Celebrity Entrapment – Pt. 1

Celebrity Entrapment
Pt. 1: Britney Spears
by Bri

*** This story is a work of fiction. It is in no way endorsed
by or associated with the celebrities mentioned. ***

Britney Spears was due for her annual check-up/physical. These kinds
of things always made her kinda nervous. But the women who gave them
to her were usually pretty gentle….This time she was shocked. As
she sat in the waiting room, the doctor entered. It was a man!
Initially, his examination was completely appropriate, boringly
clinical. But gradually he began to touch her in ways that were
the back of his hand brushing against her firm breast
while he looked at her throat, a fingertip making perfect contact
with her nipple while he listened to her heart. Assuming the contact
was accidental, the first and second times she brushed his hand away,
taking pains to appear casual. But the touching continued, and it
was becoming increasingly obvious that it was not unintentional.

Britney pushed his hands away deliberately and said: "Doctor, excuse
me but this doesn’t seem very professional." At that point all
pretense disappeared. He slipped one arm around her back so she
couldn’t pull away and with the other hand he cupped her breast and
began to slowly massage it. She was so shocked, so overpowered, that
for several seconds she allowed him to molest her. His thumb and
forefinger caught her nipple and rolled it into hardness. Finally,
she found herself and began fighting him off. But the situation
simply overwhelmed her. She didn’t make it two steps when he was
behind her, a strong arm crossing her breasts, pinning her arms to
her side. With his free hand he pressed a black breath mask over
her young face, of the type used for anesthesia. She cried out but
the mask muffled her shout. She recognized the sweet smell of
nitrous oxide from times she had used it in a dentist’s chair.
With all of her exertion, she was breathing heavily. In two breaths,
the strength went out of her arms. In seconds, the fight had melted
out of her. Nitrous is not merely an anesthetic, it is a powerful
hypnotic. Her whole body became softly compliant and suggestible.

The doctor walked Britney back to the examination table and sat
her down. She found herself helping him as he opened her skirt,
lifting up her hips so that he could pull off her green silk panties.
He touched her everywhere, and in her intoxicated state, her virgin
body was completely responsive. She felt her nipples stiffen and her
pubis moisten under his fingers. But as she breathed the fresh air
her mind began to clear. It was a strange experience of gradually
coming into awareness, feeling at once a combination of delicious
pleasure, intense shame at the way her body had betrayed her, and
muffled rage. He had spread her athletic thighs apart and was
slowly lowering his mouth. She tried to push him away, but her
arms were still too weak, and her body still too confused. When
his tongue made contact with her clitoris, her hips began to roll
involuntarily. The doctor enjoyed her squirming, as long as the
singer was weak and helpless. But when her strength started to
return, he pushed her arms aside, and the black mask again went
over her beautiful face. Britney tried to hold her breath, even
to pretend that she was under, but he knew his stuff. She was
certain he had done this before. Finally, she had to breathe,
and with her first deep breath she felt the resistance escape from
like the air from a razor slit tire. Her arms dropped limply to
the side of the table, and he began to play with the virgin again.
Again and again he let her come up, only to push her back under.
Then one time he kept the mask on, breath after breath, until she
fell into blissful darkness. She knew she had a single chance.
She had to ignore whatever he did to her and pretend to be high,
acquiesce to anything, and buy time until her mind thoroughly
cleared and her strength returned. Perhaps he guessed her strategy,
he took his time in enjoying himself. He touched her, probed her,
everywhere, first with his hands, then with the steel vibrator.
Britney felt her body move under his hands, responding involuntarily.
It was as if she had split into two women, one detached and
calculated, the other lost to sexual release. And then the moment
was there! He turned his back, took a step away, and another step.

She rolled off the table and scrambled out of the office, crying for
help. The receptionist, a tall, strong blonde woman, stood up, a look
of alarm on her face. She took Britney in her arms and held her as
she rushed away from him. The words poured out of her: "This man
is a rapist! Call the police! Help me, please help me." She smiled
as she held the 18 year old, comforting and supportive. She cried
in her arms, and kept begging her to call the police, but she only
nodded and in a low reassuring voice told her that everything was
all right, everything was all right. Britney’s relief began to turn
into panic. She struggled to get free from her, but she was strong
and held her thin wrists firmly. Even so, she would have pulled away,
but suddenly the doctor was behind her and the mask was again being
pressed over her face. With her first breath she was weak, with her
second she was helpless, with her third she was their slave. Each
taking an arm, they guided the limp body back to the examination
room. The next thing she remembered was the floating feeling once
again above the table. When she opened her soft eyes, the doctor
was seated in his desk chair, fully clothed, his feet up. She turned
her head to the other side and saw that his receptionist had stripped
down to a lacy bra and a pair of French-style panties. She was tall
and large breasted, not heavy, just strong and dominant. She lowered
her face to kiss her. Britney had never kissed a woman before, not
sexually, never even considered it. Some inhibition within her was
so strong that although she was higher than a kite on a hypnotic
drug, completely under her influence. Britney tried to turn her
head away. The nurse buried her fingers in the blonde hair on the
back of her head and twisted her face up to hers, her mouth
partially open. For a breathless moment, she felt like an offering.
Britney had always thought that a woman’s touch would be more gentle
than a man’s. It was not. It was simply more knowing. She did not
merely kiss her, she took her mouth, and then went on to her neck,
her shoulders, her breasts. She traced a fine line with her tongue
where the underside of her perky breast intersected her ribcage.
She massaged Britney’s breasts, and squeezed them together with an
intensity that was on the borderline of pleasure and pain. And then
she began to kiss and lick and suck on her tiny nipples, rolling
then with her tongue, biting them with her back teeth, until they
were stiff as taffy. All the while, Britney floated in a cloud of
hypnotic gas.With the lightest touch of her fingertip, Britney’s
thighs fell apart. The nurse slipped a full breast out of her bra
and pressed it into Britney. A rigid nipple ground into her clitoris.
She kissed Britney’s inner thighs, and then worked her way inward.
In the fresh air, her mind was starting to clear, but what she
gained in clarity she quickly lost to a mouth that was all too
talented. She worked on Britney’s clit exactly the way she loved
it, her tongue rough and hard. Her fingers probed her, first one,
then two. Completely beyond Britney’s control, her hips lifted off
the table, grinding Britney’s pubis into her mouth and at that exact
moment she forced another finger into Britney’s velvet pussy, all
the way up her tight ass, and she came again and again and again

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