Celebporn: GangRape And Humiliation Of Kelly Brook

Disclaimer: This is a work of PURE FANTASY intended for adult reading.
In the Celebporn series female celebrities are snatched and made to star
in a porn movie. There’s little nice stuff, lots of kinky and nasty stuff,
lots of celebrity humiliations. This might not be suitable to the taste
of some readers.

Celebporn-2 : Gangrape and Humiliation of Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook woke up as if from a long sleep, and she blinked her pretty
eyes rapidly, trying to make
sense of her predicament. She looked
up and saw that her arms had been stretched high above her and her toes
were a few inches off the ground. The pressure on her wrists was
beginning to register in her nervous system and Kelly distressed
over the purple color of her hands.

More distressing, perhaps, was her utter nudity. Kelly had been fitted
with only wrist and ankle restraints, Otherwise, she was completely
divested of any clothing.

Kelly Brook looked away to grasp her surroundings. She was hanging from
one of a series of metal poles that were positioned ten to twenty feet
above her. The flooring was wood, and as she swished her aching head
back and forth, it became clear that Kelly was hoisted centerstage
in some unused theater hall. The room was enormous, which made the empty
seats feel even more hollow.

Kelly heard footsteps, it was a short man, middle-aged man who entered the hall.
He looked at the hanging form of Kelly and gave a wicked smile.
“Well Kelly , it looks as if you’ve finally woken up.”

“Who are you ? Why are you doing this,” Kelly started,”Why did you —”

She never finished the words as the man strapped a huge red
ball gag deep inside her mouth, effectively reducing Kelly Brook to a
series of grunts and moans.

“I know you must have a lot of questions, Ms. Brook. Be patient, and I will
explain the situation to you.” said the man.

“My name is Chuck, and I produce porn movies. Being in this business for 20
years, I have figured out that there’s more demand for the nasty-kinky stuff than
the nice stuff. And for a beautiful celebrity like you…

Now, you might not know how much people would be paying to watch you getting
raped or humiliated, but unfortunately for you, i do know.

And that’s why you are here Ms. Brook. We are going to do a nice little nasty
film on you. Do you understand , Ms. Brook ? ” He asked while caressing Kelly’s

Kelly was unable to speak because of the ballgag in her mouth, but she was
terrified at hearing this and began to shake her head violently, half in protest,
half pleading.

Watching Kelly’s helplessness brought a smile of satisfaction of Chuck’s face.
Chuck went out and came back with his cameraman Tabby.
“Kelly, this is Tabby, my cameraman. We will start the actual shooting in a few hours,
as rest of the cast is yet to arrive. But you really do look beautiful hanging there.
So, for starters, Tabby is going to capture your beauty on camera. We shall see later how
we can use those shots.”
Tabby adjusted his camera and took several shots from various angles of the captive Kelly
squirming in her chains.
They then again left her hanging there for a couple of hours.

Chuck again barged in through the door alongwith Tabby and a couple of other cameramen.
The cameramen started assembling their equipment at various positions in the hall, as Chuck
came near the captive Kelly. Kelly’s wrists had become really sore now. She had been hanging
for 4-5 hours. Her jaw was also aching because of the ball-gag she had in her mouth.
Kelly felt a momentary sense of relief when Chuck released her hands from the chains, and also
removed the ballgag from her mouth, but that was shortlived as Chuck informed her they were
getting ready for the shoot and that he had removed her gag and chains only to allow easy access
for his other cast members.

“Do you hear footsteps Kelly ? That’s the rest of the cast of our movie coming here.
There are 30 of them Kelly. All waiting to have their turns with you.
But I am not sure they would be so patient as to take turns.” Chuck said with a vile smile.
Chuck then checked the positions of all the cameras in the room.

Kelly didn’t have to wait for long. Around 30 men were entering the hall, some were
white, some black, some hispanic. They came in all races and sizes.
Each of them was leering eyes at their prize.

Kelly saw the look in their eyes and she began to sweat with fear.
They were brutish, some were overweight, others kind of cute, and a few
unclean types that appeared to carry the deadliest human diseases.

Chuck then took charge of the situation and announced,
“Now fellas, do you all know who we have here ? ”

“Ya, this is the slut Kelly Brook. And we’re gonna fuck her brains
out man. ” Answered a tall black man.

“Great, I am glad to see your enthusiasm for work. But there’s
a couple of rules to follow, fellas.

First rule is, don’t disfigure her. And the second rule
is, there are no other rules! And the most imporant rule is make
sure her face is seen on the camera. Understood fellas ? Any questions ?
Are you all ready fellas ?”

Many of them nodded eagerly.

“Ok then, start cameras and start the action !
Go for it boys! She’s all yours for as long as you can last!”

Like a pack of hungry wild animals pouncing on the only meat in the
forest, they jumped on her. In mere minutes, she had two cocks alternating in and
out of her mouth, and two guys ramming their hardening cocks in her
pussy and her ass all at once.

When a man wasn’t inside her, he was probably slapping her tits, or
sucking her nipples. Some men got underneath her and whipped their cocks
into her pussy.

The first man to cum shot his quick load straight down her throat. A
few seconds later, another man was filling her pussy with his cum. As
soon as any hole was unused, another hard prick pushed its way inside.

The guys were laughing and yelling with undreamed of excitement.
Everybody knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime event and each man
wanted to get the most out of it. Kelly Brook was slapped, pinched, and
tossed around despite her tears and her barely audible screams for

Kelly was tossed around again and made to face another pair of hard,
slimy cocks. It was difficult to focus on the cock in her mouth as the
man in her ass was pulling mercilessly at her hair, straining at
her scalp. The man currently in her ass, Tommy, was pulling his cock out,
then thrusting it fully in again.

Kelly’s asshole was still feeling the effects of oversensitivity,
and every time Tommy penetrated her asshole, she wanted to howl in pain.

Tommy and another man, Bret, managed to squirm both of their cocks into
her one asshole, trying to split the poor orifice.

“Oh my God, please stop! Please, I can hardly take one in my—-”

Kelly’s complaint was quickly stuffed with one, then two cocks at
once. Kelly’s jaws were at the breaking point, and the gash at the
corner of her lip was splitting further. The blood on their cocks only
inspired the men two-fold in their bloodlust. One of them withdrew his
pulsating cock and, with his free hand, he forced open her eyelids, then
directly splattered her eyes with his salty cum. Then the other man
followed his buddy’s lead and came out, spraying his white load right
into her other eye.

Kelly screamed with the remains of her voice and instinctively
brought her hands around to her face. But the men on either side of her
held her arms back, and then forced them up high, as far as her joints
would humanly allow. This habit of cumming caught on for the next hour.

The men humping her from behind came one by one to her face and while
other guys held her eyelids apart, the cum shots hastily filled her
eyes. Kelly’s face was covered in the stickily liquid, especially in
and around the eyes and mouth. Her hair was caked with drying
cum, and her entire body glistened with a sheen of sweat, blood, and

Kelly’s eyes were more or less blinded by the stinging cum so she
was spared the sight of troop reinforcement. chuck had managed a fresh batch
of an additional 20 men at the end of two hours.
As a result the stage was numbered with no less than 50 hard cocks,
some of who were ready to enter Kelly’s battered body for a third time.

Four hours had passed, but it was an eternity for Kelly Brook. There
was no timetable for this flesh feast, and Kelly didn’t know how
much more she could stand. Her clit was incredibly stimulated, despite
the obvious abuse, but the drugs continued to prevent a realized orgasm.
She was violated by cocks of every size, 12 inch, 10 inch, 7 and 6. And
the record so far was 6 cocks in her a once: two in her mouth, two in
her cunt, and finally, two in her ass.

After the twenty fresh troops had spent their cum each at least once,
Chuck ordered them to stop. Kelly couldn’t open her eyes to see what
was going on because the heavy volume of cum had dried in and on her eyes.
Chuck came near Kelly and grabbed her by her hair.
He was quite pleased with the proceedings so far, and decided to give
the battered Kelly rest for some time, before the next act.
He dragged Kelly by her hair and brought her to a cage.
He opened the door and pushed Kelly inside.

“Now, rest there for a few hours, bitch. You have performed well so far,
now there’s just a couple of things you need to do and our movie will be
over. We can then let you go” Chuck was saying this to Kelly, who was by then
beyond understanding anything.Her body and her mind had become numb from the
torment of the last few hours.

The cameramen were following all this action, they stopped after getting
a few minutes of footage of Kelly in the cage.

The space in the cage was cramped and the floor was cold, but Kelly was just
grateful that no one was fucking her or hurting her now. She had a
collar that was chained to an eyebolt in the center of the cage, the
leash was short and she could not move much. She was so tired that she wasnt trying
to move either, she was just happy that there were no cocks penetrating her.
Kelly lay there for another 3-4 hours.

Chuck came with the cameramen and woke Kelly up from her stupor.
He told Kelly that they had collected scraps of food from restaurant dumpsters
that Kelly was to eat in front of the camera. He put forward the tray that
contained the food scraps, smeared in dirt, and having an incorrigible foul odor.

Chuck said with an evil smile, ” Now now dear, why can’t you be cooperative ?
Let me explain to you the script from now on. I can’t let you go in your present
condition, it will take you a day to recover from what you have been through
earlier today. So, till tomorrow you are to stay in this cage and then we will
let you go. But we can’t keep you hungry till tomorrow, can we ?
So my men have taken enormous pains to get you food that befits you.
You have to eat this in front of the camera. And not with your hands, eat it like
a dog, like the bitch that you are.
If you do that my movie will be finished here and i promise i will let
you go tomorrow. But, if you don’t want to cooperate, we might have to use
other means to persuade you.”

Battered and helpless though she was, Kelly refused to eat the garbage.

“Now you are just making things difficult for you. You should know that I won’t
let you go unless you eat this for my film. Why don’t you do that and make things
easier for us all? “said Chuck.

Still, Kelly refused.

“Well, its your choice what can I do ? I think this might work out well for my
film, but I hadn’t planned this for you. Nevertheless…”

They now took Kelly out of her cage and tied her between two posts
in the hall, with her hands over her head. Tabby had set up the cameras focused on Kelly.

Chuck came with a cat-o-nine tails whip in his hand and told Kelly,
“Now bitch, first you are going to get 10 lashes on your back for causing us
all this trouble. And then after that, I am going to beat your ass till it turns
red. Once that’s done we will move on to your boobs and change their color too.
After the first 10 lashes which are your punishment, you can stop this anytime by
agreeing to eat your dinner, Other than the junk-food which my men have got for you,
I am also going to have you eat some dogfood.

If you don’t do that , I can go on hitting and Tabby can go
on shooting all night. This will only make our movie sell better.
Cameras ready ?”

Tabby told him that the cameras were ready for action.
And so action began,

SWISH … CRACK !!!!!!!!!

“ARRRRRGHHH !! UHHHH GODDDD!!!” Kelly screamed in absolute agony as her back exploded.

SWISH … CRACK !!!!!!!!!


SWISH … CRACK !!!!!!!!

Three blows of the cat-o-nice seemed to have knocked some sense into Kelly Brook.

“Tell me what you will eat.” Chuck said letting loose with another crack of his cat-o-nine-tails.


“You are on camera bitch, tell them why you will eat dogfood.” Shouted Chuck as
he continued his assault on Kelly Brook’s back.

“AAAAAIYYYE !!! COS I AM A BITCH, PLEASE DON’T HIT ME” Kelly’s face was the picture
of ultimate humiliation as she said this.




The beating continued for a few more lashes. Kelly was pelted and red with welts across her back.
After 10 lashes Chuck stopped and untied Kelly from the whipping posts.
Kelly just collapsed onto the hardwood. Kelly Brook lay curled up on the hardwood floor,
beaten, gang raped and totally humiliated. Tabby’s camera was capturing Kelly’s
delicious torment.

Chuck now reattached the collar and leash to Kelly’s neck and led
her back to her cage. Kelly was once again locked in the cage.

“Ready for dinner ?” Chuck asked rhetorically.

Kelly looked up at Chuck meekly with her eyes. She wiped
away some of the cum that collected in her eyelashes,
and slowly nodded her head in the affirmative. Chuck pushed a tray
of assorted garbage from the city dumpsters, he had also added a bowl of dogfood.
As he did all, Tabby was capturing everything with his camera.
Kelly Brook was not absolutely humiliated.

“Eat, worthless bitch!” Chuck ordered.

Kelly began to reach a hand over to the 1/4 th of a hotdog smeared with
dust, dirt and what not.But that action was swiftly admonished with a
powerful stroke on the whip to her ass. Kelly cried out at the stinging in her ass.

“Eat like a dog, you stupid cunt. Not with your hands. Now eat!”

Kelly lowered her head toward the tray and tried to tackle the hotdog with her
outstretched tongue. It took some effort, but Kelly finally managed to corral
the hotdog into her mouth. It was really foul tasting, it must have been few days old,
and had started decaying.
Leaning her head back to keep the hotdog in her
mouth, Kelly chewed only slightly, thinking it best to swallow
without tasting as best she could. This led to another violent slash on
her already bruised and tender ass.

“No, bitch. You will chew your food at least 25 bites per serving.
Now eat right, or I slap that ass until it bleeds.” Chuck shouted.

Kelly was thoroughly defeated and she put up no fight with the
second reprimand. Her beautiful cum-soaked face was now a perfect picture
of utter humiliation. She really did feel like she was an animal.
But not wanting to displease Chuck, she set about her work.
She followed that hotdog by a piece of bread, some stinking meat,
a piece of pizza and some other things. She also ate the dogfood from the bowl.
Chewing everything at least 25 times.

After this ordeal was over, Kelly looked upto Chuck for approval.
He smiled and said, “Thank you Kelly, for a wonderful performance.
I am sure I will make millions from this movie. Tomorrow we will drop you
at your house. I am letting you go, but if you speak of this to anyone, I will have
all this on the internet within hours.”
Beaten and humiliated as Kelly was, she nodded meekly and lay in her cage for the rest
of the night thinking about what she had been through.

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