Celebporn: Cindy Crawford’s Rape


This is a work of PURE FANTASY intended for adult reading.
In the Celebporn series female celebrities are snatched , made to star
in a porn movie, and returned.

There’s no romance in store for these celebrities,lots of kinky and nasty
stuff, and celebrity humiliation. This might not be suitable to the taste
of some readers.


Celebporn-2 : Cindy Crawford’s Rape


Cindy Crawford felt the stinging on her cheeks and realized
was slapping her. She opened her eyes and before her
stood four men. Cindy could not speak due to wads of cloth stuffed
into her mouth and secured with tape. Cindy tried to move her
hands and realized they were cuffed behind her back.
Cindy realized she was in trouble.

“I think the bitch is awake,” a man stated.
Cindy focused her eyes and tried to determine her
situation. Her hands were secured behind her back with
handcuffs. In front of her were four men,
the one who spoke to her she heard someone call Chuck.

“Well, Cindy Crawford. Finally you are awake. It’s a pleasure
to have you Cindy. My name is Chuck and I produce porn movies.
And today you are here to star in one of my movies.”

Cindy tried to speak through her gag , but Chuck ignored her.
“Kit remove her handcuffs, Tabby get the camera ready.” He ordered.
Kit went behind Cindy and removed the handcuffs.
“Now Cindy, remove your clothes. Tab make sure you get a shot of this ”
Chuck ordered.

Cindy just glared at him unable to speak through the gag.
This was a mistake as Kit struck her hard across the
face with the back of his hand. Cindy did not move, and
Kit hit her twice more bringing a trickle of blood to
Cindy’s mouth.

“This is your last chance, either strip off yourself
or I’ll let Kit here beat the shit out of you then strip
you anyway,” Chuck informed her. Cindy realized he was
right and began to unbutton her blouse.
Tonight she wore a demi-cup black bra and matching black
thong. After Cindy removed her boots and pants, Chuck
stopped her. Cindy’s face was crimsoned as she stood
before the men clad only in her bra and panties.

Her hands were jerked behind her back and secured with
her own handcuffs again.

“Let’s get started with the pictures first,” Chuck casually

With that, Kit pushed Cindy onto the floor in a sitting
position. Kit came around front and kicked Cindy’s legs
apart. Cindy felt her thong separating her vaginal lips as
her legs were pushed further apart. Next Kit yanked
Cindy’s bra down below her breasts causing them to stick
out further. Positioned like they wanted her, Tabby
stepped in front and started snapping pictures with the

“That’s enough,” Chuck commanded, “let’s get our supermodel
strapped down, make the cunt and ass shots”

Bart and Ned grabbed Cindy by the arms and walked her into
the dining room to the end of the dining room table.
Cindy was pushed to the table so that the edge pushed into her thighs.
She heard the click of a knife and felt the blade slice through her bra
straps and then her bra was gone.

Bart turned her around facing him and took Cindy’s nipples
in each of his forefingers and thumbs and began to
squeeze. Cindy winced in pain as Kit increased the
pressure until her nipples were numb. Then Kit suddenly
released them and Cindy cried into her gag as the pain
returned more intense as the blood rushed back into them.

Cindy looked down and her nipples were now swollen and
erect, pointing straight out.
Tears filled Cindy’s eyes as Kit jerked her thong down to
her knees and kicked her legs apart as wide as the thin
material would allow.

Bill returned with the camera and clicked off several
shots then ordered Cindy turned around. Kit twisted Cindy
around and pushed her down onto the table. Cindy felt her
thong being replaced and her legs pulled wide again. Cindy
tried to struggle free when she felt the rope securing
her ankles to each of the legs of the table. It was no
use, Cindy’s was now at their mercy as she felt the thin
strip of material covering her cunt and ass pulled to one
side and secured with some type of tape. Although she
could not see behind her, she hear Tabby clicking away
again with the camera.

“Now let’s get ready for the real action” Chuck
instructed Tabby.

With those words, Cindy felt the knife again, this time
slicing through her thong. Cindy felt the cool air on her
now exposed cunt and ass.

Cindy jumped when she felt the finger inside her cunt
lips. Chuck commented on her dryness then moved his
finger up and down looking for Cindy’s clit. Cindy tried to
concentrate on anything else except the touch of Chuck’s
finger on her clit.

“There it is, now let’s see if Cindy will get wet for
you,” Chuck announced to the camera, as he found Cindy’s clit,
wet his finger and began to slowly massage the flaccid nub.

Cindy struggled against her bonds and Chuck’s touch as she
felt her clit responding to his gentle massage. Tears
filled her eyes again as she heard Chuck’s announcement
that “supermodel bitches” were no different from other “bitches”
as Cindy’s body betrayed her and the juices flowed out of
her cunt. Chuck now worked Cindy’s own fluid up and down
her cunt pulling at her cunt lips and pinching her clit
to increase the flow. She felt his wet finger at her anal
opening and screamed into her gag as she felt Chuck’s
digit pushed in to the first knuckle.

Cindy had not even considered that her asshole might be
raped also. Cindy tried to buck her hips when she felt
her anal ring tighten around the second knuckle. Then
just as quickly as Chuck inserted it, he removed his
finger and started on Cindy’s clit again. Cindy moaned in
disgust when Chuck interpreted as her becoming aroused.

“She’s more than ready,” Chuck shouted, “Cindy bitch
is so wet she’s dripping onto the floor and look how
swollen her cunt lips got.”

Cindy tried to shut the comments out but it was
impossible. She heard Chuck’s zipper and braced herself.
Chuck slowly worked the tip of his dick between her cunt
lips, rubbing it up and down across her clit. She
resigned herself to being raped and waited. Chuck did not
disappoint her and slammed his hard cock deep into Cindy’s

Cindy felt Chuck’s weight on her back as his pubic hair
scratched her ass. He worked his hands underneath her
chest and grabbed both of her breasts pulling her upward
and bending her back toward her ass. Bowed in this
abnormal position, Cindy fought to breath as Chuck worked
himself in and out of her cunt. Cindy felt Chuck tense at
the same time he squeezed her globes tightly.

Tabby was capturing all the action on camera.

Cindy felt Chuck’s warm fluid spread throughout her cunt
as he pumped two or three more times then dropped her
onto the table and pulled his dick from her cunt. Cindy
struck her forehead on the table and was momentarily
stunned. She heard Chuck tell Ned to go on with his role.

Cindy endured the grunting and pounding of Ned
as she laid across the dining room table, legs spread
wide, hands cuffed behind her back. She worried about the
film and wondered what her fate would be. She didn’t
not care that she was being fucked. Chuck’s cock was by
far the largest, so the others were not uncomfortable.
She felt no pleasure only disgust as her cunt made
squishing noises went each stroke.

Finally, Ned, removed his cock and shot his sperm all over
Cindy’s ass. Cindy shook her head from side to side and
wailed tears at her degradation at the hands of these rapists.

Cindy continued to bounce her ass on the table and try to
get away after Ned was done. She stopped suddenly when
she felt the stinging blow on Chuck’s hand across her
asscheeks. Chuck ordered her to remain still reminding
her he could still kill her. Chuck then spoke to the camera
that he was going to open Cindy’s ass for their
audience. Cindy pleaded through her gag as
she felt Chuck’s hand smear the juices and cum from her
pussy into her ass.

She screamed in pain as he again worked first one finger,
then a second into her rectum. Chuck opened and closed
his two fingers in all directions stretching Cindy’s
asshole for his cock.

Satisfied it would not rub him raw, Chuck placed the tip
at Cindy’s anal opening. Cindy tried to rise up and pounded
her hands into her back. “Look Cindy Crawford likes it up
the ass,” he observed as he slowly worked his nine inches
into Cindy’s essentially virgin ass.

Cindy began to pound her head on the table making a large
racket; she bucked her hips trying to dislodge Chuck’s
cock from her ass. But inch-by-inch, Chuck pushed harder
until all nine inches settled into Cindy’s asshole her
anal ring stretched tight around the base of his dick.

Cindy froze, not moving as the pain coursed from her ass
through her body. As Chuck pulled back, Cindy felt her ass
was on fire. Chuck pulled his dick completely out of her
ass and before her hole could close completely, slammed
his cock back home. Cindy renewed her struggles and Chuck
grabbed her hair and yanked her head back until Cindy
thought her neck would snap. Chuck ordered her
to be still and he began to saw in and out of her ass.

With her head pulled so far back, Cindy’s chest was off
the table. This afforded Kit easy access to her tits. As
Chuck worked Cindy’s asshole, Kit sucked Cindy’s tits and
bit her nipples bringing blood. Cindy cried, yelled into
her nothingness, her pleads to be released unheard as her
body was ravaged.

Chuck pulled her head back further as Cindy felt his cock
grow in her ass and his sperm bathe her intestines. Again
Chuck dropped Cindy’s head onto the table and pulled his
cock from her ass. Cindy could feel Chuck’s sperm trickle
out of her rectum and run down to mix with the sperm
leaking from her cunt.

Tabby who was until now behind the camera as his buddies raped
Cindy, now joined the action leaving the camera to Ned.

Tabby quickly replaced Chuck and started trying to work his
huge tool into Cindy’s ass. Tabby told Chuck he
wanted to hear Cindy scream as that would be good in the film.
Chuck snapped his fingers at Kit who promptly removed Cindy’s gag.

“Gooooooddddd you’re killing me,” Cindy yelled, “please
take it out, your hurting me, I’m tearing.”

Tabby continued to work his cock an inch at a time into
Cindy’s ass. Chuck laughed and informed Cindy she was giving
a good performance. Cindy’s pleads continued with each inch.

“No more, I can’t take it, take it out of me, you’re
splitting me,” Cindy went on and on, as Tabby showed no
signs of stopping.

Finally all 14 inches were nestled firmly in Cindy’s ass.
Little cracks appeared in her anal ring where it was
pulled so tightly around Tabby’s cock. Cindy was covered
in sweat and slumped onto the table, no fight remaining.
She whimpered as Tabby pulled back about six inches and
slammed home again. Cindy’s entire body quivered from her
sobs as Tabby continued to fuck her ass with his enormous
cock. Cindy started to feel something deep inside and she
couldn’t believe herself. Tinges of an orgasm were
building from the abuse her ass was taking.

Cindy began pleading again, not so much from the pain, but
she did not want to have an orgasm in front of these sick
people, on camera. It was not use, Tabby finally had Cindy’s ass
stretched enough that he was pumping rapidly in and out.
Little stains of blood could be seen on the massive

Kit was squeezing Cindy’s nipples, pinching and
pulling while Tabby’s speed increased. Cindy now
moaned in pleasure, the orgasm building against all
resistance. Finally the orgasm exploded inside Cindy and
she heard herself begging to be fucked but could not
believe the words.

“Yes, fuck my ass harder, make me hurt, make me bleed,
I’m yours, I’m your bitch, your slut, fuck me,” Cindy
screamed as her orgasm continued. When Cindy felt Tabby’s
cock grow she started working her hips up and down trying
to get every moment of the best fuck of her life before
he exploded inside her. But Tabby pulled his cock
abruptly from Cindy’s ass.

Cindy was humiliated, she couldn’t believe what she had said.
For Chuck and his men, Cindy screaming and begging for more fuck
had made the shot of the movie. Their movie was surely going to
sell really well.

Chuck complimented Cindy on her performance, and said that they were
almost done. cindy was now totally defeated from her abuse.
Chuck untied her ankles and Tabby snapped a leather collar around Cindy’s neck
that had a leash attached to it. Tabby gave the leash to
his Chuck. Cindy’s handcuffs were replaced with soft
leather restraints and leather restraints were placed
around her ankles with a short chain hobbling her.
Chuck pulled the leash and Cindy followed, cum leaking
from her cunt and ass as she walked.
Tabby took back his position behind the camera and captured Cindy
Crawford’s delicious humiliation.

The next day Cindy was dropped in a hotel room .
They had threatened her that if she said a word this to anybody,
they would release the video on the internet.

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