Celebporn: Rape Of Cameron Diaz

Disclaimer: This is a work of PURE FANTASY intended for adult reading.
In the Celebporn series female celebrities are snatched and made to star
in a porn movie. There’s little nice stuff, lots of kinky and nasty stuff,
lots of celebrity humiliations. This might not be suitable to the taste
of some readers.


Celebporn-2 : Rape of Cameron Diaz


The anesthetic slowly wore off. Cameron Diaz moaned slowly as
she began to regain consciousness. She
felt like a patient in
a hospital, the scent of the ether still heavy on her breathe and
her body feeling dull and numb. She shook her head to wipe
away the cobwebs and tried to sit up. Instantly she
realized she was tied. Her hands were anchored
together at the wrists and to some kind of bed frame.
Her feet were apart and tied at the ankles to the base
board of a brass bed.

Looking about, she began to twist in panic. She had
been stripped to her bra and panties.

“HMMMMMMBLM!” she cried out from under her
gag. A silver, silk cloth was firmly tied around her
mouth, preventing her from crying for help. Cameron scoured
the room and saw she was tied to a large, king sized
bed. The bed was in some kind of log cabin. She could
see sunlight peeking through a window over her head
as she tried to get an idea of where she was.

Suddenly the door opened and a man came in.
He was very handsome, with an actors strong jaw and sexy hair.
She could tell he was very well built
from the physique that penetrated his black suit. He came near the bed
and looked Cameron over with eyes that almost seemed to burn through her
with expectation.

He observed Cameron silently for about a minute and left the room again.
Cameron lay wondering who he was, at the same time she couldn’t help
getting turned on by the situation.

The door opened again, a short middle-aged man entered the room.
He came near the bed and sat on it besides the bound actress.
“I see you’re awake. It’s a pleasure to have you here Cameron Diaz”
he said softly, cupping her face in his hand.

He removed the cloth from her mouth, and Cameron burst out into
a scream,”Why am I here ? let me go, please let me go !!! ”

The man only smiled in response and said,”Don’t worry dear,
We are not going to hurt you. Your well being is as precious
to us, as it is to you. Calm down and let me tell you why you
are here” He continued, “My name is Chuck and I produce porn movies.
It’s a pretty good business, I must tell you. Unlike your Hollywood
movies, we don’t run them in cinema halls, people usually buy these
videos. We make several kind of movies, and today you are here to
star in one of my movies. You already saw your costar few minutes back.”

“nooo, you can’t be serious. I can give you money, just let me go.
Please i beg you…” Cameron pleaded in panic.

“Let you go, we will, as your celebrity status is very important for our
business. But after we are done with the movie..

Want to hear the title of the movie you are going to star in ?
‘The rape of Cameron Diaz’, I am sure it will make many millions.”,said Chuck.

“nooooo, please don’t rape me. I can give you more money than you
will make from your movie. Just, let me go, please….” Cameron was now really

“Now, shut up Cameron, be thankful we are just raping you and letting you go.
You know we also make torture movies, if you cause us any trouble, you will
be starring in them.” Chuck said in a stern voice.
Cameron seized in shock and started to sob.

Just then 3 men entered the room, among them was the handsome man who had
been there before. They were carrying cameras and some lighting equipment.
They placed the cameras and the lights around the room, making sure that
there was enough light on the captive starlet’s face.

“Let me introduce you to my crew. Tom, why don’t you introduce yourself to
your co-star ?”

Chuck said as he stepped aside and the handsome man approached.
He came near Cameron revealing a well defined face with blonde hair and
deep brown skin. We was very handsome, no, almost gorgeous.
Cameron had a hard time trying not to look into his deep blue eyes and
chiselled face. He then pulled of his black sweater to reveal his bare chest.
Cameron just stared in amazement at the man’s rippling stomach muscles and
huge, broad shoulders. He was absolutely incredible.

He then slowly pulled off his black pants and boots, stripping himself
down to nothing more than a tight fitting G-String. And tight it was too.
His penis was incredibly large, almost monsterous as it buldged outward
from under the thin piece of cloth. It hung firm and tight between his legs
but it was not erect. It was like some huge snake, waiting to burst out
and strike at its victim. Cameron instinctively rolled her thighs inward and
turned her hips slightly away from him as he approached.

“They call me Tommy the Tommy Gun.” he said as he sat down and
leaned over her with his broad chest and sleek, muscular arms. “I’ve
broken a lot of women before but never a celebrity. This oughta be fun.”
he said staring deep into her eyes as he pressed his forehead to
hers. Cameron, shut her eyes and squealed slightly as he got up and walked
over to Chuck.

“I’m Tabby the cameraman and this is Kit our helper”

said one of the other men to the bound actress.

“Tabby, are the cameras ready and in position ? ” Chuck asked.

“Ya, everything’s in place , we can start whenever we want” Tabby replied

making sure he had the right camera angle to capture the captured starlet’s torment.

“Good job Tab, as always. Tommy boy are you ready for Ms. Diaz ?”

“Yea boss, my dick’s all ready to spring into action.” Tom replied.

“You’re definitely gonna feel me, BITCH.” he said as he roughly
placed his huge hand on her bare pelvis and slid it around over her
lower tummy. “I like ’em wiggling and ripe.” he said with an evil smile.

“Tommy here is one of the best in the porn business, Cameron.
You should feel honored my dear.” Chuck chuckled as he ordered his men to
start the action.

Cameron began to scream wildly as the muscle bound man approached and
climbed on the bed. She pulled against her binds, twisting and kicking about
as he grew closer. Roughly he began to put his huge hands on her bare, helpless body,
stroking her, petting her thighs and hips as he gapped at the wiggling celebrity before them.
He started with a deep, heavy kiss. Cameron twisted her head from side to side
as she tried to avoid his mouth but he clamped his hand under her chin and held
her in place as he drew a longer and longer kiss from her.

Her desperate coos and moans then turned to high shrieking as she
felt something long and wet between her legs.

She saw Kit had also joined in on the action. Kit’s tongue slid slowly
between her lips as he sucked and massaged her vagina and clitoris
with his mouth. He grabbed her full, round thighs with his enormous
arms and clamped her rolling hips down as he forced his mouth on her.
At the same time, Tom let go of her chin and cupped her left breast
with his hand. It was like a huge adult playing with a doll as he
cupped her breast and massaged it around in huge, erotic circles.

She managed to twist her mouth free only to have him smile at her
with an arrogant grin. She gritted her teeth in panic as he moved down
over her chest and began cupping both breasts with his hands. Like a kid
playing with cookie dough, he began to wildly squeeze her 36s, molding
them and teasing them with his well skilled hands. He then barreled
down on her and pulled her chest upward, forcing her ripe, erect nipple
into his sucking mouth.

“Excellent work boys, Tab are you getting it all ? ” Chuck intervened.
“Yes boss, this is going to be the best fucking film we ever made” Tabby replied.
Cameron became aware that not only was she being raped savegely, but it was
all captured on film. Thousands of people would watch Cameron’s rape later.
She began to fill a sense of revulsion alongwith shame. But her mind was brought back
to more immediate matters by Tom, who began to suck at her breast.

Cameron screamed in shock as he began to naw away on her bare
breast. The sensation of her nipple and tit being heavily sucked, along
with Kit’s intense blow job was sending wild ripples of sexual
sensation throughout Cameron’s tender body. These guys were
thorough professionals.

Then, like a pro, Kit rolled to one side of Cameron and moved
himself out of her line of sight. Tom sat up and inched his knees under
her plump rear. With one hand, he held her right thigh from underneath
while he pulled down his g-string and pulled out his cock with the other.

“OH DEAR GOD! NO! NO!” screamed Cameron as she began to twist about wildly.
She watched in absolute horror as the muscular man began stroking his enormous dick
with his hand to get it hard. It grew bigger and bigger, sending Cameron into an absolute
frenzy. Tom worsened the situation by holding the struggling actress
down and forcing her head forward so she would have to watch. He
then grabbed her thigh with his other hand and slowly moved his penis


Cameron screamed in panic as she saw the tip of his penis pass by
the mound of hair between her legs and felt it slowly part her delicate
lips. Then, wailing and screaming, she gyrated her hips about frantically
as the man’s erection pushed its way deeper and deeper inside her. At
first the going was very hard. Cameron put up an enormous amount
of resistance but the super hard member pushed its way slowly past her
defiant vaginal muscles at it sent waves of wild, uncontrollable
sensations through Cameron’s bare body. Cameron’s screams were
absolutely deafening as Tom moved his way deeper. She was so tight,
so tender, so sensitive. He looked down and watched as his foot long
organ pushed its way, like a piston, toward its target, sinking deeper and
deeper into her tiny pussy.


Cameron’s hips thrust about wildly as his penis continued its agonizing
journey. Every inch was a battle, every millimeter another erotic wave of
dominating pleasure and pain. Her vagina lubricated like a broken faucet
as the organ made its way toward her womb, disappearing bit by bit
inside the fiery actress.

“UUUUGHH! pleeeeeease get it out !!!! ” Cameron shouted as desperation flew
through her mind.

She then began to pant an moan deeply as his hips finally pressed
against hers and he slid is buttocks down into her lap. He had finally
penetrated her all the way and now lay over her, his hips slowly pumping
his huge organ in and out of her bound, defenseless body as she
wiggled slowly under his ominous form.

Kit and Tabby were capturing all this with their cameras and Chuck was looking
on contently.

“UUGH! God this bitch is tight… so… fucking… TIGHT!.” he gasped
cringing his eyes as the actress’s vagina squeezed down hard on his
member. “God, she’s so… ugghghn!”

Cameron pushed her hips around as she clamped her muscles in a
vain attempt at slowing Tom’s progress. This was a sad mistake,
however, as the added tightness only served to heighten the man’s
already excited state. Like an animal, he began to heavily bang Cameron,
pushing his cock in and out of her with increasing frequency and





Moaning with each violent thrust, the wave of sexual excitement
began to build deep inside her. As her body was pounded by this huge
man, Chuck leaned in and began again to suck and massage her
tits. Compared to Tom, he was much more ferocious, groping and
squeezing her relentlessly as his mouth sucked hard and deep on her
delicate breasts.

Faster and faster Tom pumped. Cameron’s body was slamming about
violently now as the porn star continued to quicken his pace.
It began to sink in to Cameron,she was being raped,viciously raped.
Raped against her will and captured on film. Thousands were going to
be witness to Cameron’s debasement.

“Fuck her HARDER! Bang HER!” coaxed Tabby as he cheered his buddy on.

“You fucking BITCH!” screamed Tom as he forcefully slammed his
way harder and deeper into her. Cameron continued to pant and scream in
sexual agony and fear as his thrusts drove her higher and higher. His
cock was so huge, she was so helpless. Together, the sensations sent
her spiraling upward as the relentless pumping continued.

Then, the actress’s hips exploded upward, tightening with every
muscle in her body. At this point, Tom began thrusting inward, twisting
his pelvis around and forcing his pelvis bone against her surging clitoris
as he devilishly sent incredible waves of sensations shooting through
her. Her teeth gritted. Her breathing stopped. Her eyes clenched shut as
the climatic wave built inside her. Its pressure grew, expanding past her
will, past her control. She was like an ant at the foot of a huge tsunami.
So weak, so powerless. Every nerve, every muscle began to explode
with excitement. Then…


Cameron’s scream was that of utter sexual domination. Like the death
throws of some wild animal, Cameron bucked and thrust about horribly as
the overpowering climax sent her spiraling down in defeat. At that
moment, Tom grabbed the girl’s ripe ass and squeezed it hard as he
tightened his body. Gritting and hissing he shook and thrust as his
climax overwhelmed him.


Tom screamed as he exploded inside his victim. His pelvis continued
to pump away slow and deep as he discharged heavily inside the young
celebrity. Cameron was now panting and moaning loudly as the first rape
tore her mind and body apart. Her rest was only momentary, however,
as Chuck’s words shattered her serenity and made her freeze in shock.
“Its my turn now.” he said as he let Tom slowly retract his soaking
penis and he moved into place.

Cameron’s rape continued for another two hours, all the four men
took turns in raping her. The next day Cameron was dropped in the backyard
of her house. They had threatened her that if she said a word this to anybody,
they would release the video on the internet.

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