Celeb Zoo – Part 7: The True Group

This story is completely fictional. It does not represent the activities of the persons within.

Cheryl Cole was scheming again. Her, Nicola Roberts and Sarah Harding were so close now. They regularly met up for sex with each other and various animal lovers that she had noticed Kimberley Walsh and Nadine Coyle had become more distant from the group as a result. Not that they knew what was happening, but inherently the 3 girls had just got closer. After raising her concerns with Nic and Sarah, they decided they would do something about it.

After a little planning, a house party was arranged at Cheryl’s. Nothing about that would arouse suspicion as the girls often met up for drinks in each other’s flats and got drunk together. Then with three of them already in on the game, it would be easy to get the Nadine and Kimberley to join in. Just a few adjustments would need to be made for the evening to go smoothly Cheryl thought so she got Sarah and Nicola to arrive a bit earlier than Kim and Nadine. The first part of the plan was where it would fall down if it was going to at all…

The doorbell rang and Cheryl ran to answer in her black and gold high heels. “They’re here!” she shouted to let Sarah and Nicola know. “We’ll be ready in a minute,” came Nicola’s response. A quick check through the eye hole confirmed it was Kim and Nadine. Cheryl opened the door slowly to let her companions in. Cheryl glanced at the pair as they walked through and exchanged pleasantries.

“Hey sweetie,” said Nadine as she walked in first and pecked Cheryl on the cheek. “We’ve brought champagne.”

“Aww thanks. You didn’t have to but I’m sure we’ll find it a good home,” replied Cheryl who took the bottle from her friend. Nadine had long brunette hair with lots of blonde streaks throughout it. It was hung wavily around her shoulders and back. Tonight she’d worn a white t-shirt, with skinny jeans and black heeled boots, normal attire for the usual night’s goings on. “Not tonight,” thought Cheryl.

“Hi!!” said Cheryl at almost the same time as Kimberley. They lent in a pecked each other’s cheeks as well. Cheryl stole a look at Kim, seeing the long straight dark hair she had covering a green t-shirt. She had on a denim skirt which was short but her legs were hidden by thick black tights. Some tan coloured boots finished her look. “You guys are looking great!” she said as she shut the door. “It’s been way too long! We’ve got so much to talk about.”

“I know!” said Nadine in her Irish tones. “I can’t wait!”

“Well make your way through to the living room. We’ve got champagne waiting through there. Nic and Sarah are here already and have started.” Cheryl motioned them through to the living room which was large and spacious. It had a fire going at the back wall which was lighting the room dimly, around which various seats and candles were situated. It set a very relaxing mood, as it gave off a nice warmth.

“Wow!” gasped Nadine. “I wasn’t expecting all of this!”

“Well,” began Cheryl, “I want tonight to be special. I want all of us to have a good time and feel a little bit spoiled.” She smiled as she said it, enticing the girls slightly. She could tell they appreciated the effort from their faces.

“Sounds good to me,” said Kimberley, still observing the room. By doing this, she then noticed the glaring error in the set that she almost missed with her surprise. “Where are the girls?” she asked.

“They’re just getting changed. They’ll be out in a minute,” replied Cheryl, still happy at the positive reaction from the room.

“Changed, for what?” replied Kimberley.

“Oh I was going to say. Eh, just on the theme of feeling good, I thought we’d dress up a bit as well, you know, for fun,” replied Cheryl, a tiny bit nervous at how that would go down. She moved into the centre of the room. She had planned for this but it was a big first step, very quick. It was now or never. She had put on a full length bath robe but it was now time for it to come off. The robe slid of her body effortlessly. She stood still for the girls to look at her. She’d put on a white bra with black floral patterns over the breasts. Thin black straps held the bra up with larger white straps round the back. A pearl necklace plunged into her impressive cleavage, her large round boobs straining her bra. Her panties were in the same design, the flower pattern immediately over the front of the pelvis but nowhere else. Her shapely legs went on forever. She still had on her black and gold strappy high heels which the girls had failed to see earlier due to her robe.

There was a moment of silence but this was not the time for shock. Cheryl let down her straight blond brunette hair and smiled. She was pleased with the reaction but if she came on to the pair now they’d go. She needed them to feel relaxed. “What do you say?” she said loosely, maintaining a friendly relaxed voice.

The girls stares were broken by the question. Kim went first. “I dunno about that, can’t we just keep it like we usually do?”

“We could… but this will be much more fun,” pleaded Cheryl. “The others are doing it too!” To Cheryl’s surprise, Nadine was very quickly on board. She turned to face Kim, showing her support for Cheryl.

“Yeah, come on Kimberley, sweetie. It’s not like we we’ve never seen each other in lingerie before. And Sarah and Nic are doing it…”

“Please sweetie!” exclaimed Cheryl. “It’ll be so much fun.” She could see for the first time Kimberley thinking about doing it. “Just drink some champers and you’ll not even notice!”

Kimberley’s face hovered in the delicate balance of indecision. “Well… okay!” she said still unsure. She reached for a glass of the pre poured champagne.

“Awww, you won’t regret it!” said an excited Cheryl moving over as the girls left the room they’d just entered. “There are outfits and shoes in the bedroom on the left. I’m sure most will fit,” she exclaimed, hurrying them into room and shutting the door behind them. She then went across the hall and into Sarah and Nicola’s room.

“There in!” she said enthusiastically. This was phase one of the girls plan complete. Cheryl could always rely on her awesome body for getting anything she wanted but she couldn’t have scared them off. As it turned out it didn’t and getting Nadine and Kimberley into lingerie who help them feel sexier and sexier as the night wore on. It was crucial to the plan.

Having not wanted to overwhelm Nadine and Kimberley earlier, Nicola and Sarah had stayed out of sight. They too of course were in lingerie and were now making their way through to the romantically lit living room, champagne in hand. The next part of the night would see them sitting and chatting, getting the two new girls more relaxed. It would however be difficult not feel each up however, because they were each looking stunning. As Cheryl, Sarah and Nicola entered the living room, they were already feeling saucy. Sensing this, Nicola thought she’d add to the sexual heat by whispering quietly in to Cheryl’s ear, “Me and Sarah had sex in the shower while you were getting ready!”

“MMMmmmph” imagined Cheryl, placing one hand to her pussy and one hand to her breast. She stopped though before she got too far, realising that if Nadine and Kimberley saw her it would ruin the night. Nicola and then Sarah laughed, Sarah having realised what Nicola had said. “You guys are mean!” quipped Cheryl. She sat on a single chair in front of the fire place and at the head of a semi circle. Sarah took one two seated sofa to left of Cheryl, and Nicola a two seated sofa to the right completing the semi circle. This would hopefully force one new girl to sit next to the experienced one. It was all planned. They all took a glass of champagne and started drinking.

Nicola chose to wear a black corset and with gold leaf pattern all over. There was a small gap which showed her sexy flat stomach to her black panties. They had the same gold leaf pattern as the top, and the small triangle of fabric was held by black lace round the side. Her long immaculate legs stretched down to her black lacy high heels, the lace coming up past her ankles to her shins. She settled down on the sofa, stretching her legs out so her band mates could easily see. Her long wavy dark red hair rest on her ample breasts.

Sarah had chosen a simple very light blue bra and panties collection. It simply showed her best features she thought, her sexy cleavage and her legs. It was also a tiny bit see through, allowing the girls to see her pink erect nipples. She had chosen some white high heels to go with the outfit. She kept her long wavy platinum blonde hair loose, letting it settle on her shoulders. Unlike Nicola, she just reclined into the sofa, crossing her long left leg over the right.

The three girls sat chatting comfortably. They all knew they wanted each other badly but if they weren’t going to scare Nadine or Kimberley they’d have to behave. Time passed slowly waiting for the girls to appear, but they remained patient. They drunk their champagne and laughed at each other’s stories. Eventually they heard the bedroom door open and the room fell silent with anticipation.

Kimberley was first to stride into the room. She was clutching her champagne glass and looked a little bit more relaxed. She’d chosen a dark blue bra and panties set with white trim. The trim for the bra was on the lower half of the cups and was supported by thin white straps. She’s chosen to go for slightly different heels in dark blue, a fuller kind which covered the side of the foot but not a couple of toes. Her legs like usual were perfect.

Nadine was next into the room. She had chosen a very racy black nightie which was see through all over apart from black stripes which ran up her stomach. The girls could easily see Nadine’s small round boobs and nipples through the top half of the dress. They could also see she had chosen some black panties to go under the dress. The skirt was very short, stopped just below her ass and hugged her in all the right places which delighted Cheryl. She had on silver high heels with diamonds across the straps around her ankle and forefoot.

Nicola, Sarah and Cheryl were happy with how the girls looked. The new girls made their way over to the couch where they could greet Nicola and Sarah. The girls exchanged compliments and kisses on the cheek and each felt a small spark of electricity as they touched each other’s naked skin. Kimberley was first to speak, which surprised everyone but she was feeling much more positive now. “You’re Cheryl, this is a great idea. I feel better already!” Kimberley sat beside Sarah, whilst Nadine settled beside Nicola. At this stage, there was no contact between the girls, but that was fine for just now.

“Yeah sweetie. Everyone looks fantastic. It’s really nice,” replied Cheryl, smiling. Everything was going well so far.

“Yeah it is,” added Nicola. “Haven’t dressed up in ages.” She then took a drink of her champagne. This got the girls talking about their videos and the mens magazine shoots they had been on. All their videos had been so much fun to film and had their own story or two which made everyone in the room laugh. It made everyone a bit more relaxed and Kimberley and Nadine began to feel like this was better than any of their previous nights with the girls. The champagne continued to flow as did the stories. The girls got closer and closer as they touched each other on the arms and legs occasionally when laughing. “Remember that time…” or “That outfit was…” seemed to end with someone in the room making fun of someone else. Everyone was laughing, and Nicola and Sarah would try to steal a small rub a hand or thigh when able. Kimberley and Nadine began to do the same.

After chatting about one of their shoots, Sarah asked if anyone had worn one of their outfits in the bedroom. Cheryl was first to answer replying “I would if I had someone to wear it for.” Nadine and Kim both stopped.

“No way! I can’t believe Cheryl Cole can’t find a man!” said Nadine. “You could have any man you wanted.”

“It’s not that. Just haven’t found anyone yet. Besides, I’m happy by myself for just now.”

“Oh really!” laughed Nadine. “What have you been up to?”

Cheryl looked up laughing too. This had been exactly what she wanted. A way in but she still had to be careful. “A little of this and a little of that,” she replied in a non-committed way. “I’ve been watching some porn to keep me entertained!” she giggled. Kim smirked and Cheryl smiled. “It’s fun. You should try it!”

“Maybe sometime… I’m sure it’s very good.”

“It’s excellent and you can see for yourself.” Cheryl Cole reached to the side of her chair and pointed it to the 37 inch flatscreen TV on her wall above the fire. Suddenly the screen burst into life and a woman’s face appeared on it, clearly in realms of ecstasy.

“FUUCCCKKK!!!” she moaned. You could now make out her large jugs bouncing wildly on her chest as she received a pounding from below. “Oh YYYEEESSS!”

“Oh my God!!! That’s Victoria Beckham!” screamed Nadine. “Where did you get this?” she demanded.

“You’ll see. There’s more.” The camera continued to pan out on this clearly homemade video. Posh was on her back, long legs spread and stripper heels on, but it was a Dalmatian rocking it’s shaft in and out of her, not a man. She was clearly enjoying it. She moved to fondle her large melons, extracting pleasure from every caress. Nadine and Kimberley sat there, transfixed. Nicola and Sarah however, were not. They’d been waiting for this. They’d moved round the girls backs and were about to move. Nicola went for Nadine’s shoulders, giving them a slow massage before heading for her breasts. She slowly squeezed them causing Nadine to slowly close her eyes. She leant back and Nicola began to kiss her softly.

Sarah started with Kim’s shoulders as well but ran her hands up and down the soft skin of arms. Kimberley was taking in all around her, seeing Nicola and Nadine kissing was turning her on. Sarah’s touch was expert, soft and sensual. And Victoria Beckham getting shagged hard on the TV by a dog was amazing. The room was only filled with sounds of Posh’s moans and occasional barks from the dog. Kimberley was enjoying it all. Sarah ran her hands up Kimberley’s neck, and she responded with a passionate kiss. Sarah was pleased with this but even more impressed as Kim hauled her over the back of the sofa and on top off her as she lay down. Hardly breaking the kiss, Kim positioned Sarah in between her legs and began to grope the fine ass of the blonde Girls Aloud star. As soon as Kim’s hands moved up Sarah’s back and unhooked her bra strap, it was clear that Kim’s earlier reservations had been dropped. Sarah sat up for a second and smiled into the eyes of her lover, before removing her bra completely. Kim’s hands moved to the round mounds instinctively and Sarah moaned. “MMMmm, I’ve dreamed about this,” before resuming the kiss. She had to try and get Kimberley’s off now!

Nadine was watching the TV now although her eyes had began to shut every so often. A loud “Oh fuck! YEESSS!!!!” came from Posh as she orgasmed and the dog continued to pump her. Nadine was loving the sight of the stars huge melons and sexy legs. She was now completely naked and fondling her own breasts as she watched. She wanted to feel as Posh did and to tell the truth she was getting there. She sat in the chair legs wide open with only her heels on with Nicola Roberts’ tongue working her hot, wet pussy. Nicola expertly stimulated her clitoris occasionally driving her tongue into Nadine. This was driving Nadine wild, the ecstasy building in her body. Nicola was still fully dressed in her black and gold corset, but she didn’t mind. She wanted to make Nadine feel like a goddess. Suddenly Nadine reclined into the chair and used one hand to drive Nicola’s face further into her pussy. “Oh yes! Yes! Deeper! Harder!” she squealed in her Irish accent. Nicola redoubled her efforts as Posh began to give the dog a steamy titty fuck. “Fuck me as hard as you can!” she demanded of Nicola but also partly at least, the beast on TV.

During all of this, a satisfied Cheryl Cole had started to massage her own large mounds. She sat in the chair and removed her bra, and using both hands caressed and tweaked her boobs and nipples. Her left hand reached down into her panties as she looked at the four girls getting hot and sweaty in front of her. Some of the satisfaction was knowing that the plan had worked. Then she looked up at the TV, Posh was still pushing her titties together, letting the dog fuck them. The view had changed a little, much closer and was almost from directly behind the dog. The picture then zoomed in on Posh’s wet pussy and a female hand that was rubbing it. Cheryl smiled as the picture changed back to capture Posh’s face and tits again. She knew who it was working the camera.

As good as all this was, she had to stop for a second. She had one last thing to do before she could truly give herself to the night. She got up and went to the bedroom the Sarah and Nicola changed in. None of the girls noticed, they were too engrossed in their own situations. Her boobs jiggled enticingly as she opened the door and walked in to the bedroom. Two large rottweilers came immediately to the door, obviously happy to see her. “Hey! How are my boys? Ready to help mummy again?” Both dogs were large black and brown creatures and started to lick at Cheryl’s legs as she stood there. She knelt down and unable to resist began to feel under the dogs for their cocks. She found them quickly and initially only using a couple of fingers and thumb, began to give her powerful beasts a hand job. Instinctively the dogs settled where they were but began to lick at her exposed nipples. “Who are good boys?” Cheryl asked as she began to feel their rods growing in size. She originally hadn’t planned his but couldn’t resist getting the pair excited. She was sure the girls would appreciate it. She continued to run her hand up and down the dicks, faster and faster as they became harder and longer. “You feel so fucking hot,” she moaned as she felt more excited too. Finally she had to stop. As much as she wanted them there and then, they were for the girls. She reluctantly stood up, turned around and headed for the living room. The dogs obediently followed knowing they would miss out if they didn’t.

Cheryl re-entered the living room having been a few minutes. Kimberley was fingering Sarah, while Nicola and Nadine hadn’t moved much. Nadine appeared to be close to orgasm though. Cheryl headed over there first took Nadine’s hand. Nadine was breathing heavily and Cheryl was impressed she was able to open her eyes and smile. “Nadine, meet Bruno.” The dog jumped up on the couch and sat beside Nadine. Cheryl motioned Nadine’s hand over but there was no need. Nadine reached out and grabbed the long shaft and immediately began to jack it off. “Oh yeah,” was all she could manage between loud breaths. Nicola had barely noticed and continued to lick out Nadine.

Cheryl then made her way over to Sarah and Kimberley. As Sarah was on top, she decided it would be easiest to insert Boxer’s long shaft into Sarah’s wet pussy. She patted the sofa and the rottweiler obediently jumped up. Cheryl took hold of the shaft again and guided the tip into Sarah’s pussy, between Kimberley’s fingers. Sarah moaned loudly as it entered and felt Boxer’s paws on her back. Boxer started to rock slowly in and out, the long rod increasing Sarah’s sensation of pleasure with every entry. Sarah tried hard to kiss Kimberley while this was happening. She loved the feel of her breasts on Kimberley’s. “Ah. This… feels… so… hot!” she stammered out between laboured breaths.

Cheryl stood back, admiring the sight of her dog on top of her two band mates. She then moved back to her chair, she wanted to try something special tonight herself. She dropped her panties to the floor and sat on the chair. She surveyed her scene. Both threesomes were visible, as was the TV, which was now showing herself joining Posh for a blowjob on the dog. A perfect view certainly. She reached down under the chair and picked up a large purple dildo. She glanced at it for a second before putting it between her luscious lips. She thought of blowing the dog as she did this and put her free hand to her pussy lips and began to rub them once more. It felt fantastic and she could feel herself getting wetter. She laid back in the chair viewing her surroundings once more and to allow her to open her fine legs up. She could see the girls were just about to orgasm so she removed the now shiny dildo from her mouth and slowly began to thrust it in and out of her pussy.

Nadine’s Irish accent bellowed over the room. “FFFUUUCCCKKK! AHH! AHH! YEAAHHH!” as she came with brutal force. Pleasure coursed through her veins as Nicola continued to work her pussy with her tongue. The feeling of dog cock in her hand was adding to the pleasure causing her to stroke the shaft faster and faster at the height of the climax. Her back muscles spasmed forcing her onto Nicola’s tongue even more. “MMMmmm… Baby” she cooed as it slowly subsided. Nicola stopped, removing her head from between her co-stars sexy legs for the first time in ages and smiling at Nadine. “That was the best feeling I’ve ever had. I’ve been working on something for you in return” she said naughtily.

Nicola grinned as she lay on the floor, spreading her legs. Nadine’s speed with the handjob had slowed after her orgasm but Bruno was still very hard. “Give it to me,” said Nicola as Nadine slowly moved the dog down onto the floor with its dick. Lining it up, Nadine thought about how she’d never done anything like this before, but how exciting it was. The rod slid in with a slight give at Nicola’s labia. She was really tight. “MMmmm” she moaned as the beast realised it should start to thrust. It started slow but picked up pace. Nicola smiled as she closed her eyes and her breathing became more laboured.

Nadine looked up, she had heard Sarah moan too. “Uuuhhh, FUUCCCCCKKK” she breathed as she came, collapsing her sweaty body onto Kimberley’s. The two embraced passionately as their tits slid over the others. Nadine was turned on again by the sights and the sounds the two were making. Eventually once they stopped kissing, Sarah took her lover out of her pussy. He was still slamming her pussy and she was enjoying it, but the thought of helping Kimberley with her first beastiality experience was very exciting too. She sat Kim back onto sofa into a similar posture to Cheryl’s, and gave her a reassuring stroke on the arm. “Ohhh, you’re going to love this.” Kimberley opened her long sexy legs in silent acceptance. She was still wearing her beautiful heels which accentuated their hotness. The Rottweiler jumped in between her legs as commanded by Sarah as she patted the seat. Kim pushed her pussy to the edge of the seat and Sarah did the rest. “Ohhh… My… God…” she moaned as she was penetrated by a dog for the first time. “Fuck!” she squeezed her legs onto the dogs body. The dog used it’s hind legs, which were on the floor, to thrust himself into her hot snatch. Boxer had started at a fast pace and Kimberley was loving it.

Nadine was entranced by the sight of Kim and Sarah but also Nicola and her partner. She became awakened by catching Cheryl Cole in the corner of her eye. Nadine was amazed by Cheryl’s perfect body. Her long hair, her pretty pace, her curvy tits, flat stomach and perfect legs. Nadine wanted to experience it. Cheryl was masturbating herself, working a long purple dildo into her pussy. Nadine grabbed Cheryl’s bouncing left breast and begun to kiss Cheryl. Initially Cheryl was surprised but began to kiss back hard. Whilst the kiss continued Cheryl stopped fucking herself with the artificial cock and tried to reach down to the same place she got the dildo from. The kiss broke momentarily and Cheryl was holding a modified g-string in her hand. Nadine grabbed the dildo and slotted it into the g-string as she wriggled the underwear up her legs. “You want me to fuck you? I want to see what Cheryl Cole can do!” demanded Nadine. Cheryl immediately fell to her knees grabbing the cock with her right hand. She again took the cock into her mouth, but this time looked Nadine into the eye. Nadine’s gaze fixed on Cheryl’s head moving up and down the rod, sucking skilfully at the rod. Although not stimulating Nadine, she was getting turned on by Cheryl’s sexy stare. Her face perfect as it devoured the cock. And it somehow managed to maintain its innocence, like she’d never done such a thing before. Nadine felt herself giving in. She wanted to give an air of control but she was hooked. She dropped to her knees quickly using one hand to pull her in for a kiss and one to put the dildo back into her pussy. Cheryl fell backwards on to the floor as she felt the dildo move in and out, her hands covering Nadine’s body. The kiss was broken as Nadine picked up the pace. Nadine found herself looking down on the object of her lust, amazed she was getting to fuck her. Cheryl’s juicy globes jiggled enticingly with each thrust and Nadine began to grope at them again. They were so full and the nipple were hard. Cheryl loved Nadine’s touch, and wrapped her legs round her tightly around Nadine’s trunk, pulling the dildo further into her cunt.

Cheryl could no longer see but the other girls in the room were having just as good a time. “Harder! Harder! Yes! Fuck yes!” screamed Kimberley. She was starting to orgasm as Sarah fondled her tits and Boxer rammed her pussy. Sarah leant over and kissed Kimberley hard. Sarah could feel the muscles tingle with pleasure as waves of ecstasy ripped though Kimberley’s body. Kimberley thrusted herself down on to the shaft, trying to prolong the orgasm. Her pussy gripped the penis hard as it continued to pound into her rapidly. The kiss ended with Kimberley left breathless. “Fuck…” was all she could breathe. She wearily removed herself from her disappointed partner. Only briefly he was left by himself though. He jumped up onto the sofa and Kimberley began to wank him off. Sarah soon joined her by settling onto floor and using her mouth to pleasure his long rod.

Nicola wrapped her pale legs and black strappy heels round her sexual beast. Her breathing shortened as she approached climax. The Rottweiler responded by lowering his back and driving more deeply into her pussy. This pushed Nicola over the edge, and her pussy shot warmth and ecstasy over her body. She could barely control her muscles, arching her back onto the cock. Still the beast fucked her, and she rode the orgasm for as long as she could. Her breath was short and heavy. She too was unable to speak. She managed to raise her head just about a pecked the dogs strong jaw as she came down. She felt the wetness between her legs as the Rottweiler continued to have sex with her. She knew she had to reward him.

Nadine was falling in love with Cheryl Cole’s hot body. Her jugs continued to bounce mercilessly as Nadine picked up her pace. She also loved Cheryl’s face as she it overflowed with pleasure. Her eyes were closed and her hair stuck to her forehead. Nadine wanted to give her an amazing orgasm. Cheryl was unable to keep her legs around Nadine’s due to the force Nadine was now using. Suddenly she could feel her pussy start to twitch as she drove her black and gold heel into the floor. “Fuck!!!” she moaned as a steaming hot gooey substance landed across her right cheek. She opened her eyes to find Nicola jerking off her beastial lover. Another wad of jizz landed just above her right eye. At the sight of this, she orgasmed, feeling the same sensation strike her boobs. Sarah was wanking the other dogs cock onto the chest from her left. The feeling of her large bouncing boobs, the cum striking her and Nadine’s powerful fucking ensured she reached knew height’s of pleasure. Her body spasmed out of control as Nadine ploughed her while string after string of hot sticky cum landed on her face, hair, breasts and stomach. She licked her lips, swallowing the cum the best she could. Nadine got even more turned on by the cum slut in front of her. She fucked Cheryl harder for a few more seconds, seeing Cheryl slow down her bucking on the rod. The starlet was covered. Her hair a sexy sticky mess.

Sarah and Nicola stood back, letting the dogs wander off. Kimberley was quickly down beside Cheryl, kissing the star, trying to lap up some of the cum. She never knew how good it could taste and feel. It was salty and hot in her mouth as she tangled tongues with Cheryl. They traded cum several times as they kissed. Nadine needed to taste as well collapsing her head onto the Cheryl’s breasts letting her hair stick to the stomach. She began to lick vigoursly at them, causing Cheryl to writhe around in pleasure, still coming to terms with her mind blowing orgasm. Nadine couldn’t get enough of the stuff. Nicola and Sarah had tasted it all before and were quite happy to watch Cheryl be cleaned up by her hungry lovers.

Cheryl lay there in pleasure knowing her night had gone better than expected. She loved the girls for giving her such a great time. She looked up to see Nadine for a moment as it dawned she hadn’t managed to have sex with a rottweiler. “Sweetie, we’re getting you nailed by an animal next time.” Nadine smiled back and moved back down to Cheryl’s round gooey melons. In doing so, Cheryl glanced the TV again. She could see her and Posh showering together. “Posh is going to make sure of it,” she thought.

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