Celebrity Call Girls 4 – Down Under Part 2

Celebrity Call Girls 4 – Down Under

by Jeff Walters (jeff_paw2001@yahoo.com)

Jeff watched the logies and when the camera panned around his cock would move when he saw one of the girls he had just fucked. Jeff made sure that none of the girls had washed out there pussies so they would have cum in them during the show.

It wasn’t long after the awards finished when he heard a knock on the door. There stood Kate Keltie “Michelle from Neighbours”. Hi Michelle, lift up that skirt I want to make sure you obeyed my instructions. Kate immediately obeyed and lifted up her skirt., revealing her pussy to me.
I made her stand at the door with her skirt lifted making sure she understood they she was mine now and she was to obey my orders. I close the door and let her walk inside and ordered her to strip tease for me. Kate only being 14 started to move awkwardly but soon got in the rhythm and started to remove clothes and touch lightly parts of her body.

When naked I move her into the bedroom and she noticed the lighting equipment set-up. Katie you’re going to be the first Australian virgin celebrity call-girl to be shown on web-cam to all other members of the Celebrity Call-Girl 9 Inch Club. This has been set up so all of the members can she how good you are. The broadcast cannot be recorded so you will not have problem of being exposed to the media.

Katie you are first to masturbate with a number of these dildo’s. You are to break your own hymen with any of these 6 inch dildo’. At the end of the hour you must have a dildo fully in your arse and pussy at same time. If you successfully complete this first part you will be allowed to be fucked by me, do you understand these instructions.

Katie started off slowly but Jeff who was working the computer for the other members noticed more and more 9 inch club members join in. As per the rules the guys also had to broadcast their web back to host and I displayed more and more guys web cams, the rules showing only the cock was in force and Katie seemed to get more and more turned on by the site of all this 9 inch cocks being wanked over her. She had already had broken her hymen and was now using the thickest dildo shoving it faster and faster into her very wet pussy. It wasn’t long before she was attempting the dildo in her arse. She had got on her knees with her arse showing off to cam. Her pussy juices having flowed down to her arse crack the dildo started to go in easier then she expected. It was only with 1 minute to go that she finally had both dildos in her body. She smiled when she saw the guys show cards on their cam stated that she has passed the first step.

Jeff sent Katie to the shower; he wanted her sweet and smelling nicely before he sired her into this club. Jeff walked into the shower and grabbed the soap and started to lather up the sponge and started to soap her body, her neck and then down lower to her breasts, he paid special attention to these pert melons. They become erect and he was pinching them, Katie was moaning and pushing her body against Jeff. Katie knelt down and started to clean his ball sac and by doing this Jeff’s cock started to rise up. She looked at his now ever expanding cock and started to rub and down with the sponge and then let the water wash away the soap and started to lick around the cock head and then started to lick further down Jeff’s cock. Katie opened her mouth just enough and started to bob down a couple of inches, Katie got lower and lower down Jeff’s cock, the water pouring down our bodies soon got too much for Katie as she was slowly water as she was sucking. She stood up and stepped out of the shower and Jeff followed her out and walked behind her. She jumped up on to the bed and Jeff moved in behind her, Kate moved her mouth back down to his cock and Jeff laid back on bed and just experienced the experience of this girls mouth. . He moved around and moved under the legs of Kate and started to explore her pussy folds with his tongue. Jeff tongue found her clitoris and started licking around it and he could hear that she liked it and could feel the moan as she bobbed up and down on his cock. He moved his finger between her legs and started to rub quickly her little clit and then his moved started to separate her pussy lips with his tongue and started to lick deeper. He couldn’t last much longer with this young girls active tongue and mouth. Kate was moaning and screaming when she could that she was orgasming and Jeff didn’t last much longer and started shooting his cum in her mouth and on her face. She swallowed all the cum he gave her and started going back down on the cock to get the rest of the cum

Jeff moved back off the bed and looked over Kate in all her naked glory, Kate was flat on her back with her legs spread and her knees bent. She was looking at him and then down at his cock. Jeff could see that she was well lubricated, he looked down and decided that he needed to get this going and gently tugged on his cock until it was fully erect. He moved forward and got between Kate thighs and started to kiss her stomach, breasts, neck and then finally her mouth, Jeff let his tongue move into Kate mouth and her tongue responded in kind. They kissed passionately and for the first time in her life she felt a guys cock at the entrance to her vagina, she grabbed the cock and placed the head of Jeff’s cock at the entrance and Jeff moved in. He could already feel with just his cock head in her that she was tight; he was going to have to go slow with this girl. Kate was shocked by the instant pain but also the pleasure she was getting, tears were running down her face. Jeff stayed at this level for a while and let her pussy get used to the six inches and thrust out and in while she moaned a bit more, when she nodded that she was ready for more Jeff would thrust against her more. He was nearly all the way in her now and he felt her legs cross behind his back, he was just about to get the finally inch and a bit in when she moved her ass of the bed and impaled herself on the final inch. He smiled as his ball slapped up against the body and he looked at her face she was smiling but also crying, Kate said she have never felt anything this good. Jeff just let his cock stay inside her until her pussy worked out his girth and size, he knew when she was ready she would start to move her body up and down on his cock. He liked the friction of their bodies hardly moving but he knew shortly he was going to start thrusting into this girl like never before. He started to feel her body start to move under him, Jeff started to pull it nearly all the way and then thrust back in, sliding his 9 « inch cock this tight pussy. She was now screaming to be fucked hard, Jeff was certainly doing that for her, he was now going faster and faster when he heard her scream, yes I’m orgasming, yes keep doing that, this is so good, fuck me harder Jeff give it to me. Jeff was now doing the longer stroke and pushing in and out his big cock, he felt her pussy orgasm around his cock and felt it now easier to penetrate her sweet pussy. He moved his cock around in her pussy and was getting close to coming. Jeff removed his cock from her pussy and she looked disappointed and got her to move to edge of bed and got her to move in front of him, she spread her legs across his legs and sat down and impaled herself on his cock. This time she didn’t have to go slow, her pussy just slid all the way down, she placed her knees on the bed and was about to lift herself up when Jeff grabbed her around the waist and started to kiss her mouth. Kate just rocked forward and backwards, hardly moving but she cold feel the intense feeling in her body, she realised that she didn’t need to move up and down on this but just move around, her breasts and nipples against his chest or pussy and clit against his body. The rocking was enough for her to experience her second orgasm and she raised herself up and rode it down again. She now knew the motion she got the most enjoyment from and rode Jeff’s cock. This movement also got Jeff to the brink and with a small thrust started to come inside this girl. Kate for the 1st time in her life felt cum shoot inside her body and she new it was not going to be her last.

Katie lifted herself off Jeff’s still hard cock and laid back on bed and spread her legs and moved her hand between her legs and felt the cum still dripping out of her pussy. She lifted some onto her finger and brought it up and into her mouth. Mmmmmm, that is nice, Katie said.

There was a knock on the door and I ordered the person to come in, it was room service. I knew Katie would be hungry after getting the fucking off her young life. Katie when to cover up but I told her not to, the young guy was going through the order but kept on looking at Katie and kept on getting mixed up. I then went and signed the order and quietly spoke to the guy, who smiled. I told Katie she was to give him a tip, she moved from the bed still fully naked and walked to the young guy and handed him a $50.00 note. He said thanks but as instructed her grabbed her hand and moved it to his cock. She moved it from his pants and started to rub it, using the juices from her own pussy to lubricate his now growing cock. Being young he didn’t last much longer and soon ejaculated into Katie’s hand, being a good slut she lifted it to her mouth and licked the cum. She moved his cock back into his pants and zipped him up and he left with a smile.

Katie moved back to the table where I was standing and she grabbed my cock and started to rub it. I moved my hand around to caress one of her breasts and moved his other hand to her pussy and started to move my fingers against her pussy lips and clit. Jeff new where to touch Katie and it was not long before he could smell and feel how wet she was. I lifted her off her feet and walked her back to the lounge and laid her on her side and got in behind her and then gently put his cock in her tight wet pussy from behind. Her pussy nice and warm and so far all his, Jeff moved back in and out of her pussy. Jeff looked down at Katie fantastic ass and smiled and slammed back into her pussy from behind, his balls slapping up against his ass. Katie could feel the building up of her orgasm in her pussy and was pushing back hard against this cock that was sliding in her. Katie could feel more cock in her then any of the time except maybe when she had sat down on his cock and rid him and knew this doggie position would be one she would continue to do. Jeff was pulling way out and then shoving back in and he could tell Katie by the moaning she was doing, on one of the back strokes he accidentally pulled all the way out and was just about to shove it back in and notice how wet Katie was and how her anal opening looked so inviting. He put his already slick wet hard cock and put it against her anal opening and started to push in. By the time Katie had worked out what had just happened Jeff was already two inches. Katie was about to scream no when another orgasm was triggered. Katie started to scream and thrash about and Jeff took this to be she was enjoying this anal probe and started to thrust in harder and was soon all the way in. He rested as he got all the way in and let her anus adjust to his cock and then he started to thrust back into her with abandon. He had never seen an ass as shapely and inviting and he was soon at the stage of coming. He pulled out one more time and then shoved back in and at this time started to cum deep in her anus. This strange feeling of cum being shot into her ass also set her off again.

Katie saw the comments on the cams and new she was in the club, but new that she had one more thing to do before becoming a full fledge member. It was then the waiter returned but this time with his friends. This time he didn’t wait he just moved his clothing and the other guys followed. Katie smiled and looked at the 6 guys who were now naked and before her. She inspected all the cocks and then laid back on the bed. The first guy with his already hard cock moved to the bed and got below Katie and shoved his cock in her arse and eventually fully inside her, the second guy moved up and got between her legs and this time let her pussy be invaded by another’s guys cock. The 2nd guy was fully in when the 3rd moved over and straddled her large breasts and moved his cock between them. 4th guy moved around to her head and his cock was then moving between her wet and full lips. The 5th and 6th guys moved to side of Katie’s body and grabbed her hand and placed it on theirs cocks. It was then I instructed them to start and the all moved as one and it was long before Katie was screaming in pleasure and asking to be fucked harder. Katie didn’t know but her body was moving like it had been set into her DNA. She kept on moving her body to the guys thrusting and her hands were rubbing these young guys cocks, it was then that the guys started to cum, load after load either striking on parts of her body or inside her body. All the guys withdrew their cocks, and Katie even looked disappointed but she didn’t have to be because all the guys was moved one spot clockwise and moved back into her body. It was an hour later that the guys finally stopped not able to cum any more. They reached for their clothes and each handed her $5 and thanked her and left the room.

Katie found it hard to stand but did eventually and moved over to me. I printed out the results and she cried when she saw that she had received full marks. As per the rules I handed her kit. Enclosing her own pager, her call-girl business cards. Directory of other call-girls and list of current members of the various sizes clubs. Katie had made it to the gold express club where she could decide just to do 9 inch club members or be available for anything. Other girls had tried to join this club but only the best call-girls sluts were ever made gold express. I kissed her passionately and she walked out, maybe with a slight limp but certainly with a smile on her face.

The End

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