Celeb Zoo – Part 9: Farmhouse Stroll Turns Steamy

This work is entirely fictional and does not in any way represent the activities of the persons described in it.

It was a quiet evening at a hotel just outside London. There was a big concert the next day and a few of the performers had chosen this setting to relax prior to the concert. It was in the countryside and there were lovely green fields and forested areas to walk around in. Nice and private. One of the performers was fast rising star Pixie Lott, known for her catchy music and fantastic live shows. She was out taking in the beautiful scenery on what was a stunning evening. Despite being out in the country, she had chosen to wear her customary high heeled short length black boots with denim short shorts and tight white t-shirt. Her long wavy blonde hair hung over her large breasts and moved softly with the breeze. Her legs were of course immaculate, perhaps the best legs in pop. Long and round, they seemed to pour perfectly into her shoes and shorts.

“Huh,” she sighed as she took in the view. She had walked quite far without realising and looked for somewhere to settle down to take a rest. A barn lay two minutes away and seemed like a good place to take a break. She continued on and approached the inner sanctity of the barn.

Little known to the blonde stunner she was being followed from a distance. Her follower was a bit behind, hoping she’d take a break soon. It was hard to see from far away but it was a woman, she was average build wearing silver high heels and white macintosh to her just above her knees. Her legs were immaculate, long and curvy. She wore big sunglasses covering most of her face but you could see her long wavy dyed blonde/brunette hair. She remained well back, out of Pixie’s range of obvious vision.

Pixie spotted a bale of hay that appeared appealing a lay back into its soft embrace. Taking the weight off her tired legs felt great and she closed her eyes for a bit in the peaceful surroundings. She could have almost drifted off.

“HUH! What the!?!” jumped Pixie. She woke with a startle. She looked down and saw pig licking the inside of her thighs. He was certainly going at it. She could feel her pussy tingle with excitement. He must have had a good few minutes licking at her. “Bad boy!” she stammered still half asleep pushing him aside. She thought she was alone in the barn but was obviously mistaken. She got up but could feel her hot pussy still continue to tingle. Looking around slyly, she realised she was by herself. She couldn’t ignore the feeling inside. Slowly she unbuttoned her denim shorts and reached down into her red panties. It felt fantastic. It was just what she needed. She began to masturbate her clit with one hand and reached to her ample rack with the other, squeezing her tits with her hand thru her t-shirt and red bra. As she settled into the hay again she briefly thought how good that her piggy friend made her feel and thanked him mentally.

To gain better access to her snatch, she slid her denim shorts and panties down her long legs leaving her clean shaven pussy exposed. May as do it right she thought dreamily, working herself slightly harder. Round and round she went with her hand before eventually plunging a finger in when she could wait no more. She took a deep breath and lay back anticipating the sensation she was hoping to feel.

Suddenly pleasure ripped through her body. It was unexpected as she felt a warm sliver of flesh run over her pussy lips. She groaned as she struggled to contain her excitement. She looked down and her piggy friend was back to finish what he started. Before she could react to move him away, he did again, this time penetrating her pussy lips with his long slippery tongue. The sensation was ten times more intense and erotic than before, sending shock waves radiating around her body. Her mind raced with what was happening. “HMMMppphhh” she moaned, “please… stop… it!” pleading with him, almost laughing though at the same time. But the next time he licked at her, she completely surrendered. He again penetrated her pussy, licking hard at her vaginal walls. Her back muscles spasmed out of control. All she could do was to grab her tits through her t-shirt and bra. This increased her pleasure and signalled she was at the mercy of her animal lover. She wanted him to make her come now. Harder and harder he licked at her sensitive areas, causing her to gasp with ecstasy.  “Keep going! Keep fucking me!” she screamed as he got faster and faster. She really grabbed at her mounds now, applying the finishing touches to his work. Her face was one huge smile as endorphins engulfed her muscles.

Then she felt it. Untamed passion ripped from her hot pussy causing the best orgasm she’d ever had.”Oh fuck yes! Fuck! Fuck! YEAAAHHH!” Her muscles relaxed and tensed so hard she didn’t know where felt best. Her pussy throbbed with each lick. Her heart raced as she closed her eyes savouring every small sensation around her body. This was intense. Who would have thought a pig could do this. She gradually relaxed. Her chest heaving with each recovering breath. “Oh fuck Pixie, that was intense,” she reasoned. Any girl in her position would have done the same.

She looked at her lover as he tried to keep going. There was no regret. “You did well boy. Thank you so much.” She pushed him away slightly, playfully slapping his rough skin. She contemplated getting dressed but as the pig turned she noticed his huge shaft was rock hard. It must have been a good 18 inches in length. Just then dirty thoughts entered her mind. “What had she given him in return? Should she give him something in return?” she thought.

Almost telepathically a Welsh voice spoke, “It would be rude not to fuck him.” Pixie turned sharply to the direction of the voice. She fixed on a woman in a white macintosh and silver heels. “Afterall, you’ve never had a better orgasm until now.” Pixie suddenly became aware that was naked on her lower half as she realised the stranger had heard if not seen the whole thing but she couldn’t move. The stranger smiled and raised her right hand to her large glasses and chucked them aside. Pixie now realised it was Charlotte Church. “Someone has lost her voice,” she giggled as she undid the belt on her mac. Pixie continued to stare wondering what on earth as happening, slowly moving her hand to cover herself up. Charlotte simply continued to undress, sliding her mac over her shoulders on to the floor.

Charlotte had chosen a bra and panties combination that was covered in leopard print with baby blue lining at all the supporting parts. Her huge tits strained in the bra, the light blue strings visibly struggling to hold the large mounds in. A triangle of fabric kept her modest down below but the rest of her glorious skin was exposed. She was stunning. “You owe him!” said Charlotte pointing to the pig before moving over, kneeling down and starting to wank him off. Pixie didn’t even think about it really. All she knew was her hands were lifting her t-shirt over her head and chucking it aside. Her legs were standing up and following Charlotte’s sexy figure to the pig. As she joined them, she freed her big round tits from her bra and ditched it as well. She knelt across from Charlotte and slowly reached her hand down below, feeling his long shaft for the first time. She smiled at its obvious power. As she started to slide it back and forward Charlotte began “That’s better!”

Now that Pixie had started to do the work, this left Charlotte free to pleasure herself. She removed her bra for Pixie. Her large round breasts now free to wobble as Charlotte did. She rubbed them, pushing them together, all the time fixated on Pixie’s eyes, penetrating them deeply. She wanted Pixie to know how turned on she was. She moaned as she squeezed her tits, indicating her arousal at the show in front of her. She then decided to remove her pants, slowly seducing Pixie as she did. Pixie stared continued to be held by Charlotte’s lustful stare, as the Welsh singer stood up and slid her panties over her long legs. It was on the edge of Pixie’s vision but she could see Charlotte’s clean shaven pussy. Charlotte slowly sat slowly on her haunches, her silver high heels the only thing in contact with the ground. She opened her thighs to show Pixie her open pussy. It was very wet and Pixie couldn’t help but look. Charlotte moved her hand down her flat stomach and got her snatch. She rubbed it and immediately let out a small groan.  “Ohh!”

Pixie didn’t realise how turned on she was. Her handjob had become faster and faster without realising it, the pig shaft was rock solid by now. Her animal mate thrusted into her hand with vigour and this felt fantastic. Pixie wondered how it would feel inside of her. She had to have it. The blonde starlet settled on to her back in front the pig.  She then spread her legs wide and guided the long hot shaft into her dripping wet pussy. It was so strong, the power with each thrust instantly made Pixie alive with pleasure. She couldn’t help but close her eyes as she drove herself as far onto the shaft as she could. All the time Charlotte encouraged the pair from close quarters. “Fuck her boy. Fuck her hard! She’s a slut!”

Charlotte was finding it easy to get herself off. The fact that Pixie Lott had joined in so readily was pleasing. And the sight of the stunner getting shagged was even more erotic than she had imagined. She worked her pussy hard, adjusting her position to be beside Pixie’s head. One hand was rubbing her clit as the other explored the walls of her pussy. It was feeling fantastically sensual. She could feels her titties jiggle with pleasure as she put on a show for her companions.

Pixie was having the ride of her life. The strong beast continued to drive into her with his long penis, clearly enjoying the tightness of the box. “Ah, Ah, Uh, OHHHh!” she moaned with each thrust. Her jugs bounced wildly with the force of each stroke. She opened her eyes and looked at Charlotte. She was so hot and sexy. She wanted to have her as well. She wanted to feel her next to her, taste her, pleasure her. She reached her arm out and placed it on Charlotte’s knee. She stroked it slowly and looked up at the singer and bit her lip. Charlotte smiled in return and moved without speaking. She lowered herself over Pixie’s face. She also slightly repositioned her piggy friend to allow herself room but her was comfortably able to continue shagging Pixie. A great wave of pleasure came over Charlotte as she felt Pixie’s tongue caress her pussy lips. Pixie then found time room to reach up and grab Charlotte’s globes. Her mounds were firm and fleshy. She tweaked her hard nipples as she cupped her hands round the bust. Charlotte couldn’t help it as her muscles contracted with pleasure. Arching her back allowed the curious hands to further squeeze her tits. Then unexpectedly, her pig lover licked at her flat stomach. It was so exhilarating. Her whole body was subject to sensual caresses. Her pussy was getting hotter and wetter. Pixie’s tongue was now licking her pussy walls with enjoyable skill. She knew she and Pixie were close to orgasm.

Pixie was indeed very close to orgasm. Her pussy was clamping down tightly on the rod. She wanted it to make her and Charlotte come hard. She forced herself down on the rod while at the same time driving her tongue into Charlotte’s tasty pussy. The whole situation was so dirty and she loved it. She took her hands off Charlotte’s tits briefly to brace herself for orgasm. Her hands grabbed the cooling dirt on the floor as her the first shock wave hit her. “MMMmmm, Ummmm, MMMmmm,” she moaned as she licked harder at Charlotte’s pussy. Her back arched as she got more purchase on the shaft. Her muscles twitched all over. Ripples of pure delight hit her hard and didn’t seem to show signs of stopping. “MMmmm, Ohh” she moaned when she could, still furiously eating out. She swung her leg up on to her lovers warm body and pulled herself down the dick, desperate for the orgasm to continue.

“AHHhhh fuck!!!” Charlotte screamed as she too orgasmed. Her pussy exploded with juices. Her muscles gripped her body. Her eyes closed. Her back arched. Her tits radiated ecstasy. “Fuck! Yes! Yes Pixie! Oh fuck yesss!” She sat down on Pixie’s face harder, helping increase Pixie’s penetration. More and more waves of pleasure ripped through her body. She was struggling to breathe now. Pixie couldn’t have chosen a better time to start groping her tits again. This time though, her hands were full of cool dirt, which she massaged into Charlotte’s heaving chest. It felt amazing. Her tits were all dirty. This prolonged the final wave of orgasmic delight. Charlotte stood up in her heels, admiring the sight of her dirty breasts and then the site of the ecstatic Pixie. She had a huge smile across her face as she still being fucked by the horny pig. Charlotte could sense he was close. Pixie settled back and began to wank off the pig as she removed him from her pussy.

“Your turn,” Pixie smiled as she looked at the glorious Charlotte.

“Hmmm, I think he wants you,” she said as he thrusted his hard rod into Pixie’s hand. Charlotte stepped behind the beast and moved him over Pixie’s young body. “You ever let anyone fuck your tits before? It drives lovers crazy,” she beamed. She hadn’t but Pixie immediately complied, pushing her more than ample mounds together and sliding the dick between them.

“MMMmmm… it feels so good,” she moaned as he picked up the pace once more.

Charlotte moved round and kissed Pixie long and hard. It was their first kiss and let Charlotte know Pixie was game for more. She withdrew and then smiled, “He’s ready.” Pre cum had just finished dripping onto Pixie’s chest. Pixie looked down as the first squirt of cum burst out, covering her forehead, over her left eye and cheek. The second soon followed covering her luscious lips. A third hot string strand shot out covering her left cheek again. Each hit came with a pleasant sting, a new one landing on her chest. She removed the dick between her breasts and pointed it at her heaving titties. Cum splattered across them, covering their big surface. “That’s my dirty little girl,” said Charlotte, content to let Pixie enjoy the rewards of her first animal shag. Pixie could hardly see or speak when he was finished, she was covered from head to chest.

“Wow!” she beamed. “There’s so much!” she exclaimed, rubbing the slimy sperm into her tits. Charlotte by this stage was lying beside her admiring the show.

“I know,” replied Charlotte. “It tastes fucking great too,” laughing loudly. The two girls smiled at each other. Pixie Lott was still getting over the intense pleasure she’d had over the past hour or so. She loved every second and was already hoping Charlotte would get back in touch again, although she was thinking about other beastial lovers too. She felt Charlotte’s finger wander aimlessly around her cum covered chest, weaving a path wherever it felt like. It felt nice. It felt too nice to Charlotte too. She couldn’t resist tasting it or Pixie and rolled herself over onto Pixie’s gooey chest. “Ready for me now?”

Pixie enjoyed the feel of Charlotte on top of her, their boobs sliding over each other, legs entwined. “You know I am ready anytime!” she smiled. With that, Charlotte kissed Pixie’s cum soaked lips and began the job of pleasurable job of cleaning the sexy Pixie Lott up.

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