Celebrity Call Girls

Celebrity Call Girls Part 1

by Jeff Walters (waltersj@hotkey.net.au)

Jeff and his friends had done well in Vegas and had decided to come to

Hollywood to go on all the tours. They started to feel a bit horny and

they asked the porter at their 5 star hotel where they could get high

class companionship. The porter gave them a card and said I hope you

are big. Jeff didn’t really know what he meant by that he thought he

was talking about big spenders.

They headed out and ended out the front of this funny looking building.

They went in and headed towards the reception area. They found themselves

in front of a girl who looked familiar but they couldn’t quite work out

who she was. Hi, my name is Yasmine Bleeth you might remember me from

Baywatch and other shows. If you guys are after some companionship then

you need to sign this confidentiality agreement and have a special test.

They didn’t know why they would have to do this but they all signed and

were shown into a room and Yasmine came up to all of us and said that we

would need to strip. We all removed our clothes and stood their naked

being a bit cold no one was standing at attention. Yasmine smiled as she

inspected all the cocks and went up to Damien who seemed to have the

smallest cock. Yasmine opened her blouse and showed her large breasts.

This got Damien instantly hard and Yasmine grabbed his cock and put his

cock in this hole in the wall. He was told to push in until his cock was

fully in a nd he felt some mechanical machine inside the hole measuring

the girth and length of his cock. When finished a door to his right

opened up. He was told to go into this room and wait.

Each guy did the same and some opened the same room and others opened

other rooms. They each went into the rooms that opened up for them and

sat down on the chairs provided. Damien and Chris was in room 6, Stephen

was in room 7 and Jeff being in a room called 9 plus.

Yasmine came in and asked Damien and Chris to follow her. They got into

another room and they were told that there selection of girls would be in

here shortly and they were to choose one and follow that girl into her

room. They looked at each other and waited and then they heard movement.

They turned their head as these girls walked in and there jaw dropped.

The 1st girl stepped forward and said “Hello, I’m Christina Ricci”, The

2nd girl stepped forward and said “Hello, I’m Jennifer Tilly”, the 3rd

girl stepped forward and said “Hello, I’m Rose McGowan” and finally the

4th girl stepped forward and said “Hello, I’m Andie McDowell”. The guys

were gob smacked they couldn’t believe that these ladies who they had been

watching in movies and TV shows were call girls and were going to fuck

them. Damien was first to speak and walked up to Rose McGowan and took

her hand, she looked down at his 6 inch cock and smiled and they left the

room. Chris was upset he hadn’t reacted quicker but he looked up and downthe remaining girls and walked up to Christina Ricci and smiled, this time

Christina grabbed his cock and he followed her.

Meanwhile in room 7 Stephen had just been seated by Yasmine. The 1st girl

stepped into room and said “Hello, I’m LeAnn Rimes”, The 2nd girl stepped

into room and said “Hello, I’m Portia De Rossi” and finally the 3rd girl

stepped forward and said “Hello, I’m Jessica Beals”. Stephen smiled and

walked straight up to Jessica Beals and lifted her up and walked out of

the room.

And finally in room 9 plus Jeff was seated. He looked over at the bed that

was in room and noticed it was twice the size of any king sized bed he had

ever seen. He had out the robe he had been given and turned around and

noticed the line up of naked girls before him, if he wasn’t hard already

his cock was now as hard as a rock. He looked at the girls and instantly

recognised Shakira, Naomi Watts, Michelle Trachtenberg, Beverley Mitchell

and finally Kirsten Dunst. He was looking at their hot bodies and was about

to say who he wanted to pick when Kirsten Dunst moved forward and kissed

him, the other girls followed and after a couple of minutes he had finished

kissing and feeling up all the girls. So when do I have to pick which one

of you I want. Kirsten again walked forward and said “Baby with a cock as

big as your (9« inches) you don’t have to pick at all you can do all of us.

That’s why the bed is so big. You are going to be able to fuck all of us

any way you want. Jeff smiled and thought about t he other guys and wondered

if they were having as much fun.

Damien had already had cum once in Rosie’s mouth and now was slamming his

cock into her pussy doggie style. He couldn’t believe that this starlet was

screaming out his name and asking him to fuck her harder. He couldn’t fuck

any harder he was already going harder and faster then he had ever done

before he balls slapping against her ass as. Fuck me Damien, god you are so

good, you going to cum for Rosie, fill me up big boy give me your seed. He

didn’t need any more encouragement he pulled out and his cum sprayed all over

her back and ass.

Chris who was in the next room and could hear the going on was a bit tied up,

Christina had pulled him into the room and immediate had put hand cuffs on

his hand and tied him to the bed. Christina would move down to his cock and

suck it for a minute then stand up and walk away. Doing this several times,

Chris was close to ripping off these cuffs and forcing himself on the girl.

It was then Christina crawled up Chris body and straddled his waist and

guided his cock into her small pussy. She lowered herself down on him easily

and started to move herself up and down. Chris moved his chest and face up

and bit into Christina nipple. She liked this and let him now it by moaning

into his ear. She rode him back and forward and the after a while moved her

back to him while his cock was buried in her and started to a reverse horse

ride position. Chris wasn’t all that experienced and having the feeling of

a hot wet pussy was to much and he started to explode, his cum just shooting

more and more into her pussy.

Jessica pointed Stephen towards her room, he entered the room and she was

thrown on the bed. Well Jessica why is a girl like you in a place like this,

you could get any guy you wanted. Well being in the spotlight all the time

you get guys that just want to fuck a celebrity and might have a small cock,

with this deal I get all the sex I need, no-one knows and I get to fuck guys

with the size and girth I like, and your cock is perfect for my pussy. All

I ask is that you treat me like the naughty little girl I am, not doing what

my preacher farmer wants me to be, a virgin. Stephen says to Jessica all you

need is a hard thick cock like mine to get you moving. Jessica says all you

need is a teenage mouth like mine sliding my tongue underneath the head, you

want me to spread my nice legs and see me fingering my pussy. Oh god I want

all of it, oh god, I want your hot cum spurt it up my hot pussy. Stephen I

want you to fuck me, lift my leg and back me against the wall, bang me

against the wall, fuck me good bang me good against the wall, Jessica reaches

down an lightly strokes Stephen’s cum filled balls. Jessica I’m so close

baby, fuck me, I’m going to cum baby, I want you to orgasm with me. I want

you to squirt deep inside me. Stephen last much longer and started cumming

deep in Jessica as she experienced her orgasm. Jessica was still against the

wall and Stephen still hard inside her. He grabbed her around the waist her

legs wrapped around his body and landed back in the bed. Even though he only

just cummed he started fucking Jessica in the missionary position and while

pumping her he looked down at her glorious full breasts. He slipped his cock

out of her pussy and moved up her body and put his cock between her breasts.

She pushed her breasts together and being his cock was still wet with their

juices he was able to slide between them easily. He had never fucked a girl

like this but since he was paying for it he was going to get every experience

he could. Jessica had very nice breasts and the feeling Stephen had from it

mad him cum quickly, he started to cum , he cum shooting over her chin and

mouth and then by pulling out of her breasts started shooting on her breasts

and nipples.

Jeff ordered all of the girls to masturbate for him and they instantly

obeyed. He couldn’t that these stars were here now and looking at them

playing with there clits and fingering their pussy. Jeff walked closer to

bed and grabbed Naomi Watts and said your first baby. Naomi smiled and moved

with Jeff to the bed, already wet from masturbating she spread her legs wide

and was pleased when Jeff started to fill her up. Jeff says doesn’t Heath

fuck you like this baby, Naomi says he fucks me but he isn’t as big as you

and if I want to fuck I want a big cock like yours makes me orgasm easier,

because a cock your size rubs against my sensitive spot in my pussy. Naomi

wrapped her legs around his waist and was pushing herself up against this

monster, her pussy never having been stretch this much before, but she could

tell she was close, the warm feeling in her body was started to build and

Jeff had only been in her 5 minutes at this time and didn’t even look like

cumming like most guys had done in her. Naomi didn’t have to wait much

longer for her orgasm to hit, his cock rubbing against her clit as he was

thrusting in, she started screaming that she was orgasming.

Jeff pulled out of Naomi without cumming and waked back over to the girls and

grabbed Shakira by the hand and walked to vacant part of the bed. I want you

to dance for me baby, move that ass like I know you can. Well she hit the

music button on the wall and she started to gyrate, Jeff smiled as he watched

her body move, nice firm breasts and that ass. He couldn’t wait much longer

and grabbed her and bent her over the side of the bed and out the head of his

cock at the rim of her ass and slowly started to enter her ass. It was lucky

his cock was coated with Naomi and his own juices or he wouldn’t have been

able to fit into her ass. Jeff looked over at the other girls waiting for

him and noticed that they had finished masturbating but were now in a daisy

chain and each girl was licking the other girls pussy. This got him excited

and shoved back into Shakira. He had watched her videos and had wondered how

good it would to fuck her up the ass and now he knew, it was absolutely

fantastic. Shakira had never had a cock in her ass but being a call girl she

knew all her openings were for use by the men and since she enjoyed these

really big cocks well she couldn’t complain. Well she wasn’t complaining now

Jeff was pounding her ass while rubbing her clit. She had already come once

and was feeling like she was going to cum again but she wanted Jeff to fill

her ass with him cum. Jeff feeling close to cumming started to thrust quicker

and was about to cum when he heard screaming out in Spanish, he took this

that she was cumming again and that sent him over the top and started spewing

out his cum into her ass. He was wasted but could feel his cock staying

hard, how could it go down when he had the site of Michelle Trachtenberg,

Beverley and Kirsten licking each other out. He walked over and the girls

stopped licking to see who was next when he put both hands out and he grabbed

the Michelle Trachtenberg. He moved to the bed and told her to suck his

cock. She moved down his body and got on the side of his cock and started to

lick his cock. She couldn’t have been more then 16 years old but that didn’t

bother him, she seemed to be experienced at sucking. Jeff called out to

Beverley to get a strap on for him and she immediately left the room and ran

back in the room with two, one for him and one that she was wearing around

her waist. Jeff knew he wasn’t going to cum for a while so he grabbed

Michelle and god her to get on top of him and bring her pussy down on his

cock. He grabbed her and pulled her to him. He ordered Kirsten to put the

strap on just lower then his balls, which Kirsten did. When it was tightened

around his body he got Michelle to lift back up and she lowered herself onto

the two cocks, one in her pussy and now one in her ass. Michelle was tighter

then the girls he had fucked but he didn’t care she would soon be wider for

having been fucked by him. He could feel her breasts rubbing against his

chest and moved his hands and started to caress them, he moved his mouth down

to them and started to lick and suck on the nipples. Michelle was screaming

for both of the cocks to fuck her harder, to treat her like the slut she was.

She was orgasming every couple of minutes and was screaming oh god, oh god,

you have to try this girls. Jeff didn’t last much longer, Michelle might

have been tight but she had more control of her pussy muscles and she was

milking his cock like he had never experienced before. He could feel himself

cumming and pulled out and started to spray his cum over Michelle pussy and

ass. Jeff moved away and sat on the chair watching what was happening in

front of him, he started to stroke himself when he felt another hand on his

cock, it was Beverley Mitchell. You don’t need to do that; I can do it for

you, as he felt her use both her hands to rub up and down his cock and

occasionally she would bend down and start sucking on it and then he noticed

Kirsten walked over and stepped up on the chairs until her pussy was right in

front of his face, well he hadn’t tasted any of them so why not he thought.

He started to lick and rub her clit while Beverley had now taken his cock in

her mouth. She was an expert at this, it was licking Kirsten out that he had

an idea and stood up. He grabbed both their hands and grabbed the remaining

strap on. He put it around his waist a couple of inches in front of his real

cock. He grabbed Beverley and got her to sit astride him but facing away and

he put the strap on in her pussy and she sank down on it. Jeff then pulled

her back towards him and started to tweeze her nipples and Kirsten then new

what she had to do and sat astride him and lowered herself down onto his

cock. She moved forward until her body was rubbing up against Beverley. Both

girls had large breasts that Jeff had always fantasized about, and they were

moving slowly together, the friction of just moving was making both girls

orgasm quickly and they started kissing each other and then moved there mouth

around so all three could kiss. Jeff had never felt like this and started

to orgasm. Cum started to shoot trough Kirsten and she quickly got up and

Beverley got on top of it and slid down as Jeff continued to cum. He had

never orgasmed this much in all his life but for these girls he had more to


The girls moved to the side of the room and sat down still naked and

continued to rub their clit and pussy. Jeff got up from the bed and put the

robe on and sat on the edge of the bed and watched the girl’s orgasm again

and again. His time was nearly up and moved towards the girl and kissed each

one passionately and grabbed their ass one more time and was just about to

walk out the door when the girls said in Unisom. Now that you are a member

of the 9 plus club you get a special gift. They each handed him a card with

their own personal mobile phone number with the note if ever in same area he

could be serviced anytime. That is a great present he said but they said no

that isn’t the present, that’s our present, but the club gives you this

present. Through the door walks Alexis Bledel from the Gilmore Girls not

naked but in sexy white dress with pink flowers throughout the dress. I

asked what the present was and Alexis said, me silly, I’m a virgin and I

can’t join this club until a new member breaks my pussy in, you are that

member and you get to take me to your hotel for the night and do what you

want. Jeff smiled and grabbed her by the hand and walked out the door,

Alexis falling in behind him.

The boys were waiting for Jeff out the front and were surprised to see whom

he was with. They all had smiles of guys who had just got some nice piece of

ass, and all walked out the front of the club. Jeff says I’m going back to

the hotel and I’ll see you guys tomorrow. He stepped into taxi with Alexis

and smiled.

But that story for another time. That story being (Alexis finally takes a


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