Celeb Zoo – Part 8: Time For A Relaxing Massage

This work is entirely fictional and does not in any way represent the activities of the persons described in it.

On a busy set, there was a room that was as peaceful as the English countryside. It was lit with aromatic candles and was filled with soothing music. The door opened and a male voice chirped in, “Are you ready Miss Willoughby?”

“Mmmm, yes Giorgio,” replied a dreamy Holly Willoughby to her masseuse. She was laying face down completely naked apart from a towel covering her bottom, ready for her post show massage. It was a ritual she had, and one that she looked forward to every Saturday night. She heard the door shutting and then locking, then the odd sound of clicking come into the room. It was unusual for the door to be locked but it only registered for a moment though as she kept her eyes closed, relaxed once more and awaited the start. A few seconds later the scent of warm lavender oil filled the room as it was applied slowly to her back. Holly completely surrendered now and was ready to drift off into a relaxed trance.

The next thing she felt was pair of small soft hands gently caress her back, slowly moving the oil round over her shoulders. They moved smoothly from her shoulders to her neck, releasing the knots where ever they touched. Holly took a deep breath in and out, letting go of all her anxieties. The hands continued to massage the oil into her neck and shoulders, giving her muscles a warm tingly feeling. Holly already thought this was better than Giorgio’s usual efforts.

The dainty hands then made their way down to Holly’s lower back, moving the oil in circular motions. This felt like heaven and Holly pushed herself into the table trying to add to the pleasure. She closed her eyes wishing the hands could stay there forever. Thumbs and palms pushed at all the right places, giving the starlet a new wave of energy with every stroke. Sadly, the sensual hands left her back and Holly was able to sigh with pleasure. “MMmm Girogio, this is the best massage I’ve ever had had,” barely audibly.

After a short break where Holly could hear more oil being applied to her masseuse’s hands, her long legs were then massaged. The hands started on the calves, initially just running up and down them in a slow sensual manner, but then kneading the muscles slowly as the oil released that warm relaxed feeling again. Suddenly she could feel the same feeling in the hamstrings as the oil was applied to both legs simultaneously. The warm pleasure feeling was building. Holly was relaxed but aware at the same time. It was a feeling she’d never had before with a massage. The hands were moving further and further up, working the entire length of her long pins. They were also wandering further round her thighs, teasing Holly with their playfulness. Holly could feel the warmth building but she didn’t mind, she’d completely let go to the mastery of this massage. These hands certainly knew how to make a woman feel special.

It came as no surprise to Holly when her towel was taken off. She was hoping it for it to happen. The soft hands began to massage the oil into her buttocks, squeezing them firmly, oiling every square inch. They crept closer and closer to inside her thighs and Holly could feel herself getting wet. She didn’t know what she wanted at this stage, for the hands to keep going or for it to stop. She was so relaxed but aroused at the same time.

Just as the hands got so close to her pussy, they stopped abruptly and Holly could sense they were getting oiled up again. Barely able to move, she turned over slowly to present her front to her masseuse. Normally she insisted on using a towel to cover her breasts but tonight she wanted them massaged as well. She felt the masseuse’s hands start at her ankles and glide slowly up to her pussy. At this stage, Holly felt it appropriate to open her eyes and smile at her companion but she was in for surprise.

“Hey sweetie. I gave Giorgio the night off,” smiled the individual who Holly now knew to be Cheryl Cole. “Are you enjoying yourself?” She was leaning over her with her long wavy brunette hair over covering her bra straps. They were white which struggled to hold together a white lacy bra and see through material over her stomach area. With Cheryl leaning forward, Holly copped an eyeful of her huge cleavage barely contained in the bra. Holly could just see she was wearing white knickers underneath the see through fabric.

Through this Cheryl continued to work Holly’s body expertly. Her hands wandered up to Holly’s huge tits which were fully exposed. Cheryl began to grope them with her oily hands causing Holly to arch her back with pleasure. Cheryl knew Holly was giving in, as she kneaded her breasts slowly. They felt fantastic all slippery and juicy. Cheryl then moved up the table to Holly’s head and leant in to kiss the blonde star. Holly kissed back passionately, responding to positively to her advances. “I’ve thought about this for a while,” uttered the Geordie star when they’d finished. “You have a fantastic body. We’ll need to make it feel heaven.”

“MMmmm, yeah” moaned Holly in approval as she writhed about the table. She wanted this. She opened her eyes to see Cheryl free her own round globes, barely dropping as she opened her bra and see thru dress. “Very nice,” whispered Holly. In one swift move, Cheryl climbed on top of her lover and kissed the blonde again, her hands groping at her Holly’s mounds again but soon started moving south. Cheryl loved the feel of Holly oiled up body on hers. Her own tits were sliding all over Holly’s. Soon, Holly got what she wanted as Cheryl began to rub her wet pussy. She continued to kiss Cheryl vigorously because of this, even thrusting her chest into the singer’s chest to improve the slippery sensation. Slowly Cheryl’s rubbing of the clitoris became faster and faster and Holly was reaching knew realms of pleasure. She broke of the kiss to moan, “OH YES!!! Faster pleaassee” Cheryl moved down the blonde’s body and began to lick her melons as she drove a finger into Holly’s hot wet pussy. This caused Holly to moan again as her hands began to stroke and caress the brunette’s back, curling her oily legs around Cheryl’s lower body, encouraging her to go deeper.

Cheryl continued driving her finger in and out of the star’s pussy. She was getting pretty wet too. The enjoyable feeling of Holly’s oiled up body on hers was extremely erotic. She loved the taste of Holly’s tits and kept liking at her erect nipples intensely. But her plan was not to make Holly cum just yet. “MMMMmm Cheryl!!!” squealed Holly as her muscles pulsed with pleasure. “I’m… so… close.” Just then Cheryl got off Holly and stood at her head. Holly looked confused.

“You want to come baby?” smiled Cheryl from above as she once again worked Holly’s glorious titties.

“OH god yes!” moaned Holly as she started to masturbate herself hoping to keep this unbelievable feeling for as long as possible. Her fingers frigged in and out of her pussy as fast as she wished Cheryl’s would. Still the sensation of her rubbing her oiled up mounds was very sexy in itself. She’d never felt this great ever before. “Please finish me off!”

“OK sexy, just relax a second.” At that second Cheryl leant over and kissed Holly while tapping the table between her legs. In the same moment as feeling a new weight on the table, she felt a long hard shaft enter her tight pussy.

“AHH FUUCCKKK!” she screamed in ecstasy. It then began to thrust in and out. “Oh… yess! Fuck!!” she moaned as it pumped her. She wasn’t sure what was going on but she just knew she loved it and was going to come quickly. Her back arched thrusting her round jugs into Cheryl as her legs squeezed the body of her new lover into her pussy. It was warm and hairy.”OHH yeeesss biiiggg boy! Fuck me hard!!!” Her vagina was clamping down on the penis, releasing wave after wave of joy. She circled her own clit when she felt able, enjoying the brushes of the dick on her busy hands. Her orgasm had started so hard she could hardly breathe. She could feel Cheryl push her tits together and the rod slide in and out of her tight pussy lips. Further pulses of pleasure radiated from her breasts and pussy. She’d never orgasmed so hard before but as soon as it seemed to be settling, another started followed by another. Juice flowed from her hot pussy, exciting her inner thighs. Her muscles which seemed so relaxed earlier vibrated with a tingling pleasure hundreds of times better than she’d experienced before. This was nirvana Holly thought. As her breathing returned she was barely able to speak, instead just groaning “ahhhs” and “mmmms” to let Cheryl know how happy she was.

Holly looked down to see her lover continue to shag her. It was Cheryl’s loyal Rottweiler doing the thrusting. She was still enjoying it but wanted to thank Cheryl at the same time. “That was the best fucking shag I’ve ever had!” exclaimed Holly at last. “I need to do beastial again!”

“Oh we definitely will honey,” agreed Cheryl as she slid her white panties over her white and diamond strappy high heels. Holly reached back and took Cheryl’s hands and ushered her up onto the table. She positioned Cheryl’s tight pussy over her face and began to circle her tongue around the young star’s clit. Cheryl was instantly hot, feeling a spark shudder through her spine as she knelt over the presenter’s face. “Oh fuck. You know what you’re doing!”

Holly didn’t respond but reached down to her doggy friend and removed his dick from her vagina. She then started to give him a handjob that made even cock slut Cheryl Cole impressed. “Oh he likes that,” she moaned as she sat on Holly’s pretty face. But Cheryl had other ideas, guiding her dog to Holly’s chest. “Put those fucking titties to good use and fuck his brains out,” she commanded and Holly instantly obeyed, closing her glistening mounds around the slimy rod. It fitted perfectly, sliding easily through the gap created because of the oil and pussy juice. “That’s it boy, fuck them hard!”

At this stage, Cheryl thought it was a good idea to fondle her own hooters, squeezing them both with her hands while driving her pussy onto Holly’s tongue. By now, Holly’s tongue was driving in and out of her, exploring every surface it could find with erotic precision. It was driving Cheryl insane. She was so close to orgasm at the sight of her beautiful dog skilfully fucking Holly. She loved the satisfaction Holly was transmitting through her tongue from her breasts. “MMMmm that’s it… keep going… keep doing that,” she moaned in approval as she thrust harder and harder at Holly who responded with deeper and deeper penetrations. Her fun bags were violently jiggling as she jumped up and down. She could feel herself going over the top. “Fuuuuuccckkk!” she screamed loudly as her snatch emitted stunning vibes all over her body. Holly could taste Cheryl’s sweet juices flood into her mouth causing her to lick harder intensifying the situation. “OH GOD… FUCKKK!” she squealed again, grabbing her bouncing tits hard as she did so. “Fuck… Fuck… Fuck!” Sweat dripped from every surface of her body she was working so hard, but she didn’t care, it just felt so good. Eventually she settled down, not making much effort to drive herself at Holly’s still busy tongue.

“MMMmmm, that tasted amazing,” smiled Holly as Cheryl got off her face.

“It felt amazing,” she replied. “I don’t think I’ve come so loudly in my life!” Holly was still working with the doggie dick and Cheryl was keen to get in on the action. “I think he loves your tits.”

“Yeeaahh, he does. I want his cum all over them!” said Holly sensually.

“Me too sweetie.” Cheryl, still in her glamorous high heels, moved her long shapely pins to the head of the massage table and held Holly’s tits in place. This gave Holly her first chance to caress Cheryl’s rack and she certainly wasn’t disappointed. However now was her beastial friends turn to come so she took her big lips and placed them around his penis when she was able, flicking her tongue at the tip. This increased the vigour in his thrusts and Cheryl could tell he was close if Holly couldn’t. A small drop of white pre cum slithered out of the rod which Holly gratefully swallowed up.

“Oh that’s hot,” she said as Cheryl let her breasts go and moved to her side and commenced her handjob.

“You’re going to enjoy this you little cum whore!” Holly relaxed and let Cheryl take control. It wasn’t long before Holly felt the hot jizz strike her chest. Her partner let out a whine as string after string hit her boobs, covering them in white cum. It was a torrent. Holly was sure she’d never seen so much sperm from one dick before.

“Fuck that’s good,” Holly squirmed, dying for more. A last few drops hit her, sending her into a blissful state, as she saw Cheryl suck off the rest from the rod.

“Taste it. It’s fucking gorgeous.” Just then Cheryl kissed Holly, transferring the jizz from her mouth to Holly’s. This ensured Holly would explore her mouth with her tongue, as it became obvious she shared her love for the taste. Her tongue ravaged Cheryl’s mouth, trying to find every last drop. Once Holly was satisfied she let Cheryl go, allowing her to wander to the dresser while she sat up with the dog. She could feel the cum starting to drip off her big boobs as she did so, enjoying the runny sensation of the steamy cum.

“Cheryl, that was fucking incredible. I want to do it again. What else do you use??”

Cheryl laughed. “Don’t worry, of course we’ll do it again! You eat pussy like a fucking demon! And your body is as hot as hell.” Cheryl took her phone from the table and switched on the camera. Agreeably Holly struck a pose with her lover, lying side on to the camera with one arm on the dog and the other fondling her cum covered titties. The picture was taken and Cheryl knew she’d masturbate to it later. She also knew that her lesbian lovers that she was sending it to would do likewise.“We can use anything you want to use. If it’s got a dick I’ll fuck it! But it’s also hot when more are involved, more animals and more woman.”

Holly smiled. “I think I like the sound of that”

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