Celebrity Connections

Celebrity Connections

First a little warning. Technically, you shouldn’t be reading this unless you are 18 or over, and it is legal for you to view such content. This story contains material of both homo- and hetero-sexual content. If you don’t know what that means; it means men fucking men, men fucking women. Also note that this story is not meant in any way to indicate the sexuality and/or sexual preferences, fetishistic or otherwise, of Holly Valance. I have no connection to FHM other than being a loyal reader of the magazine. This story is entirely fictional, so please don’t sue me! OK, got that? Did
you even bother reading it? No I didn’t think you would.

She lay beside me, a goddess in repose. I stroked my index finger up her side, from her waist to her shoulders. She grinned at me, her beautiful face radiating love and warmth as she pulled me closer and kissed me deeply…

I woke up, and my tongue completed a quick circuit of my mouth, looking for any traces of that kiss. Nothing. I opened my eyes, and found myself alone. I wanted to get back to sleep, but that knowledge that today I would meet HER roused me fully. I got up, dressed and ate breakfast, before riding my bike into town.

I was currently engaged in a holidays work-experience scheme. I was working for a professional photographer by the name of Wilkins, who had been hired out by FHM – hired to photograph HER. My pulse raced with excitement at the prospect of finally meeting my celebrity crush of two years. It was one of her rare visits to Britain, promoting Kiss Kiss, her debut single. FHM had seized the chance to photograph her whilst they could. Entering the shop, I greeted Mr. Wilkins, and we packed the equipment into the van before setting off.

When we reached the hotel where she was staying, a member of the hotel staff, who said that she was up in room 21 on the third floor, greeted us. As we rode the lift up, with two porters helping to carry the precious equipment, I felt myself become nervous. Here was my sexual idol, whom I’d never met, and I would be taking pictures of her in some of the sexiest poses we could think of. We entered the room, to find her sitting on the bed, awaiting us. She was attired only in a white towelling dressing gown, held tight by a cord tied at the front. She got up, and greeted us individually, dispensing cheek kisses to us all. As she kissed me, I felt myself blush at such a public display of something I had wanted all my life. Her lips were silky smooth on the skin of my cheek, brushing me almost carelessly as I kissed her cheek. She moved on, and I found myself staring at her as she greeted the porters. Soon, she disappeared into the bathroom for the make-up artists to do their work, whilst we set up shop in the bedroom.

The bedroom was tastefully decorated in a warm pink, with uplighters on the wall furthest from the window, which showed a clear view over Bournemouth harbour. First we set up the tripod, and positioned the digital camera on top of it. As Mr Wilkins set up the projection screen, I hooked up the camera to the projector using the video cable. Plugging the projector into the socket, I turned it on and an image of the lens-cap was projected onto the large 4ft screen. Removing the lens-cap, I pointed the camera at the bed, did a test-zoom and set the picture resolution to 2400*1800, allowing a maximum of about 60 photos, of which only the best 8 or so would be put into FHM August edition.

As she entered from the bathroom, I found my eyes riveted on the wonder of nature that was Holly Valance. Her graceful curves were hidden tantalisingly under that white gown. She had recently come eighth in FHM’s 100 sexiest women of 2002, but that scarcely did her justice. She made those ahead of her; the likes of Britney Spears and Anna Kournikova look positively mundane.

“So, what would you like me to do first?” Her words brought me out of my reverie. Glancing at the clipboard, I said:

“Ok, could you lie on the bed, facing us, supporting your body with your arms.” I said. Mr Wilkins moved forward and made some small adjustments to her position, and took about 4 photos of her.

Throughout the morning, Holly got into at least 8 different poses, all of which looked stunning. When it came to lunchtime, I asked Mr Wilkins for a small favour.

“Sir, could you let me stay up here a while, I think I can capture some better images for the magazine.”

Looking at my youthful enthusiasm, Mr Wilkins grinned. “Sure.” He said, “If Ms Valance agrees, of course, to doing a few more photos.”

“Of course,” she said from beside me – I hadn’t even noticed her coming towards us. “I doubt anyone would mind if I did some more photos, least of all you.” Smiling, she walked off towards the bathroom, her ass shaking deliciously as she walked.

I sat there in that bedroom whilst everyone else left. They left only the camera and tripod, both of which I promised to return to Mr Wilkins the following morning.

The toilet flushed, and Holly came out of the bathroom, her gown looser than before, allowing her cleavage to partly show.

“So, what do you want me to do?” She asked, putting her arm around me. This simple physical contact was more intense than any sex I had previously enjoyed. Overcoming my euphoria, I said (trying not to stammer in my excitement),

“Well, I was thinking that the shot you did earlier on was very sexy – you know the very first one.”

“Yes…” she asked

“Well, I thought that maybe you could do it nigh-on naked.”

“Naked?” She laughed, “Are you kidding?”

“No, you could wear a thong, and we’d place a thin piece of cloth over that, so it wouldn’t show. Also, your breasts could be covered by your arms, but it would still give almost total cleavage.”

“Well…” she said, somewhat reluctantly, “I’ll try it, but if I don’t like it…”

“I’ll delete it on the spot. Do you want me to go into the bathroom whilst you change?”

“Do you need to?” She asked, her previous tease coming back.

“Well… no.” I said. “I just thought…”

“Well, don’t,” She snickered, “just enjoy it. However, for every position you make me do, you must remove an item of clothing, OK? Socks count as an item, as do shoes.”

I agreed, thinking to myself that I could get 5 sets in, and then I’d be naked. She got up, and moved towards the window. Opening a drawer, she pulled out a thong, and a 1ft by 2ft piece of thin green cloth.

“Will these do?” She asked.

“Yeah, fine.” I answered, enraptured by this goddess before me.

She turned her back on me to pull on her thong, but then turned around and slipped out of her gown, totally naked except for that one skimpy garment. Her breasts looked round and firm, juicy and compelling. Her nipples were erect to the touch of the warm air, and her hips curved gracefully.

“Do you like what you see?” she teased.

“Yes. You’re… incredible.”

She giggled, and lay down on the bed in front of me.

“Shirt off.” She said. I rapidly complied. It was odd, but I felt happier there without my shirt than I felt I would have done without my shoes. Life is strange.

I looked through the electronic-viewfinder, and aimed the camera in the right direction. I then went back to the bed, where Holly was lying. I made a few adjustments to her position, and laid the green cloth over her ass. I tucked it in at the bottom, loving the feel of Holly’s bare skin against mine. I went back to the camera, and took five photos, all on different settings.

“OK, that’s the first set.”

Holly got up, and came over to me, her full breasts bouncing in step. I set the camera to playback, and showed her how to change from one photo to the next. All the while, she was topless. Her breasts hung before me, and I reached out to touch the left one. She jerked back at my touch. I started stammering an apology.

“Oh God, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean…”

She turned towards me, and cupped her breast in front of me. She gently took my hand in hers, and put it back over her breast. She let me feel them, get an idea of their weight so to speak. I gently rubbed her hard nipple as she looked through the photos, searching for a single hint of lewdness. When she didn’t find one, she smiled at me, and ran a finger down my chest. Her touch was electric, and it drove me crazy. She slowly removed my hand from her breast, and walked away.

“Mmm… What’s the next shot going to be?” she asked.

It took a while to compose myself, but I somehow managed it.

“OK, I was thinking that you should use a wonderbra or something – anything that will increase your cleavage. Lie on your back, head over the end of the bed, facing the camera.”

The next few shots were fairly normal. She did what I asked, never going naked, and I slowly stripped for her (now down to boxers only). She let me touch her breasts a bit… nothing much, but very enjoyable. We got to the last of the five sets.

“OK, what now?” She asked me, squeezing my hard cock through my boxers.

“Well, if you’re ok with this, you’d be naked.”

“WHAT?” She exclaimed. “I’m not doing a Playboy shoot!”

“No, you could be hunched up on the bed, use the sheets if you want. Nothing would show. I promise.”

“Well, okay. But I want you naked first.” With that, she yanked down my boxer shorts, leaving me totally naked. She rubbed her hand up and down my hard cock, and I loved it. She turned her back to me, and lifted up her hair. I took my trembling hands, and undid the clasp at the back of her bra. I moved my hands down to her ass, and, when I met no resistance, I put my fingers into her panties and slid them down, and was left facing her beautifully toned rear. I ran one finger up her cheek, my other hand caressing her stomach. I rose, and modestly handed her my fleece, which I had taken off at some stage during the shoot – I couldn’t remember when. She pushed it away, and turned to face me, her breasts against my chest.

“Enjoy.” She whispered to me. She walked away, again wiggling her delicious ass. She lay down on the bed, facing me, her back against the padded headboard. She kept her legs together, but still gave me a view of a neatly trimmed triangle of hair. She swivelled round a bit, so she was at an angle. I threw her a round cushion I saw on a chair, and she used it to cover her crotch. She cupped her breasts, and smiled at me. I took a photo. She moved a bit, using one arm to cover her breasts, and using the other to hold a book that she picked up from the bedside table. I took another photo. I looked at the counter display, and saw that I had two photos left.

“Two left.” I told her.

She rolled over onto her stomach, and I chucked her the green cloth we had used before. She covered her arse with it, and twisted her torso so that she was using one arm to cover herself, and the other to prop herself up. She flashed her smile as I took the photo. I smiled back as she got into position for the final photo. She turned so that she was facing the camera again; and used the book to cover her snatch, cupping her breasts. I took the photo, and turned off the camera. She took her hands away from her breasts, and beckoned me towards her. She put the book back on the bedside table, leaving herself totally uncovered. I lay down beside her, and she leant over and kissed me on the lips.

“Mmmmmmmmm……… you hungry?” She asked.

“I did miss lunch…” I replied.

“OK then, I’ll call room service.”

As Holly lifted the phone, I went into the bathroom. When I came back, I heard a knock at the door.

“Should I give him a show?” Holly asked, teasingly.

“Sure.” I replied. I threw her a large beach towel, and she wrapped it around her body. I peered through the crack in the door, into the hall.

Holly opened the front door, beyond which stood a porter with a tray.

“Uh, hi.” He said. “I’ve got the lunch you ordered.”

“Oh, OK. I’ll take that.” Holly replied, holding out her hands for the tray, and letting the towel drop to the floor.

“Oh, sorry!” She said, bending down to pick up the towel, and giving the porter a good view of her arse.

“Uh… I’ll just put the tray down here.” The porter said, before fleeing out of the door, probably to the nearest bathroom. I can’t say I blamed him. I opened the door into the hall, and walked towards Holly, who didn’t even bother picking up the towel. She hugged me, and kissed me, her tongue pushing into my mouth. Not that she needed to push much. I sucked on her tongue, and she sucked on mine. I ran my tongue over her teeth, my hands running up and down her hack, holding her close. My cock pushed into her, and her nipples rubbed invitingly against me.

She pulled away, and picked up the tray which the porter had left on the table. She carried it into the bedroom, and deposited it on the bed, before climbing up herself. I followed, and got to see what we were going to have for lunch. Tuna and cucumber baguettes, with some Twilight mints for dessert.

I smiled at her, and unwrapped one of the Twilights. I held it in front of her, and she delicately licked it. I then pulled it back, and reached for her crotch. She opened her legs, and I pushed the mint into her warm pussy. She smiled at me, and took another mint, allowed me to lick it, and then let it disappear into her. We continued in this way until all the mints were inside her. After the final one went in, she reached down and pushed a finger into her pussy. She drew it out, and stuck another in. She took her fingers, and placed one by my mouth, and brought herself closer. She licked one finger as I licked the other, tasting the dark, melted chocolate and minty centre. When we finished, she rolled back, and started eating her baguette. I followed suit, with a warning from her to “save room for dessert.” When we finished, she again stuck a finger into her wet cunt, and pulled it out, a lump of melted chocolate on the end. She offered it to me, and I sniffed appreciatively, savouring the minty aroma mixed with sex. I reached out my tongue to lick it, but she pulled away, and rubbed her finger on her nipples, coating them in chocolate. She cupped her breasts, and I eagerly started sucking. Her nipples were incredibly hard, and lovely to suck. I didn’t believe that there were any better in the universe. I kept sucking and licking long after the last of the chocolate had been claimed by my stomach. I gazed up at Holly, wondering how the hell I’d managed to get with her.

“You taste nice.” I said to her, as I gazed lustfully at that face.

She smiled at me. God, her smile was sexy. She could probably patent it as the “Holly” smile.

“Don’t you want the rest?” She asked me

“Do you want any?” I asked back. She just smiled, as I pulled my way up her body. When we were face to face, we kissed passionately. We rolled over, so she was on top of me. She sat up, and slowly started lowering herself onto my hard cock. Her cunt was unlike any I’d ever had. The chocolate inside it was incredible. It was like pushing into warm, soothing mud, only a hell of a lot sexier. She stopped when I was three inches in, and got off again. She turned around over me, and got into 69 position. As she lowered herself onto my face, I felt the desire born of ages of masturbating while looking at pictures of her. THIS was my moment, and I was determined to do it justice. I reached out with my tongue, and washed away the rivulets of chocolate running down her thighs. I teased her like this a bit, and then started lapping at her cunt in earnest. I tongued the lips, and played with her clit before delving in properly and scooping out as much of the chocolate as possible. Whilst this was going on, Holly had wrapped her soft lips over my cock and was sucking and licking me to orgasm. I could feel the chocolate being licked off by Holly’s expert tongue. I started using my hands as well – one to stroke and play with her arse, the other to finger fuck her cunt and scoop out the chocolate. Holly started gasping as she sucked, orgasm obviously approaching. I tongued faster, pushing one finger up her arse, and rubbing her clit as well. She exploded in orgasm at the same time as me. I felt her swallow my cum through my orgasm, and loved it when she cleaned my softening cock. She rolled off me, still facing the opposite direction.

“Matt, I think you missed your ride.”

I looked at the clock – half past two – the van had left at two.

“Damn.” I said softly, wondering how much the bus fare back home would be. We were quiet for a moment, until:

“Matt… If you want I could give you a lift, but I’d need to stay the night…”

“You would? Thanks. If it costs 50p to go half a mile in a bus, I’d hate to think how much it would cost to go 100 miles. Besides, I’ve got a friend coming over tonight; he wanted me to tell him about you. I doubt he’d mind you being there as well.”

“Do I need to pack anything?” She smiled seductively.

“Well, as much as I’d love you to wear nothing all day, I think the police might take a dim view of it. Better take two changes of clothes – you never know when you’ll need them.”

Holly smiled at me, and squeezed my re-inflating cock.

“I think I can manage that,” she said, before kissing me again.

The journey home was uneventful, but exciting. I’d never been in a convertible before, let alone a top of the range Mercedes, driven by my celebrity crush. The back seats contained Holly’s one suitcase, and the tripod. I reviewed the pictures we’d taken today – they were incredible. Luckily, my dad uses the same digital storage medium as Mr Wilkins, so I would be able to download them to my PC later. I reflected on the day’s events – I certainly didn’t expect to eat my lunch out of Holly’s pussy. Yet, things were going to get better. Although I wasn’t going to push her, I was hoping that Holly would be sleeping in my bed that night. She might be able to spend the next day at my house, but after that… she’d have to return to Bournemouth and carry on the tour. I might never see her again. I knew that my time with Holly would be nothing more than an encounter – a one night stand – but I could always hope. Sometimes, hope is all you need.

There was little enough to carry in that we managed it in one trip. What’s more, none of it was as heavy as the shopping I have to carry in every week. Apart from that, Holly isn’t the kind of girl to step back and let others carry her luggage. As soon as we got inside and locked the door behind us, Holly threw her arms around me, and pulled me into a passionate kiss. Her breasts flattened against my chest, and I rubbed up and down her back under her loose-fitting blouse. Her flesh was gorgeous and soft, even better without a bra to interrupt my roaming hands. We kissed into the lounge, where I pushed her onto the sofa and started undoing her buttons. She started at the same time, and our hands met in the middle as her blouse fell open, revealing her lovely tits. She smiled at me, and started undoing my trousers. I pulled my T-shirt over my head, and threw it to the side. Holly reached inside my trousers and started rubbing my cock through my boxers. I pushed down my trousers and leant over Holly, taking one of her ripe tits in my mouth, and loving it with my tongue. She thrust her breasts out to greet me, and wiggled her ass. She pushed my face into her cleavage, and I licked and sucked more. Her nipples were very sensitive, and soon she was moaning. I stopped sucking, and stood back to admire Holly.

She lay there on the sofa, (technically) wearing a blouse and the shortest cut-off jeans in the known universe. I admired her long golden hair which cascaded down her shoulders like a river of gold; her tanned breasts with stiff pink nipples; and her long shapely legs which seemed to go on forever. She sat up, and I sat next to her, so that she could lie her head on my chest. I put my arms around her, and played with her nipples. She put her hands over mine, and led them down to her waist. She slowly undid the fly on her cut-offs, and gently pushed my right hand inside. My fingers brushed gently against her coarse pubes, so unlike the silky-smooth hair that rubbed so nicely against my chest. I moved my hand down, and felt the dampness increase. I found her clit, and gave it a little rub. She moaned and let her head fall back, facing me, eyes half closed in bliss. I rubbed again, and pushed one finger into her wet pussy. I felt her contract around me, a mini-orgasm, accompanied by a deep moan. She wriggled her shoulders, and slipped out of her blouse. I rubbed harder on her clit, and pinched her nipples. She came in a tidal wave of motion, cum and guttural moaning. I looked down and saw a damp patch developing on her cut-offs. I slowly pulled them off, revealing her slick crotch and golden pubes. She looked into my eyes and asked,

“Do you want me?”

It was all I could do to say yes – her beauty took my breath away. Holly rolled off me, and pulled down my boxer shorts. She pulled off my shoes and socks as well, and pushed me to the floor. She held out one tennis-shoe clad foot for me. I took it gently, and removed the shoe slowly. I tenderly stroked her foot, and removed the sock, before sucking vigorously on her toes. She wiggled them in delight, and gave me the other foot. I repeated my performance, and she smiled, as I tried to take as much of her foot into my mouth as possible. She pushed me away, and got on all fours on the floor, presenting her tanned ass to me.

“Mmmm… come on, fuck me.” She purred.

“No… not like this.” I replied. “I want this to be… special. I want to see the look on your face as you cum. Maybe you’ll get me from behind later but for now… could we do it the old-fashioned way?”

We got up, and I led her to my bedroom. She lay down on my bed, and I started kissing her. I moved from her mouth, down past her breasts, stopping to lick the diamond stud in her belly button, and then onto her delicious pussy. She squirmed, and gave a little moan.

“Please?” She said softly. I knelt over her chest, and she stuck out her tongue to lick my cock. As she pursed her lips softly around me, I felt true pleasure – the soft lips, the sexy face… I finally gave into temptation, and moved my cock away from her face, and to the wet entrance of her pussy. I gently rubbed it up and down, kissing Holly on the lips. She responded in kind, and used her hands to rub my ass and push me into her. I slowly sank into her warm cunt, marvelling at the way she could pulse it around me. I ran my hands up and down her back, feeling her soft skin. We slowly pulled on each other, making me move deeper into her. Her hands slowly caressed my crack, running rings around my arsehole. I moaned as we kissed. She slowly pushed her thumb in, just like the nursery rhyme. I responded with another moan, and started pinching her nipples, eliciting a moan from her as well. We rolled over so that she was on top.

I was looking up at her smiling face, haloed by her golden hair cascading towards me. I reached up and caressed her gorgeous tits and their hard nipples. She rocked back and forth on me, and put two fingers into my mouth for me to suck. She slowly moved them in and out, and then rolled us over again and pushed them straight up my arse. I gasped at the sudden intrusion, and kissed Holly hard. She wrapped her legs around me, getting her sweet arse a bit further off the bed, enough for me to push a finger up her arse. I slowly pushed my cock in and out of her, listening to her breathing and the gentle squish as I moved inside her.

“Mmmmmmmmmm…….. do me harder.” She said. Who was I to refuse?

I pulled my fingers out of her arse, and pushed them into her mouth. Her tongue immediately went to work on cleaning them, and she squeezed her thighs around my stomach. I pushed myself up, and thrust hard into her wet pussy. She gasped loudly, and added another finger to the two already in my arse. I pushed in and out faster, which had the effect of fucking me in the arse with Holly’s fingers. She started twisting and turning them, pushing them to greet my arse. I was fucking her harder and harder, and her fingers were fucking my arse harder still. I felt a tensing in my balls, I knew I was about to come. Holly knew it, and pulled her cunt muscles tight around me, still slamming her fingers into me. I tried to hold back, but the added friction pushed me over the edge and I came inside her sopping pussy.

“Mmmm… oh…. Yes, YES!” Holly came hard, and collapsed under me. Not out cold, just worn out. When she recovered, I told her of a little plan I had.

The doorbell rang. “Could you do that?” I asked.

“Of course.” She replied, flashing me a smile and giving me a quick kiss.

I pulled on some trousers, and answered the door.

I wrote this story at least two years ago, and I’d like to think my writing’s improved since then. There is a part two to this, which I’ll submit if I get enough interest. Please send comments to tsunami@london.com.

– tsunami

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