Celebrating Suicide Squad

Title: Celebrating Suicide Squad

Author: The Chemist

Celebs:  Cara Delevingne, Margot Robbie

Codes: FF, oral, rim, squirt

Summary:  Cara Delevingne gets the role of Enchantress in Suicide Squad. Calls Margot Robbie to have a celebratory dinner and get to know her better. Is so smitten that she seduces her at dinner.

Disclaimer:  This is an act of fiction. I do not know Cara Delevingne or Margot Robbie at all and this scenario did not actually occur. I make no money from this story.


“Matthew, give me some good news,” Cara Delevingne spoke into the phone.

“Well…you got it! You got Suicide Squad,” her agent practically shouted.

“Fucking fuck! This is unbelievable,” the model celebrated. “Thank you so much Matthew!”

“Go have fun tonight with this good news,” the agent told her. “Just not too much fun or else your publicist will have an aneurysm.”

Cara felt like screaming from the rafters with excitement. She had barely just began her acting career, trying to transition from being a successful runway model, and now she landed one of the most anticipated movies in one of the biggest franchises in entertainment. She no doubt believed her good looks and millions of social media followers had something, if not everything to do with it, but that wouldn’t stop her from being overjoyed.

The British model allowed herself to bask in the good news by herself for a short period before she needed to tell people. Her manager and publicist would take care of telling the public, so she could focus of friends and family that were important. Her parents came to mind first, back in England, especially since she didn’t have a girlfriend currently.

However, before she could dial the number to her childhood home, her phone was ringing once more. Fishing it out of her purse, the Brit looked at the oversized screen and saw that it was a private number that was trying to contact her. Curious who it would be, she answered.


“Hi Cara, this is Margot Robbie. Your new co-star in Suicide Squad! Congrats love,” the Aussie actress said excitedly.

“Thank you so much,” the model-turned-actress replied. “I literally just found out moments ago. I still haven’t even processed.”

“Well I’m sure you have things to do today like sign the contract and make a bunch of calls, but if you are free tonight then why don’t we go out to dinner. You know, to celebrate getting to spend the next 6 months together,” Margot asked.

“I didn’t have an concrete plans tonight so let’s do it,” Cara replied.

“Great! How do you like French food?”

“Little arrogant but tastes divine,” the model replied, showing off her quirky sense of humor. “Is 8pm okay?”

“I’ll call up Rafael’s and get us a table in the back,” the blonde Aussie added before the two hung up.

*          *          *

Cara had a lot to do before dinner that evening with her newest co-star. She had calls to make, interviews to give and a meeting with her managing team, which sounded about as fun as it actually was. Before she knew it was time to go to the restaurant, with barely any time to shower before hand.

Despite not running late, the model was still second to arrive. The hostess escorted the gorgeous Brit through the restaurant to the back area where there was more privacy than she would thought possible inside a restaurant. After a few twists she was shown a table with only one extremely beautiful woman at it, who she recognized instantly.

“Cara! So happy you could make it,” Margot Robbie greeted, standing to give her Suicide Squad cast member a hug.

“Friendly, aren’t you,” the model smiled as their breasts pressed against each other.

The pair had instant chemistry, falling into endless conversation as they laughed and drank and ate together. And Cara, who was mostly a lesbian though was more fluid in her sexuality than anything, could even detect some subtle flirtation coming from the Aussie. The model turned actress couldn’t remember reading anything in the tabloids about Margot swinging her way, but it was an intriguing option that was making her tingle between the legs.

“That was really good, wasn’t it,” Margot Robbie asked her friend.

“It really was,” Cara Delevingne replied, throwing her servette onto her finished plate.

“Would the ladies like dessert or coffee maybe,” the French-accented waiter asked as he cleared the table.

“No thank you,” Margot answered. “Early day tomorrow filming tomorrow so just the cheque please.”

“I’m not sure I told you this Margot, but my word you are beautiful,” Cara told her new co-star, placing her hand on the other girl’s knee. “I mean you are kind and pretty and have an amazing body.”

Margot was aware that the model was starting to lightly rub up from her knee towards her thigh where there was lots of skin given the shortness of her dress. She thought that maybe the Brit was just more hands-on until she looked up into Cara’s eyes and saw a look that portrayed pure desire.

“Thank you,” the blonde replied, grabbing Cara’s hand tenderly and moving it back to her knee. “You are a beautiful woman as well, obviously.”

“Do you know my character in the movie,” Cara asked, ignoring the other girl’s attempt to stop her rubbing. “Witch isn’t the right magical designation. She’s more part-magic user, part succubus. A sex demon in woman form who just wants to fuck her way through any and everyone.”

“Cara…seriously. Keep it under control,” Margot told her co-star, pushing the hand creeping up her thigh away. “We’re in public.”

“Margot, I start tomorrow playing a succubus and I need to get into character. Lo and behold a gorgeous woman called me up out of the blue and asked to go to dinner,” Cara explained, her hand going back to her date’s exposed knee.

Margot didn’t know why she let the other girl continue to stroke up her leg, along her inner thigh. It had been a little while since she had gotten any, the unfortunate result of working on three separate continents on back-to-back-to-back movies. She wasn’t a lesbian either though she had experimented with her sexually as recent as last year.

Cara humored her co-star’s request since she was getting a little loud, but more importantly because she had already moved on to her next tactic. She remembered during their auditions that Margot was hot, but also receptive to her flirtations even back then. So the model was going to see this through even if it ended in rejection.

“Oops,” Cara said mockingly as she dropped Margot’s servette to the floor. “Excuse me.”

The model flashed her new co-star a devious smile before she lowered herself off her chair and to the ground below. Margot gave a panicked look around the French restaurant but the combination of their secluded table and Cara being blocked by the tablecloth made it so that no one even glanced their way.

“Don’t,” Margot begged but it was too late.

Cara was like a bloodhound who had caught the scent and in this case it was a horny lesbian who was zeroing in the beautiful Aussie’s pussy. Margot had an eye on the fellow patrons of the restaurant and another on Cara as the Brit placed a hand on either of Margot’s thighs and tried pushing them apart as she moved her head up under her dress.

“Get up, seriously,” the Aussie demanded.

For all of Margot’s words, her body was doing little to back her up. In fact, she was responding physically in counterproductive way. Her words may have been pushing Cara away but as the model tried to get her face between Margot’s thighs, the blonde was actually parting her legs for her.

“God you smell yummy,” the lesbian said from her knees.

With Margot’s help, Cara had succeeded in getting close enough that she could stick her tongue out and lick over the blonde’s pussy through her panties. Despite her orders to get away, Margot was already wet and Cara was now able to taste her. The feel of the tongue against her snatch made the blonde shuddered silently.

“Compliments of the chef,” the waiter said as he placed down two small plates holding cheesecake. “He insisted.”

“Ummm…mhmmm…could you tell us where the little girl’s room is,” Margot asked, doing her best to stop any moans from escaping as the lesbian between her thighs got to work with her tongue.

The waiter set the plates down, seemingly to have noticed Cara on her knees trying to eat out Margot, then pointed down the corridor to the corner in the back of the building. The blonde watched him leave before she reached down and tried to pull Cara out of her lap. Her initial try didn’t work so the Aussie wrapped her hand in the model’s hair and gave it a sharp pull upwards, which did the trick.

“Ughh! So that’s how you like to play,” Cara asked with a hungry look in her eyes.

“Come on. Get your crazy ass to the washroom,” Margot said rushed.

The moment they pushed through the washroom door Cara flipped Margot around to face her before forcing her back against the wall. The model had her lips on hers moments later, kissing her passionately without care that she didn’t look around or bother locking the door. The random woman at the sink finished rinsing the soap off before leaving quickly with hands still dripping wet.

Cara had put her model-esque height to good use as she made herself tall in order to dominate the blonde girl. She was actually only 2 inches taller than Margot but that didn’t matter as she lowered her face down to kiss the actress deeply, introducing her tongue into the fray as well.

“Mhmm…great tits,” Cara complimented as she kneaded Margot’s breasts through her dress.

As she spoke Cara moved her mouth down to the other girl’s neck, kissing her sensitive skin while wedging one of her amazingly long legs between Margot’s thighs. The Aussie seemed more taken aback than enthralled in the encounter but Cara had a plan for that. Her upper leg was now in contact with Margot’s cunt from under her dress and she started to rub it while kissing her way back to her lips.

It did the trick like the fictional Enchantress had hoped. Now as the two actresses kissed Margot was like a different person, returning the volley of lip smacks and tongue slapping with a barrage of her own. Cara still kept rubbing her snatch with her leg but that was temporarily paused as Margot reached down, lifted Cara’s dress onto the small of her back and began groping her bare ass cheeks.

“No knickers. You naughty girl,” the Aussie said with a raised eyebrow.

“I always knew how this dinner would end so why bother with panties,” Cara replied before leaning back in to press lips against the other girl’s.

Cara didn’t have the widest hips given how narrow her hips were, but her backside was impressive none-the-less. It was a perfect heart-shape and had a great bubbly appearance, which Margot could now attest too. And to top it off she had adorable little dimples on her low back and long, perfect legs extending down.

The model knew that Margot was hooked into this lesbian tryst, but she wanted her reeled in so there was no backing out. Using her long legs to her advantage, Cara really started to friction it against the other girl’s pussy through her panties. She felt fingers dig in even harder against the soft flesh of her ass and felt Margot’s tongue vibrate against her’s as she moaned.

“I wanna taste you,” Margot said.

Cara barely had time to soak in her achievement of turning the straight girl into her lesbian plaything as Margot brought hands from ass to her shoulders and spun her around. Instead of leaning against the Aussie as she was trapped between her and the wall, Margot now had Cara pinned against the edge of the solo bathroom stall.

“Then get on your knees and eat me out,” the bossy model insisted.

Margot gave her one last seductive look and a kiss before she started to squat down to the relatively clean floor. However, as she was descending, Cara took back the upper hand and spun them around so it was the blonde pinned once more. The model held her short dress up to expose her completely bald pussy, which instantly caused Margot to lick her lips in anticipation.

“I haven’t done this since college,” Margot said more to herself.

They were eager words if anything and the presence of Cara’s pierced clitoris made her all the more excited. Now having a target, the blonde reached out with her tongue and instantly flicked the piercing not once, twice but thrice, each time causing a shiver from the lesbian above her.

Cara thought that her co-star was having a good start but wanted to give her better access to her sex. Balancing on one foot, no mean feat given she was still in high heels, the model turned actress lifted her other long limb onto Margot’s shoulder. The move worked perfectly as the Aussie took advantage of her new lease and used her tongue to drive deep into Cara’s damp box.

“Oohh,” Cara moaned as she grinded her pussy onto Margot’s face, getting her lips, nose and cheeks wet in her juices.

If this was Margot out of practice then Cara was really looking forward to turning up for work on Suicide Squad each and every day. Even rusty, the blonde was an amazing pussy licker as she was putting on a fine display. Eager enough to dig her tongue deep within Cara’s snatch, Margot wasn’t a one trick pony by any stretch as she would pull out and slowly lick up her slit to give her clit and piercing a little suck.

The constant changing of techniques had Cara extremely horny and pushing steadily towards her orgasm. The model didn’t know if it was her last few lovers being inadequate or if Margot was really that good, but either way she wasn’t going to complain. She could also feel the Aussie loosening up with each and every lick, getting more comfortable to giving into her lesbian tendencies, which bode well for their long scheduled shooting time on the comic book movie.

“You gonna cum for me,” Margot asked, working two fingers into Cara’s pussy. “Cream all over my tongue like a little whore.”

As Margot continued to eat her out with precision and skill, Cara couldn’t help but have the feeling that she wanted to strap-on fuck the Aussie. In fact, it was more than a desire, it was a longing and Cara would definitely make that happen. It would be as a thank you for her expert job of munching her downtown, while also serving to get Cara off.

Back to the matter at hand, Margot was actually rather correct in her assessment of how far along the model was. Cara would have embarrassed that an out of practice lesbian was able to get her off so quickly, but the sheer amount of pleasure she was feeling distracted her from that thought.

However, Margot was obviously confident in what she was doing to start playing with the more experienced lesbian. Rather than pump fingers against her G-spot and lick her clit to get her off quickly, the blonde did the opposite. She pulled her digits from the sopping furnace that was Cara’s pussy so that she could do a long slow lick from the bottom of her cunt to the top, ending with a rapid succession of flicks at her piercing once more.

“More! Please Margot! So close…need it…want it,” the model screamed into the empty washroom.

Margot loved that she just made the uber-sexual creature literally beg her to get her off and that gave her a renewed sense of purpose. Figuring that they would have lots more opportunity to play between scenes on their new movie, plus in more private quarters, Margot agreed that haste was the most sensible option.

Having decided to be generous, Margot made her will into fact. From her kneeling position she didn’t have as much freedom of movement as if she was laying down but she made the best of it. Making her tongue into a stiff point, she used it to fuck the leggy model, spearing her wet hole repeatedly while her nose rubbing against Cara’s clit, mainly due to Cara grinding her sex onto the kneeling actress’ face.

“Oh God! Oh my God! Yes, yes, yesssssss,” Cara screamed as she came like a freight train.

Cara loved to orgasm, after all who didn’t, but nothing could quite compare to cumming in another girl’s mouth and all over her face, just like she had just done to her new co-star. She was surprised with how badly she actually needed to cum, & how quickly and on demand the talented Margot made it happen.

As she received a mouthful of Cara’s juices, Margot remembered back to her college days and just how much she loved swallowing cum. At first it embarrassed her and she never admitted it to anyone, but it didn’t change the fact she loved the taste of the gush of fluid as it bathed her tongue. As she swallowed her cum she thought about making Cara cum again then realized she was eating her out in an unlocked women’s restroom in a restaurant so begrudging got to her feet instead.

“Mhmm,” Margot cooed.

The blonde pulled her face away from her date’s crotch, but couldn’t help herself by giving her snatch one last lick with her tongue. Sensing she was on her way back to her feet, Cara helped her out by removing her leg from her shoulder and clutching Margot’s jaw tenderly in her hand.

Margot stood back up, and with Cara’s hand on her jaw was drawn in her a kiss which she was more than happy to return right away. Both women slapped their tongues against each other, Cara trying to get her taste from Margot and the blonde more than happy to share the remaining juices from her mouth.

“In here,” Cara said.

Margot allowed the taller girl to move her as she willed, this time guiding her into the stall of the bathroom and closing it behind her. Cara once again maintained her dominance against the blonde, not that she cared at all, more than happy to play the submissive with the model. Margot may have been a few olders, but she got the sense that Cara had much more experience with crazy sex.

The Aussie felt Cara’s hands travel down from her face, giving her perky tits a good squeeze before roaming lower, over her tight tummy and finally to her skirt’s hem. Margot thought she was going to feel a hand in her panties but instead Cara broke their kiss so she could haul her expensive dress off her body and drape it over the stall’s wall.

“Careful with that, it’s a…”

Margot didn’t have a chance to finish her comment as she was spun around so her back was to Cara. However, what really shut her up was the smack of the model’s hand on her bare ass. She repeated the feat once more, this time to the other cheek before hastily whipping down the Aussie’s panties, rendering her completely nude, bent over with arms straight out and resting on the seat of the toilet.

Cara was known for a few things to her lovers. She was a little crazy sexually, liking things kinky and being extremely open-minded. Another thing she was known for, in which Margot was about to find out, was that she loved bums. She loved looking at the crinkled little starfish, touching the sensitive button and feeling it pulse against her fingers, the way it tasted and the way it felt against her wet muscle, which she did right then.

“Oh…wow,” Margot moaned, feeling the wet appendage against her asshole.

Cara had no idea if her date was into ass play, but she didn’t care about that right now either. In her opinion, everyone was likely into having their asshole tossed, especially when done well and Cara knew for a fact she did it extremely well. She hadn’t planned on going right of it but before she knew it her tongue was licking Margot’s now exposed asshole, the crinkled starfish too tempting to not do something about. As soon as her tongue pressed against the tight hole, it winked in response so Cara followed up her initial lick with several more, getting more of her taste on her buds.

“You like having your adorable ass eaten out,” the model asked between swipes of her tongue against the constricted hole.

Margot responded by letting loose a torrent of moans and grunts into the empty washroom without regard if anyone outside heard her due to the amazing work of the girl giving her the best rimjob of her life. Completely lost in the embrace of the sexy model-turned-actress, Margot allowed Cara to use her however they wished.

Feeling all the tenseness leave her muscles, not that Margot had much in the first place, Cara kept eating out her asshole but didn’t neglect her pussy either. While her talented tongue worked it’s magic on her rear entry, she brought her fingers between Margot’s thighs and had 2 fingers buried in her snatch moments later. She pumped them a handful of times but her real objective was to grind her tips inwards to find the blonde’s G-spot, knowing she hit her mark by the sharp cries of bliss. Repeated, Cara plunged back into her pink depths, hitting the spot all while twirling her tongue in tight circles over the sealed rosebud.

“Feels…mhmmm…so good…awwhh,” Margot grunted in satisfaction.

Margot truthfully had no chance of avoiding Cara’s seduction, just like any man or woman for whom the model sight her enchanting eyes on. Her combination of pure sexiness, and confidence made Cara a tough if not impossible task of declining once she started making her sexual advances, even if the target wasn’t a lesbian. So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that their dinner ended with the model’s tongue in her bum.

“God! I could munch on your cute bum all night,” Cara told her date.

“Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop,” Margot screamed her encouragement.

If the blonde thought she was in bliss before then she was positively transcendent at this point with the practiced lesbian working over all her most sensitive zones. Cara behind her eating out her ass, something she had yet to have done to her and was finding it to be oddly sensual, combined with the wonderful work finger-fucking her pussy.

Of course Cara wasn’t getting neglectful with her skilled mouth either. Instead, the leggy actress had gotten her tongue right into her arse, wagging the wet muscle at her entrance before using her free hand to pull one of her cheeks aside to help her cram more inside. Margot was going absolutely wild at the thought of how much she enjoyed the other girl cleaning her asshole, with her wet tongue gliding skillful over the smooth lining of her dirty hole.

“You know what? I’m gonna make you feel something special tonight,” the cocky model announced to her date.

Margot figured that the the leggy girl meant making her orgasm during a lesbian experience, which would make sense. However, Cara’s fingers started to pump into her twat faster and faster with her hand an absolute blur. She felt her orgasm building, but it had more weight behind it, almost like a deep pressure was smoldering in her loins.

“Yes! Close…almost,” Margot moaned. “Make me cum! Please!”

Two fingers continued their relentless assault on the fellow Suicide Squad star’s pussy as to get more speed Cara had removed her tongue from her butthole. The leggy model was a veteran of hundreds of lesbian trysts and knew full well what she was doing and her handiwork was on full display now. As her fingers curled continuously to hit Margot’s G-spot, she used her arm to also drag forward, causing her palm to always be rubbing her clit.

“Fuck…gonna cum…gonna…cum,” Margot said, eyes closed shut, mouth gaped.

“Do it! Cum baby,” Cara prompted, muscles throughout her body tensing in preparation.


Cara was a relentless beast until she heard that last cry from the Aussie, who had lost all pretenses of being quiet as they fucked in the very public restaurant washroom. Though Cara had could only hope her date would be a squirter, her prayers were answered, which surprised Margot to no end. As the blonde’s orgasm first arrived, she found herself squirting her fluid from her pussy onto the floor and into the toilet bowl that Cara had her bent over.

The leggy model waited until she was sure the gorgeous Margot Robbie was completely finished before moving. First she straightened her fingers then slid them out of her still tight pussy, her vice-like grip making Cara jealous of men and how much pleasure they’d derived from it. With her fingers now free, she whipped her hand downward to the puddle under the Aussie’s cunt and allowed the juices to drip from her hand to make the puddle grow.

“Good girl,” Cara told her, stroking her tired looking face.

“My God…I did that. I…I squirted,” the blonde realized, knowing what it was but having never done the action prior. “Didn’t know I could.”

“You are indeed,” Cara said, licking her fingers clean of the lady cum still coating them. “Oh so sweetly in fact.”

“I made a lot of noise, didn’t I?”

“Screamed like a first time mother giving birth,” the model answered.

“Let’s get out of here quickly then,” Margot said, cheeks going red.

“Great. My flat is nearby,” Cara replied, already fixing her hair and clothing.

“Oh,” the blonde said, not realizing that this would be more than a one-time thing. With Cara’s enchanting eyes on her, she knew she needed an answer. “Sure…let’s do it.”

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