Celebrities Uncensored

Celebrities Uncensored

by ErosTrek – ds9eros@hotmail.com

Codes : mast, MF, voy, beast, MMF, inc

The studio was packed as it had been since the first episode of the


Uncensored Show. All across America millions of cable viewers were already


into the channel as the opening credits rolled onto their screen. There was


much hype surrounding the show, and the best thing was, most of it was true.

Forget about Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” or Paris Hilton’s sex

tape –

Celebrities Uncensored had hundreds of PIs working around the clock to find


the sleaze that celebs had managed to hide from the tabloids and the


No amount of begging or threats by those involved would stop the show


the company behind it had the backing (some willing, most because they had


blackmailed) of all Hollywood movie directors and producers. If a celeb


to stop that one night romp with 3 guys or that quick blowjob at a charity

dinner from becoming public knowledge, she could refuse to sign the release

form, but then she could kiss her movie career goodbye because she’d be

literally locked out of Hollywood. And best of all, at Celebrities


the celebrity had to be present as her past sexual encounters were laid out

before all of America and the world. The intense humiliation was almost the


part of the show. The average Joe loved watching high-and-mighty,

million-dollar-per-movie-scene divas squirm under the spotlight of



Silence fell over the expectant audience as the lights dimmed and announced



“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another episode of Celebrities Uncensored

where celebrities’ darkest secrets are revealed. Please welcome your host



A sign in front of the audience flashed “Applause” but there was no need.


had already started clapping enthusiastically as Atkins strode from

backstage to

behind his desk.

“Ah it’s so nice to be here again” he began “after last week’s episode I


I’d end up in jail.”

The audience laughed as they recalled watching twenty minutes of stolen home

video featuring Jennifer Garner and a banana. Jennifer had grown more and


distraught as the audience’s gasps and moans grew into a crescendo, as they

watched the intensely erotic hardcore scene on the studio’s megatron video


Ten minutes into the screening of her amateur video, at the point where Ms

Garner seemed to have gotten bored of pushing the dripping wet banana into


gaping cunt and had begun to press the hard tip of the yellow fruit against


anus, the actress had ran offstage tears streaming down her cheeks,

promising to

contact her lawyers. The show had gone on, minus the celebrity, but the


barely noticed as the banana plunged deeper and deeper into both holes until


tremendous climax was reached. Ratings had gone through the roof and the


had brought out the big guns. There had been so many lawyers present when


had filed her complaint that it was more like a legal convention than a

courthouse. Privately, Ms Garner, star of Alias, was reminded how her tv and

movie career was about to hit a brick wall. She withdrew her complaint. End

result – the show would go on and a new era of broadcasting began! It did

have a

positive outcome for Jennifer Garner too – at every hotel she stayed in for

years to come she always found a fresh bunch of bananas in her room


of the manager.

“Which celebrity is gonna be here tonight?” Atkins paused and looked around


studio, “Whose sins do you want to see?” he shouted.

The audience began to shout names, “Alyssa Milano!” “Jeri Ryan!” “Lindsay

Lohan!” “Brooke Burke!” as they waved posters of their favorite celebrities.

Atkins put up his hands, “Ok, ok. We’ll have those on future shows, we’re


digging up the dirt in their past …” he smiled wickedly and the crowd


its approval, “but today we’re going to have a young star who’s been acting

since she was twelve … she became famous as a genetically enhanced super


in a dark future …” he paused dramatically as some of the audience began


clap enthusiastically having already guessed who the actress was “… and


just seen her as a sexy hip hop dancer in Honey! Ladies and Gentleman,

Jeeeeessssssica Alba!”

The audience sprang to their feet, their cheers, applause and catcalls so


that the whole studio seemed to vibrate. Jessica Alba walked onto the stage

smiling and waving, slightly overwhelmed at her reception. She wore a short

skirt and a light blouse with a deep V neckline that dropped to her navel,


sported a simple silver piercing. It was obvious to everyone that she wasn’t

wearing a bra as the bright studio lights made her blouse semi-transparent.


had never displayed so much cleavage before at any public occasion! She sat


in the plush couch facing the audience crossing her legs quickly but she


managed to flash a bit of white panties. The crowd roared its approval at


sexy outfit.

Ryan Atkins leaned over the desk and kissed her hand. “It’s so good to see


Jessica, you look splendid.”

Jessica turned to face him, her long black hair swinging over her shoulder.


full red lips, sparkled wetly as she smiled at him then at the camera


at her from over his shoulder. “I’m really glad to be here” she said in a


which wasn’t at all convinced that being here was a good thing – her agent


told her to grin and bear it since there was nothing they could do to stop

Celebrities Uncensored.

“I’m sure you are” Atkins sniggered, then he looked into the camera directly


front of his desk, “we’ll see you in five minutes, don’t change that


Celebrities Uncensored will be back!”

As the camera’s red light went black, he turned to Jessica Alba and grinned.

“Ok, that’s a good start. I hope you’ll last longer that Jennifer Garner did

last week.”

“Of course I will” Jessica said self-assuredly, “I mean, I’ve never done any

home videos of myself having sex with a banana. I’ve never done any home


at all.”

Ryan Atkin’s face had a very innocent-yet-smug expression on it as he tried


keep himself from laughing. “No, no, of course you haven’t, definitely not


Jessica looked at him a bit suspiciously, “So what have you managed to find


about me that makes me the star of one whole show of CU?”

“You’ll see, you’ll see, it’ll be a surprise.” He wasn’t going to reveal


the Celebrities Uncensored investigative department had dredged up on


innocent Miss Alba and risk having another walkout, so he changed the


“Very nice outfit, Jessica, I’m sure you’ve been told this before but you


very nice breasts. Nice nipples too.”

“Oh .. I .. err .. yeah .. I mean .. thanks” she said quickly, rather


by this unexpected compliment and she hoped their mikes were off during the


break. She nervously changed her position on the couch, but Atkins sitting

slightly higher than her and to her side just needed to turn his head to

look at

her to have a great sideview of one of her breasts underneath the cleavage

revealing blouse.

The host grinned at the young woman’s obvious discomfort, he knew it was


going to get worse throughout the evening. Life is so sweet, he told


“We’re live in ten seconds” the studio director announced “five, four, three

….” he counted down the last seconds with his fingers and pointed at


just as the camera’s light blinked on.

“Welcome back to Celebrities Uncensored. Our guest tonight is Jessica Alba


we have our first surprise of the evening for her, here’s Michael Weatherly,

co-star on Dark Angel and ex-boyfriend and lover of the beautiful Ms Alba!”

He walked in straight towards Jessica who got up and let him kiss her on


cheek, before sitting down again.

“Take a seat there, right next to her, Michael” Atkins told him, “I’m not


to ask why you two broke up, since it helps my chances of getting to Jessica

myself if she’s free …” he paused as the audience laughed. Michael laughed

politely as did Jessica though only after glaring at the show’s host. “I am

going to ask Michael for some sordid details of your affair on the Dark


set. So, let’s hear it from the man who can say he went down on Jessica


This generated another round of applause and laughter from the audience as


as some loud wolf whistles.

Michael Weatherly had a forced grin on his face and he looked at Jessica who


almost squawking in indignation. He raised his shoulders and mouthed a


“Sorry”, but then he turned towards Atkins, “What can I say, I’m a lucky


Anyway, you wanted to hear a story from the Dark Angel set? Right! I

remember we

were filming the pilot episode, right at the beginning of the two year stint


I had barely gotten to know Jessica then. It was the swimming pool scene …

he looked directly at the audience, “do you remember that guys? Where she’s


this hot little red dress and she’s pretending to be dead in this pool…”

The scene Michael Weatherly was talking about flashed onto the megatron


behind him. Jessica as Max fighting with Bruno Anselmo, then running away


him and diving into a pool. After a few minutes Bruno goes away and she gets


of the pool dripping wet, looking so much sexier than usual as wet strands


hair frame her sultry looking face.

“Ok, that’s the one” Michael continued as he looked at the screen “but up to


that’s what you saw on tv or on the dvd.” The screen had frozen in that one


frame, a closeup of Jessica’s face. “What you’ll see now is what happened


after that scene.”

Beside him, Jessica gasped out loud, her golden brown eyes as wide as

saucers as

she turned to look at Michael Weatherly.

“No…!” she gasped …

* * * Celebrities Uncensored Megatron Feed #1 * * *

… but the scene unfroze as Jessica/Max got out of the pool. “… and cut!


was just great Jessica. Ok, we’re done for the day. Thank you all” a voice

off-camera was saying. The camera panned slightly showing that there were


people in the scene as a woman ran up to Jessica and put a large towel


her. Though the set slowly emptied itself, the camera continued running as


someone had forgotten to shut if off. Jessica sat on a deckchair next to the

pool as she continued to dry herself off. Suddenly she smiled at someone

offcamera, “Hey Michael, you still here? Come sit for a moment.”

Michael Weatherly walked into the scene and sat down next to her. “You’re


Better go to your mobile home and change into something dry and warm” he



“Oh, it’s ok. I think I’ll go for another dip. The water is so nice and hot.

Maybe you’d like to join me?”

Michael looked somewhat stunned by this offer from his co-star. He looked


but the set was deserted. She smiled at him, a dazzlingly beautiful smile.

“Sure, why not.”

“Great! But you can’t go for a swim in those clothes” she laughed as she


at his shirt, helping him pull it off, then undid the buckle of his belt. He


up and pulled his pants down, leaving his boxer shorts.

Jessica Alba blushed slightly, though it may have been the effect of the


air on her wet skin, “Why don’t you take those off too?”

“Eh, what?” he said surprised at the sexy eighteen year old’s request.

“Let’s do it this way. I’ll take my clothes off too if you take them off and

then we can go skinny dipping together” she laughed.

“What the hell! If you put it that way, sure!” Michael pulled down his


and stood nude before her as she looked at his manhood.

Her eyes grew big and she gasped. “You’re big!”

He grinned at her, “You know that’s your fault.”

She laughed again. “I wonder what will happen now” she said getting up and

pulling down the skintight red dress over her breasts. Stepping out of it,


pulled down her panties too and now both of them were stark naked, both


rather embarrassed by the situation, but none wanting to back down.


manhood became a flagpole, springing to attention as he looked up and down


perfect body, admiring her every curve.

“Come and catch me” she shouted playfully as she took a running dive into


pool. Michael followed her a second later and soon they were splashing


grabbing each others arms and legs underwater while swimming around. Some of


didn’t occur on camera since part of the pool was out of frame, but the


picked up Jessica’s squeals and laughs as Michael grabbed various parts of


body. They swam into view again and after several minutes of at times rough

play, they both swam to the stairs at the corner of the pool where they lay


gasping for breath.

“That was fun” Jessica Alba finally told her co-star.

“Yeah, but this will be even more fun.” He turned around, his body


hers as she sat on the underwater steps.

“Michael what are you …” Jessica’s mouth opened wide in surprise and she


gasped, half moaned as her co-star pushed his hips down on her and his stiff

dick found and penetrated her hot slit. Her eyelids fluttered as she dug her

nails into his back and cried out loudly as he rammed himself deep into her

at a

fast pace. Each stroke buried the entire length of his shaft in her vagina

as he

fucked her quickly yet intensely. He had known Jessica for less than ten


since the start of filming of Dark Angel, but he knew he wanted to fuck her


moment he first saw her. Michael was certain that in the coming days they’d


it again and again, but for their first time he wanted it to be a hard, wild


Even if he’d wanted to, he couldn’t take it slow.

Her hot body against his, the lapping of water between them as her firm


and hard nipples poked against his chest, her strong thighs around his


pushing him even deeper into her tight quim, her full, cherry red lips


against his and then closing around his mouth in a passionate kiss while her

tongue connected with his …..

Jessica’s scream echoed around the empty set and then there was silence


for Michael’s exhausted gasps as their bodies lay locked together in the


warm water, while strands of cum floated around them.

* * *

Jessica Alba was petrified with shock, embarrassment and shame. Her eyes


huge as she looked straight at the camera which was putting a closeup of her

face up on the megatron screen which moments before had been showing the


sex she and Michael had had four or so years ago. Her expression was that of


deer caught in the headlamps of an oncoming 18-wheeler!

The studio was silent for a moment as they fully absorbed what they had


then the audience burst out in another round of spontaneous applause, almost


standing ovation.

Michael took Jessica’s trembling hand into his and whispered in her ear,

“Jessica I’m sorry. I only learnt there was a tape of what happened between


in that pool yesterday when this Atkins guy and his producer told me I’d

have to

be present today.”

The applause died down after a while and a beaming Ryan Atkins spoke. “Oh


was so nice, so romantic … your basic in the pool quickie. You must have


so horny Jessica, you were literally begging Michael to take his clothes


He turned to Michael Weatherly. “So how did it feel, fucking her hard and


for the first time ever?”

“Eh .. yeah .. it was nice .. great ..” Michael stumbled over his words in


“I bet it was, I bet it was. Oh, just out of curiosity, was she a virgin at



Michael Weatherly appeared stunned for a moment and Jessica looked first at

Ryan, then at Michael, with a terrified look on her face as if she suddenly


remembered a secret which she thought only she knew of and now was doubting


that were true.

“A virgin? N-no .. I don’t think she was .. but ..”

“Ok, Michael, thank you very much, you may stay if you want to as we


our next surprise guest” he paused for moment as the lights dimmed again,


he called out, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Mark Alba, Jessica’s father.

“Oh god no” Jessica squeaked in dismay, “did he see what was on the screen

before?” she whispered to Ryan Atkins feeling as if she would die from shame


having her father see her having sex.

Ryan Atkins wasn’t cruel. It was just how the program he hosted was


Ratings went up when a celebrity was humiliated, so humiliated they must be.


he grasped every opportunity to do so.

“Jessica here just asked me if her dad saw her having sex in the pool” he

announced, “of course he was backstage so he couldn’t have seen it on the

megatron in such fine detail as you have, but let’s as him directly.”

Jessica cringed and hoped the floor would open up and swallow her as her dad

winked at her and sat on a couch next to Michael Weatherly.

“So, Mark, did you see your beautiful and sexy daughter have sex with Mr


“Yeah, I was watching every moment of it on one of the monitor feeds you


back there Ryan. She’s quite good actually, every bit her mother. You should

have seen me and Cathy go at it in those big motel pools …”

“Dad!” Jessica squeaked in a tiny voice.

“… of course we were younger then, around Jessica’s age and” he patted his

stomach “I was every bit as fit as Michael here, though I was probably a bit

longer and thicker than he is” he laughed and punched Michael lightly on the


good naturedly.

“Dad!” Jessica squeaked again in a smaller voice, feeling oh so embarrassed.


dad was like that, he and her mom had been wild partygoers when Jessica had


a kid, while she and her brother Joshua had been almost religious types.


her brother didn’t even drink beer! She had been so absorbed in her thoughts

that she didn’t hear Ryan Atkins introduce another guest until she looked up


saw …

“Hey sis”

Jessica couldn’t believe this. This was a fuckin’ nightmare. It just

couldn’t be

happening. First her ex-boyfriend and a sex tape she would never have


existed. Then her father. Now her brother. Oh god, what had she gotten



“Hey Josh” she muttered and shifted nervously on the couch as she caught his

eyes looking at her cleavage. It wasn’t the first time she’d caught him


at her lecherously, a thing a brother shouldn’t do to his sister, but she


about to tell him in front of this audience and the cameras. It would just


giving Atkins some more ammo for his show. Too late.

“So Joshua, I see that you appreciate your sisters … ehm, dress?”

“Yeah, it’s cool” he’d have said more but he was shy especially around


a shyness which Jessica had been trying to help him get rid of and now


the gods that he hadn’t yet. Not that his shyness was going to be any help


evening because, unknown to Jessica, the high point of this evening was

going to

happen in a few minutes, just after the break, and all because one Joshua


at the tender age of 15, just one year younger than his sister, had the


naughty habit of spying on her in her bedroom.

“Welcome back to Celebrities Uncensored! If you’re just tuning in, you’ve


an awesome video of Jessica Alba having sex in a pool, and this is no


night vision tape, but a broadcast quality image. But don’t worry, you’ll be

able to see it again in the rerun of this program next Tuesday evening. Now,


had just introduced our last guest for the evening, Joshua Alba, Jessica’s

brother. What did you bring us, Josh?”

“Ummm, hi … Ryan. Yeah, ummm, I brought this tape …”

“Another tape? Whew, it’s getting hot in here” Ryan Atkins made a show of

fanning his collar but he was grinning widely because he knew exactly what


tape contained having already previewed its contents.

“Tape? What tape? What’s he talking about Michael? Dad?” a worried Jessica


asked, her head swinging back and forth as she looked between the three men


her life who seemed intent on ruining her completely today.

Michael Weatherly shook his head. “I really don’t know, dear.” Her father


shrugged. “Guess we’ll get to watch it soon enough.”

“So Josh, what kind of tape is it … wait … give us some background here

before you get to the tape, how did it come to your hands, when was it


that sort of thing” Atkins encouraged the shy 21 year old.

“Ok .. well, ya know .. I was a kid back then … it’s kinda difficult to


about this …”

“Don’t worry, just imagine you’re in a room alone with me and we’re talking

between friends. No audience. No viewers. No dad and especially no sister.”

“Great, yeah .. ok .. I think you just made me more nervous …” Joshua


and then cleared his throat. “As I was saying I was just a kid, maybe


or fifteen, and at the time I had one thing on my mind … girls.” He


his cheeks lighting up a bright red. “And when I thought about girls, the


at school, the ones I met at the diner and the bowling alley, really cute


ya know .. I .. I .. had this urge to … ya know ..”

“It’s ok to say it, Joshua, everyone does it, especially if they watch this

show” Atkins encouraged him.

“If ya say so .. I .. well, I whacked off … lots of times, 5 or 6 times a


“Wow, that’s a lot, continue.”

“Well, I never really talked to the girls I saw, I was too shy for that, and

they never talked to me. But I didn’t need to because I had this really cool

sister. She looked better than all the girls at school put together. She was

sixteen then, and her breasts were almost as great as they are now. At home


bedrooms were next to each other and I would spend hours on my bed,


about Jessica. Ya know .. how she would look naked and things like that. Of

course I had seen her in her nighties and in her underwear on the way to the

bathroom down the corridor so I’d have try to keep this mental picture of


tight ass in those cute panties she had, the ones with the hearts on them

and ya

know, I’d masturbate …”

A groan interrupted his thoughts and the faraway look on his face


“You .. you disgusting pervert” Jessica gasped “If I’d know you were jacking


while thinking about me I’d have smacked you one in the face you idiot!”

“Sssssh Jessica, let your brother continue his very interesting story”


advised her, “Go on Joshua.”

“Yeah, well, ya know, I’d jack off thinking about Jessica’s sexy body, but


a while just seeing her in panties or in the long t-shirts she wore around


house just wasn’t enough, I wanted to see her actually naked. There was only


way to do that and that was to somehow get into her bedroom. I must have

spent a

whole month thinking and planning then I got this great idea. I had a


in my room that was hanging by these large hooks. One of them was all rusty


the wood around it was soft so I pulled it out and enlarged the hole until


was a couple of inches wide. It was at eye level and I could see into her


It was perfect. I could see her bed and since it was hot in summer I was


she’d sleep nude or something like that. I’d spend hours standing and


through the hole after Jessica went to bed hoping and hoping that she’d


the covers off and sometimes I’d get lucky and catch a flash of a bare thigh


a tit, sometimes her entire ass and that would be enough to make me .. ya


.. cum immediately, she was that hot.”

Strangled sounds were now coming from Jessica’s throat as the audience kept


stunned silence, listening intently to every word of Joshua’s tale.

“But soon even that wasn’t enough but I was lucky in a couple of ways …”


grinned as he recalled “… the first was that dad gave me a really cool

camcorder for my birthday … thanks dad! … and the second was that


found this dog on her way home from school and brought it home with her.”

“How are the two events related?” Atkins asked an innocent look on his face.

“Yeah, well the camcorder is easy … I set it up on a makeshift shelf, its


fit perfectly into the hole and I could review the tape at my own leisure


the fast forward, then I’d edit all the bits where Jessica was undressing or

naked in bed or walking about .. stuff like that. You can’t imagine how many

hours it took me, but I had an extensive library to whack off to” he grinned

again, feeling quite at ease now in revealing his best kept secret to


million people.

“So is that the tape you brought us tonight?”

“No, no, I brought something even better.”


“Yeah … see this is how the dog is involved …”

Jessica screamed and got up off her couch and grabbed the front of her


shirt, “Shut the fuck up you idiot, I’ll fuckin’ kill you if you open your

piehole again!”

“Whoa, Ms Alba, calm down.” Atkins snapped his fingers and two large guys


black t-shirts with CREW written on them ran onto the stage and grabbed

Jessica’s arms, dragging her back to her couch and forcing her down. She

struggled uselessly in their grasp and finally gave up completely, sobbing

silently as she realised that not only her brother knew her darkest secret,


he’d filmed it as well and was about to show it on primetime cable tv to


million people.

Joshua was looking at Jessica. He was definitely in awe of his older sister


probably quite a bit frightened of her too since he knew she’d keep her word


he was having second thoughts about going through with this. Ryan Atkins


to step in.

“Ok, let’s roll the film. I’m sure it will speak for itself. Hold on folks,

because you’re going to see some incredible footage. Don’t forget to keep


tissues we gave you on the way into the studio handy because I can assure


you’re going to need them.”

* * * Celebrities Uncensored Megatron Feed #2 * * *

The view on the jumbo screen was that of any teenage girls’ room. A neat bed

with a couple of dolls on it, a desk with some schoolbooks and a makeup case


it and photos of male heartthrob actors and singers of the time stuck in the

frame of the large mirror. The scene remained like that for several seconds,

jumping a bit as it was fast forwarded, then it slowed to normal speed when


door opened and a younger, but still very recognizable and sexy looking


Alba walked in and sat on her bed.

She pulled off her t-shirt and jeans and sighed as she lay down on the bed


bra and panties. She seemed to be tired as she yawned and turned over on her

side facing away from the camera, but giving a perfect view of her tight


where the panties had ridden into her crack making it look so very sexy!


must have been almost asleep when a voice called her name from outside the


and she jumped up and quickly pulled on her t-shirt.

“Jessica! Jessica! Get this darn dog out of here. He’s been eating my best


of slippers.” It was her father.

“Yeah dad, you can open the door now, I’m presentable.” The door opened and


dad dragged the dog in by his collar.

“He either sleeps in your room or out in the yard. Your choice.” With that


left and shut the door behind him.

“Oh poor doggie” she cooed at the animal, a medium sized short haired dog,


breed unrecognizable, “don’t eat dad’s slippers or he’ll throw you out in


yard.” She ruffled the dog’s long, floppy ears and then patted the bed next


her. “Come on, get up here Buddy, you can share my bed if you want.” The dog

obeyed and jumped up, wagging its tail as it licked her hand. Jessica


then yawned and stretched again, taking off her t-shirt for the second time.


lay back down on the bed while the dog lay at her feet.

Fortunately for Joshua and his camera, she forgot to turn off the room’s


as she slept immediately. The tape fastforwarded to another section, quickly

bypassing a couple of hours of Jessica sleeping normally on her bed. At this

point, Jessica seemed to be half-awake, in that strange state where one


he is asleep but isn’t quite. From the looks of it – the half smile on her


the soft gasps, the stiff pokey nipples pushing against the bra material,


hand that was sliding up and down against the crotch of her panties – she


having one very arousing wet dream.

Suddenly, from the foot of the bed, the dog perked up its nose and began to

sniff the air. It had picked up a scent, a very nice scent that it had never

smelled before but its instincts were telling it that it was good.

Jessica was on her side, one of her legs extended while the other was pulled


bent at the knee. The dog padded right up to the girl’s butt and snuffled

noisily at her panties which now sported a dark, wet spot at the crotch. The


whined as it inhaled the sweet scent of Jessica’s fresh wetness, then it


to lap its long tongue along the strip of panties between Jessica’s inner


* * *

A collective gasp went through the audience watching the incredible scene in


studio and across America even more people began to tune into the show.

* * *

“Oh yeah, Ricky, that’s so good!” a half asleep Jessica mumbled as she


that Ricky Martin – a famous singer at the time who she had a crush on as


most other teenage girls her age – was making love to her.

The dog stopped licking for a moment and whined again. It was getting


at trying to get past the panties at the source of the delicious wetness it


partially tasting. It snuffled at Jessica’s crotch, placing its cold nose

against her warm inner thighs.

“Mmmmmmmmh, yeah Ricky” Jessica groaned and her hand reached down between


legs and pulled aside her panties revealing her wet slit. She ran a finger


the length of the swollen lips, and they spread apart slowly, the glistening


pink flesh almost glowing in the dim light of her bedroom. This was what the


had been waiting for. It lowered its head again between her legs and began


lick furiously at her now widely spread cunt, lapping up her juices as fast


they appeared.

The young Jessica Alba moaned louder now, her breaths coming in quick gasps


she rolled onto her back, her legs spread apart and her hips bucking gently.


eyelids fluttered as her wet dream became hotter and hotter, seeing images

of a

sweaty, muscular and totally nude Ricky Martin pressing his body against

hers as

he crooned to her. The wetter it made her, the more excited the dog got, its

long, raspy tongue sliding down deep into her vagina, its nose and snout


into her steaming pussy. Its tail was wagging furiously and its bright


cock began to slowly slide out from its furry sheath between its legs.

“Aaaaaahhh aaaaaahhh aaaaaaahhhh yeaahhhh” Jessica cried as she came her


arching off the bed surprising the dog enough that it stopped lapping up her

sweet nectar and jumped off the bed, where it began to lick its unsheathed


“Huh … what..?” Jessica dreamily opened her eyes and looked around and


sat up. She looked somewhat surprised when she noticed the wetness between


legs. Then she recalled some vivid flashes of her dream and giggled. “Oh god

that was so nice, why did I have to wake up when Ricky was just about to

fuck me

…” A disappointed expression came over her face because even though she


cum, she still felt terribly aroused and unsatisfied. She always felt that


after such an intense erotic dream. Jessica took of her wet panties and


them in a corner, followed by her bra. She spread her legs again as she sat


the edge of her bed and began to slide a pair of fingers down along her slit


then into her hole. She’d have to take care of her horniness herself or

she’d be

in such a bad mood in the morning …

“Hey! What are you doing here?” Jessica had just seen her dog Buddy, its


lolling out of its mouth, looking at her masturbating. She’d forgotten that


dog was in her bedroom and she clamped her legs together suddenly feeling

shy of

her nudity in front of the dog, though a second later she realised how silly

that was.

The dog whined and took a couple of steps towards her.

“What do you want Buddy? You want to go out?” The dog looked at her and


the air again as it looked directly at her bare legs.

Jessica didn’t know what was up with the dog and right at the moment she


really care. She was feeling so aroused that what she really wanted to do


spread her legs and ram her fingers into her pussy until she came. But doing


in front of a dog seemed so … so … gross …

“Come here Buddy” she got up and walked over to the dog who looked at her

expectantly, tail wagging. “Here doggy, wait outside for a moment …” but


dog didn’t follow her to the door. She went back to him and put a hand on


neck and it was then that she saw something that shocked her! Her dog’s …


.. was exposed. It’s entire length, some six inches, was hanging down


its stomach in all its glistening, bright purple glory. She’d never seen a

doggie cock in that state before. “W-Why?” she wondered aloud, “Could it be

because … oh no …” she cried as she noticed that Buddy’s nose was


as he looked up at her wet inner thighs. The dog whined again and rose up on


back feet, front paws against her legs, until his snout was level with her

groin. He gave her a tentative lick right on her mound and she squealed in

shock, “Eeeeeeek!” She stumbled backwards and sat down heavily on the bed.


had licked her! Oh god, the dog was aroused because of her! Wild thoughts

flashed through her mind, some intensely erotic, some of disgust.

Minutes passed as she fought an internal battle with her conscience, then


horniness finally got the better of her. She kept explaining it away to


rationally, that it was the same as masturbating, that the dog was just like


dildo and she’d feel better after she was done. She didn’t know where to


in what she intended to do … but like most teenagers her age, she already


what doggy style sex was and she guessed it was called that because that was


dogs did it. So, slowly, slightly afraid of what was about to happen and


it wouldn’t be painful she knelt down on the rug next to her bed and rested


upper body down on her elbows, her butt raised high in the air. She spread


legs slightly apart and waited expectantly.

“Here, Buddy, come here” she urged in a soft voice.

The dog had been watching her with its head cocked to one side, its tongue

lolling to one side. When she called out its name, it got to its feet, ears

perked up straight then padded over to her. It snuffled at her ass crack for


moment before again licking her dripping cunt.

“Ohhhhhhh god” Jessica moaned, “that’s so good!” She’d masturbated often in


past couple of years as she had begun to mature sexually, including using


makeshift dildos, but nothing compared to a warm, wet, rough tongue licking


at her puffy lips and vulva, caressing her exposed and aroused clitoris,


into her tight tunnel pushing deeper and deeper …

* * *

In the room next door Joshua Alba woke up, startled by some sound. The moans

seemed to be coming from his sister’s room. Wide awake now, excited at what

might be happening, he got up and crept silently to the camcorder he’s set

up to

spy on his sister through the hole in the wall. He made sure it was still

running and that the long play tape he’d put in still had plenty of space,


he switched on the small color monitor he’d connected to the camcorder


He gasped in shocked amazement at what he saw on the screen. His sister,

Jessica, was on the floor and Buddy, her dog was busily licking away at her

exposed genitals, which as luck would have it, were almost directly facing


camera lens poking through the wall, giving Joshua a perfect view of the


Hands trembling, he zoomed in on his sister’s butt, until he had a perfectly

focussed closeup view of her anus and pussy as the dog’s pink tongue slid


them rapidly. Joshua was harder than a rock in seconds and he began whacking


like there was no tomorrow.

* * *

Conflicting emotions raced through Jessica’s head. She’d had a couple of

boyfriends but none had worked up the courage to go past first base – just


kissing and minor petting – one had tried to slide a hand between her legs


she’d stopped him and they’d never spoken again. Now here she was in her

bedroom, totally nude, with a dog licking her most private parts – and she


enjoying it so much she hoped Buddy would never stop. So it came as a


when she couldn’t feel his tongue against her red hot pussy and she looked


over her shoulder wondering what the dog was up to. She needn’t have


Buddy had gotten bored with licking and climbed up on Jessica’s perfectly


ass, his front paws gripping her firmly around her waist. She could feel his

long tongue slide wetly across the small of her back as he waddled forward


his hind feet frantically trying to get his hard doggie cock into one of her

welcoming holes. The dog’s pelvis was humping the air as if it was some


toy. It whined as it’s penis flailed the air, sometimes coming into contact


her butt and leaving a slimy trail across her smooth skin but always missing



Though inexperienced, Jessica soon realised that the dog needed some help if


was to satisfy herself while satisfying the dogs own urges. Twisting her


to one side, she could just reach behind her and place a hand on the dog’s


pushing him forward against her butt until she could feel his cock drum an

urgent rythm against her butt cheeks. Soon the dog was refining its aim and

… Jessica sighed loudly, biting hard on her luscious lower lip to avoid

screaming out loud and waking her parents and brother.

The dog’s eyes glazed over as its engorged cock penetrated Jessica’s tight


tunnel, tearing her hymen apart on the second stroke into her as it slid for


entire length into her. For a moment it was painful for Jessica, but as


continued to fuck her relentlessly, his furry balls smacking against her


she soon forgot about the pain which was replaced by the ecstasy and


at the meaty feel of the first real cock inside her.

Time passed but young Jessica didn’t notice. Her cunt was raw from the


Buddy was giving her. Her clit was swollen to twice its normal size and

waves of

ecstasy rippled through her body each time Buddy’s cock or balls made


with it. Her nipples were so stiff as to be painful. She was coated with


from head to toe and her teeth had drawn blood from her lip she had bitten


on it so many times. All in all, she was in heaven!.

For a moment she felt the dog begin to fuck her at a faster pace and this


she couldn’t avoid crying out though she managed to muffle further shouts by

dragging part of a bedsheet in front of her mouth. Then she felt a thick


of wetness gush into her vagina and she gasped, “No .. no .. not inside me


as she struggled to get away from the dog’s tight grip on her. Then after a

moment she giggled – it wasn’t as if she was going to get pregnant from a


and have his puppies! The funny moment passed, as the dog continued to spray


seed into her … then with a wet popping noise, his knot slipped out of her


the cum began to drip out, sliding down her inner thighs the thick, wet


so erotic that … Jessica Alba came!

* * *

There was a hushed silence in the studio as the audience came to term with


they had just seen. Most of the men and some women had their hands down


pants or up their skirts moving them in up and down motions that it was easy


guess what they were doing. Some looked as if they were about to have a


attack. Then slowly in a rising crescendo like a wave gathering energy as it

neared the beach, people began to clap and shout until the audience was in a

wild frenzy of praise for Jessica’s bestiality performance.

Throughout the screening of Joshua’s amateur video, Jessica’s face had

become as

white as snow as Michael Weatherly held her hand tightly. Her father, Mark,


watching the screen with his mouth gaping wide open like a fish out of


though he had a very noticeable bulge in his pants. Her brother Joshua had


too but he had forgetten his shyness and was doing what he usually did


he rewatched his favorite video of his incestuous voyeuristic collection –


was whacking off, his trousers already covered with spreading dark stains.

The thunderous applause went on for five minutes before Ryan Atkins began to

speak … but suddenly the stage lights dimmed and a spotlight shone down

directly on Jessica’s couch. The host looked about and spoke to his director

asking what was up, since this wasn’t in the script. A voice came in his

earpiece, “Ryan, just look at what Jessica’s doing, forget about the damn


Atkins looked and he gasped as had the rest of the audience. Jessica had

rebounded from the intense shame and embarrassment she’d experienced


the entire show and now was at the other extreme. The humiliating events of


evening had stripped her of any remaining inhibitions and excited her


While everyone’s attention had been fixed on the megascreen showing intimate

details of Alba’s animal adventure (which would be referred to from now on


her fans as the Triple-A), Jessica’s nipples had swollen into massive pokeys

pushing against her flimsy, cleavage enhancing blouse. She furtively reached

below the blouse, sliding her fingers over them. This only served to


her intense horniness and ignoring the fact she was in a television studio

packed with over a thousand spectators she pulled up a leg on the couch’s

armrest exposing her white panties as her miniskirt rode up. There was a


visible wet stain spreading at the crotch and with her other hand she began


rub urgently at it as if to relieve some great pressure. Jessica had an


look on her face as her fingers slid furiously over the slippery, satin-like

material of her underwear. She grunted. It wasn’t helping much. Letting go


her right nipple, she brought her other hand down and pulled aside her


and sighed with satisfaction when her left hand could now directly touch her


quim. She tossed her head back and shut her eyes against the spotlight’s


as she fingered herself as if there was no tomorrow.

A thousand pairs of eyes were fixed on Jessica as her fingers dipped rapidly

into her honeypot, trailing streamers of vaginal fluids in and out of her


hot flesh. Her deep sighs were audible throughout the studio as her mike was

activated and a half dozen cameras recorded the event from different angles


zooms, the closeup views of her bright pink, overheated genitals displayed


almost anatomical detail up on the megascreen. At this point, several people


the audience as well as others viewing the scene at home fainted and


from erotic overload, though fortunately none fatally. When paramedics


them, their first question was if their vcr was ok and if it had recorded


Michael Weatherly, her father and Joshua were literally transfixed by the


of her sitting next to them and masturbating like an experienced porn


When she screamed and came they almost jumped out of their seats. Her body


and twisted as if a live current was passing through it, then she flopped


on the couch like a ragdoll, panting heavily exhausted by her masturbatory


“Jessica? Jessica?” her brother asked a bit worried seeing her lying in what

seemed to be an unconscious state.

“Huh?” She opened her eyes and shook her head as if just waking up from a


and unaware of where she was. “Oh Joshua … Michael … Dad…!?” she said


she looking around in surprise. “Where am I? What’s going on …” then after


moment she remembered what had just happened as well as all the other

extraordinary events of the evening and she gasped and for a moment had an

intense look of panic on her face. Everyone in the studio audience expected


to bolt for an exit or faint dead right there, it wasn’t the first time that

such a thing had happened at Celebrities Uncensored – then the moment passed


unexpectedly, she giggled somewhat mischievously.

“Wow! This evening’s been great. For a while there I might not have shown it


I’ve had such a great time.”

The host and her relatives and ex-boyfriend looked at each other wondering


Jessica finally had gone mad. Indeed she seemed to be a different person now


she got up from the couch and pulled down her miniskirt and panties, then


of her blouse and began to strut about the stage in the nude much to the

audience’s awe as her well toned body and lovely golden skin glowed under



Her brother had been jerking off while watching Jessica’s onscreen canine

copulation and though he had cum inside his underwear just moments before


cock was stiffening again as she turned to look directly in his eyes, her


tits bouncing gently as she walked towards him.

“Hey Josh, I never would have guessed that you knew my little secret. If


you’d told me all those years ago, something might have happened between us


she said in a low voice as the audience leaned forward to hear every single


that was still being picked up by the studio microphones.

“I .. I ..” he stammered. His lovely sister stood just inches away from him,

buck naked, just as she did in all his wet dreams and his fingers twitched


forgetting he was in a tv studio with millions of people watching, he

reached up

and touched her beautiful breasts. That was all that Jessica had been


for. She sat on his lap and draped her arms around his neck, pressing her


into his chest as she kissed him full on the lips. It wasn’t a kiss between


brother and a sister, but more like one between two horny lovers, as their


parted and their tongues began to dart hungrily into each other’s mouths.

“Errr .. ladies and gentleman I think that we should call it a night …”

muttered a visibly embarassed Ryan Atkins who had begun feeling that he had

totally lost control of his controversial show several minutes ago. This


how it should have happened, Jessica Alba should be in tears or screaming


raging at how the studio had dared air her session of puppy love, not


in incest right there on the stage. His earpiece buzzed to life as the voice


the director spoke in his ear, “Don’t stop it, ratings are through the roof,

whatever happens just hang in there, we’ll deal with any legal problems


but this is television history in the making.”

It certainly was that. Jessica Alba was now straddling her younger brother


facing him. She had pulled out his erection from his sticky underpants,


the gooey cum that coated it, and sat on Joshua’s cock. Joshua had a look of

pure bliss on his face as she rode him slowly, her wet vagina clutching his

stiff dick tightly.

His face as red as a beetroot, Mark Alba got up and walked over to his son


daughter. Jessica looked up and smiled at him as if seeing her father for


first time that evening, “Hi Dad.”

“Jessica …” he said, his voice cracking. The audience gasped again as Mark


his hands on his daughter’s shoulders and then slowly ran them down her


roving over her breasts as he grabbed and squeezed each fleshy globe,


the hard nipples between his fingers.

“Oh daddy” Jessica sighed as her father played with her tits.

“God, Jessica, I’ve been wanting to do this ever since you were fourteen.


body developed so quickly and so nicely that I always had such bad thoughts

about you. I’d even call out your name while fucking your mother. I know


this must make me a pervert, but Jessica, will you let me have you?”

“Oh yes, daddy, fuck me too. I want to feel your hard cock in my ass while

Joshua reams my pussy” she moaned.

Another gasp from the audience and Ryan Atkins mopped his sweaty brow with a

tissue. This was beyond unreal. Michael Weatherly got up and went over to


“Do something. Stop this insanity. What the hell do you think you are doing,

man, letting Jessica do that to her brother and father. For heaven’s sake,


girl is ruining her career.”

“Look, Michael, calm down. She’s not being forced to do anything, and she’s

signed all the waivers before the show started so I’m not going to do


Besides, the ratings are sky high and that will definitely help her career


not harm it. Look at Paris Hilton, she was barely known before her sex tape,


she’s a worldwide celebrity.”

“But .. but .. this is different. It’s incest being done live on tv!!!”


shouted “And she’s my girlfriend ..”

“Ex-girlfriend” Atkins corrected him, “though why you left such a hot piece


ass I cannot imagine” he nodded in Jessica’s direction as she uttered a loud

gasp as her father pressed his thick cock against her anal sphincter forcing


to slowly open as he pushed against it. He spat onto his hand and rubbed the

saliva around his cock as lubrication, then pushed harder against the little

pink pucker until with some effort his dick began to slide inch after inch


her incredibly tight poop chute.

“Dadddddyyyy” Jessica moaned “that hurts!” she cried as she dug her nails


her brother’s shoulders.

“Shall I stop honey?” her father sounded a bit disappointed.

“No, no, don’t stop, just be gentle, I’ve never had a cock in my ass before


“Oh, ok Jessica, I’ll be very careful” he leaned down over her as she turned


face up towards him and they kissed deeply, stroking her long black hair


one hand, while pulling at one of her nipples with the other. She sighed


as the rest of her father’s cock slid into her asshole until there was none


it left outside. For several long seconds she stopped bumping and grinding


Joshua’s cock and sat perfectly still as she got used to the novel sensation


two cocks filling both her holes. Then she began to move her hips in such a


as to give as much pleasure as possible to both her brother and father, her


undulating in such a way that both cocks moved in and out of their


holes in a rythm that was satisfying to both men as well as herself.

Ryan Atkins still couldn’t believe it. Jessica Alba was getting double

teamed on

his show, by no less than her closest family members. Next to him Michael

Weatherly was going to do something to stop the incestuous threesome, so


snapped his fingers and pointed at him. The heavyset guys with CREW on their

tshirts came out again from backstage and carried Michael off with them as


struggled and shouted out Jessica’s name. She didn’t even hear him as her


contorted into expressions of extreme ecstasy and pain as her brother, who


then had been content to just sit under her and let her do the humping,


decided to pound his hips right back at her while grabbing a fleshy chunk of

tight ass cheek in each hand.

“Jessica” Joshua gasped breathlessly as his cock repeatedly hit her g-spot,

making her cry out loud each time, “I’m cumming!”

She was about to say something when her father suddenly grabbed a fistful of


hair and jerked it back roughly, forcing her head and entire body backwards

towards him as he pounded her ass three more times as deep as his cock would


then he grunted and blew his load deep inside his daughter’s rectum. Mark


let go of Jessica’s hair as he pulled out his dripping cock from her


to the limit sphincter and sat down heavily, his breath coming in ragged


Joshua followed his words with action and he too let go of a hot wad of


inside his sister’s red hot cunt as he squeezed down hard on Jessica’s sweet

butt. Her vaginal muscles clamped around his jerking cock, flexing rapidly


she peaked in a wild orgasm, her body bucking up and down savagely on her

stunned brother. Her frenzied cries of pleasure continued to echo around the

large studio, loud enough to make a deaf man cum. The audience wasn’t deaf


blind, and they used up every tissue that had been given them before the


and even then there were many who would go home tonight with very visible


on their pants.

Jessica Alba flopped onto the couch next to her brother, thick, white fluids

streaming out of both of her holes as the audience gave her a fifteen minute

long standing ovation that almost brought the studio’s roof down. Only then

could Ryan Atkins make himself heard as the clapping began to die down, and

Jessica, Joshua and Mark slowly began to come back to their senses and look

around with sheepish grins on their face, their cheeks burning a bright red.

“And there you have the Alba family, ladies and gentlemen, that’s true love


tell you. Now give another round of applause to the lovely, beautiful, sexy

little minx … Jessica Alba! Ok, show’s over folks, next week we’ll have

Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano on Celebrities Uncensored …” he paused


winked conspiratorially at the camera, ” … and I’ve heard that while they


each other they both like dogs and horses. This is Ryan Atkins, and this has

been another episode of Celebrities Uncensored!”

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