Celebporn: Rape And Humiliation Of Calista Flockhart

Disclaimer: This is a work of PURE FANTASY intended for adult reading.

In the Celebporn series female celebrities are snatched and made to star

in a porn movie. There’s little nice stuff, lots of kinky and nasty stuff,

lots of celebrity humiliation. This might not be suitable to the taste

of some readers.


Celebporn-4 : Rape & Humiliation of Calista Flockhart


As Calista Flockhart screamed, yelled, and kicked
at Kit; he pulled out the ropes

and duct tape, smacked Calista firmly across the face telling her to “Shut the hell up!”

Then he had her the actress bound with the ropes and stifled with the tape across her mouth.

Calista kept struggling for a while, but eventually found out that she was no match

for the way Kit had tied her up, and lay silently.

They drove on for a couple of hours before evenutally stopping in a huge country house

in rural California. Then they picked up Calista and got her inside the house.

Kit was carrying the bound actress across his shoulders, they brought her to a large

hall and dumped her in front of the short middle-aged man who was sitting in an easy-chair.

Calista was still in a state of shock. Being abducted from the parking lot of a mall wasn’t

something she had ever dreamt of, she didn’t know what her captors wanted from her.

She wasn’t even sure if they had recognized she was Calista Flockhart.

Any doubts about that were cleared in a moment. The middle-aged man bent forward from his

chair, and yanked Calista’s head up pulling her by her hair.

“Greetings, Ms. Flockhart. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us.”

So.. they knew her identity, Calista’s mind quickly evaluated the possibilities.

Most probably they would have kidnapped her for a ransom or something.

Her train of thoughts was interrupted by the man giving another yank to her head,

dragging her forward almost onto his feet.

“Aren’t you curious why you are here , Ms. Flockhart ? ” said the man tugging her hair.

“Well, Calista, you are here because you are going to star in a movie.

My name is Chuck and I am a moviemaker. I don’t think you would have heard of me, because

I am not your regular hollywood type moviemaker. I am movies for “special” audiences.

My movies are catered to audience tastes, you have no idea Ms. Flockhart how much money

people are willing to pay to see a celebrity like you raped or humiliated !

It would be in your best interests to cooperate, Calista. We can get pretty rough if the

need be. Even though we don’t have anything real nasty planned for you, our audiences will

be just as happy to see your tiny ass get whipped”

Calista was absolutely horrified at hearing all this.

“This can’t be true, this has to be nightmare. This can’t happen to me..” Calista was


“Now, Ms. Flockhart, we are ready to begin shooting. So I am going to untie you and then

we shall proceed according to the script” Chuck said.

He ordered one of his men to untie Calista while he himself was checking the adjustments

of the cameras that were placed in the room.

As Calista was untied , she began to feel her wrists that had become numb from

a few hours of bondage. Kit removed the tape across her lips and Calista began to plead

Chuck to let her go.

In response to her pleas Chuck just broke into a laughter and said,

“I wish we had started the recording earlier, You really look pretty when begging.

Now understand this Ms. Flockhart, we don’t intend to keep you here for longer than we

need to. If you cooperate this will be over in a few hours and we can let you free tomorrow


As the men were got the cameras into position, Chuck ordered Calista.

“Now, Ms. Flockhart. Strip for us. Tabby you get the cameras rolling”

The cameras were now focused on Calista, whose face had become red with shame.

She really looked prettier due to her shame and vulnerability.

Calista bit her lips. “I–I–”

Chuck sighed. “I am getting impatient, Miss Flockhart,” he said. “I will

count to five. At five, if you have not begun to undress, I will have to whip

your tiny ass th shreds. One.”

The actress gulped audibly. “Look,” she said hurriedly,

“Two,” Chuck said.

“I can’t… I… Listen, can’t we–”


“Oh, please…” There were tears in her eyes. “Please…”


“Oh my god,” she whispered, and her hands went to the buttons of her sweater.

Chuck smiled and made sure that Tabby’s cameras were capturing all the action.

Calista kept her eyes on the floor as she began to unbutton the sweater.

“Look into the camera Calista. I want to see your expressions.”

Calista’s cheeks became redder with shame.

She opened each button in turn. When there were no more buttons, she hesitated for a

moment. Then, with an obvious effort of will, she pulled the sweater open and took it off.

The white brassiere she wore was filled with the her tiny breasts,

their exposed upper slopes rising and falling provocatively with her agitated breathing.

She stood awkwardly, the sweater dangling from one hand, caught between shame and a conscious

attempt to retain her pride.

“Just drop that, my dear,” Chuck murmured. “And take off that skirt.

I’ve been admiring your legs ever since you came in here. Let’s see all of them.”

Her hand went to the waistband of her skirt, fumbling with the catch at

the side. Her eyes were stil on the camera, trying to maintain a vestige of dignity;

but as she released the catch and pushed the skirt down over her hips, they fell

again. The skirt dropped to the floor, leaving her a breathtaking sight in bra

and panties only.

“Beautiful,” Chuck said. “Continue, Continue undressing, Calista.”

The actress’s face was a deep red as, after a second’s hesitation, she

slowly reached up behind her to open the clasp of her brassiere. Chuck’ eyes


The brassiere came off.

Chuck burst into a laughter, ” You really got a tiny pair of boobs Calista.

Let’s see if your ass’s any better”

The bra dropped from the actress’s trembling fingers. She still kept her

eyes on the floor. She made no sound, but two small tears trickled down over her


Finally the actress’s unwilling hands went to the waistband of her panties,

and started to push them down. She took the panties off.

Again there was silence while the three men gazed at the naked actress.

“Calista,” Chuck said finally. “Turn around. All the way around. Slowly.”

The actress’s hands clenched into fists, but she obeyed. Her body made a

complete turn, and she ended facing the camera again.

” Ha ha ha… you really could do with some nutrition Calista. All you have here

is tiny tits and a mini ass”

The actress turned a deep, fiery red. As if the humiliation of stripping her wasn’t enough..

She whirled on Chuck, bringing her hands up to cover her breasts.

Chuck chuckled, “So far, so good, Calista. Kit, get her ready for the next act.”

Kit lunged forward and grabbed Calista. She was struggling valiantly as

Kit dragged her to a bed in the corner of the room. Chuck also joined him, and

together they overcame the naked actress’s struggles and shackled her wrists and

ankles to the bedposts.

“Now before we get on with the next act, you need to put on some jewellery.”

Chuck reached into his pocket and drew out a small, slim wooden

case. Inside, were two metal clamps, each perhaps two inches long.

There was a chain connecting the clamps. He took out the clamps

from the case and showed them to Calista causing her to shierk in fear.

A sudden gasp of terror came from the chained actress. Her eyes were wide and

staring. “No!” she cried, her voice a strangled moan. “Oh, no. God, no. Please.

Oh god, please, no…”

“Wicked-looking things, aren’t they?” Chuck smiled. “Like I told you

earlier Calista, we don’t want to hurt you any more than we have to.

You can’t imagine the delight of our audience when they see these on

your tiny titties.

“Please.. Don’t do that to me. I stripped like you asked me to.

Please don’t hurt me. Please……..” Calista pleaded.

Chuck stepped closer to the shackled body, which now began to tremble all over.

“Look how frightened she is,” Chuck murmured again. “Isn’t it beautiful?

So helpless, so vulnerable, and so scared… Make sure you are catching it all, Tabby”

Calista started squirming violently as Chuck clipped the first one on.

Even then there was little she could do other than scream and writhe.

He clipped the second one on the other nipple and tugged at the chain connecting them,

causing an ear-piercing scream from Calista, who started crying uncontrollably.


Chuck clapped as he was delighted with the performance he was getting from his captive.

He patted Calista’s cheeks mockingly and said,

“Your screaming is really going to turn on many from my audience.

I am glad you are being cooperative, I don’t want to hurt you any more than I have to.

Now, Will are you ready for the next act ? ”

Will, a tall & strong black man who had arrived there sometime back nodded affirmatively.

“Haha !! Can’t wait to fuck Calista slut , can you ? ” Chuck said refering to Will’s erection

which was easily discernible even through his pants.

“Well, get ready then. And Tab, get the cameras into position.”

Already in agony due to the pain caused to her nipples, Calista was shcoked to hear

the mention of fucking her.

“NoOOOOOOO !!!! please don’t rape me … please, i beg you ” Calista started begging

as earnestly as she could.

This only succeeded in drawing an evil laughter from Chuck who said,

“Beg you will. you will beg to be fucked. You will beg Will to insert his black cock into

your pussy. And you will do it all on camera.”

Will had by then started to take off his clothes, his huge black cock was fully erect.

“Get into action boy, make the slut beg for it” Chuck ordered Will.

Will lunged forward towards the bed where Calista had been kept shackled, leering at the

helpess captive celebrity. He had always been an avid watcher of Ally McBeal. And the thought

of having Calista Flockhart naked, squirming in her bondage and waiting to be fucked by him,

instantly brought him a hard-on.

As he climbed onto the bed, Calista was pulling hard at her manacles and at the same time

pleading him not to rape her. This brought an evil grin on his face.

He landed a hard slap on Calista’s cheek to quieten her momentarily.

” Ally Bitch ! you wanna take ma big cock in your cunt dont ya ? ” Will asked.

Calista still trying to maintain her dignity shook her head vehemantly saying “NO”.

Will suddenly reached the chain between her nipple clamps and tugged it hard, causing another

ear-piercing scream from Calista.

“Now bitch, if you don’t beg me to fuck you, I am gonna tear your nippies off. I will whip

your tiny titties so much, they will swell to the size of a pumpkin. And then I’m gonna fuck

you anyway.

“Ok, you bastard. fuck me if you want” Calista burst out.

This was responded by another sharp slap on her other cheek,

as Will thundered.


Sobbing, Calista said it,”Oh please, fuck me. Please. I want it.

I want you to fuck mmfff….” She was cut off as Will kissed her hard,

his tongue diving deep into her mouth and his hips jerking

forward as he repeatedly tried to jam his cock into her


“Mmmmmfffff,” Calista cried out into his mouth as her body

arched in agony, her small cunt yielding only slowly

to his onslaught. Her muscles cramped as more of him

entered her and with one more thrust her agony was



mouth breaking from his, her head thrown back,as she

screamed .Calista felt his cock surge upward to bury

itself fully inside her.

She was helpless against his onslaught, and began squirming

uncontrollably beneath her rapist, trying somehow to escape

as he methodically began pumping in and out of her.

Will was in heaven inside the celebrity cunt he’d

always dreamt of. His head was at her neck and shoulder,

biting and sucking and kissing as he worked himself in side

her. Chuck and Kit were watching, and Tabby was filming it all.

Will knew that his utter domination of Calista was being

captured on film, and that turned him on much more.

Her squirming beneath him made it even better, hell, the best.

It wasn’t long before he felt his balls tighten and that impending

tingling from his loins. He humped faster, Calista’s moans of pain

just further exciting him, and shot load after load into her

ravaged pussy in the best come of his life.

She cringed inside as she felt Will fill her with his

seed. The pain was still there, as was the degradation

and humiliation, but she had lost her will to fight.

Will slowly brought his member out of the battered celebrity.

Just then Chuck reminded him, “Don’t forget her mouth, Willie boy.”

That brought another evil smile on Will’s face and his limp cock became

a little harder.

“Oh, yea” Will said gleefully, “Calista will now beg to suck Willie’s cock.

Come on bitch, beg for ma cock”

Calista having lost her will to fight said almost mechanically.

“let me suck your cock.”

Will responded to this, ” Get some feeling baby, we are on camera.

now,beg hard for my cock”

Calista was now ready to do anything to get this over with as quickly as

possible. She said without any hesitation, ” Oh, please let me suck your cock.

I want to suck your cock.”

“Thats’ good, Calista,” Chuck said. “Be a good little cock-sucker, Calista baby.

Open up.”

Calista opened her mouth and took his cock into it. Still sobbing and

groaning loudly with pain, she began to suck him.

“That’s nice, Calista,” Will said hoarsely. “That’s good. Nice and slow,

Calista, that’s right. Keep it up,now. Take it deep, Calista.

All the way, that’s the girl. Lick it too, Calista. Let me feel your tongue.

That’s it. Oh, that’s so sweet. Oh, you are a fine cock-sucker, Calista baby..”

Calista felt shameful at these words of praise.

“You have come in her face, Will, remember?” Chuck said.

“Oh yes,” Will panted. “I remember. I’m going to do that all right. You

hear that, Calista? I’m going to come all over your pretty face.

And then… Oh yes, do it, Calista, it’s so beautiful…”

The tormented actress was trying to control herself, but she couldn’t hold

back the cries and howls of pain that she let out around his prick, couldn’t

stop the agonized shuddering of her body or the gasping sobs that transmitted

themselves to the fleshy rod in her mouth; but still she sucked him, steadily

and deeply, her desperate obedience adding immeasurably to his pleasure. At

last, with a great groan, Will pulled himself out of her mouth, reaching down

to grasp her hair again, holding it cruelly so that she couldn’t move away from

him, and shot jet after jet of spurting gism directly into her face. The stuff

shot into her eyes, up her nose, over her lips, her cheeks, her forehead, her

hair, until it seemed as if it would never stop. The white viscous liquid

dribbled down her face and dripped from her chin.

That was the point of total humiliation for Calista. She felt like she

was a lowly whore.

Will slowly retreated leaving the cum-soaked actress sobbing in her agony.

Chuck was again delighted at this performance.

He knew he had got a product that would fetch him millions.

This was an absolute treat for all those who wanted Ally McBeal to be

raped and humiliated. He wanted to add give one finishing touch to his product.

He went near Calista and asked Tabby to get a close-up of her.

Chuck said to Calista,”That was a wonderful performance Calista. Now there’s just

one more thing I want you to do and we can finish this movie.”

He took out from his pocket a piece of paper and showed it to Calista,

“I want you to say this, baby. Say it to the camera. Say it for your fans.”

Sobbing Calista read the words on the paper and started crying really loud.

“Noooo. don’t make me do this, I beg you” Calista was really begging him now.

Chuck tugged at the chain between her nipple clamps and sais,

“Now now, dear. You have been cooperative so far, it’s just this and we are done.

We don’t want to make this painful for you any more than we have to.

Just say this to your fans baby”

“Ooo.. Ok,i will say it” Calista just gave in.

“Good girl, into the camera baby” Chuck looked pleased.

As Calista looked into the camera, she was a picture of utter humiliation.

Stark naked, except for the punishing nipple clamps, her wrists and ankles

shackled to the bedpost,with her pretty face & hair soaked in cum.

Her ravaged cunt and her aching tortured nipples, her face had turned red

due to the embarrassment as well as the beatings she had taken.

She was thoroughly defeated and dominated.

Calista said this as cum was dripping from her lips,

“I am Calista Flockhart. You have seen me in Ally McBeal.

I a whore, I am a slut , a cocksucker. I love to be fucked.

I am hungry for cocks. I am a cumbag. I am a fucktoy…”

Calista started crying uncontrollably after saying this.

Chuck felt a sense of satisfaction as Calista’s humiliation was now complete.

The next day she woke up in a hotel room, with a note by her bedside warning

her to stay quiet, or the video would be up on the internet.

Calista was too embarrassed to utter a word to anyone.

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