Celeb Zoo – Part 6: The Big Getaway


Cheryl Cole had been fantasizing for a while now. Ever since she had watched a steamy bestiality show starring her Girls Aloud band mates Nicola Roberts and Sarah Harding, she wanted to be part of the saucy action. She had arranged the time, found a nice place in the country and got some companions for them to enjoy. All she needed was her friends to arrive and her plan could be put into action.

She had rented a modern country home for the weekend which was in the middle of nowhere to ensure complete privacy. There was a barn attached to the house where she intended to fulfil her fantasy with Nicola and Sarah. She had everything she would need in there but for now the living room would have to set the mood. She didn’t want the girls to know her intentions straight away so had kept things subtly romantic. There was a fire lit and a few glasses for wine but no other props for Cheryl apart from her body.

Cheryl had a bright yellow silk negligee on which was stunning on her. There was some black lace on the top of the negligee that hugged her large breasts and a little black trim around the short skirt part. A small cut in the side of the negligee showed Cheryl gorgeous thighs and curvy long legs. She wore black pointy high heels to complete her out fit. She had decided to leave her long wavy dark hair down, leaving it hanging loosely on her bosom. Her cute face was a picture of perfection. Cheryl was feeling incredibly sexy and thought her plan would work. After all, she’d seen them do it before, she just wanted to join in. Just the thought of Sarah and Nicola fucking again was turning her on.

Cheryl glanced at the clock. It was close to 8pm. The time the girls were due to be arriving. She stretched herself out on the couch, her long legs resting on the cushions. She waited patiently, despite the horniness building inside her.

Sarah and Nicola were driving up the lane in a jeep. The countryside scene was bringing back memories of their raunchy night a while back. They were keen to repeat the experience as many times as possible. They had spent most of the journey laughing because they were in on Cheryl’s little secret and Cheryl didn’t know it! Nicola had seen Cheryl and Posh getting fucked by pigs which had inspired them to try loving animals. The location was a huge clue to what Cheryl’s intentions were. A house, in the country, in the middle of nowhere, with loads of meat around was a big neon flashing light of a giveaway. The giggling girls just wanted to go in, cut the fore-play and get down to business with their hot band mate. Sarah, who was driving, was wearing a see through blue and grey vest top. Her blonde hair hung above the line of the fabric but was still long. The light blue area covered her ample round breasts but displayed her nipples just about. Her pants were of the same design and covered none of her long pins. She wore black strappy heels which her and Nicola found sexy but were extremely difficult to drive in!

Nicola was looking at her companion with lust. She had tried to have a cheeky feel of Sarah’s goodies but was rebuffed on each attempt. “We need to wait for Cheryl!” Sarah would protest. Nicola eventually settled into her comfortable leather chair so Sarah could see her whole body. She was wearing a similar style outfit with a couple of small differences. Her vest top was all pink, but the bra area wasn’t see through. The slightly thicker material supported suspenders holding up pale white thigh high stockings, over which a black ribbon bow sat from her high heels. She wore black panties with pink bow to complement the top and show off her nice arse. She had done her pretty red hair up, fixing it up with a small chop stick and some grips. Sarah was grateful they had arrived at their destination as Nicola was proving a difficult distraction to ignore. “We’re here!” exclaimed Sarah excitedly as she parked the car.

“Let’s do this! I can’t wait much longer,” Nicola replied looking at Sarah’s body. The two girls quickly kissed each other on their soft lips before getting out the jeep. If it had been a busy place, the sight of the two hot starlets in revealing lingerie would have caused a flurry of activity, cameras flashing all over the place. But thankfully, this was not the case as the girls had slipped away from the city quietly. The two made their way up a few stairs and slowly opened the front door. It led to a dark corridor.

“Nicola. Sarah. I’m in the lounge! Come on through!” shouted Cheryl trying to act as if nothing was out of the ordinary. In fact, it was. She was getting herself into a sexy pose on the couch so the girls would be stunned coming through the door.

The girls had other ideas, not expecting such a full frontal assault they positioned themselves on the frame of the door, leaning back with one leg suggestively bent back on the frame. They wanted to stun Cheryl with their saucy outfits. They pushed the door open when they were satisfied with their postures.

The trio set eyes on each other and collectively their eyes lit up. Cheryl was most delighted. She was expecting the girls to be dressed normally and instead she had 2 sex kittens standing provocatively in front of her. “Fuck girls, what’s going on?” she asked still smiling seductively on the couch, even though she was happily starting to realise she wouldn’t have much work to do.

“Oh we thought we’d join you in whatever you have planned for tonight,” laughed Sarah taking Nicola’s hand as they started to slowly walk to the couch Cheryl was on. Their stride was hypnotic, the slow movement of their hips and the long legs in high heels mesmerised Cheryl. The girls had reacted better than Cheryl, having known they would definitely be up for it. Still, there aren’t many sights better than Cheryl Tweedy in lingerie, so the girls spirits instantly lifted even higher.

“Yeah, we thought we could fill in for Victoria tonight,” smiled Nicola as the pair reached Cheryl who had now sat up and was staring at the level of the girls lacy panties. Cheryl looked up suddenly at Nicola who was still smiling. “We know what you get up to. We saw you with Victoria after that concert,” she said. Nicola sat down next to Cheryl who was looking at her with a smile. Nicola put her hand and slowly brushed Cheryl’s hair from her face, staring almost sympathetically into her eyes. She then moved in for her a kiss, which took Cheryl by surprise as she had expected to be the one making the moves. The kiss was soft and sensual, pleasing both participants. Cheryl had to break off the kiss as Sarah sat down beside her, placing her hands on the back of her hips. She turned round displaying her happiness and instinctively leant in to Sarah, shutting her eyes in the process. Sarah started to kiss Cheryl softly as well but as the kiss went on, it became more passionate. Nicola, wanting to reward Cheryl for her tender kiss, leant into her band mates back, pushing her breasts against the singer at the same time reaching her arms round to stroke Cheryl’s exposed thighs. This certainly caused Cheryl to increase the vigour of kiss as she became the enveloped by sexy females.

Nicola’s touch was expert, soft and smooth, purposely teasing Cheryl’s sensitive areas, but not going too far. Cheryl needed to let out a small moan which signalled the end of the kiss. “MMmmm yeah…” she said as she withdrew, eyes still closed with fantasy. As she rested back on the couch, Nicola and Sarah had direct line of sight to each other. They smiled, knowing that their plan had worked perfectly. They moved to kiss each other over Cheryl, who helped by pressing them together with her hands. She was feeling really hot at the sight of the two girls passionately kissing that she started to caress her body starting with her tits. As she watched, she fondled her own breasts, squeezing them firmly and making them appear even fuller. Nicola, sensing this, reached a hand up to Cheryl’s chest, and for the first time groped her melons. It was a sensational feeling. Firm yet juicy. Cheryl moaned in approval.

Nicola broke the kiss with a cheeky grin. She turned to her dark haired band mate as she continued to squeeze through the fabric, “MMmmmm, I knew your tits would be good. They just look so much fun, I’ve wanted to feel them for a while.” Sarah needed no invitation to have a go.

“Oh God, they are amazing!” she confirmed as Cheryl smiled at them, arching her back to enhance her cleavage.

“Ooohh. They are so hot for you right now but there’s more,” she mused as she reluctantly stood up. “I’ve got a few surprises for us in the stables. Shall we move through there?” The girls agreed, moving excitedly behind Cheryl as she showed the way. Cheryl was ecstatic that the girls were so up for this. Nicola and Sarah on the other hand were just enjoying the view of Cheryl Cole’s sexy body moving through the house. Her long legs were to be savoured and Nicola especially wanted to get in between them. Her melons bounced enticingly with each stride.

After a few dark corridors the girls could see the light of the stable. Entering it, Nicola and Sarah felt a rush as they didn’t know what they would be getting. Most bays were closed behind wooden doors. The first thing that was obvious though was a brown horse standing in one. Cheryl stood in the middle of the stable grinning. The girls joined her. “Well ladies, let me show you what we’ve got,” taking on the persona of a sexy TV game show presenter. She moved over to the bay with the horse striking a sexy pose in front of the gate. “This is bay number one and in here is ‘Girls Allowed, ‘” giggling at the pun. She moved over to bay 2 putting her hands on hips and protruding her cleavage. “Behind door number two we have a personal favourite of mine. Always up for a good fuck it’s a PIG!” She twirled round to show the girls her arse before stopping at bay three. Nicola and Sarah were holding each other in excitement. “Door number three is very exciting. Come here for a wild ride on Precious, the poodle’s big rod!” She moved slowly and purposefully over to bay four making sure she had the girls’ complete attention. She ran a hand down her face and body before resting it on the latch of the wooden gate for the next bay. “Behind our last door is the star prize,” she said seductively “Two masters at sex! They guarantee anyone the best shag they’ve ever had. That’s right it’s…” Cheryl swung open the door. Nicola and Sarah stared in amazement. Two finely dressed females stood sexily together. Cheryl didn’t need to say it as the girls recognized them but needed to complete her routine “Victoria Beckham and Charlotte Church!”

Charlotte stood there in a simple bra and panties combination. She had a light blue flower pinned in her hair. Her long wavy fair hair hung loosely over her light blue bra with darker blue floral pattern, which matched her panties. The bra struggled to contain her large tits with moved slowly up and down with her breathing. Her stomach was amazingly flat and smooth. Her legs stretched all the way down to her light blue strappy 4 inch high heels which made her feel incredibly saucy. She loved seeing the girls look of surprise and lust for her body. She knew she was going to show them a good time.

Posh was feeling very naughty. The feel of Charlotte’s skin against hers was a big turn on. Their breasts were pushed together a bit because of the pose they were in, causing Posh’s whole body to tingle in anticipation. She had chosen a see through black corset with pink trim around the not see through bra area. Her big jugs were straining against the top, enhancing her already impressive cleavage. There was also pink trim around the bottom which suspenders came from holding up her black thigh high stockings. The stockings covered her long shapely legs all the way down to her 5 inch high heels. She knew the new girls (and the old ones) wouldn’t be able to resist her in this outfit.

She was right. Sarah and Nicola moved over to Posh and Charlotte while Cheryl smiled at them. Sarah grabbed Posh by the hips and began to kiss her passionately. Nicola did likewise to Charlotte. Cheryl watched as the four women kissed and was getting incredibly turned on by the whole thing. She decided she wasn’t going to be left out and went over to grab Nicola. She pulled her away from the kiss and took her by the hand. She gave her a cheeky smile and said “Shall we go find something to do?” Nicola was thrilled. She’d had her eye on Cheryl and her fantastic body all night. Not that she didn’t fancy any of the other girls there, but she was desperate to sample the wonders of Cheryl Cole. Cheryl led her to the gate with the pig in it as her and the very innocent faced Nicola began to kiss. Cheryl ran her hands over the Nicola’s face and hair, eventually undoing the chopstick which held up her red hair, allowing it to fall over her back. While continuing the kiss she moved her hand round and slowly undid the zip holding Nicola’s tightly fitting vest top on. Nicola was finding it very sensual being undressed by Cheryl. The kiss stopped and Cheryl took a step back to admire Nicola’s body, taking in her medium round breasts and erect nipples. “Take a seat,” said Cheryl gesturing to the hay covering the floor. Nicola obliged and Cheryl began to strip slowly for her young friend. She peeled the straps of her lingerie off her shoulders very slowly, biting her luscious lip while seductively staring Nicola in the eye. Nicola was transfixed, looking up her sexy band mate. It was just instinct as she reached out without looking and started to wank off the pig who was next to her. She loved the feeling of it’s cock in her hand. Cheryl was amazed but continued to her strip by removing her yellow top, freeing her magnificent tits. They jiggled slightly on release which excited Nicola who could hardly wait to feel them in the flesh this time.

“Fuck… You’re so hot!” she breathed as she watched, unable to do anything but stare and continue her handjob, speeding up with her continued sexual arousal. Sensing Nicola’s desire again, she gave her tits a cheeky squeeze before joining the entranced starlet on the ground. Cheryl crawled over Nicola and helped her out of pants, sliding them slowly over her stockings and heels. She had a beautifully shaven pussy. Cheryl quickly kissed her as she took over the pig’s masturbation allowing Nicola to fully relax into the hay. Cheryl loved pig cock, but she wanted to see Nicola get it. Nicola looked in heaven already, about to come as a result of the electricity in the air. Cheryl guided the pig round with her hand.

“Who’s a big boy? Look at this!” Cheryl exclaimed. “You ready for him sweetie?” Nicola had already parted her legs though indicating she was, her knees bent, high heels flat to the floor. Slowly, Cheryl began to insert the 18 inch shiny smooth rod. As soon as the tip touched her pussy lips Nicola began to moan softly, biting her lip and shutting her eyes.

“Mmmmmm yessss…” she trailed off. The pig started to slide in and out slowly sensing where it was, helped by Nicola’s soft thrusts with her own pelvis into the cock. Cheryl’s work here was done but she knew Nicola had wanted her as well. Stepping up and around to Nicola’s head, she slipped of her lacy black panties. Cheryl settled down on top of Nicola’s face, pushing her cleanly shaven pussy down. Nicola began to lick without thinking, causing Cheryl to moan instantly. What a feeling Nicola had, fucking gently with a pig while licking Cheryl’s hot pussy. There was no need for her to think. She knew what she was doing without it. She could just enjoy the ride.

Over on the other side of the stable, Victoria, Charlotte and Sarah were getting frisky with Precious. They had undressed already, Victoria choosing to leave her black stockings and heels on. The other girls continued in their heels only. Feeling she knew what she wanted, Posh grabbed the two other girls and laid them on their backs on the floor next to each other. The girls laughed as they saw each other completely naked, moving for a kiss on the floor. Posh used this opportunity to line Precious up with Charlotte’s wet pussy. He was already very hard, having responded quickly to the girls’ earlier caresses. He was also well trained by Cheryl and Posh and started to fuck his willing partner slowly. “Oohhh, yes!” screamed Charlotte. “Keep goooooing!”

Posh had something different in mind for Sarah. She had heard Sarah was a fire cracker and wanted to put this to the test herself. Accordingly, she had brought a large shiny blue 14 inch strap-on which she was now sucking off in front of Sarah’s eager face. “Oh is that for me?” Sarah enquired innocently. “It looks so good!” Victoria smiled at her as she finished her blowjob and attached the dildo to her. She was enjoying sucking the dick but was tremendously excited at the prospect of fucking Sarah herself. Sarah opened her legs wide in anticipation and Victoria duly obliged, sliding the big rod in effortlessly. Sarah responded by closing her eyes and arching her back, the first throes of pleasure coursing into her body. “MMmmm, that feels good,” she moaned as Victoria slid the rod backwards gently. Again Victoria thrusted slowly and Sarah felt a greater warmth build up inside her. Posh was very turned on by the sight of this, and she could see Charlotte getting fucked just to her side.

By this time, Precious had picked up his pace and Charlotte’s breasts were beginning to bounce around with the force. Victoria picked up the pace slowly but steadily in order to catch up with Precious. With each thrust she could feel Sarah drive herself onto the dildo more and more. “Fuck yes, keep going” yelled Sarah as she reached over to fondle one of Charlotte’s bouncing titties. It felt so soft and full, it intensified the pleasure from her own pussy. Charlotte also felt a wave a pleasure at the feeling of a hot woman grabbing her breasts so passionately. They needed a woman’s touch.

Victoria was now in heaven, 2 gorgeous women in front of her getting shagged intensely, both reaching new realms of ecstasy. By this time, Posh had caught up with Precious in terms of pace and her own large melons were jiggling around with every thrust. She felt incredibly hot, being in control of her two sex kittens like this. Indeed, Charlotte and Sarah certainly adored the view of their lover and each other. They were getting increasingly louder with their moans as their climax approached.

With terrific timing, the barn suddenly filled with more screams of lust. Victoria, Sarah and Charlotte could all hear Cheryl and Nicola now.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKK YYEESSSSSSSSS!!!” screamed Cheryl as Nicola’s outstanding oral work caused the pulsation of an orgasm to rip through her body. “Ooohhh Fuckkk!!! Niccccoooolllaaa!!!” she yelled loudly in sheer pleasure. Nicola’s tongue was hungrily working her clitoris and her vaginal walls. The sensation had got too much for her, and she was now on an unbelievable high. Cheryl grabbed hold of her glorious mounds and began to squeeze every last drop of pleasure out of them. They felt so sensuous. It was one of the longest and best orgasms she’s ever had. Waves of orgasm ripped from Nicola’s roving tongue through her almost quivering, sweaty body. She couldn’t help but lust after the sight of her innocent band mate being ridden by a pig.

Nicola had picked up the pace in response to her own growing satisfaction at the cock driving in and out of her. She too was close. Just as Cheryl got off Nicola’s face reluctantly, Nicola felt a gush of joy as her pussy squeezed the pig’s cock. The pig continued to fuck her as her muscles twitched and loosened in a rhythmical way. Her back was bending in an effort to thrust herself up the long shaft as she loved cock inside her. “Uhh, ohhh, ohhh yes! Fuck me you beast!!” she shouted loud enough for the whole barn to hear. The pig fucked as hard as it could while Nicola rode the orgasm, almost unaware that as Cheryl started to kiss her lips. Cheryl tasted herself as she sensed that Nicola was almost finished. Their lover had not though.

“Nic sweetie, I think we need to finish this big fella off!” exclaimed an excited Cheryl. She moved down to pig’s dick and began to wank it off as she withdrew the shaft from her friends pussy. It was very hard and long, she could see why Nicola had such a good time. As Nicola joined her, some pre-cum oozed from the tip. “Get ready sweetie!” The girls lowered their head and chest under the rod that Cheryl’s hand moved up and down quickly. Jet after jet of sperm shot out, covering the two starlets faces and chest. “Oh yeah baby, give us your jizz!” The girls licked their mouths as the cum torrent continued, savouring the salty taste. Cheryl stroked the shaft hard as the flow stopped, draining every last drop, by this time though their mouth and lips were saturated. The girls heaving breasts covered in glistening white goo. “I’m such a whore,” laughed a proud Cheryl.

“You look gorgeous to me,” replied Nicola, who was equally pleased with her hot sticky reward. She had enjoyed the first part of the evening immensely. She had wanted Cheryl for a while now, but now was time to see what the others had got up to. Now that they had quietened down, they could hear the others moans across the barn. They strode over in their heels, holding each other’s hands.

Charlotte and Sarah were having an orgasm. They were screaming loudly. Posh was pounding hard at Sarah, her round tits bouncing with the force she was using. You could see her pull Sarah’s hips up the strap on, she was enjoying this greatly. She wanted to make Sarah come for as long as possible, she wasn’t going to let go. Sarah screamed in pleasure, “Oh God, oh fuuuuuckkk!” electricity coursing through her fit body. She looked like she was about to pass out.

Charlotte in the mean time was more settled, her orgasm had been intense and she’d enjoyed Sarah’s lesbian advances, but it had started to die down and she wanted to finish off her lover. She wanted a good titty fucking. She reached down and grabbed her lover’s cock. Precious continued to fuck her hand while she repositioned him above her chest. She laid the long shaft in between her mounds and seductively squeezed them around it. She loved squeezing her tits round a throbbing cock. The white fluffy poodle redoubled its effort. The feel of the soft breasts was amazing. “Oh yes you like that!” she encouraged. By now, Cheryl and Nicola had arrived on the scene and were watching the action. They were rubbing pig cum enticingly into their tits as Nicola settled beside Charlotte and Cheryl behind Posh. Nicola was quite happy to spread her legs next to Charlotte and rub her sweaty, cum covered body all over, starting to masturbate in front of the clearly grateful Charlotte. “Mmmm, I’m going to enjoy this” Charlotte thought.

Cheryl was feeling even naughtier. She pressed her cum soaked tits into Posh’s back and smeared the cum into her skin. She then reached round and just started to grope at Victoria’s boobs. Victoria was very happy and accidently started to fuck harder as a result of her own stimulation. Sarah’s orgasm lifted off again and she couldn’t help but scream out. “Oh Cheryl… baby… that feels so good…” Cheryl continued to grab, fondle and caress the big mounds as she then kissed Posh intensely on the mouth. Once again, the biggest result was that Sarah became more aroused and her orgasm took control of her again. Her pussy was streaming it was so wet but she didn’t want it to stop. The giant cock was hitting her so hard, but so accurately she couldn’t stop orgasming. Posh certainly knew what she was doing to her.

Charlotte and Nicola were enjoying each others company. Precious was beginning to strain and was on the point of bursting. “Nic come here,” Charlotte asked and she stopped her glorious titty wank. She grabbed hold of the hard rod as Nicola did likewise. The touch of two hands set Precious off, spraying cum all over the two starlets. Charlotte tits were the prime target for the dog, eager to cover those amazing mounds. However, Charlotte was keen to cover Nicola in even more semen and set about her task once she was happily blasted. Strings of hot gooey cum landed on Nicola, soaking into her beautiful hair and plastering it to her heaving chest. Her face was now almost completely covered, as were her shoulders and nice pert breasts. She loved it, the dog’s cum tasting every bit as good as the pig’s. As it settled, Charlotte looked at the satisfied Nicola. “You look amazing, you dirty little girl!” she said as she grabbed Nicola in tight and began to taste the fresh cum in her mouth. Nicola could feel Charlotte’s large breasts slide pleasantly over her soaked body. She was turning into a cum slut and loved it.

By now Victoria had become sufficiently distracted by Cheryl to allow Sarah to come down. Sarah rested, watching the two women kiss and fondle. She could see Cheryl was soaked with cum and she looked even sexier for it. Sarah got up in her black strappy high heels having decided she wanted Victoria to get the same pounding she had just received. She moved over to the stable with Girls Allowed in it and snuck in with him. She’d never seen a horse cock before but she was pleased with what she found. It was easily a foot long without being hard. She patted the black horse at first and then just reached out and grabbed the shaft. The horse startled a second but settled as Sarah’s hand began to stroke slowly. She loved a good handjob and this was certainly good. The cock was rapidly swelling in size. “Good boy!” she reassured. She couldn’t resist it though, she needed to have a go of the cock in her mouth. She continued to masturbate the horse as she settled on her knees infront of the giant rod. She slowly put her tongue to the end of rod and licked it hungrily. It wasn’t long before the whole tip was in her mouth, her hands still stroking the rod. “MMMMmmm” she moaned in approval at the taste. The horse was clearly wanting to start fucking but Sarah decided she could continue no more. She was getting too turned on by the blowjob and wanted Posh to experience his thrust. She took her mouth off the cock and led the horse by his rock hard penis to the other girls. “Look what I’ve been up to!”

The other girls were now 69ing each other (Cheryl with Posh, Nicola with Charlotte) but stopped when they heard Sarah. They all got up looking excited at the sight of a naked Sarah Harding with hard horse cock in her fast moving hand. They moved in around Sarah who beckoned Posh to a nearby chair. Nicola, Charlotte and Cheryl watched on intently as Sarah stroked Victoria’s curvy body before bending her over the chair. “You’re going to enjoy this” smiled Sarah. Posh was now facing the naked girls so Sarah led Girls Allowed around to her back and positioned him squarely behind Posh’s moist pussy. Sarah then guided Girls Allowed over the star and fed in the tip of his cock.

“Mmmm oohhh” moaned Posh at the entry. The cock was larger than anything she had in her before. The horse began to thrust its meat into the pussy causing Posh to moan again and again. She has glad for the support of the chair, giving her extra stability in her sexy heels and stockings. Her tits were already banging up and down on her chest with the force of the cock but she was enjoying it. She looked a million bucks and her pussy with brimming with pleasure. “Oh fuck! Oh Yes! FUUCCKKK!” she moaned. “This… is… incred…. able…” Posh took one hand from the chair to feel her swinging assets, enjoying her touch immensely. She started to drive herself further down the shaft, which only caused Girls Allowed to fuck her harder.

By now Sarah had rejoined the group of naked starlets and had begun to fondle Cheryl. Charlotte and Nicola had resumed their embrace and had decided to continue their 69 in full view of Victoria. Groans started to come from each girl as hands and mouths started to explore bodies. Nicola had her tongue in another woman’s pussy for the second time tonight and was loving it again. Her cum covered body excited by the penetration of Charlotte’s tongue and finger into her pussy. Suddenly, she jumped. A hand grabbed her left breast. Realising it was Cheryl, she relaxed again and returned the favour. Cheryl teased her nipple as she squeezed hard at her friends full bosom. Cheryl was busy eating out Sarah’s wet pussy as Sarah bounced up and down on her face in her high heels. Sarah was working Cheryl’s clit with her hand though making the star squirm in pleasure. Sarah reached over quickly and gave Charlotte a quick rub on her pussy, causing her to moan.

Victoria was turned on by the developing orgy in front of her. Her shag with Girls Allowed was amazing. She was sure she was getting at least 12 inches inside her. The rod was very hard but slippery. With every thrust came a moan of ecstasy which was helping drive on the girls in front of her. “MMmmmm. Fuck! Yes.” She couldn’t help it, her pussy was clenching tightly around the large dick, she felt pussy juices flowing from her. She groped her own breasts now, savouring the sensation in every touch of them. Her animal lover was picking up the pace and she was close to an amazingly huge orgasm.

“AAHHHH Fuuucckkk!” screamed Nicola as she was first to orgasm. This set of a chain reaction causing various moans and squeals from the other girls. This in turn caused Posh to come at the might of Girls Allowed’s thrusts.

“MMMppphhh” she moaned, barely audible to the others. The pleasure ran through her body, wave after sudden wave of excitement. She titgasmed with the squeeze of her own hand casing her to feel dizzy but she stood firm. Her muscles quivered in happiness at sight, sound and touch. Of course, her animal lover kept going, not finished himself, but for now Posh could no longer ride his thrusts, she was just part of them.

Nicola got to her feet slowly and moved over to Girls Allowed. She was still soaked with cum but she was extremely hot with that look. She saw that Posh was wanting off for now so with one lick of the rod, she removed Posh and started to wank off the big beast. “That was amazing” said Posh as she took Sarah by the hands and gave her a breathless kiss.

“Come on” said Cheryl, “We can’t let Nicola have all the fun!” The girls then joined their lover in masturbating the Girls Allowed with their combined skill. It also gave them a chance to rub each others bodies, exploring all over again. This was especially good for Nicola, who was entranced by Posh’s large melons. She couldn’t help be distracted from cock by those puppies, licking and caressing them with her mouth. Just then, a small spurt of cum emerged from Girls Allowed’s throbbing dick. “That’s a good boy” exclaimed Cheryl as the girls sat open mouthed at the tip.

Jizz sprayed everywhere. More than anyone had ever seen before. Dollop after dollop powered from the tip easily covering the face and chest of each girl after a few seconds. “MMmm” moaned Victoria as she tasted the hot sperm. The torrent continued, with Nicola determined to cover everyone. She continued to jerk the big guy off as sperm ran down her stomach on to her stockings. Cheryl’s hair was matted to her ample chest. She playfully rubbed Charlotte’s pussy while they got blasted. Sarah was trying swallow as much as she could. They all felt really close to each other right then and there. Five women linked by such an amazing white, hot, sticky substance. Eventually, they all settled down and admired each other’s naked soaked bodies.

You could hardly see Cheryl’s pretty face she was covered so much. She was smiling though. Her hair was saturated. Her tits heaved in pleasure. Her high heels were clean. She looked at Nicola. Nicola was covered head to toe. Her high heels covered, her stockings were soaked through. Her red hair was darker, soaked by three lots of cum. “You really are a big cum whore. You’ve got more than any one!” laughed Cheryl as Nicola glowed. She had fallen in love instantly with the others. She’d had a great night.

Charlotte and Sarah were kissing. They were the wild ones, and had found something familiar in each other.

Posh’s large tits dripped with the equally impressive load from Girls Allowed. Her body tingled with the hot sticky sensation of the cum. She was still trying to settle after her incredible session with the horse. “Hey ladies, this is just the beginning. We have this place for the whole weekend remember.” proclaimed Cheryl. “Hot tub anyone?”

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