Celebrate Good times

This is purely fiction and does not depict the sexualities of those involved.

‘Are you okay now?!’ Geri asked as they sat in Cheryl’s living room, sipping tea

‘I think so!’ Cheryl laughed, though not feeling completely sure, as she tried to get her head around what Geri had just told her

She had been told she had beat thousands of people, to make it into the final 10 in the quest to make it into a five piece girl band

She would spend the next few months in a secluded house with 9 other girls, while the nation decided who would fill the band

She wasn’t that confident, but secretly
hope that she would be one of the lucky ones to make it

If she did, her life would change, and probably the people who surrounded her

Still, she had gotten this far, who knows, she may make it all the way

That was over an hour ago, and Geri was still here, chatting to her as she came back to reality

The event was surreal, her mind still whirled with all the possibilities that would present itself to her, if she did actually make it

They were alone, as the camera man and crew had left thirty minutes ago, having filmed the news

The tension in the room was slowly fading, as Cheryl and Geri sat there, talking as if they were old friends

Putting her cup on the table, Geri turned herself around so that she was facing Cheryl square on

‘You know I’ve told you this countless times, but you really are stunning’ she told Cheryl

Cheryl smiled, her face lighting up, making her more appealing to Geri

Geri put a hand on her knee, her eyes never leaving Cheryl’s face, as she waited for a reaction

Cheryl shifted uncomfortably, but she didn’t object when Geri’s hand moved up her leg

Sensing her discomfort, although pleased she wasn’t putting up a fight, Geri took the cup from Cheryl, placing it on the table next to hers

She leaned in closer to the young girl, taking in her beauty, before planting a gentle kiss on her soft lips

Cheryl didn’t know how to respond at first, not sure how she wanted this to play out.

Part of her enjoyed the kiss, but part of her held back as she felt the touch of another woman

There was something about the way Geri’s lips felt on hers, that made her suddenly desire her.

Her lips were softer than a man’s, her touch mild and more sensual.

She soon found herself kissing her back with equal enthusiasm, her body tingling with excitement.

The two lip locked for several minutes, embracing one another in heated passion

Cheryl didn’t object, when Geri put a hand to her breast, squeezing it lightly

Her fingers grazed her nipple, making Cheryl jump

Within seconds, it was hard, and Geri took it between her thumb and forefinger, pinching it gently

Before Cheryl knew what was happening, Geri had her hand up her top, searching frantically for the mound hidden beneath a thin layer of material

Cheryl was about to protest, but changed her mind, as Geri fumbled for her breast finally locating it, cupping it gently

Cheryl sighed into her mouth, feeling herself relent, as waves of forbidden pleasure ran through her

She had to admit, Geri’s advances on her felt good, and she was eager to find out what would happen next

Geri severed all contact, pulling Cheryl’s top off, lifting it over her head. Cheryl lifted her arms, allowing the top to come off. Geri tossed it to the floor, leaning in to kiss Cheryl once again

The kiss was more passionate than before, and now Cheryl knew she wanted this, wanted to be shown the ways of female lovemaking

She was aware that Geri had experimented before, even suspecting that she had tried it with her band mates in the Spice Girls days, especially since Mel B was now ‘out’ as a fully fledged lesbian

But that didn’t bother Cheryl, who was open minded anyway.

She didn’t care if people were gay, straight, lesbian or bisexual, as long as they were happy.

Although she never thought about trying it herself, since she was happy with men

It never appealed to her to want to cross that line between heterosexuality and homosexuality

But here the opportunity presented itself, and here she was, ready to take it, not sure whether she actually should. Maybe today would be the day she would cross that line.

Geri brought her mouth to Cheryl’s breast, her hot breath was on her skin, making her tingle

Geri’s tongue was suddenly on her nipples, bringing her out of her reverie

Cheryl looked down at the older woman, watching eagerly as she brought her nipple to full arousal

Geri’s touch felt amazing on her, and she shut her eyes, letting her mind drift off, taking her to new levels of pleasure. Geri moved to the other breast, doing the same as before.

But Cheryl was already drawn in, surrendering herself to the pleasures of another woman

Like it or not, she was going in!

Geri moved down to her belly, kissing the soft warm flesh under her breasts.

She pushed Cheryl back on to the sofa, giving her better access to her gorgeous body

Cheryl shifted to accommodate her, letting her kiss and caress a body that hadn’t been satisfied in so long

That was part of the reason why she wanted this, she needed someone to touch her, to fulfil her in ways she could only dream off

She wasn’t however, expecting it to be Geri Halliwell, or any woman for that matter!

Cheryl opened her legs, as Geri fumbled for the buttons on her jeans.

Releasing the catch, Geri slid the jeans over Cheryl’s chunky thighs, gasping as something caught her eye

Cheryl smiled, ‘You like?!’ she said, pointing to the massive tattoo on her thigh

‘Oh, very much’ Geri said, kissing it, following it as it went round her leg

Cheryl could sense the lust in her as she spoke, she knew she wanted her badly.

Cheryl was starting to feel that way about Geri herself

Geri slid the jeans the rest of the way down her legs, following it with kisses as she went down.

Sliding it past her feet, she discarded it, kissing her way back up Cheryl’s legs, turning her over slightly so she could kiss the back of her knees.

Cheryl sighed as Geri caressed her, giving her pleasures she had never felt before

Geri was an obvious expert, knowing exactly where to touch her, and how

Geri moved back up Cheryl’s legs, kissing the inside of her thighs, avoiding her pleasure centre altogether

Cheryl was frantic, she was so hot for this woman now, and she desperately wanted to make womanly love to her

She shifted her body, trying to get Geri to touch the centre, but Geri was having none of it, continuing her journey around Cheryl’s legs

It took all Cheryl could muster, not to cry out in annoyance, as she begged for her to please her

Finally sensing her need, Geri moved in slowly, burying her head between the sacred valley between Cheryl’s legs

Cheryl let put a loud groan, as Geri finally landed, her hot breath on her waiting pussy, adding to the heat

The world came crashing down around her, as Geri teased her pussy over the damp material of her thongs, making her lips swell in anticipation

Looking up at Cheryl, Geri gingerly pulled away the waistband of her thongs, exposing her delicious snatch, covered by soft wispy hairs

She kissed the hairy mound, her soft lips leaving Cheryl burning with desire, and yearning for more.

Geri pulled her thongs down, fully exposing her heaven.

Immediately, she plunged right in, sliding her tongue over Cheryl’s puffy lips, making Cheryl groan in pleasure

Her tongue found Cheryl’s clit, lapping at the rosebud, like a cat lapping up cream

Each move made Cheryl cry out, filling the quiet room

She worked on Cheryl’s clit for several minutes, Cheryl bucking her hips, meeting every one of Geri’s moves, succumbing to ecstasy

Releasing Cheryl’s clit, Geri moved down Cheryl’s snatch, already enjoying her taste

She delved her tongue deep into the folds of her delicious snatch, searching for her hole

She found it, poking her tongue inside, making Cheryl jump in surprise

She tongue fucked her new lover, never relenting as she brought Cheryl to ecstasy

Geri felt Cheryl’s body tense, and knew she was about to release.

She continued her work, as Cheryl succumbed to orgasm, filling Geri’s mouth with her honey

Geri lapped it up, hungry for the taste of her new lover

Cheryl climaxed again, her body convulsing as she let euphoria wash over her

Geri was turning out to be the perfect lover, better than she had ever known, and she couldn’t wait to find out what else was in store for her……………

Cheryl didn’t have to wait long, as Geri moved up her body, pushing herself onto her.

Geri lifted her top, exposing her voluptuous breasts.

Cheryl sighed, as Geri’s skin came into contact with hers, making her tingle

Geri moved up, so that her breasts were on Cheryl’s. She rocked on top of her, the juicy mounds gliding over Cheryl’s equally large ones

Their groins met, and as they moved, Cheryl felt herself in the arms of arousal once more

Their pussies were on fire, their groins thrashed together in perfect harmony.

Geri’s mouth found Cheryl’s, and they embraced passionately, tongues darting excitedly between hot mouths.

Geri placed a hand between them, fumbling for the buttons of her jeans, releasing her burning pussy from it’s confines

Cheryl knew it wouldn’t be long before she reached orgasm again, and doubled her speed, bringing the orgasm ever closer. She cried out as it enveloped her, taking her to ecstatic heights

Geri wasn’t far behind, groaning into Cheryl’s mouth as she reached her own heaven. The two women bucked wildly, lost in rapture.

Geri dismounted her, and they left the room, heading for Cheryl’s bedroom, leaving everything as it was.

As soon as they reached the room, they were all over each other again, hands all over one another, as they explored their bodies.

Cheryl pushed Geri on to the bed, climbing on top of her, straddling her hips.

She removed the remaining garments, her hands touching her all over.

Cheryl leaned over, positioning herself so her breasts were over Geri’s, and she rubbed them over hers, shuddering as Geri’s nipples brushed against her own.

Her mouth followed, and she took one, then the other, in her mouth, sucking on it gently, bringing Geri’s nipples to full hardness. She kissed between the valley of her mountains, licking the soft skin avidly.

Cheryl emerged, kissing Geri’s body up to her neck, and then face, planting one on her lips. They embraced again, tongues locking, their juices mixing. Cheryl broke it off, sitting up.

Her hands caressed Geri’s neck and chest, finally landing back on her breast, and she kneaded them again. Geri put her hands over Cheryl’s, guiding her across her chest.

Geri spoke softly; ‘I think it’s time you tasted a bit of female honey’

Cheryl didn’t object, right now, she was hot for her, and she was willing to try just about anything.

Moving down, she kissed Geri’s body, moving across her stomach and naval, then down to the heaven below.

She gingerly kissed the inside of Geri’s thighs, savouring the taste of her. She moved in between the valley of her legs, closing in on her prize.

Flicking her tongue across Geri’s clit, she felt Geri jump, and did it again. She repeated the move several times, Geri shuddering at each one.

Cheryl sped up her movements, now used to the taste of her new lover. Geri bucked her hips, grinding to Cheryl’s wonderful movements on her. This encouraged Cheryl even more, and she continued.

Her fingers found Geri’s wet hole, and she inserted two, then three into her, pulling in at out at incredible speed, making Geri buck faster.

She cried out, as she reached orgasm, sending a flood of her honey on Cheryl’s fingers

Cheryl continued to pump, bringing Geri’s climax to a delicious, but unfortunate end.

But there was no stopping Cheryl, as she brought Geri to another climax, sending her over the edge

Her body convulsed, and she left the bed. Grabbing on to the sheets, she climaxed for a third and final time, crying out in ecstasy.

Cheryl immediately dived in between Geri’s legs, burying her face into Geri’s snatch, as she lapped up her cream hungrily

Some of it escaped between the crack of her arse, and she put a tongue to it, trying to catch the remaining drops

Kissing her way back up Geri’s body, she collapsed on top of her, her head resting on Geri’s chest.

She had enjoyed the experience of girl on girl much, that she was willing to try it again.

Lucky for her, over the next coming months, she would be surrounded by girls……..and she couldn’t wait!

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