Celebrity Call Girls Part 4: Down Under

Celebrity Call Girls Part 4: Down Under

by Jeff Walters (waltersj@hotkey.net.au)

Jeff and his friends travelled back home and landed back home in Melbourne
Australia. They were pleased to be home and even more pleased that the
money they had made at Vegas were worth twice the value of the Australian
dollar. While the other boys decided to go home Jeff booked himself into
the penthouse at Melbourne Casino. Since the flight from America is close
to 23 hours he was a bit horny and decided he would look up the Celebrity
Call Girls here in Australia. He rang the number and spoke with the
receptionist and found
out that the Australian version of the Emmy’s were
on were actually in the casino that night. Jeff was given the number for
a pager system and he called it in and put his member number.

It wasn’t to much longer when he heard knock on the door. He opened it up
and some of the most beautiful young actresses of Australian television were
there. I invited them in and got them to sit on the lounge. He looked at
the girls and instantly recognised Bree Walters from Always Greener, Rebecca
Cartwright from Home and Away, Delta Goodrem from Neighbours, Tammin Sursok
from Home and Away, Kate Garvin from Home and Away and finally Christie Hays
from Home and Away. He was looking at their hot bodies and ordered them to
remove their dresses. As the custom allowed the girls individually moved
forward and kissed him, the other girls followed and after a couple of
minutes he had finished kissing and feeling up all the girls.

Jeff ordered all of the girls to masturbate for him and they instantly
obeyed. He stared at them while that started to play with their clits and
fingering their pussy. Jeff walked closer to bed and grabbed Rebecca
Cartwright and said your first baby. Rebecca smiled and moved with Jeff to
the bed, already wet from masturbating she spread her legs wide and was
pleased when Jeff started to fill her up. Rebecca wrapped her legs around
his waist and was pushing herself up against Jeff’s cock, her pussy never
having been stretch this much before, but she could tell she was close, the
warm feeling in her body was started to build and Jeff had only been in her
5 minutes at this time and didn’t even look like cumming like most guys had
done in her. Rebecca didn’t have to wait much longer for her orgasm to hit,
his cock rubbing against her clit as he was thrusting in, she started
screaming that she was orgasming. Rebecca thought she had finished but Jeff
ordered Tammin to come over here. He laid her down on the bed and got her
to spread her legs. He told Rebecca to lower her pussy over Tammin face,
Tammin smiled and Jeff knew that this wasn’t the first time that these two
had licked each others pussy. He slowly started to enter into Tammin. Jeff
started thrusting hard into Tammin pussy and he could here her screaming to
be fucked harder while she was licking Rebecca. He pulled Rebecca towards
him and started to kiss this hot girl. Her mouth worked overtime in his and
Jeff could feel her large breasts against his chest. Jeff moved his hands
down and started to caress her breasts and she started to moan more, I think
this might have something to do with Tammin licking her then me feeling her
up. Tammin was cumin and so was Rebecca. He ordered them to move to the
floor and start to lick each other until he was ready for them again.

He walked over and the girls looked at me to see who was next when he put
both hands out and he grabbed both hands of the Christie Hayes and Kate
Garvin. He moved them to the bed and told them he wanted both of them to
suck his cock. They moved down his body and got on either side of his cock
and started to lick his cock on each side and could feel the girls grabbing
and caressing his balls. They couldn’t have been more then 16 years old
but that didn’t bother him, they seemed to be experienced at sucking. Jeff
knew he wasn’t going to cum for a while so he grabbed Kate and got her to
lay on the bed and told Christie to put on the strap on which was on the
side of the bed and to start fucking her TV sister. It was extremely sexy
to see these two girls who had played sisters on Home and Away fucking each
other, tits against tits, their tongues in each other mouth. Christie had
a good rhythm going so I waited until she was thrusting into Kate and I
entered her from behind into her hot and tight wet pussy. Jeff could see
their breasts rubbing against his chest and moved his hands and started to
caress them, he moved his mouth down to them and started to lick and suck
on the nipples. Kate was screaming for Christie to fuck her harder, to
treat her like the slut she was. She was orgasming every couple of minutes
and was screaming oh god, oh god, you have to try this Christie. He told
the girls to move so he could fuck Kate himself and Christie got up and
moved away while he turned Kate around and started to fuck her doggie. He
could tell this girl was only knew at this because of the words she used and
how extremely tight this girl was. Jeff started thrusting deeper into her
tight pussy when he felt a strange feeling behind him. He looked around say
Christie between his legs and licking his ass. This put Jeff over the edge
and started to cum. He could feel himself cumming and pulled out and started
to spray both of the girls over they’re pussy and ass. He moved away from
them as they continued to fu ck each other.

Jeff moved away and sat on the chair watching what was happening in front of
him, he could see Kate Garvin with a strap-on fucking Rebecca Cartwright and
Tammin with a strap on fucking Christie Hayes. Jeff started to stroke
himself when he felt another hand on his cock, it was Delta Goodrem. You
don’t need to do that; I can do it for you, as he felt her use both her hands
to rub up and down his cock and occasionally she would bend down and start
sucking on it and then he noticed Bree walk over and stepped up on the chairs
until her pussy was right in front of his face, well he hadn’t tasted any of
them so why not he thought. He started to lick and rub her clit while Delta
had now taken his cock in her mouth. She was an expert at this, it was
licking Bree out that he had an idea and stood up. He grabbed both their
hands and grabbed the remaining strap on. He put it around his waist a couple
of inches in front of his real cock. He grabbed Delta and got her to sit
astride him but facing away and he put the strap on in her pussy and she sank
down on it. Jeff then pulled her back towards him and started to tweeze her
nipples and Bree then new what she had to do and sat astride him and lowered
herself down onto his cock. She moved forward until her body was rubbing up
against Delta. Both girls had large breasts that Jeff had always fantasized
about, and they were moving slowly together, the friction of just moving was
making both girls orgasm quickly and they started kissing each other and then
moved there mouth around so all three could kiss. Jeff had never felt like
this and started to orgasm. Cum started to shoot trough Bree and she quickly
got up and Delta got on top of it and slid down as Jeff continued to cum. He
had never orgasmed this much in all his life but for these girls he had more
to give.

The girls moved to the side of the room and sat down still naked and
continued to rub their clit and pussy. Jeff got up from the bed and put
the robe on and sat on the edge of the bed and watched the girl’s orgasm
again and again. He knew they had to leave shortly for the awards and
moved towards the girl and kissed each one passionately and grabbed their
ass one more time. They each handed him a card with their own personal
mobile phone number with the note if ever in same area he could be serviced
anytime. He then heard a knock on the door, Jeff moved to the door and
opened it and standing in front of him was Kate Keltie the young 14 year
old from Neighbours, she was not naked but in sexy black dress that was so
tight against her body it made Jeff instantly hard again. Kate said I’m a
virgin and I can’t join this club until a new member breaks my pussy in,
you are that member and after the awards I will come back here and do what
you want with me. As the other girls showered and got changed back into
their dresses he started to make out with Kate. Kate was young but she
had the biggest breasts f all the girls he had done tonight. Jeff moved
his hands down her body and grabbed her panties and pulled them down and
said you are not to wear anything underneath until I have you later. She
smiled and grabbed the hands of the other girls as they walked out the door.

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