Celebrities In The Land Of Fakes – Volume 1: Amy Lee Keeps Her Fans Happy

Celebrities In The Land Of Fakes
Volume 1: Amy Lee Keeps Her Fans Happy

Disclaimer: The events you are about to read about do not necessarilly reflect the real life practices or habits of the celebrity featured. In fact, they probably don’t, but one can dream. This story features graphic sexual content that should not be read by anybody under 18. If reading about sexual activity isn’t your cup of tea then… Well its obvious what this entire website is about so maybe you should go play somewhere else.

This is going to be the first in a series of short stories based completely on faked
celebrity pics on the web. Let me know what you think at Tag1702@InMail24.com.

Amy Lee (Lead Singer of Evanecense)
MMF (Oral)

Amy found herself stairing at her dressing room door, her anticipation and arousal growing with every passing moment. The twenty-five year-old superstar turned to check her reflection in the mirror one last time, knowing they would be here any minute. She looked hot. Her long black hair fell loosely over the shoulders of her black mesh top. A little extra dark red lipstick offered a sharp contrast to her artificially pale skin, and her emerald eyes gleamed with just a hint of the arousal she was feeling. Beneath the mesh top Amy wore nothing, offering an almost unobstructed view of her firm breasts and bright pink nipples. The slight chill of the air conditioned room against the thin sheen of sweat over her skin was making her nipples harden already. It had been one hell of a show tonight and, like she was after almost every show, Amy Lee was extremely horny. She couldn’t help it. All of those eyes on her, and the adrenaline rush drove her crazy. Her mid section was covered by a short black mini skirt, and sheer black stalkings traveled down the length of her legs, ending in a pair of black high heels.

This was not Amy Lee, lead singer of Evanecense. This was not the dark goth girl her fans had come to know and love. This was a completely different Amy Lee. A persona that she had worked so hard to keep a secret. This was Amy Lee the slut. As ashamed as she was, she couldn’t stop herself. She thought briefly about her husband Josh, and how he’d probably leave her if he found out. She told herself it wasn’t cheating if she didn’t go all the way, but doubted he would see it that way.

A light rapping on the door startled her. She turned, smoothed out what little she was wearing, and prepared to begin what had practically become a ritual for her.

“Who is it?” she asked, taking a sip from the glass of wine on the counter.

“Its me Amy,” she heard a man reply. She recognized the voice of Scott. She couldn’t remember exactly what his job title was, but knew why he was here now.

“Come on in Scott,” she said, moving to sit down on her couch, legs crossed, wine in hand.

The door opened and Scott walked in, followed closely by two young men who probably weren’t even twenty. She raised an eyebrow. Scott had done well. Amy liked young Dick.

“This,” he said, gesturing to the man on his left, “Is Adam and this,” he pointed to the other man, “is Steve.” He paused, something akin to contempt briefly crossing his face. “They’ve both signed the nondisclosure agreement, so I’ll leave you to it.” With that, he turned, leaving the singer alone with the two young men. As her eyes traveled up and down their bodies, she felt her pussy starting to get wet. Yes, Scott had done very well.

Adam looked to be the younger of the two. He had short blond hair, cobalt eyes and what looked like a lean frame hidden beneath a loose blue T-shirt and baggy denim jeans. She thought she could see the hint of a bulge forming in the crotch. It practically made her mouth water.

Steve looked a little older. He had short black hair, brown eyes and an obviously muscular body. She could definitely see his erection growing. Both of their eyes were glued to her nearly naked chest.

Taking one last sip, she stood up, watching as their eyes followed her breasts. “You like what you see?” she asked, setting the wine glass down and walking slowly over to them. They were speechless. Probably they found it hard to believe that they were watching a half-naked Amy Lee walk over to them “So,” she asked, standing between them, “are you just gonna stand there, or should we have some fun?” She ran a hand around Adam’s back and started caressing his neck with her lips as her other hand reached for Steve’s crotch, gently squeezing his erection over the denim jeans.

It wasn’t long before she felt a sudden chill as Steve’s lips began to nibble on her neck. She was glad that neither one of them seemed the talkative sort. She certainly wasn’t interested in getting to know them.

The embrace continued as she felt one of Adam’s hands slide down to cup her ass, the other one sliding over her breasts. “Mmm,” she purred as she slid her hand beneath the rim of Steve’s jeans, taking his warm, throbbing member in her hand and squeezing it gently. Amy felt his breath quicken against her ear. “Mmm.”

Finally she pulled away, taking each of them by the hand and leading them to the couch where she had them sit. She straddled Adam first, kissing him passionately as she began to grind her pussy against his jeans. She cold feel his erection growing as she started to grind harder. Damn she wished she could let him put it in her! As they kissed, she pulled at his shirt, eventually lifting it up over his head and throwing it on the floor behind them. Their lips and tongues met again as she ran her hands up and down his lean upper body. Finally Amy pried her lips away and started sliding down his body until she was on her knees on the floor between his legs. She glanced quickly over at Steve who had already discarded his shirt and had a hand down his pants sliding up and down. She smirked, turning her attention back to the younger man.

She could see his breath quicken as she leaned over, using her teeth to undo his jeans. She could smell his arousal and couldn’t wait to taste it as well. Slowly she pulled his pants down, her eyes glued to the tent pitched in his boxers. His pants joined his shirt, and she rubbed her face against his shaft over the boxers. It was time. When she pulled his boxers off, his seven inch erection popped free. It was beautiful. She reached up and started to stroke Adam’s shaft slowly as her free hand began massaging his balls Kissing the tip gently and swirling her tongue over the purple head, she finally slid it between her hungry lips. The taste of salt coated her tongue and out of the corner of her eye, she could see that Steve was completely naked, stroking his own Cock slowly. She reached over, taking her hands off Adam’s sack to grip the other man’s member. She started sliding her hand up and down the shaft, gripping it tightly. A Dick in each hand, she continued sliding Adam in and out of her mouth, almost choking on it once or twice as it slid down her throat.

After a few minutes she switched and started sucking Steve’s Dick while she jacked Adam off.

She would never admit it to the public at large, but Amy loved this. It gave her a thrill to be used for nothing more than physical gratification. Sometimes she had to work hard to cover her tracks. These boys, for instance had been made to sign lengthy contracts forbidding them from discussing what happened with Amy in her dressing room. In the public public eye, Amy was respectable. Hell, Amy the musician was somebody little girls could look up to. Right here, in her dressing room, the real Amy Lee had been unleashed.

The married singer sucked their Dicks with ferocity and vigor, eventually allowing them to fuck her face at an alarming pace. Her suckfest continued for about twenty minutes as her lips switched back and forth.

Adam blew his load first while his shaft was buried down her throat. She felt his thick warm Cum flow down her throat and as she pulled him out he splattered her face and landed some in her mouth. She swallowed what she could, smiled at him, a thin strand of semen hanging from her lips, and a small patch above her left eye.

She immediately returned her attention to Steve. It didn’t take long for him to Cum and this time she was ready for it, catching it in her mouth and swallowing the thick salty liquid, and licking her lips.

Amy didn’t waste any time. She stood up and ripped her top off, throwing it on the pile on the floor, and completely exposing her breasts to them. She then slid her skirt down to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. She raised a finger beckoning to them even as one hand slid down to massage her already engorged clit.

Adam and Steve stood up and converged on her. They both began to kiss her neck while their hands roamed her body freely, occassionally stopping to give her breasts or ass a playful squeeze. Amy was in sensory heaven.

“Uhhh,” she groaned as she felt a pair of fingers slide into her wet warm gash. It had been made clear, in the paper they had signed, that actual sex was out of the question, and both men seemed likely to abide by that thankfully.

She felt Adam’s lips sucking on a nipple right as she felt Steve’s tongue on her hairless pussy. “Oh yeah,” she moaned as she felt Steve’s tongue sliding into her crevice. “Mmm… Yeah… Uhhh Tongue fuck me.” She could barely get the words out. Her entire body was awash with pleasure.

She felt Adam drop down behind her. He spread her ass cheeks and slid his tongue slide into her tight asshole. Now both of Amy’s holes were being tongue fucked by the hot guys.

“Ohhh… Fuck yeah! God Yes!” she screamed. As she came, covering Steve’s face in her juices, her knees buckled and she would have fallen over if they hadn’t held her up.

Finished, and per contract, Adam and Steve got dressed and left with a memory they would probably cherish for years to come.

Amy lied down on the couch, recovering from the most intense orgasm she’d had in some time, thinking about how she couldn’t wait to get home to Josh and his cock.

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