Celebrity Adventures 1: Alyson Hannigan

This fictional story contains GRAPHIC sexual situations, if you are under age
or easily offended. Stop reading

By Wonder Mike

Alyson Hannigan was more than excited to be the first star to go on an
celebrity adventure, she and her boyfriend Alexis Denisof were going to New

This trip was going to be exhausting, but Aly was used to it, she regularly
but in twelve hour days on the show Buffy the vampire slayer.

She had also put in long hours shooting the American Pie movies, so she was
ready for the 18 hour flight.

Aly and Alexis
had met on Buffy, it was years before they began dating
though, this trip to the other side of the world would be a bonding

The duo landed in Papau New Guinea, the small airport was surrounded by fans,
Alyson had never seen so many black people in one place before, she was
intimidated by the sight.

Aly couldn’t understand why they where all there, their guide was Jackson, he
told them that they got so few visitors that every time a plane landed it was
an event, Aly was a little disappointed. She secretly hoped they had heard of
her even here.

Jackson took the couple on a donkey ride, it was a two hour trip, they went
deeper and deeper into the jungle, they were going to see the home of the
tribe Yak-Koim.

Jackson explained to them that the Yak-Koim were headhunters, Alyson demanded
that they turn around immediately, Jackson told her it was too late, it would
be dark before they could get back to their camp, and there were worse things
than headhunters out at night.

They reached the tribe, Alyson thought they were the most polite headhunters
in the world, they dressed her in traditional Yak-Koim garb and began to

Aly was disturbed that the tribe wore no pants, she liked that they all
looked like they had third legs.

Alexis: If I was made like that I wouldn’t wear any pants either.

Alyson had to laugh at her boyfriend, she wished he was built like that

The tribe leader explained to the travelers that they used to be headhunters,
the would capture their enemies, cut their necks out, job them up into small
pieces cook then eat them.

Aly was disgusted, Jackson told her they hadn’t done that in weeks, that
didn’t calm her down any, she began to tremble.

The group encouraged Aly to dance, they told her it would relax her, she
began to spin and dance, the tribe cheered her on, Jackson noticed the dance
she was doing, he whispered for her to stop, she was having too much fun.

Aly danced from member to member of the tribe Jackson yelled for her to stop,
she was doing the mating dance and she had done it with five guys.

Jackson knew he couldn’t stop her, it would be an insult to the tribe, he
didn’t want to be dinner.

He finally got her attention, Aly danced over to him, he explained what she
was doing, she quit dancing.

The five tribesmen began to circle her, Jackson told her it might be too
late, Aly began to back away, the tribe all began to yell at her.

Aly signaled for Alexis to leave, he backed over to her, one of the Yak-Koim
grabbed him by the neck, they dragged him over to a pot, they tied him up and
put a knife to his neck, they yelled at Jackson.

Jackson told Alyson she had to continue to dance or they would make a meal,
they held a second knife to Alexis’s throat.

Aly began to dance again, the tribe pointed to her head, she removed the
headdress they had given her, he twirled again.

The tribe pointed at her wrap, Alyson put her hand over her breast, she
didn’t want to lose her covering, a trickle of blood dripped down Alexis’s
neck as the knife pricked him.

Aly ripped off the wrap, she could think of nothing worse than being cooked
and eaten, she was naked in front of the tribe now.

She began to dance, it was far from that now, five tribe leaders began to
circle her.

They danced around her as Aly twirled, she couldn’t help but notice the cocks
beginning to grow. She thought they were big when they where limp, it was
nothing compared to when they where fully erect, none of them had less than
12 inches, the biggest one looked to be at least 15.

The tribe closed in on her the first to reach her wrapped his arms around
her, pulling her close, the second was behind her rubbing against her.

The two men began to dry hump her, they began to pump away grinding against
her legs, Aly could feel herself getting wet.

She had always secretly wanted to be raped by a lack man, she wondered if it
was true about what they had said, she found it was true and more, there
where two 12 inch cocks rubbing against her.

The two men reached down between her legs, she felt her legs being spread
apart, she was lightly lifted into the air, a cock entered her pussy.

Her fiery red bush was parted by the thick cock, she groaned as it began to
split her, the two men began to lift her up and down on the cock.

Aly wrapped her arms around the neck of the tribesman facing her, they were
sliding her up and down, her juices were running down her cock.

The tribesman began to pump his cock in and out of her, Aly had never had a
cock this large before, and it was a fact that the bigger the better, she was
cumming already.

The second tribesman took aim with his cock, he lifted Aly high in the air
and slammed her down on his cock, it was buried in her ass.

Aly screamed as she was being double penetrated, she had never had anything
close to that size in her ass, she screamed again as they thrusted in unison.

The two huge men rammed their cocks into her, Aly shook violently, then went
limp, they rammed their cocks even harder into her, the force of their thrust
kept her suspended in mid air.

The other three tribesmen spoke to Jackson, he told Alexis they wanted to see
her stick a flute in her pussy.

Aly looked over at them, she told them that was a movie, and how did they see
that? Jackson told her American pie was the number one movie for the week in
New Guinea, that was why there where so many people at the airport.

The two tribesmen rammed their cocks all the way to the hilt with every
stroke, Aly was stuffed with two feet of cock, she was cumming for the third

The two men began to thrust harder and faster, Aly bit her lips but she
couldn’t help but to scream again, the two men stopped suddenly, then pulled
their limp cocks out of her.

Alyson dropped to the floor, she landed on her feet, the cum began to drip
out of her cunt and ass, she dropped to her hands and knees grateful to
survive the ordeal, he felt a cock poking her in the face.

Aly opened her eyes and saw a fifteen inch cock rubbing against her lips, the
man grabbed her by her red hair and pulled her head back, he began to stuff
his giant cock down her throat.

This was the king of the tribe, he still wore his headdress, his cock was so
thick it could barely fit in her mouth, he slowly worked it in though.

The king stuck a finger from each hand into her mouth, he pried it wide open
as he stuffed his fat cock into her mouth.

Aly began to gag as the king pumped his cock in and out of her mouth, he
grabbed a handful of her red hair and yanked her head back, he had half a
foot of cook jammed down her throat.

The king used his other hand to pinch her tits, Aly had small breast, but
they where all nipple, he began to roll the nipple between his fingers.

The king’s cock was like a steel beam now, he removed it from Alyson’s mouth
and began to slap her across the face with it, he then instructed her to turn
around and bend over.

Aly was on her hands and knees, the king reached between her legs and stuffed
two fingers into her pussy, she moaned as he began to work them in and out,
she quickly had another orgasm.

The king grabbed his fifteen inch tool and took aim, Aly felt the tip of it
against her ass hole.

Alyson: NOOOOO, not in there, it’s too big, please don’t put it in there.

Alyson: It hurts, it too big, please stop, it’s too big.

It was too late, the tip of the monstrous cock enter her ass. She tried to
crawl away, the king grabbed her around the waist and yanked her back, he had
almost a foot of cock stuffed into her ass.

Aly screamed again, the king began to pump his cock in and out of her ass, he
jammed it in deeper with each stroke, it only took four of them before he
buried the entire length of it in her ass.

Alyson: Please fuck my as, it feels so good, I love it in the ass, fuck me
harder, I need that big black cock in my ass, I need it hard.

The king began to ram his cock into her ass, he rammed it all the way in,
then pulled it out, he looked at the gaping hole that he had created.

Alyson: Put it back in, put it back in, put that big black cock back in my

The king grabbed his cock with both hands and rammed it all the way back into
her ass.

Alyson: Harder, fuck me harder.

Aly reached between her legs and stuffed three fingers into her pussy, she
began to rock back against the king’s cock, he began to pump his cock harder
and harder into her ass.

The king grabbed her hair with both hands and leaned back as he fucked her
ass, Alyson was slamming back trying to match his thrust.

Aly was knocked forward with each stroke, the king began to shake, Aly was
squeezing her ass around his cock, the king screamed as he prepared to shoot
his load.

Aly wiggled away form his cock, she spun around just in time to get
splattered across the cheek, she opened her mouth as the next stream went
directly down her throat.

She wrapped her lips around his cock and began to stroke it as the king
pumped his seed down her throat, Aly gulped it all down.

Alyson looked at the last two tribesmen, she motioned for them to come on

Alyson: Come and get it big boys.

She dropped to her hands and knees and began to wiggle her ass, the two men
surrounded her, 12 inch cocks pointing straight out.

Aly soon had a cock poking her in the face, she opened her mouth and began to
suck it down, the head hunter grabbed her by her hair and began pumping his
cock in and out of her mouth.

She soon felt a cock resting on her back, she spread her legs apart, the cock
found her dripping wet hold.

Aly: God it feels good, make me cum big boy.

The tribesman began to slam his cock into her cunt, Aly began rocking back
and forth onto it, both men had her by the hair now.

Both men begin to slap her ass, Alyson rocked back harder, her pussy was
stuffed with 12 inches of cock.

She soon had 12 inches of cock jammed down he throat, she began to gag as her
face was being fucked harder and harder.

Alyson: Spank my ass, slap it hard, I loved to be spanked.

The head hunter slapped her across the face with his cock, then he laid on
the ground, he pointed at his cock, Aly pulled the cock out of her pussy and
climbed aboard the other one.

Aly through her feet into the air and slid down on the fat cock, knees
reached the ground, she than began to bounce up and down.

The head hunter wrapped his arms around her, he pulled her down so they where
chest to chest, he began thrusting up into her.

Aly: I’m cuuuming, fuck me harder.

The head hunter slammed his cock harder into her pussy, her cum came dripping
down his cock.

The second head hunter climbed on top of Aly, he began to slowly slide his
cock into her stuffed pussy.

Aly: Slide that second cock into my pussy, I need it bad, do me baby, stuff
those two cocks into my pussy.

Both men slammed there cocks into her pussy, Aly screamed as they pumped away
at her.

Aly began to slowly ride both cocks, she had 24 inches of cock stuffed into
her pussy.

The tribesmen then rolled over in unison, Aly was now on her back riding the
two cocks, she planted her feet on the ground and began to thrust up.

That was all the head hunters could take, they screamed and both began to
pump their loads into her pussy.

Aly: I wanted to taste it guys, why didn’t you cum in my mouth, bad head

Alyson stood up and let the cum slowly drip out of her pussy, she shoved
three fingers into her pussy and scooped out a handful of cum, she held her
fingers over her head and let the cum drip into her mouth.

The tribe pushed Alexis to the ground, they surrounded Aly and gave her the
king’s headdress.

Alyson: This has been the greatest vacation ever.

Alexis: I guess it’s good to be the king.

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