Celebrity Fantasy: Jamie Lee C.

DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of fiction involving a
figure. This story is in no way, shape, or form an actual
reflection of that
person’s sexual tastes, habits, or activities. The author also
assumes no
liability or responsibility if some assmunch blames this story on
criminal and/or deviate conduct; that’s their problem, not mine.
Again (my
apologies for shouting), THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION!!

by Max Doherty

One summer day, my former boss called me and told me he was
going to be
out of town for two weeks, and he needed someone to watch his house
for me.
Being a nice guy, I told him I was willing to house-sit for a few
days. I
left his company to run an internet marketing business, but I left
on very
good terms, and I even do some weekend and fill-in work for him.
The first day of my house-sitting duties, the telephone rings.
Since he
told me not to answer his phone, I let it ring until his answering
kicks in. After the beep, I hear this bigshot voice saying, "Hey
Tom, it’s
Bernie calling. Jamie Lee’s doing a shoot in your area and she
needs some
high-class digs to stay for the night. She’s flying in tomorrow
Danny’s driving her over to your place. I think the two of you will
along just fine" I spend the rest of the day wondering what the
heck he’s
talking about.
The next day, I’m lounging around when a car pulls up on the
Out of the car comes Jamie Lee Curtis! I can’t believe my eyes; I
know the
old boss had friends in high places, but I didn’t know they were
this high.
Although she’s casually dressed, she’s still the walking wet dream I
saw in
her movies.
She looks at me and does a double take. "You’re not Tom," she
"Thank God," I joke back.
"Where’s my room?"
"Right upstairs. Let me help you with your luggage." We go up
to the
bedroom. I start to strike up a conversation, but she promptly
interrupts me.
"If you don’t mind, I need to be left alone to study my script.
continue this conversation over dinner."
"Dinner will be served in 30 minutes and last all day," I shoot
"Very funny. Now, I’d like to be left alone for now. The time
right, if you know what I mean." She’s probably bluffing, but I
leave her to study her script, figuring out my next move over a
Glenlivet and
a La Gloria Cubana.
Dinner turns out to be quite uneventful, consisting mostly of
about ourselves. She retires early; I spend the rest of the night
in the
study before going to bed.
The next day turns out to be a rare day off for Jamie Lee.
I’m not the only one who knows she’s in town, because one of Tom’s
neighbours, Jim Hollis, rings the doorbell and invites me and Jamie
Lee for a
game of mixed doubles with him and his wife Linda. We both
accept, walking a few doors down to the Hollis residence.
The Hollises give us several spirited matches. After about two
hours of
gruelling play, I’m exhausted. When we’re off the court, we
converse briefly
with Jim and Linda. Before we leave, they offer us a chance to use
showers. I politely decline, telling them we can walk back to Tom’s
and wash off there.
After undressing, I walk into the shower and let the hot water
wash the
sweat off my tired body. Just as I’m getting comfortable, someone
behind me and puts her arms around me. "Need some help washing your
Jamie Lee says, giving me an extra squeeze.
"Only if I can wash yours," I reply. I’ve seen Jamie Lee
Curtis naked
in a few movies, but up close, she looked simply exquisite. I
decide to make
the first move, soaping up her lovely, trim body before rinsing her
clean. I
start to stand at attention at the sight of her shimmering flesh
while she
lathers me up. I have to work hard to fight the urge to come as her
run all over my body. After she rinses me off, she drops the
washcloth. She
gets on her knees to pick it up, only to come face-to-face with my
"Mmmm, this looks nice," she says before wrapping her lips
around my
member. Her oral skills soon send me drifting off into paradise. I
down at the sight of her lovely face stuffed with my meat, which
makes my
erection grow even harder. Jamie Lee’s mouth continues to caress
every inch
of my fleshy sword, a demonstration of the lips, mouth, and tongue
a man. The water cascading down our bodies and the steam enveloping
us are
hot enough; the heat between the two of us is just starting to build
When Jamie Lee’s mouth is too tired to continue her marvellous
I grab her by the arms and pin her against the wall, planting an
kiss on her mouth. She reciprocates, her tongue wrestling with mine
in our
mouths. My mouth moves down her neck to her breasts, where I suck
on her
erect nipples while my hand reaches down for her crotch. She moans
softly as
my mouth tastes her lovely breasts and my hand massages her mound of
My nostrils start to fill with the sweet perfume of her sex; I go to
my knees
and demonstrate my oral skills on her.
Jamie Lee’s pussy has a wonderfully pungent aroma. I lick away
at her,
making her moan even louder. Her fingers are clutching my hair,
pushing my
head deeper into her muff. My tongue dances around her lovely
stopping frequently at her erect clitoris. She lets out a loud cry;
pushing all her right buttons. While working on her clitoris, I
insert one,
then two fingers up her pussy. My fingers continue to probe her
depths while
I lick the tender bud crowning her gates. After I withdraw my
fingers, I put
them to Jamie Lee’s mouth, giving her a taste of her own delicious
"Oh fuck … I want your cock inside me," Jamie Lee spits out.
I sit
back on the floor of the shower, my penis standing tall. Jamie Lee
legs with me and slides her pussy onto my shaft.
"Oooh yes," she coos as she feels my manhood filling her.
We’re both
thrusting at each other’s crotches, the friction creating more heat
than any
shower can produce. She looks at me with clenched teeth and a
look in her eyes. I stare back, communicating my desire wordlessly.
body continues to glow with the combination of water and sweat,
stoking the
fire in my sexual glands.
I thrust aggressively at Jamie Lee’s box, the sensations from
my loins
moving throughout my body. Jamie Lee is also thrusting at me,
trying to get
as much of me as she can inside her. I grab her arms to bring her
closer to
me; she shifts to a more comfortable position without withdrawing my
>from her. We hold each other tightly, kissing while the water
cascades over
her body. After we break our kiss, Jamie Lee grabs my hair and
snarls at me,
"I want you to fuck my ass!"
Jamie Lee stands up and bends over a little. I soap up my
unit, getting
lubed up for the anal journey. She grabs the showerhead as she
herself for the rear delivery. She lets out a loud cry as I enter
her back
door; I start out slowly, letting her anus feel every contour of my
Her tight canal fits snugly around my tower, keeping it nice and
solid. Once
my rod is in to the hilt, I start a steady tempo. Soon, my tempo
she wants more, and lets me know through her ear-splitting moans of
"Oh shit, fuck my tight asshole!" she yells as I continue to
pound away.
As my tempo builds up, I reach over and pinch her hard nipples;
this gets
her even hotter as she grabs the washrag and bites into it.
"You like that huge fucking cock up your ass while I play with
your hard
nipples, don’t you?" I tell her.
"Oh fuck, yeah," she replies. I continue to thrust deep inside
asshole, the perspiration flying wildly from our bodies. My right
hand moves
>from her breasts to her pussy, while the other hand alternates
between her
breasts. As soon as I work on her clit, she starts going crazy with
"OH!! Rub my clit while you’re fucking my ass!" she cries out.
fingers work feverishly over her clit as my erection continues
inside her dark channel. It only takes a few minutes of this
before she’s ready to come.
"Oh shit, I’m going to come," she tells me, her head rocking
back and
forth, "Oh, fucking ay … I’m gonna fucking come … oh my …
At that moment, I feel the release from my loins. "Make me
come, you
wench … oh fuck, I’m coming … AAAHHHHH!!" With that cry, I shoot
my semen
deep in her ass. I put in a few more thrusts, shooting what’s left
of my cum
inside her before we collapse together on the shower floor. The
continues to run over our exhausted bodies as we hold each other
kissing and caressing each other. When we’re done kissing, Jamie
Lee lays on
top on me, playing with the hair on my chest. Then she says the
words I’m
not yet ready to hear, at least not yet: "Are you ready for another

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