Celebrity Call Girls Part 3: Katie Holmes

Celebrity Call Girls Part 3: Katie Holmes

by Jeff Walters (waltersj@hotkey.net.au)

Jeff looked up the index from the index he was given back in Hollywood.
Each of the names had alongside the films they had been in as well as their
pager number and mobile cell number. He found the girl he was looking for
and punched in the code and his location.

The door to the room opened and in walked Katie Holmes. She looked stunning
in hipsters and a tight top. She walked straight up to Jeff and stuck her
tongue down his throat. Jeff responded in kind and put his hand around her
back and started to feel her
near perfect ass. He pushed her body further
into his until his groin matched up with her. She broke off the kiss and
unzipped Jeff’s zipper and then proceeded to lift out his cock. The girls
were right you are very impressive and then she started to lick the head of
Jeff’s cock. Katie had an expert tongue and it wasn’t long before Jeff was
as thick and hard as he ever got. Katie smiled and started to take this
monster in her mouth. Her tongue moving around the head and then further
down her throat. There was no way she was going to able to take all of his
cock in her mouth but Katie did try. She moved her hands around and started
to caress Jeff’s balls and every now and again would move her mouth down and
start to suck on them as well. It might have been her thick red lips or the
magic tongue she had but Jeff let go with a load of cum, she started to
swallow some of the spurts but she also pulled back and let it splash all
over her face.

Katie stood up and started to lick cum with her tongue that she could reach
on her face and then with her handkerchief got the rest off her face. So how
you enjoying the club Jeff asked Katie. I know the girls back in Hollywood
cant get enough and cant wait for you to give them a call and your little
present back there is now a full member of our club.

Jeff asked Katie to lie back on the bed and start to play with herself. She
took off her hipsters and panties revealing a little bit of fuzz on top of a
near perfect slit. Her pussy lips enlarged and ready for a fucking. She
then started to off her top and was standing their only left with a bra on.
This was soon off and Jeff noticed how perfect the shapes of these breasts
were. He sat on chair opposite the bed and watched as Katie started to tweak
her nipples and with her other hand starting to rub her enlarged clit. Katie
started to breath quicker and started to slowly moan and she reached over to
her bag and pulled out a small but thick vibrator. She slowly at first
started to enter it into her wet pussy but was soon quickening the pace. She
was bucking up and down on it and was screaming that she was cumming when
Jeff couldn’t take it any more and jumped onto the bed between her thighs
grabbed the vibrator and threw it to the side as he entered Katie with all of
his cock. He started to thrust hard into her when he felt her pussy juices
explode with orgasm. He grabbed her legs and moved them up and over his
shoulders and started to slow down his pace as he heard her breathing and
moaning come down from her last orgasm. She wasn’t the tightest girl he had
ever fucked but she had a velvety pussy that was so warm and inviting. Jeff
started to quicken the pace and moved into another position, this time he had
spread her legs wide like a gymnast and started to fuck her hard as she was
screaming for him to do. By spreading her legs like this was causing her
pussy to open up and he could move around more and into her. She had never
done this but she could now feel more of him in her. She could feel the head
of his cock at the top of her pussy hole. She could feel her second orgasm
coming when Jeff stopped, Jeff didn’t want to cum yet so he stopped and
repositioned himself. Before he decided what position now to fuck her in he
started to feel Katie use her pussy muscles. She had fantastic control and
he felt like her pussy was squeezing in just the right areas, her pussy
muscles acting like a wave and milking his cock. This was enough for Jeff
and let go with his cum shooting into her womb. This final act also put her
over the edge and she started to cum as well, there juices flowing with each
other. Jeff pulled his cock out of her pussy and lay on his side stroking
Katie’s breasts, his cock not once deflating.

They just lay there for a while her back to him and his cock between her
legs. Not sexual but highly stimulating, they both feel asleep.

It was Jeff who woke first and was surprised that he was still hard but being
that his cock was between her thighs he could understand why it hadn’t gone
down. His cock still coated with her juices and he felt he needed to try
some more. He positioned his cock between her ass cheeks and slowly started
to enter her. Katie instantly woke up, she had never been taken like this
but he was already more then half way up her ass and she liked the way it was
making her feel. Katie realised that she hadn’t been able to take a guy in
her ass because she was always apprehensive and so her muscles were always so
tight there but Jeff having entered her while she was asleep had allowed his
cock to enter a place no man or woman had ever entered. Jeff reached around
and started to stoker Katie’s nipples back to life and wasn’t long before her
nipples were red and puffy. He used a slow technique that he had learnt to
get her more responsive to anal fucking. He could feel her fingering herself
and stroking his cock as it entered in and out of her ass. He didn’t want to
cum yet so he kept just short stabbing motions into her ass. He wasn’t going
to last much longer like this so he started to fuck her harder and she
responded to this by moving her ass back onto his cock quicker. She was
getting much enjoyment out of this and he couldn’t last any longer and he
shot his load in her ass and he could feel it coating his cock as well. She
moved herself off his cock and rubbed at the area that had just been invaded.
Jeff looked down and noticed that it had stayed open in the shape of his
cock, he knew that this wouldn’t last long and told her to go to the bathroom
because getting a load in her ass was like an enema and she would soon be
letting anything go in her ass.

Katie walked off and Jeff watched as her ass moved side to side and he knew
he had to have her again. He walked into the bathroom and started to fill
up the spa. He jumped into the shower and was washing himself when he felt
Katie from behind. Her breasts rubbing against his back and now her hand
soaping up his cock and balls. This got him hard and again and she was able
to soap it up really well and make sure it was real clean. She rubbed her
hands all over his body and Jeff was very appreciative of this and was
telling her so when she said it was her turn to be washed. He started in
the same area she had started with and to make sure it was really clean he
would lick it to make sure. Katie must of thought she was really dirty
because she would place her hand behind my head and force me further into her
pussy. It wasn’t much longer when she was screaming my name and thanking
god. I got off my knees and headed for the spa, Katie followed even though
she did seem a little weak at the knees.

Jeff stepped in the spa and turned on this machine, the water instantly
started to swirl and Katie soon joined Jeff. Katie sat astride Jeff and they
started to play to tonsil hockey and Katie could feel Jeff get harder and
harder between her thighs and she lowered her hands to his cock and positions
herself on his cock and lowered herself to the bottom of it. Perfect fit she
thought and was about to rise herself up and down when she started to feel
the water moving her around and noticed that she didn’t need to move at all
because the power of the water would move them around and give them the
friction they needed for fucking.

The friction moved them closer and Jeff enjoyed the feeling of her sexy body
against his, he was kissing her and she was moaning into his mouth. He
needed to thrust into her but the positions didn’t allow this so he used his
strength to lift her up and down on his cock and Katie got the idea and
started to lift herself up and down on his cock. The pressure started to
build up again and he lifted her up from his cock and spread her legs. Jeff
moved and got between her legs and pierced her with his thickened cock, he
was going to fuck this actress like she had never been fucked before. Her
legs moved behind his back and she started thrusting herself forward when he
was shoving it back into her. She started to cum and screamed to be fucked
harder and this time her orgasm just kept going. She didn’t think it could
ever be thus good but then she felt him cum and she reached the pinnacle of
her orgasm. She squeezed her pussy muscles to get all the cum out of this
stud as she could get. They both hoped out of the spa and walked back into
the bedroom and put their clothes back on. She gave him one last kiss and
walked out.

Jeff had to get home and met up with his mates and got on the plane back to
Australia. His adventure to the USA had been very beneficial and he would be
appreciating this movies and TV shows more.

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