier. She slid under Sarah’s bouncing breasts and reached for her pussy. She could see the dog was hitting her hard and Sarah was responding with equal measure. It was a huge turn on for Nicola just because it reminded her of her first erotic beastiality experience. Her hand moved sensually round Sarah’s soaking wet clit, sending Sarah into paradise.

“NiCCCCC, I’m going to cum!!!” she moaned as she unexpectedly collapsed onto Nicola underneath. Their breasts rubbed together heightening Sarah’s orgasm inducing a titgasm. “Oh Nic, uhhh, aahhh, ahh!!!” The beast continued to fuck hard as her muscles tingled all over. Her pussy was squeezing against the cock which vibrated more ecstasy with each thrust. Nicola was still stimulating her clit as well. Overall she couldn’t have wished for more. “Wow!” was all she could manage as she became suddenly more aware of the humping she was getting from behind. Nicola had stopped masturbating her though. “He’s still going,” she beamed at Sarah as she struggled to get up.

“Better give him a treat then!” piped Nicola who had wriggled free and withdrew the shaft from her friend. The dog became agitated by the lack of action and whined, Sarah wasn’t sure what was going on but was delighted when she realised. Nicola was preparing to give the dog a blowjob by kneeling at his side. After using her hands to move her hair from her face, the young starlet moved under the dog and placed the cock in her mouth. The dog began to fuck it almost instantly. Sarah was turned on by seeing her wholesome band mate getting so dirty. Nicola’s mouth began to work round the cock, licking and sucking it furiously. She was loving it so much she didn’t notice Sarah join her at the other side. It was a surprise when she felt Sarah’s face alongside her on the cock but didn’t stop her for one second.

The beast was in heaven having two hot women from the sexiest band in the world giving it a blow job. Nicola soon realised this as a spurt of pre cum hit her throat. She stopped with her oral assult and pulled Sarah to the ground with her. Sarah knew what she was getting. Nicola continued to wank the dog off for a few seconds before the beast stopped pumping her hand. A white string of cum shot at out Sarah’s face covering from chin to forehead. It was heaven for her. Hot gooey strings continued to follow. Nicola directing them over the girls’ chests and faces. Each time they were hit they moaned a little as the hot liquid teased their soft skin. “MMMmmm, that’s a good boy.” The sperm kept on coming and Nicola was happy to realise she’d covered her whole chest and face as well as Sarah’s by the time it stopped. Sarah was lying staring at her with a big cum covered smile. The pair then kissed for a second, smeering the sticky sperm into their skin as they did so. She felt slutty but loved it.

She let the dog go and stood up to examine the scene. She looked at herself still in her high heels. Her hair was soaked in cum at the ends, glued on to her chest. She could taste the saltiness on her lips. She was so pleased to see her tits lined by the jizz that she started to massage the nipple with cum. She looked down at her female lover as she massaged and said enticingly “We need to do that again!” Sarah just let out a small smile in acknowledgement. She was just thrilled to hear the words.

Unknown to Nicola and Sarah, Cheryl and Posh watched naked from the balcony upstairs, Cheryl having seen the girls earlier. The pair had masturbated their own cum covered bodies into orgasm several times at the steamy beastiality show put on by the pair. Cheryl smiled as Posh just came down from one of many orgasms, “This could develop nicely…”

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